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Review: ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera – Reliable, high-quality dash cam functionality

Comprehensive review of the Roby R3 Dash Cam and its advanced features... Read more

Review of ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

Table of Contents

Test of ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

4.5/5 - (1372 votes)

Cena: $299.99


  • Triple channel for comprehensive coverage
  • High-resolution, adjustable cameras
  • Large memory card support
  • Easy installation with high-strength adhesive
  • In-depth settings for customization
  • Sensitivity-adjustable G-sensor
  • Dual band Wi-Fi


  • Requires sign-up for app access
  • Voice prompts might be annoying to some
  • Electrostatic stickers may leave residue

“In my experience, the Roby R3 shines as a comprehensive dash cam product, loaded with advanced features and thoughtful design elements. It overwhelmingly caters to both basic and advanced users, with a user-friendly interface and ample customization options. The video and audio quality come through impressively, particularly during both day and night time drives. While the sign-up process for the app posed a minor hitch, it’s a small critique in an otherwise impressive package. Overall, I believe the Roby R3 presents solid value and performance, making it a commendable choice for those seeking reliable, high-quality dash cam functionality.”

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Brand ROVE
Orientation Drivers Side
Vehicle Service Type Minivan, Car, Truck
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi
Special Feature Super Capacitor, 3″ IPS Touch Screen, 5.0 & 2.4GHz Dual Band WiFi, Voice Guidance, 3 Channel Recording
Video Capture Resolution 1440p
Included Components Car Charger, Power Cable, Cable Clip, USB Cable, Windshield Suction Mount, Magnetic Mount, Installation Tool, Quick Guide, User Manual & Warranty Card
Mounting Type Adhesive Mount
Color Red, Black
Field Of View 150 Degrees

Introduction and First Impressions

As an experienced reviewer, my curious nature and love for unwrapping the latest gadgets often lead me to untangle the promising and not so promising realms of newly manufactured products. This time, I’m taking you on the unboxing journey of the Roby R3 Triple Channel Dash Cam.

Unboxing the Roby R3 Triple Channel Dash Cam

From the moment my hands touched the neatly packaged box, I could sense the quality and ruggedness that screamed ‘durability.’ The weightiness of the package subtly hinted at a product packed with impressive features. Once the box was opened, it was apparent that the manufacturers took great care in organizing and securing each component, further asserting the product’s premium feel.

Initial Feel and Build Quality

The dash cam itself, upon first hold, emanated a substantial feel. Crafted with robust and high-grade material, it didn’t reek of the typical plasticky and flimsy nature associated with some dash cams. Instead, it narrated the story of a well-thought-out design and a product that takes into account both aesthetic and practicality. The mounting tape’s high temperature and high strength promise also amplified confidence in the item’s quality. It seemed like it could endure journey after journey with unwavering resilience.

Yet, as we all know, initial impressions aren’t always accurate. The true test lies in the product’s performance over time and its ability to deliver on its promises, which is what I am about to dive into next. Stay tuned to unveil the real worth behind the strong built and impressive packaging of the Roby R3.

Analysis of ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

Deep Dive into the Features

  • Roby R3 dashcam provides 5-megapixel high resolution imaging
  • Features 140-degree cabin and 150-degree road field of view
  • Offers high-quality recording even in complete darkness

The Roby R3 comes packed with features that truly set it apart in the dash cam market. Its robust structure and sophisticated technologies make it a reliable companion for your drives. Let’s dive into the specifics of what this system has to offer.

Detailing the Omni Vision 5A10 Imaging Sensor and Its Capabilities

The front of the R3 dash cam is outfitted with the Omni Vision 5A10 Imaging sensor. Much to my surprise, this sensor is capable of delivering a resolution of 5 megapixels which is relatively high for dash cameras in the same category. It helps capture a crystal clear view of the road, independently improving overall video quality.

Remarkable High-Resolution Display and Cabin Camera Efficiency

Moving to the rear reveals a three-inch high-resolution display that also functions as a touchscreen. The cabin camera that forms part of the R3 set up employs an impressive Sony IMX 307 Imaging sensor. This 2-megapixel sensor, coupled with a 140-degree field of view lens, ensures that the interior of your vehicle is covered with good levels of detail. From my testing experience, the “through night vision” feature takes this camera’s capabilities a notch higher. This translates into clear recording even in complete darkness, a feature rarely seen in many dash cams.

Exploring the 150 Degree Field-of-View Lens and Adjustability

The angle of view is often critical when it comes to dash cams, and the Roby R3 doesn’t disappoint. The system sports a 150-degree field of view lens, covering a wide swath of the road and its surroundings. In situations where you need to alter the view angle, the dash cam allows easy adjustments. This adjustability factor certainly enhanced my user experience, providing a level of flexibility and control I didn’t expect.

In closing, the blend of high-quality imaging sensor, wide field of view, and the ability to record in minimal light creates a powerful tool for any driver, be they professional or otherwise. If you’re seeking a robust record of your trips and insightful video documentation, these features make the R3 a strong competitor amongst dash cams.

Examining ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

The Roby R3’s Memory Card Support and Power Input

  • Roby R3 dashcam supports 256 GB memory cards
  • Power input comes via efficient USB-C port
  • Power button flags video for easy future access

Now, let’s talk about an essential aspect that often goes unnoticed but contributes a lot to a dashcam – memory card support and power input. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! I’m discussing the Roby R3’s capacity to support memory cards and its power input features.

Memory Card Support

The one thing that excited me about the R3 dash cam is the functionality of its memory card slot. Here, it’s not just about providing a slot; there’s an impressive element of compatibility. The R3 dash cam embraces memory cards as large as 256 gigabytes, making it highly adaptable and accommodating for extended storing needs. This is quite a delight as it provides you with the assurance of uninterrupted recording, even for long journeys.

Power Input Features

Moving on to the power input, I observed that it comes in the form of a USB C type port. For someone who has worked with a variety of dash cams, this came across as a thoughtful addition. A USB-C port ensures efficient energy usage, faster power delivery, and above all, prolonged dash cam life. This again, happens to be a feature that road-trippers would genuinely appreciate, as it warrants a strong power supply and fluid operation.

Extra Features: Power Button and Memory Card Slot

Note: An interesting feature about the Roby R3 that’s worth a highlight is the dual functionality of the power button. It’s not only about turning the device on and off; this power button holds the potential to flag a video. So, if you notice something interesting or unusual happening around, a single press on the button will flag the ongoing recording, assisting us in finding it more accessible in the future. A feature that’s thoughtful and practically useful!

Wrapping up this section, I’d like to mention that while the Roby R3 dash cam shines in the aspects of memory card support and power input, continuous improvement in technology could potentially bring forth additional features that may enhance user experience in the future.

Inspecting ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

Mounting and The High-Strength Adhesive Tape

  • Mount is sturdy and offers easy install and removal
  • Mount is detachable, allows convenient dashcam removal
  • Adhesive tape provides strong hold, withstands harsh conditions

Let’s talk about a feature that may seem trivial but plays a crucial role in the usability of the Roby R3 – the mounting mechanism and the adhesive tape provided. To tell you frankly, it’s the little thoughtful additions like these that can significantly enhance or diminish your overall product experience.

Examining the Mount

Upon gripping it in my hands for the first time, I noticed the mount was quite sturdy, radiating an air of durability. Its design seemed well thought out to ensure easy install and removal, a feature certain to be appreciated by those who frequent rental cars or merely prefer not to leave their dash cam unattended in their vehicle.

Mounting Process

The mounting process of the R3 dash cam was pretty straightforward. First, I peeled off the protective layer of the high-strength adhesive tape, then found a suitable spot on the windshield. By firmly pressing the mount onto the glass, I ensured a secure fit. Remember, deciding the mounting location needs some thought; ideally, it should provide a wide-angle view while not obstructing the driver’s sight.

Mount Detachablity

What struck me as thoughtful was the detachability feature of the mount. You can conveniently remove the dashcam while leaving the mount in place. The mechanism for this removal and reattachment was quite seamless – disengaging with a simple slide and locking back in place with a slight push. It’s this kind of user-friendly design I truly admire.

Adhesive Tape Analysis

Digging deeper into the details, let’s shift our focus to the provided high-strength adhesive tape. In my experience, the adhesion was quite potent, indicating a strong hold capable of withstanding bumpy rides and harsh weather conditions. But, of course, the real test of its strength would be over time, with temperature changes and in and out of sunlight. It would be worth observing whether it peels off, leaves any residue, or diminished in stickiness after some time.

To wrap this section up, both the mount and the high-strength adhesive tape of the Roby R3 makes for a near-perfect pair in achieving a secure and stable dashcam installation. But, like anything else, it would be essential to keep track of its performance over time.

Check of ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

A Close Look at the Accessories

  • High-definition rear camera with Sony IMX 307 sensor
  • Cigarette lighter adapter facilitates dual charging
  • Generously equipped installation tools provided

Switching gears from the main product itself, let’s delve into the various extras that accompany the Roby R3 Dash Cam. As you probably know by now, accessories usually play a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience, immensely contributing to the product’s functionality.

Rear Camera

First and foremost, tucked neatly into the box, I found the high-definition rear camera. It caught my attention right away with its Sony IMX 307 Imaging sensor , which charmingly mirrors the technology found in the cabin camera. Paired with a 140 degree field-of-view lens, this accessory packs a punch. What impressed me even more was the inclusion of high strength double-sided tape to secure it to your vehicle’s rear windshield. The thoughtful design indicates that Roby considers their customers’ convenience a top priority.

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Next up was the handy little cigarette lighter adapter plug, a tiny, unassuming gadget that goes a long way in powering your dash cam. In essence, it’s a lifesaver on long journeys when you need seamless power delivery to your dash cam. Notably, this little gem boasts dual ports facilitating the dash cam’s power supply while simultaneously recharging your phone – quite the multitasker!

Installation Tools and Other Extras

Without much ado, we move onto the box’s treasure trove – the installation tools. Ranging from a 12-foot long power cable for the R3 to an additional USB to USBC cable for computer connectivity, the kit is generously equipped. What’s more, the box contains spare adhesives for your dash and rear cameras along with cable clips. To make things even more user-friendly, there’s a cleaning wipe and something not often seen: a spatula pry tool to aid in the installation.

Noteworthy Mention: Electrostatic Stickers

Lastly, let’s not forget the inclusion of the electrostatic stickers. If you’re wary about sticking things directly onto your vehicle, these stickers provide an alternative measure. You can initially apply the electrostatic film and stick your dash cam to the film. The best part? You can remove it whenever you want, without fearing about leaving any sticky residues on your windshield. Now that’s thoughtful!

Every accessory stands as a testament to Roby’s commitment to delivering a top-notch product that goes beyond the mere basics, providing valuable add-ons that genuinely enhance the user experience. However, I’ll be keeping a close eye on their durability and functionality over time. Stay tuned for the long-term review!

Survey of ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

The Functionalities of the Dash Cam and App Use

  • Dash Cam offers a vast set of seamless functionalities
  • Roby R3 includes a comprehensive, detailed user manual
  • App provides live stream, setting adjustments, and firmware updates

Delving into the functionalities of the Roby R3 Triple Channel Dash Cam and its accompanying app extension was certainly a journey worth embarking on. The dash cam offers an incredibly vast set of moving parts, all designed to work in harmony to provide a seamless user experience.

The Quick Start Guide and User Manual Deep Dive

Beyond the usual clichéd manuals that simply offer a shallow run-through of the device’s principal operations, the Roby R3 Dash Cam goes several notches higher. This tech gear houses an extensive, full-color user manual and quick start guide that’s impressively comprehensive. It carefully itemizes every important detail about the device, including how to use and install it, along with detailed descriptions of its distinct features, making it a novice user’s best friend.

Startup Test: Understanding the Time Taken for Dashcam Start-Up

Like clockwork, the Dash Cam comes to life almost immediately after ignition, thrusting you into a world of interactive user controls on the dashboard display. Though it’s designed to spring into live-action automatically whenever the vehicle is ignited, you can equally power it manually, a nuance that’s indicative of its flexibility in use.

Swapping between Front, Cabin, and Rear Camera Views: A How-To Guide

Another delightful trick up the R3 Dash Cam’s sleeve is the ease with which you can navigate through various camera views. You’re just a gentle swipe or touch away from transitioning between the front, cabin and rear camera views with fluid ease. What’s more? This feature also extends to the voice recording option whereby you can choose whether to concurrently record audio, or stick strictly to video recordings.

App Connectivity

Seamlessly linking the Dash Cam to the app is like fitting a last piece into a complex jigsaw puzzle. The link sets the stage for a live stream of video feeds onto your phone, effectively transforming it into a mobile control centre. From the app’s dashboard, you can easily cycle through camera views, adjust various settings, and access stored video clips all at the touch of your fingertips. The cherry topping, though, must surely be the ability to receive and install firmware updates from within the app.

While in conclusion, the functionality of the Roby R3 Dash Cam and its app interface can be succinctly captured in one word: comprehensive. The dash cam packages enough features to satisfy highly tech-savvy users while making sure not to alienate beginners, a balance that’s often hard to strike but nonetheless achieved here.

Examining ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

Exploring Settings & Resolution Options

  • Roby R3 dash cam offers impressive recording customization
  • Offers flexible resolution settings and loop recording options
  • Unique G-Sensor sensitivity level customization

The Roby R3 dash cam really impressed me when it came to customizable settings and options . The amount of control it gave me over recording was impressive to say the least.

In-depth Look at the Video Resolution Settings

Firstly, under the video resolution settings, I discovered that I could select which cameras I wanted to record. It offered me the flexibility to choose from all three cameras or only select specific ones. From a user engagement perspective, this level of customization was quite commendable. Then, it was time to investigate the different resolution options. The choices were quite extensive. I found that I could run all three cameras at 720p which is pretty much standard high definition. However, I also had the option of running the front camera at a whopping 1440p and the cabin and rear cams at full HD, highly impressive stuff!

Loop Recording Options and Their Advantages

The loop recording option in the Roby R3 was a gem. Dash cams continuously record videos, but they split the footage into smaller, easier to manage segments. Typically, dash cams give you options to segment these chunks to be around 1, 3, or 5 minutes long. But, with the R3, I was pleasantly surprised to find an ‘off’ option.

What does ‘off’ do, you ask? Essentially, it allows the dash cam to record continuously without dividing the video footage. So, you could end up with very long videos. It does, however, limit file sizes to 4 gigabytes, which is a practical way of ensuring memory management.

Insights into the G-Sensor and Its Sensitivity Levels

To round it off, the g-sensor. This neat little device senses when you get into a car crash and then flags the video of the incident, so you can find it much easier later. The R3 allows you to select just how sensitive you want this sensor to be. Most dash cams only offer three levels of sensitivity – low, medium, or high. But yet again, the R3 took it up a notch. The sensitivity levels ranged from as high as nine (which would only be selected with a high impact) to as low as one similar to a minor fender-bender. This flexibility in customization really stood out to me, allowing the user to fine-tune exactly how they want their dash cam to respond.

In conclusion, the setting and resolution options of the Roby R3 surpasses most of the dash cams I’ve encountered thus far. It truly sets itself apart in the market by offering high degrees of customization and flexibility, allowing the user to tailor their experience to meet their specific needs.

Rating: ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

Parking Mode and Image Adjustment

  • Roby R3 dash cam has adaptive Parking Mode
  • Offers Collision Detection and Time Lapse functions
  • Provides image adjustability for optimal clarity

In a dash cam, features like the Parking Mode and image adjustment options can be pivotal points in shaping the user’s experience. This holds true even for the Roby R3 Dash Cam. Let’s delve deeper into how these features play out in the real world.

Parking Mode

One thing that impressed me about the Roby R3 dash cam is its distinctive Parking Mode . Unlike many dash cams I’ve interacted with before, the Roby R3 offers two primary options for Parking Mode – Collision Detection and Time Lapse plus Collision Detection .

In the Collision Detection Mode, the dash cam turns on and records video when it senses a vehicular impact and then switches back off after capturing the aftermath. On the other hand, in the Time Lapse plus Collision Detection Mode, the dash cam records a time lapse while parked and switches to normal video recording upon detecting a collision. It then reverts back to the Time Lapse function once the impact has been duly recorded. This kind of adaptability and responsiveness definitely enhances peace of mind when you leave your vehicle unattended.

Additionally, the Roby R3 Dash Cam also accommodates the adjustment of the Parking Mode G-sensor sensitivity, allowing users to fine-tune it to their needs.

Image Adjustment

The dash cam also scores high on the aspect of image adjustability. Whether you find the captured image too dark or too light, it provides a way out. You can easily make the image brighter or darker as per your requirements, ensuring an optimum level of visual clarity.

However, it’s crucial to note that much as these options enhance user experience, it takes some fiddling around in the settings to achieve desired results. On the flip side, this is an opportunity to personalize the dash cam’s functionality to your liking.

While the robustness and adaptability of these features were noteworthy to me, I strongly feel that incorporating more intuitive controls could significantly enhance the user interaction with these settings.

On the whole, be it protecting the parked vehicle or capturing high-quality videos, Roby R3 does a good job of ensuring the user’s needs are met adeptly.

Scanning ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera

Exploring Advanced Settings, Screensaver Mode, and Sound Prompts

  • Roby R3 dash cam offers diverse advanced settings
  • Includes a screensaver mode with multiple display options
  • Sound prompts are customizable to user preference

When using a device as complex and feature-rich as the Roby R3 dash cam, the ability to explore and customize settings are of immense importance. The advanced settings of the R3 are diverse and allow plenty of customization.

Dual Band Wi-Fi, Date, and Time Adjustments

Once I check the advanced settings, I find an excellent feature – Dual Band Wi-Fi. This formulation allows users to switch between the newer five gigahertz Wi-Fi or the older 2.4 gigahertz. For those wondering about the date and time settings, the dashcam automatically fetches the data from the GPS. However, the device gives the perk of manually adjusting the date and time if you need some fine-tuning.

The Screensaver Mode

Next up, I examine the screensaver mode. Its functionality stood out to me as it provides three options. The first one shows the live recording on the screen. The second option turns off the screen after an interval, allowing the device to continue recording – ideal for those seeking a ‘stealth mode.’ Lastly, a minimalistic mode only displays essential information on the screen. The phrase ‘options galore’ springs to mind!

Sound Prompts: Yes, No, or Maybe?

Who likes their device constantly notifying ‘recording started’ or ‘recording stopped’? If you’re one of them, the Roby R3 dash cam is your new best friend. And if you’re not, that’s okay too. The sound prompt settings on this dash cam allow you to decide whether you want the voice prompts active or silent.

In accessories like dash cams, customization ability is usually compromised. However, the advanced settings on the Roby R3 dash cam keeps user preference on the front line. Each add-on seemed deliberate and thoughtfully introduced, aiming to enhance user experience.

However, it’d be great if the dashcam could have more language choices for the voice prompts. While English works fine for most, users who prefer other languages may find this limiting. More language options would indubitably be a nice touch and add a layer of inclusivity to the product.

From my experience, the Roby R3 dash cam offers flexibility, wide-ranging customizations, and useful features that many users would appreciate. But there’s always room for improvement, and I believe further upgrades could lift this dash cam to even higher heights.

Connecting to App, Accessing Videos and Firmware Updates

  • Roby R3 connects flawlessly to Wi-Fi and smartphone app
  • App provides easy access to videos and automated firmware updates
  • Experience could improve with “guest” sign-in option

In the tech-heavy arena of today’s world, app connectivity plays a pivotal role in overall user-friendliness, and the Roby R3 doesn’t disappoint.

Connecting the Dash Cam to Wi-Fi and the Phone App

Tapping onto the boom of wireless technology, the R3 dash cam flawlessly connects to your Wi-Fi. This gives users the option to conveniently link their smartphone to the dash cam through a dedicated app. The integration process is smooth and hassle-free. However, an area of improvement I would suggest here would be an option for “guest” sign-in. This can be beneficial for users who aren’t inclined towards maintaining another login credential.

Accessing Videos on The App

Once connected, videos can be accessed directly on the app. This intuitive feature provides easy access to all the recording sorted easily into folders. The experience is streamlined and certainly makes the process of scourging through tons of footages less daunting. The entire video database is right on your phone, and you can play them directly AND download them to the phone. It is a practical feature, catering well to modern-day requirements of quick accessibility and storage.

Firmware Updates Made Easy

Staying on top of updates is important, and this is where R3 shines again. Firmware updates can be easily done directly via the app, reducing any need to haggle with downloading and manually updating the firmware. It even has an automatic checker to ensure your dash cam always runs the latest version. This level of user convenience is definitely a commendable part of the R3’s feature set. However, this again brings us back to the fact that an app login is mandatory. A small improvement like enabling firmware updates without sign-in could foster an even more user-friendly approach.

In conclusion, the process of connecting to the app, accessing videos, and ensuring firmware updates with the Roby R3 is genuinely smooth and intuitive but an added “guest” signing option could make the experience even better.

Real World Test Footage Quality Analysis

  • Rohby R3 provides exceptional daytime and nighttime footage
  • Cabin camera captures high-detail footage in varied lighting
  • Built-in microphone records clear, though not perfect, audio

After deep-diving into the Rohby R3’s specifications, it was time to put it to the test in the real world. For this, I went on a series of test drives – both during the day and at night – to assess the camera’s performance in different light conditions. Remember, a great dashcam should perform exceptionally in all lighting situations.

Daytime Recording Quality

During daytime, I found that the Rohby R3’s Omni Vision 5A10 Imaging Sensor certainly doesn’t disappoint. Strong, the device captures clear, crisp and vibrant footage. Whether you’re driving against a setting sun or in broad daylight, the quality of the footage remains consistent, ensuring that you’d able to capture much-needed details in the event of an incident.

Night Vision Performance

As for the night time drives, I must say I was quite impressed with the overall video quality. Many dashcams struggle to deliver good quality videos in low-light conditions, but the Rohby R3’s Sony IMX 307 Imaging sensor coupled with the four hidden infrared LEDs for night vision, proved quite effective. Details like license plates and road signs were clearly captured, which can be vital for resolving disputes or providing evidence in case of an accident.

Cabin Footage Test

The cabin camera also deserves a mention here. The 2-megapixel cabin camera provided great detail in varied lighting conditions, including complete darkness. This can make a huge difference, especially for ride-share drivers or anyone who wants to keep an record of in-car interactions.

Audio Quality

Moving on, I tested the audio captured by the built-in microphone. The dashcam records clear sound from inside the car and relatively clear sounds from the immediate outside environment. While it’s not perfect, it works reasonably well to capture important audio elements during drives.

In conclusion, the Rohby R3 dashcam’s performance in real-world conditions is impressive. It offers high-definition recording at all times, and the night vision facilitates excellent video quality even in low-light conditions. The cabin camera and the microphone are also robust inclusions that add extra layers of evidence in unforeseen road incidents. However, it would be exciting to see future models perhaps improving the external sound capture capabilities of the device.

Concluding Thoughts: The Roby R3 Dash Cam Verdict

Wrapping up this comprehensive review, I must say, the Roby R3 Triple Channel Dash Cam has met and surmounted most of my expectations. Despite its few shortcomings, its overall performance and feature set leave a lasting impression.

Audience Suitability: Who Should Use the Roby R3?

If you’re in the Rideshare industry i.e., Uber or Lyft, or simply someone who wants to capture the cabin of the vehicle, especially regarding interactions with law enforcement agencies – this dash cam should serve you well. The camera’s ability to record both the external and internal environment simultaneously really stands out. For those wanting a day-in-life style recording, this is ideal.

Highlighting the Best Feature: The Pre-Loaded Recommended Settings

The pre-loaded recommended settings of the Roby R3 significantly simplify the setup process. It’s like having a helping hand to guide you through. For beginners and those not tech-savvy, this feature makes it a breeze to initialize the dash cam right out of the box. The highest level of user-friendliness is maintained, making sure anyone can get started effortlessly.

Feedback: The Aspect That Needs Improving – The App Sign-up Process

Moving onto the areas worthy of improvement, by far, the most prominent issue lies in the app sign-up process. In my opinion, requiring a username and password setup comes across as unnecessary, given that there isn’t a bonus feature or service to make this step worthwhile. It would be much more user-friendly if Roby considers a simpler, hassle-free, guest-mode option for their app to provide instant access without the need for remembering another set of login credentials. It’s a minor nit-pick and nothing to cause a deal breaker, but certainly, an area that could use a little improvement.

In conclusion, the Roby R3 dash cam offers a solid package, complete with a robust set of features suited for a range of users, providing their memory card for hassle-free setup. It’s an excellent device packed with capabilities tailored to meet and exceed the needs of events on the road and interactions in the cabin. The slight hiccup in design usability regarding the app sign-up process can be improved upon for an even further enhanced user experience.

Should you buy the ROVE R3 Dash Cam Front and Rear with Cabin, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam 1440P+1080P+1080P Car Camera?

Buy it if…

You are a ride sharing driver

The Roby R3 is perfect for you if you’re in the Rideshare industry such as Uber or Lyft. It is also equipped with a cabin camera, which makes it ideal for people who wish to capture their interactions with passengers. This would be immensely helpful if any dispute circumstances arise.

You love customization

The Roby R3 scores high in terms of customization. It offers multiple recording modes, adjustable g-sensor sensitivity, dual-band WiFi selection, customized parking modes, and the ability to control camera resolution – to name a few. If you value personalizing your technology to your specific needs, this is the product for you.

You want easy firmware updates

The Roby R3 offers firmware updates directly through the app without the need for going online to find files or complicated installation procedures. This feature adds to the overall user-friendly nature of the product.

Don’t buy it if…

You dislike signing up for apps

If you are someone who doesn’t want to manage more usernames and passwords, the requirement to sign up to use the dash cam’s app might be a drawback.

Night vision is a must for you

Even though the product claims to have ‘night vision’ capabilities, during the review test drive the night footage seemed less distinct than daytime footage. Therefore, if you require superb night vision, you might want to consider other dash cams.

You drive short distances

If your daily commute or drive is usually short, or if you’re not driving for long periods daily, the advanced features of the Roby R3, such as time-lapse recording or extended runtime, might be more than what you need.


What’s the a maximum memory card size that the Roby R3 Dash Cam supports?
The R3 Dash Cam supports memory cards as large as 256 gigabytes.
Does the Roby R3 Dash Cam come with any sort of mounting equipment?
Yes, it comes with high-strength adhesive tape that allows you to easily mount it on your windshield.
Does the Roby R3 Dash Cam provide for adjustable camera views?
Yes, it allows you to swap between front, rear and cabin views.
Can I adjust the sensitivity of the G-sensor on the Roby R3 Dash Cam?
Yes, the dash cam allows you to select from a range of sensitivity levels.
What resolution options does the dash cam offer?
You can run all three cameras at 720p, or run the front camera at 1440p, with the cabin and rear camera at 1080p.
Can I silence voice prompts used by the Roby R3 Dash Cam?
Yes, the settings include an option to turn off voice prompts.
Does the Roby R3 Dash Cam have a feature for accessing firmware updates?
Yes, firmware updates can be accessed directly through the app.
Is the video footage from the Roby R3 Dash Cam accessible via an app?
Yes, you can access the recorded videos wirelessly via their app.
Does the manufacturer offer a specific memory card for the Roby R3 Dash Cam?
Yes, Roby has introduced their own memory card for the dash cam to ensure compatibility and efficient recording.
Is there any need for creating a username/password for the app?
Currently, you are required to sign up for a username before using the app. The manufacturer may add a guest mode in the future after considering user feedback.

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