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Review: RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station – Comfortable, clear audio and impressive battery life

Unbiased review of Rig 800 Pro HS Wireless Gaming Headset: unparalleled comfort meets powerful audio... Read more

Review of RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

Table of Contents

Test of RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

4.2/5 - (157 votes)

Cena: $140.00


  • Most comfortable gaming headset
  • Crystal clear sound quality
  • Unidirectional noise canceling microphone
  • Lightweight and form-fitting
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • Compatible with PC and PlayStation


  • Micro USB, not USB-C
  • Doesn’t support true Dolby Surround Sound
  • Incompatible with Xbox
  • Connectivity limitations with aftermarket companies

“In my unbiased opinion, the Rig 800 Pro HS Wireless Gaming Headset presents a pretty solid deal. It stands out with a compelling blend of comfort, clear audio quality, and impressive battery life, making it an ideal partner for long gaming sessions. However, the lack of Xbox compatibility and its outdated Micro USB charging system are hard to overlook. Overall, it delivers where it matters, earning a commendable 4.5 stars out of 5 from me. But, it could use a few upgrades to perfect its game.”

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Brand RIG
Model Name RIG 800 PRO HS
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Introduction and Overview

Calling all dedicated gamers, whether you’re a “play-for-fun-on-the-weekends” type or a “burn the midnight-oil nightly” hardcore gaming fanatic. There’s one thing we all agree on: a quality gaming experience is heavily reliant on the gear we use. So, get comfy because today we dive into reviewing one of the hottest pieces of equipment on the market that claims to elevate your gameplay to a whole new level – the Rig 800 Pro HS wireless gaming headset.

Getting the Full Scoop on the Gaming Gear Scene

The gaming headset market is a battlefield littered with giants like Razer, Panasonic, Microsoft, and Oculus. Yet, the Rig 800 series, not beholden to any of these industry titans, emerges from the rabble with a pro version that aims to carve its niche. It’s not an easy feat given the sea of competitive options, but this underdog sure does know how to make a statement.

Stepping Up the Game with the Rig 800 Pro HS

Sit tight because this is no ordinary review. We’re not only going to unveil the pros and cons, we’re going deep into the nitty-gritty, unboxing this masterpiece piece by piece, and putting the manufacturer’s promises to the test. That’s right, we’re looking beyond the glossy marketing ploys and the eye-catching design. We’ll pry into every nook and cranny, scrutinize every feature, and relay our findings – raw and unbiased.

In for a Treat!

We believe that a good review isn’t just about putting text to thoughts, it should also be interactive. Strap in because this won’t just be an insightful journey into the world of Rig 800 Pro HS, but also an opportunity to snag this popular gaming gear for yourself! But more on that later. For now, let’s dive into this comprehensive review of the Rig 800 Pro HS gaming headset!

Inspecting RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

Meet the Giants: Comprehensive Comparison of Gaming Headsets

  • Razer, Panasonic, Microsoft, Oculus are gaming headset leaders
  • Rig 800 Pro HS emerging as a competitive underdog

There is a lively competition on the stage of gaming headsets, a constantly evolving scene marked by innovation, design breakthroughs, and continual one-upmanship. Allow me to introduce you to the main players, the giants in the arena. Let’s see how they stack up against each other and what sets them apart.

The Industry Leaders

These are names recognized worldwide, names that evoke a sense of respect among gamers and tech enthusiasts alike.

  1. Razer: A brand typically known for its incredibly sleek designs, catchy chroma RGB lights, and great audio quality. However, can be a bit pricy and some users find their products not as durable over time.
  2. Panasonic: While more known for their prowess in the broader electronics field, Panasonic does have a selection of gaming headsets. They offer decent audio, but they don’t specialize in gaming, which leaves their offerings a bit lacking in terms of specialized features.
  3. Microsoft: Under their Xbox brand, Microsoft has some best-in-class gaming hardware including durable, reliable headsets. Despite bearing slightly higher price tags, their excellent mix of comfort and performance makes them a strong contender.
  4. Oculus: Moving into the realm of virtual reality, Oculus provides immersive audio experience to match the visually stunning world of VR gaming. However, their products are targeted at very specific gaming audiences and may not be ideal for typical gamers.

The Underdog Taking Flight: Rig 800 Series Returns with the Pro Version

Amid the giants, we see an underdog on the rise: the Rig 800 Pro HS. These gaming headsets are making a name for themselves with high-quality audio and some impressive innovations that target the specific needs of gamers. Despite trailing behind the above mentioned industry leaders in terms of branding, the Rig 800 Pro HS offers a fantastic immersive audio experience without the heavyweight price tags.

But how does the Rig 800 Pro HS stack up against them? Is the underdog truly capable of taking on the giants? Let’s continue to explore, aiming to be impartial and critical because every consumer deserves full, unvarnished knowledge before making a choice.

View of RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

Unboxing the Beast: The Rig 800 Pro HS

  • Rig 800 Pro HS contains charging system, wireless USB dongle
  • Headset has metal contacts, controls on right earpiece
  • Features lightweight, flexible frame and self-adjusting head strap

So, let’s get down to it, shall we? Getting a new gadget, especially when it’s gaming gear, can be pretty exciting. There’s that thrill of pulling apart the packaging and taking in the craftsmanship of your new toy. The Rig 800 Pro HS does not disappoint. Just like any respected hardware, the moment you lift its top cover, you find it cradled in a black, snug, foam padding.

Inside the Box

Once you get past the cover, you are greeted by the Rig 800 Pro HS headset itself. The matte black and silver accents really stand out, giving it a slick, professional look. But that’s not all. The box also houses the charging system, a wireless USB dongle and a USB-A to micro USB cable – nothing more, nothing less.

The Charging Docking System

The charging docking system is simple and well-identified, manufactured with the same attention to aesthetics. It connects effortlessly to any USB source, be it your PC, PlayStation, or a simple wall charger. There’s no fumbling with cords or buttons. Everything is neat and formulaic, which is great to see, though the use of older USB types can be a bit disappointing.

The Wireless USB Dongle

Then there’s the wireless USB dongle used to connect your Rig 800 Pro HS to your gaming rig. It’s a neat little accessory which makes connectivity a breeze. The only catch is that it needs to be slotted into your gaming device – not a problem if you have an available USB port.

The Headset

Now comes the star of the show. The Rig 800 Pro HS is beautifully designed with metal contacts on the underside of the left earpiece for charging. The right earpiece hosts most of your controls. There’s a volume slider, a power button to sync to the dongle, and a mic slider. This is also where you can find the micro USB port if you prefer to charge the headset directly without the docking station.

Aside from these features, the Rig 800 Pro HS headset, weighing at a mere 308 grams, partnered with its lightweight, flexible frame and self-adjusting head strap, is a dream to put on. The fit is near-perfect, and it introduces you to a world where comfort meets high-end gaming gear.

The bottom line? The Rig 800 Pro HS headset is striking, down to its components and the packaging. It’s a well thought out product, which is quickly revealed when you unbox it. So, with the said, let’s move forward to the actual experience once we power it on!

Review of RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

Wearability and Comfort: The Fit Factor

  • Rig 800 Pro HS headset offers optimal comfort
  • Lightweight design reduces neck and head soreness
  • Adjustable strap and ear cushions ensure perfect fit

Time for some real talk. One of the most important aspects, that can make or break any headset, is none other than comfort. And the Rig 800 Pro HS checks out pretty well in this department. Let’s break down the components that contribute to the overall wearability and comfort of this headset.

Lightweight Love: Gaming Freedom at 308 Grams

First things first, this thing is light! As a dedicated gamer, I’ve lost count of the number of hours spent gaming at a stretch. And let me tell you, a heavy, cumbersome headset is a real downer. The Rig 800 Pro HS, weighing in at a convenient 308 grams, is a real game-changer. No more stiff necks or sore heads after a gaming marathon. It’s a wearable you sometimes forget you’re wearing!

A Perfect Match: Adjustable Strap and Ear Cushions for All Size Preferences

Another notable design feature is the adjustable strap. It self-adjusts to the shape and size of your head, ensuring a perfect, snuggly fit every time. The option to switch between small, medium, and large points of adjustment is a thoughtful touch, catering to a diverse range of gamers.

Let’s talk about the ear cushions. There’s a reason they are dual-material. The outer material helps block out outside noise, making your gaming experience more immersive. The inner material, soft and cushy, is gentle on the ears. I’ve noticed that even after long periods of intense gaming, the ear cushions remained comfortable, without causing undue pressure or heat buildup.

However, I must point out, while overall the headset is incredibly comfortable, it’ll take a few gaming sessions to break into it, especially for folks with bigger heads. In spite of the adjustability, initial tightness is noticeable, but it eases out after a few wears.

In Conclusion: For gamers who value comfort during long gaming sessions, the Rig 800 Pro HS does fairly well. Its lightweight design, adjustable strap and comfort-oriented ear cushions, while devised with the user in mind, might take some getting used to, but are impressive nonetheless.

Analysis of RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

The Hardcore Specs: Geeking Out with the Rig 800 Pro HS

  • Rig 800 Pro HS has a 40mm speaker driver
  • Features 2.4 GHz RF wireless connection
  • Microphone has unidirectional noise-cancelling quality
  • Micro USB used for charging instead of USB-C
  • Lacks compatibility with true Dolby surround sound

I’m on a mission to reveal all the techie goodness that the Rig 800 Pro HS has to offer. Let’s dive straight into what’s going on under the hood.

Sound Quality

Let’s start with the audio drivers. Packing a 40mm speaker driver , the Rig 800 Pro HS serves up an auditory banquet that truly impresses. It expertly keeps distortion on a tight leash while delivering bass that can only be described as punchy and robust.

Wireless Connection

Another standout feature is the GHz RF connection . I know latency can be the bane of any gamer, but with this headset, the issue is practically insignificant – you’ll be hard-pressed to notice any delay between the on-screen action and the audio feed.

Microphone Quality

When it comes to the most competitive gaming sessions, being heard clearly can be as crucial as a swift reaction. The Rig 800 Pro HS boasts a unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone that seems to capture only the crispest version of your voice. Trust me, your strategies and in-play banter will never get lost in translation with this mic!

Critical Perspective

Now, let’s pivot to a little constructive criticism. As an unbiased reviewer, I believe the Rig 800 Pro HS, while excellent, still has some room for improvement.

  • One thing that had me raise my eyebrow was the use of Micro USB for charging . It does indeed feel like a throwback these days when USB-C has become the norm.
  • It’s good to note, though, that while the Rig 800 Pro HS supports Dobly Spatial and PlayStation 3D audio, true Dolby surround sound isn’t compatible with the headset. This might feel a bit limiting to those audiophiles seeking a completely immersive experience.

So, there you have it – the inside scoop on the Rig 800 Pro HS. In the end, what sets gaming headsets apart are these minute details – the tech specs that make or break your gaming experience.

Thoughts on RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

The Pros and Cons: Being Frank About The Rig 800 Pro HS

  • Rig 800 Pro HS offers exceptional comfort and sound quality
  • Headset uses outdated micro USB port
  • Incompatible with true Dolby surround sound

As ardent gamers, we know how important it is to focus on the merits and demerits of any gaming gear. So let’s dive into what we liked the most about the Rig 800 Pro HS and what we wish could’ve been better.

The Highs: Where the Rig 800 Pro HS Scores Big

Starting with the gains, the first standout feature has to be the comfortability . Using the Rig 800 Pro HS was like wearing a cloud on our heads. It’s lightweight, form-fitting without being restrictive, and doesn’t cause any discomfort even during extended gaming sessions. Truly, the most comfortable gaming headset we’ve come across yet.

Delving into the realm of sound quality and microphone clarity , the Rig 800 Pro HS also scores high. The headset produced crystal clear sounds with great bass. In our testing, we also found that the microphone noise cancellation feature worked excellently. The feedback received from other players was overwhelmingly positive about the clear and crisp sound of our voices.

The Lows: The Gripes We Had with The Rig 800 Pro HS

Now to address the donkey in the room, let’s go over some points where the Rig 800 Pro HS stuttered. One major letdown was the rather outdated micro USB port . It’s quite an oddity to see products being shipped out without a USB-C these days, but to give credit where it’s due, we didn’t encounter any significant battery issues.

Another area for concern was the incompatibility with true Dolby surround sound . Despite supporting Dolby Spatial and PlayStation 3D Audio, it doesn’t provide true Dolby surround sound. Gamers who particularly value this feature might find this to be a drawback.

In conclusion, no product is without its own set of faults and the Rig 800 Pro HS, despite its minor weaknesses, really does deliver in terms of comfort and sound quality.

Perspective: RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

Compatibility and Connectivity: Who Can Use the Rig 800 Pro HS?

  • Rig 800 Pro HS does not support Xbox
  • Compatible with PC and PlayStation

When it comes to choosing your perfect gaming headset, compatibility and connectivity often come front and center. I mean, what’s the point of having a fancy headset if it can’t sync with your gaming setup, right?

The Xbox Connectivity Issue

Now, here’s something that really got my attention. The Rig 800 Pro HS, unfortunately, does not support Xbox . It might come as a disappointment to some, especially given the rising popularity of Microsoft’s gaming console. This oversight is quite surprising, considering the advanced features and compatibility boasted by the Rig 800 Pro HS. Microsoft significantly limits the aftermarket companies that have access to their ecosystem, and sadly, Rig 800 Pro is not one of them.

Smooth Sailing for PC and PlayStation Gamers

Well, here’s the good news. If your gaming rig centers around a PC or PlayStation , things look pretty bright. The Rig 800 Pro HS connects smoothly with these platforms, thanks primarily to the included wireless USB dongle. Just plug it into your system, sync it up, and you’re all set for countless immersive gaming sessions.


The compatibility limitations with Xbox is a downside that’s worth considering in your purchasing decision. I’d recommend this headset for PC and PlayStation gamers who value comfort, great sound quality, and wireless convenience. Just make sure to cross-check your gaming setup’s compatibility first. That’s an important box to tick off before you plunge right in!

Future Prospects

Given the superb quality and impressive features of the Rig 800 Pro HS, I do hope for broader compatibility in future iterations. Bridging the Xbox gap could potentially make it a hands-down winner in the gaming headset market.

Observation of RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station

The Final Verdict

  • Immersive audio enhances gaming experience
  • Comfortable, adjustable, stays cool during long sessions
  • Lacks USB-C charging and Xbox compatibility

After some serious game time with the Rig 800 Pro HS headset, I’m ready to share my verdict. Let’s dive right in to shed light on the good, the not-so-good, and the game-changing aspects of this headset.

Gameplay Experience

First and foremost, this headset has significantly enhanced the gaming experience. The audio delivery is immersive, making each gameplay lively and riveting. The headset offers a perfect blend of clear, distortion-free audio and punchy bass, all thanks to the 40mm speaker drivers. These features collectively contribute to a thrilling gaming atmosphere that every gamer dreams of.

Comfort and Ease

The design aspects of the Rig 800 Pro HS are top-notch. The comfortable fit, self-adjusting head strap and lightweight frame have been commendable. Even during long gaming sessions, the headset didn’t overheat or become uncomfortable, allowing for an unhindered gaming experience.

A Step Backwards?

While the headset sports some outstanding features, it does have room for improvement. My biggest gripe is the use of Micro USB instead of USB-C for charging. Although this didn’t lead to significant issues during use, it reflects a certain degree of outdatedness in an otherwise ultra-modern piece of equipment. An upgrade to USB-C would be a welcome enhancement in future models.

Compatibility Issues

The Rig 800 Pro HS headset’s inability to work with Xbox is another limiting factor. While PC and PlayStation gamers can rejoice, Xbox enthusiasts might feel left out. An expansion to include Xbox compatibility could undoubtedly broaden its customer base.

Wrapping Up the Rig 800 Pro HS Review

Overall, the Rig 800 Pro HS ticks most boxes for a top-tier gaming headset, thanks to its impressive audio quality and supreme comfort. However, as with any product, there’s always room for refinement. Slight updates, particularly regarding its charging port and compatibility, could make this good headset even better.

The Rig 800 Pro HS scores a commendable 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.

In conclusion, I must say that the Rig 800 Pro HS has left quite a significant impression on me. If you’re after a comfortable, top-quality, wireless gaming headset and aren’t bothered by its minor setbacks, then you might just have found your perfect match!

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If you’re as excited about the Rig 800 Pro HS as I’ve been throughout this review, then you’re definitely going to love this next part. One lucky reader stands a chance of owning this fantastic piece of gaming gear ー absolutely free! Now, how’s that for a surprise!

Participation Made Easy

It’s super straightforward to participate in the draw. You don’t need to jump through hoops or solve any complex riddles. Here’s what you need to do:

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Note the third point. That’s right, there is a secret hashtag that must be included in your comment. And if you’ve been paying attention to the review, you’ll surely understand the reference. If not, feel free to re-read the review to discover it.

Judging Process and Winner Announcement

Interested in how the winner will be selected? Isn’t suspense fun! A week from now, we will randomly pick a subscriber who has followed all the steps properly, including the usage of the secret hashtag in the comment section of this article. The lucky chosen one will be announced in our subsequent post, so be sure to keep visiting the blog.

Some Critical Thoughts

While this giveaway sounds exciting, and I’m sure many of you are eager to participate, I must echo an unbiased and critical sentiment. The winning odds of such contests are generally unpredictable, given the number of potential participants. Also, as the product is being given away for free, it’s vital to remain critical and remember that it does not indicate any specific endorsement or superiority over other gaming headsets in the market. However, it’s equally undeniable that winning this giveaway would be a fantastic way to experience the Rig 800 Pro HS first-hand, especially if you’re an ardent gamer.

If you’re ready to roll the dice, get that hashtag ready, and don’t forget the rules. Good luck, gamers!

Should you buy the RIG 800 PRO HS Wireless Gaming Headset and Multi-Function Base Station?

Buy it if…

You are after Comfort in Gaming

The headset has a lightweight frame, form fitting, cool during long gaming sessions and customizable size adjustments to find the perfect fit.

You want Stellar Audio Experience

Equipped with 40 mm speaker drivers, the headphones deliver powerful, punchy bass and near-zero latency, providing a truer-to-life gaming audio experience.

You value Crystal Clear Communication

The unidirectional noise-canceling microphone ensures that your trash talks and strategies are transmitted very clearly and crisply during gameplay.

Don’t buy it if…

You are an Up-to-date Tech Enthusiast

The Rig 800 Pro still uses a micro USB for charging, which might be outdated for those expecting the latest USB-C.

You Need Dolby Surround Sound

Despite being able to use Dolby spatial and PlayStation 3D audio, Rig 800 Pro isn’t compatible with true Dolby surround sound.

You are an Xbox User

Due to limitations set by Microsoft, this Rig 800 Pro headset is not compatible with Xbox consoles, hence might not be suitable for Xbox gamers.


What makes the Rig 800 Pro HS unique from other gaming headsets?
It’s significantly lighter and features a flexible head strap that adjusts for a comfortable fit. It operates on a dedicated 2.4 GHz RF connection and boasts 40mm speaker drivers, providing clear, powerful sound. Its noise-cancelling mic can be perfectly positioned for voice capture and flips up to mute.
What’s included with the Rig 800 Pro HS wireless gaming headset?
The Rig 800 Pro HS package includes the headset, a charging dock, a USB-A to micro USB cable, and a wireless USB dongle.
What are some drawbacks of the Rig 800 Pro HS?
The headset still utilizes micro USB instead of the more up-to-date USB-C. It also doesn’t support true Dolby surround sound and is not compatible with Xbox.
What are the requirements to participate in the Rig 800 Pro HS giveaway?
You need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the secret hashtag from the review.
What’s the battery life of the Rig 800 Pro HS?
The Rig 800 Pro HS boasts an impressive 24 hours of battery life on a single charge.
Is the Rig 800 Pro HS compatible with PlayStation?
Yes, the Rig 800 Pro HS is fully compatible with PlayStation.

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