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Review: RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S – brilliantly accurate and durable scale

Reviewing Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale’s design, usability, and precision... Read more

Review of RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

Test of RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

4.6/5 - (80902 votes)

Cena: $26.99


  • Accurate measurements up to 0.1 pounds
  • Suitable for weighing up to 400 pounds
  • User-friendly design with smooth, round corners
  • Sturdy and strong tempered glass material
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Multi-measurement options: pounds, kg, stones
  • Large, easy-to-read digital numbers


  • Glass top prone to smudges
  • Maximally accommodates size 10 feet
  • Batteries required for operation

“After spending substantial time with the Renfo digital bathroom scale, I can confidently say it’s undoubtedly one of the most accurate, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing bathroom scales I’ve owned. Its tempered glass design, multi-measurement feature and smooth edges make it not just functional but appealing too. However, potential buyers should consider the footprint size in case they have larger feet. Overall, it’s an impeccable buy for the price, offering brilliant accuracy and durability. I’d recommend it to friends and family without a moment’s hesitation.”

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Color Black
Recommended Uses For Product Humans
Special Feature Large Display, Precision Balanced, Body Weight, Non Slip Platform, back-up-battery
Weight Limit 180 Kilograms


As anyone who prioritizes health and wellness can attest, owning a reliable and accurate scale is an absolute non-negotiable. It’s the reassuring checkpoint that keeps us actively on track, transforming everyday wellness goals into tangible realities. As a health-conscious individual, I was on the hunt for something more than just an average, run-of-the-mill bathroom scale. I wanted precision, appealing design, user-friendliness, and versatile functionality.

While I believe that no product is flawless, I also firmly subscribe to the philosophy that every product should strive for excellence. There’s a certain pattern of methodical scrutiny that every customer goes through when analysing a product’s characteristics and user experience. I am no exception to this and thus, began my journey into finding the perfect digital bathroom scale.

Pursuing the Perfect Scale: My Journey

During my search, I came across the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale. Being a product analyst, I didn’t just want to purchase the scale outright. So, I spent countless hours researching this particular digital scale, sifting through customer reviews and product descriptions. My goal was simple: to critically evaluate and understand its overall functionality, value for money, design aesthetic, and user experience, independent of any potential bias.

Where to Buy: Amazon Links for US, Canada, and UK

This review is based on my personal experience using the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale that I purchased from Amazon. For those interested in evaluating this product for personal use, I’ve provided dedicated Amazon links for the US, Canada, and the UK. I believe that an unbiased review helps potential customers make informed decisions. Hence, this analysis offers a critical examination of the product, highlighting both its positive aspects and potential areas in need of improvement.

Therefore, let’s delve into the unique universe of Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale, shedding light on my user experience and personal insights gleaned through my journey.

Rating: RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

First Impressions

  • Renfo scale offers minimalist black glass-top design
  • Visible smudges easily cleaned off

Unwrapping the Renfo digital bathroom scale for the first time, I was immediately drawn to its sleek look. With a glass top and modern black color, it certainly brings a dash of elegance to any bathroom setup. But let’s go deeper into what unraveled during the first encounter.

Aesthetic Evaluation: Black, Glass-top Elegance

From a design perspective, the Renfo digital bathroom scale is a win. It may come in a simple package, but it packs a punch in terms of visual appeal. The glossy black color and the glass top combination gives a feeling of luxury that I find appealing. Of course, this is subjective as aesthetics may vary for each individual, but if you’re a fan of minimalist elegance, this digital scale could nest comfortably in your space.

Initial Quirks: Smudges by Design but Easy to Clean

Like any shiny surface, you can expect some fingerprint smudges or footprints will linger. However, in my experience, this wasn’t much of a detraction – our desire for shiny things often comes with this minor compromise. I noticed the smudges, but they were easily cleaned up with a soft cleaning cloth or a swipe of a product designed for cleaning glass surfaces.

  • Great aesthetics with minimalist black glass-top design.
  • Smudges are visible but not a deal breaker considering they are easy to clean off.

Analyzing RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

User Experience

  • Renfo Digital Scale boasts precise 0.1 pound measurements
  • The scale is inclusive, accommodating up to 400 pounds

My initiation into the universe of digital bathroom scales was quite an adventure. I took utmost pleasure in examining the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale’s performance.

Accuracy Matters: Precise Measurements to 0.1 Pounds

First things first, accuracy is king in the world of scales. Trust me when I say that this scale really puts the ‘precision’ in precision weighing. It accurately measures up to 0.1 pounds. Whether you’re just checking your weight out of curiosity or you’re tracking it in line with a fitness goal, this precise reading will make all the difference. But hold on, it gets better.

Size Friendly: Suitable for Weighing Up to 400 Pounds

Now, there’s a lot of diversity in body sizes, and a great digital scale should be capable of accurately weighing all. Well, the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale does exactly that, accommodating anyone weighing up to an impressive 400 pounds. Now isn’t that inclusive? It is very thoughtful that the manufacturers took such a wide range of users into consideration. However, a little disclaimer: Personally, I was unable to confirm the accuracy above 200 pounds, as I fell short of that weight range. I would love to hear about other users’ experiences on this. But overall, if you ask me about the user experience, it was a breeze. The precision and inclusivity together made my experience with this digital bathroom scale one to remember.

Synopsis: RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

Design Outlines

  • User-centric design with smooth corners and tempered glass
  • Comfortable for larger feet with different size options
  • Glass top prone to smudges, but easy to clean

When it comes to an ideal bathroom scale, not only should the device give accurate readings, but the overall design should also be a pleasing element. So here’s my unbiased take on the Renfo digital bathroom scale’s design and build.

User-centric Design: Smooth Corners & Tempered Glass Protection

Right off the bat, one thing that stood out to me was the scale’s user-friendly design. The device boasts incredibly smooth edges with no sharp corners, which makes it extremely safe, especially if you have small kids running around the house. Made from tempered glass, the scale has a durable and robust platform that assures longevity.

However, I did find a minor setback. The glass top, although easy on the eyes, can get quite smudged up after a few uses. This isn’t a huge deal since it’s relatively straightforward to clean, but it is worth mentioning if you despise smudges.

Size Appraisal: How my Size 10 Feet Found Home

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with bathroom scales, primarily due to my size 10 feet. Often, they just about perch on the edge, making the experience feel like an attempt at a balancing act. However, the Renfo bathroom scale pleasantly surprised me. Measuring at around 10.2 inches, it fit my feet perfectly, enhancing both the comfort and ease of use.

If you’re blessed with bigger feet, don’t worry! There’s an 11-inch variant that also caters to you. It’s always great to see a brand taking into account the different needs of consumers. Though, keep in mind to check the size before you purchase, so you don’t end up with a scale that’s too small.

Overall, the Renfo digital bathroom scale’s design impresses both in function and aesthetics. It leaves no room for complaints apart from the easy-‘smudging’ glass top – a minor inconvenience considering its formidable build quality and user-focused design features.

Study of RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

Enhanced Usability

  • Renfo bathroom scale features easy-to-read LCD display
  • Scale balances thin, lightweight design with durability
  • Potential slipping hazard on tiled or wet floors

Usability is a significant factor when it comes to choosing the right bathroom scale. This Renfo digital bathroom scale hit the mark in this regard, with a few features that stood out for me.

LCD Display: Easy-to-Read, Big Numbers

The scale boasts an LCD display with large numbers, a feature I found particularly useful. No squinting or bending down just to see the reading. I considered this a noteworthy bonus, especially for those with vision issues or the elderly. However, the clarity of the digits under different lighting conditions could be something Renfo might need to enhance in the future for optimal visibility.

Thin, Lightweight, and Durable: A Balance Mastered

Another aspect that struck me was the fine balance of being thin and lightweight, yet robust. It features a sleek design that is delightful to the eye, apart from being easy to store or move around. However, I want to mention that the lightweight nature of the scale may be misleading. Some might misconstrue it as a compromise on sturdiness – it’s not. The glass top appears sturdy and adds to the overall strength of the scale. In the realm of durability, it speaks volumes.

A word of caution though, while the sleekness gives it a high-end look, it could potentially be a slipping hazard on tiled or wet floors. Perhaps some form of non-slip feature on the base could be considered by Renfo in future models.

Ultimately, the scale does a solid job in blending functionality with aesthetics – something not all bathroom scales manage to achieve with such grace.

Check of RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

Features and Flexibility

  • Renfo scale measures in pounds, kilograms, or stones
  • Toggle button allows easy unit switch
  • Needs batteries but they last long

It’s important to realize that our weights aren’t just about pounds or kilograms. Depending on where you live, what you’re used to, or personal preference, you might want to measure your weight in a different unit like stones. This is where the Renfo digital bathroom scale shows its flexibility.

Multi-Measure: Alter Between Pounds, Kilograms, or Stones

The scale includes a button tucked tidily at the back which can be toggled to switch between the three major units of measurements; pounds, kilograms, and stones. I found this to be a particularly convenient feature as it caters to varied preferences.

One minor point of potential improvement could be the location of this button — while not a major concern, could be more intuitive if it were placed more visibly.

Batteries Required: But They Last Long

Talking about power, the Renfo digital bathroom scale is powered by a couple of batteries inserted at the back. Simplicity shines here – the battery installation process is easy and straightforward, without the need for any specialized knowledge.

The scale stands reliable in optimising battery use. In my experience with it, the power offered seems long-lasting so one doesn’t frequently have to worry about changing batteries. Yet, longevity of batteries can be subjective and I believe it would be beneficial to see this scale with rechargeable options in the future.

All in all, the Renfo digital bathroom scale provides a range of features and shows a level of flexibility that accommodates varied user needs. Despite a few points that could use enhancement, it performs its primary function with commendable accuracy and simplicity.

Overview of RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

Overall Satisfaction

  • Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale provides precise measurements
  • Offers exceptional value with budget-friendly price
  • Due diligence needed to consider personal needs and product limitations

Based on my experience with the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale, I can say that it truly stands out in the crowded marketplace of digital scales.

Stamp of Approval: An Accurate Scale Worth Owning

The scale does not only look good but also function exceptionally well. One of the standout features was its precise measurements. Reading down to 0.1 of a pound, the scale sets a high level of satisfaction when it comes to accuracy, an essential feature that should not be overlooked when we’re talking about scales. However, I would further stress that for ultimate accuracy, ensure your scale is on a flat surface and calibrated appropriately which is applicable for all the scales.

Worth the Price Tag: Fantastic Deals Await

This scale bundles a whole lot within a budget-friendly price bracket. Its sleek design coupled with its durability can easily make it one of the best purchases you make for your bathroom. But I urge potential buyers to be critical and balance the pros and cons before making a purchase decision. For instance, if you are a person with larger feet, it might be worthwhile to consider the 11-inch size alternative provided by the same manufacturer.

While the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale met my specific needs, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a perfect fit for everyone. Keep in mind to always conduct your due diligence and consider your unique needs, preferences, and the product’s limitations.

Overall, my satisfaction level with the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale is high, but it doesn’t mean there is no room for improvements or alternative choices out there

In summary, if you’re in search of an accurate, stylish, and functional bathroom scale at a great price point, this could be a worthy candidate for your short-list.

Synopsis: RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale is indeed a stand-out option in the arena of bathroom scales. Over the course of my usage, several of its features and its precise accuracy have set it above most I’ve previously encountered.

The Highs

  • User-centric Design: The tempered glass and smooth corners make it a safe yet stylish fixture in the bathroom. It is worth applauding the makers’ consideration for incorporating both form and function in its design.
  • Accuracy & Precision: Its precise readings and capacity to handle up to 400 pounds are commendable. This makes it an excellent asset for those dedicated to their health and fitness journeys.
  • Adaptability: The easy-to-alter settings between pounds, kilograms, or stones bring with it a sense of adaptability that is impressive. Not to mention, the large, readable display that eases the usage further.

The Lows

No product is without its quirks, and as with every other, this one stands to be improved in a few aspects. The slight smudges it accumulates owing to its glass design are noticeable, although this is counterbalanced by the fact that it is easy to clean.

Final Say

Overall, the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale stands on strong grounds of being a cost-effective, high-quality bathroom scale. Its precise measurements, coupled with its user-oriented design, offer consumers a robust product that stands the test of time. For those on the market for a reliable and accurate scale, do consider this product available in the mentioned links.

Should you buy the RENPHO Digital Bathroom Scale, Black-Core 1S?

Buy it if…

You want precise readings

The Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale precisely measures up to 0.1 pounds, providing you with an accurate reading everytime.

You need a high capacity scale

The scale is suitable for any person weighing up to 400 pounds, accommodating a wide range of users.

You prefer user-friendly designs

This scale is very easy to use with smooth round corners, big and easy to read numbers, and simple setting changes from the back button.

Don’t buy it if…

You dislike visible smudges

The glass top can get dirty with smudges, although it’s easy to clean.

You have larger than size 10 feet

The scale fits size 10 feet perfectly, but if you have larger feet you may want to consider the 11 inch model.

You are not comfortable with changing batteries

The scale operates with a couple of batteries inserted at the back, which might not be convenient for everyone.


Is the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale difficult to clean if it gets dirty?
No, despite it possibly getting smudged due to its glass-top design, it is very easy to clean.
What’s the maximum weight limit this scale can measure?
The Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale is suitable for anyone weighing up to 400 pounds.
Does the scale accommodate larger foot sizes?
Yes, an 11-inch size scale is available for those with larger feet.
Can the measurement units on this scale be changed?
Yes, there’s a button on the back that allows easy switch between pounds, kilograms, or stones.
Do I need to replace the batteries frequently?
No, the scale operates on a couple of batteries that should last a long time.
Where is the best place to purchase the Renfo Digital Bathroom Scale?
Links to purchase the scale at a great price are provided below the video review, with options for US, Canada, and UK.
Can I support more reviews like this one?
Yes, subscribing to the channel, liking, and commenting on the video can help support more reviews like this one.

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