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Review: REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1 – Superior design offering excellent protection and bareness feel

Experience the unboxing and review of the game-changing Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro case... Read more

Review of REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

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Test of REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

4.6/5 - (109 votes)

Cena: $26.99


  • High-quality premium feel
  • Unique design with two patents
  • Includes extra side protectors and screen protector
  • Strong magnetic mount compatibility
  • Feels lightweight yet strong
  • Raised to protect camera lens and back
  • Clean, precise cutouts


  • Possible dirt accumulation in gaps
  • Tactile experience needs getting used to
  • Additional side protectors may not provide enough grip
  • Included screen protector of average quality

“In my honest opinion, the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case delivers an exceptional and unique user experience. Its superior design and the blend of both protection and a feeling of “bareness” is laudable. The small thoughtful add-ons, like the side protectors, show real attention to detail. However, there’s a slight concern about dirt potentially getting to the phone because of the cutouts. While it might be slightly more expensive than other cases, it seems worth every penny considering the quality. With all considered, I strongly believe this case offers excellent value for money and I’d say it’s worth trying out if you own an iPhone 11 Pro.”

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Color Aramid Fiber
Form Factor Basic Case
Compatible Phone Models 11, IPhone 11
Material Microfiber, Aramid, Polycarbonate, Thermoplastic Elastomer, Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Introduction: First Impressions of the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case

Hello, fellow tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re taking a comprehensive look at the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case, specifically designed by the renowned Everything Apple Pro. The moment this case landed on my doorstep and I started unboxing, the experience felt premium to say the least.

Unboxing: Is it as Premium as it Feels?

From the get-go, the packaging gave me hints of the quality within. It’s one thing to talk about a good case, and another to feel the quality in your hands. The box was handsomely designed which left me excited to see what the case would be like.

Design Details: Two Patents Tell a Story

Upon examining the box, I noticed something unusual – two patent pending symbols. Most items showcase only one, so this was intriguing. This case encompasses two different design aspects covered by patents. That’s something you don’t see every day! Even without opening the package, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into this case.

In summary, the first impressions of the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case definitely piqued my curiosity. From the premium packaging to the unusual design trademarks that hint to its innovation, it was a promising start. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into the features and usage of this case!

Study of REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

The Case in Focus: A Closer Look

  • Strong initial impressions with distinctive aramid fiber design
  • Notably superior unboxing experience compared to competitors
  • Box includes additional branded protective accessories

Getting deeper into the nitty-gritty of the iPhone 11 Pro Case, before we make any judgements, we must look closely at some of the prominent features. Truth be told, the initial impressions of the case are quite striking.

Initial Impressions: Is it Really That Cool?

Something in this case catches the eye right off the bat. The aramid fiber, or the carbon fiber weave as some may call it, gives it a distinctive, sophisticated charm. As I ran my fingers over the textural details, there was a unique touch to it, a touch that elevates it above the average phone cases out there. The craftsmen have indeed paid meticulous attention to this aspect of the design.

Comparisons: Can it Beat the Competition?

I find it hard not to compare this case with its contemporaries. Right away, there’s a notable difference in the unboxing experience alone. The vibe this product gives off with its premium feel and detailed focus is unlike any I’ve seen. Compared to some others on the market, the presentation of this case alone positions it a notch above.

Extras in the Box: Beyond an Average Unboxing

Something else that stands out is what comes along with the case in the box. There’s a full packet with a tempered glass screen protector and side application pieces to protect the edges of your phone. Even the screen protector is branded, aligning with the overall premium feel of the product. It suggests that significant attention was devoted to ensuring a complete and robust protective solution for your phone, rather than simply focusing on the case itself.

During this hands-on exploration, I was quite critical, taking note of every little detail and feature. To be fair, this case passes the closer inspection admirably. These fine details, which may seem small to the eye, are what make the iPhone 11 Pro Case stand out from its peers with remarkable individuality.

Breakdown of REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

Testing Phase: Proving its Worth

  • Case texture and feel suggest quality
  • Resistant to visible signs of scratches
  • Compatible with strong magnet mounting systems

With any product, the proof is always in the pudding. Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without a test drive, we shouldn’t judge this iPhone case until giving it a rigorous test of its own. So, let’s do just that.

First Touch: How Does it Feel?

My first impression when handling this case was that the texture was unique, almost smooth with a slight dash of grittiness. Much different than the slick or rubbery materials typical of phone cases. The feel was reminiscent of quality and it had something of an understated elegance to it. It was rigid but not uncomfortably so, giving you a sense that it could withstand the pressures of daily life.

Scratch Test: Can it Stand Rough Handling?

Intrigued by the different texture, I couldn’t resist a scratch test. After a bit of a rough-handling, I’m pleased to say that the case resisted any visible signs of scratches . Remember, this is in controlled conditions. Dropping this case on a gravel pathway may yield different results, but in the confines of a living room, it proved tough and capable.

Mount Compatibility: All Set for a Road Trip?

  • The final functionality I tested was the compatibility of the mounting system. The advertised “strong magnets” to mount it in a car were verified. Indeed, once attached to a metal surface, it felt secure and showed no signs of faltering.
  • This could be a game-changer for anyone who frequently uses navigation apps on the road, making this case not only an aesthetic upgrade but a practical one as well.

So far, this case has proven its worth in a big way. Let’s see how it holds up as we explore further.

Highlight: REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

Fitting the iPhone: A New Experience

  • Fittings involve sliding top of iPhone into case first.
  • Case offers protection yet gives feeling of ‘bare’ phone.

Now let’s get to the real test – fitting the iPhone11 Pro into this Rebel Series case. The initial moments of interaction bring about a sense of novelty, amazement, and curiosity. Will the phone fit just right? Will the case protect it well enough? Let’s dive in, shall we?

Installation: Getting the Phone Inside the Case

The first thing you notice when you attempt to slot the phone into the case is how snug the fit seems to be. The process involves sliding in the top of the iPhone first, followed by the bottom. It’s impressive how intuitive this process was, requiring no instructions or guide through the steps. Unlike some cases that can be a struggle, seeking to achieve a balance between protection and ease of use, this was a clear winner in both aspects.

Handling: An Odd Feeling of Bareness alongside Protection

Once installed, handling the phone with the case on presents quite an unusual experience. The distinct absence of any bulky plastic or rubber on the sides brings about a strange feeling of handling an almost ‘naked’ phone. Yet, you simultaneously have the assurance that your device is protected. It’s this remarkably refreshing departure from the traditional “fully-clad” phone casing that makes fitting the iPhone into this case a genuinely unique experience.

Amusingly, it incites a paradoxical sensation – experiencing the raw, unadulterated design of the iPhone as intended by Apple, while also being aware of the solid case enveloping the back of your phone to shield it from any potential harm.

While this experience might be a bit mind-boggling initially, it’s also what sets this product apart in a sea of lookalike phone cases. By stripping down the extraneous and focusing on the essentials, this case offers an innovative, exciting user interaction that is worth noting in the field of phone case designs.

Study of REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

In-Depth Analysis: Appreciating the Smaller Details

  • iPhone 11 Pro Rebel Series case has unique design
  • Case is lightweight, hard, and scratch-resistant
  • Includes side protectors to enhance grip

I’d now like to share in greater depth, the smaller details of the iPhone 11 Pro Rebel Series case. This includes the design features and the overall material quality. Let’s dive right in.

Design Elements: A Class Apart

One defining aspect of this case is indeed its distinct design. The case comes with a carbon fiber finish at the back, which is visually appealing. While many other cases have attempted to incorporate this carbon fiber look, none have struck the balance between design and function quite as well as this one. The edges of the case provide a unique, matte texture that feels quite comfortable in hand while adding to the overall aesthetics.

The case is also crafted with elevated edges, thus ensuring extra protection for the camera lens. This raised design not only adds a 3D layer of protection but also enhances the overall look of the case. There’s a certain degree of attention to detail visible on the back cover with accent marks and divots, which definitely adds a touch of sophistication.

Material Quality: A Blend of Strength and Lightness

The Material Quality is Indeed Worth Mentioning

The case is surprisingly lightweight. Despite the hard attributes it boasts, holding the phone doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s quite the contrary actually. The case offers an almost unperceivable heft to the phone, allowing for a sturdy yet comfortable grip. This is a major win for folks who value both protection and convenience.

Moving on, the sides of the case aren’t soft as you might assume, they’re quite hard indeed. Nevertheless, the matte texture more than makes up for it by providing a balanced grip. Personally, this contrast works rather well and gives off a premium feel.

Last but not least, the case is scratch-resistant, which is a relief. Casual scratches won’t be an issue for this case so you won’t have to worry about it looking worn out too soon.

Add-on Extras: Side Protectors for More Grip

In addition to everything else, the case comes with an add-on feature in the form of side protectors. They’re specially designed to enhance grip and preserve the phone’s sides in pristine condition. So, if you’ve been concerned about accidental slips, here’s a solution designed specifically to tackle this. Remember, though, while these extras do ensure a firmer grip, they do so without compromising on the phone’s design integrity.

Rating: REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

Verdict: Is it Worth It?

  • Case offers unique perspective to phone protection
  • Strong, lightweight with a smooth, detailed design
  • Excellent value for money in premium range

After a comprehensive review and hands-on experience with the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro case, many may wonder whether it is truly worth the price and the hype. Let’s break it down based on a few critical parameters.

My Personal View

At first glance, I was taken aback by how this case introduced a changed perspective to protecting your phone while appreciating the design. It doesn’t feel like a typical iPhone case. It was a novel experience to feel the whole side of the phone, while also knowing it’s well protected. It’s definitely a break from the norm and in a positive way.

Feature Highlights

  • Exceptionally Smooth: The case showcased a smooth texture with a tiny bit of rigidness that felt premium in hands.
  • Strong and Lightweight: The weight was negligible compared to the protection it offered, almost making you forget there is something safeguarding your device.
  • Strong Magnet: The embedded magnets were robust and perfect for car mounts.
  • Detailed Design: The meticulous attention to design, including the raised back and camera lens protection, makes this case stand out from its competitors.

Overall Rating

In terms of price to performance, this case is excellent value for money. It is unique in its approach, considering it’s not just about protection but also about enhancing user experience. As for build quality, it stands tall in the premium range. With strong magnets for vehicle mounting and little add-ons like the side protectors, it justifies the price tag.

Is it a worthy case?

Indeed, the case overdelivers in many aspects. Its design and unique approach to protection and usability make it worth considering when looking for a premium case for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Lookover of REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

After thorough analysis and hands-on experience with the product, it’s time to wrap up my journey with the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case. And honestly, it’s been quite a unique and memorable experience.

Case Check: Final Round of Quality Testing

I’ve always been critical of the build quality and functional design of a phone case. With that being said, this one immediately stands out as a winner. From the strange yet exhilarating feeling of its almost invisible hug on the sides of my phone to its durability and premium feeling, it’s well and truly a case that feels different in the most exciting way.

Recommendation: Go For It, Apple Owners!

When it comes to value, then yes, it’s a bit on the expensive side. But after putting it through the rigours of real-life usage and observing its performance, I can endorse that it’s definitely worth the investment. It goes without saying that, if you’re an iPhone 11 Pro user, it’s a definite must-try. The features, design, and thoughtfulness put into this case make it one of a kind. This isn’t just your average phone case; it’s a unique experience.

  1. Design: Sleek and comfortable, with a minimalist approach that blends protection and aesthetics harmoniously. The matte texture, the edgy cut-outs – it all adds to a uniquely satisfying in-hand experience.
  2. Quality: The aramid fiber material lends a certain gravitas to the case while retaining a pleasing lightweight feel. The fit and finish appear top-notch, and durability seems promising though only time will truly tell.
  3. Functionality: From the strong magnet mount compatibility to the inclusion of side protectors, every single detail and add-on has been meticulously thought out.

So to sum up, the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case is surprisingly refreshing, ably blending form, function, and flair whilst fundamentally delivering on its primary function – to protect your phone. Kudos to the design team for thinking out of the box and delivering a product that’s not just useful, but also sparks curiosity and interest.

Should you buy the REBEL Phone iPhone 11 Case Series Gen-1?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for Extra Protection

Incredibly strong and seems to be able to hold up to some serious rough handling. It’s great if you want an extra layer of safety for your phone.

You Value Design Aesthetics

Meticulously crafted to complement the Apple aesthetic, it is great for those who appreciate a stylish and sleek accessory.

You Want a Magnetic Compatible Case

If you frequently use your phone on a car mount, this case is fantastic as it has strong magnets to mount it perfectly.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer Fully Enclosed Phone Cases

The case has cutout sides which can feel weird if you’re used to fully enclosed ones.

You Worry About Dirt Collection

There could be potential dirt collection at the back as it has very tight finishes.

You’re on a Tight Budget

If you are looking for a budget-friendly case, this might not be the best choice, as it is a bit on the pricey side.


Is the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case worth its price?
Based on the review, the case offers a lot of premium features and high quality construction, making it a valuable purchase for iPhone 11 Pro users.
Does the case hinder wireless charging?
No, the case has wireless charging compatibility according to the features listed in the review.
How strong is the magnet for mounting the case in a car?
The review mentions that the mounting magnet is strong, providing reliable placement for the case in a car.
Is there a version of this case available for second generation iPhones?
According to the information in the review, the developer is working on a second generation of this case.
Does the case come with any extras?
Yes, the case comes with additional items such as a screen protector, side application pieces, and alcohol swabs.
Can I buy this case from other stores?
The review indicates that for now, the Rebel Series iPhone 11 Pro Case is only available on Everything Apple Pro’s website.
Is the case scratch resistant?
Yes, the case underwent a scratch test during the review and passed, demonstrating its resistance to scratches.

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