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Review: Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse – Fast, Powerful, Charges Four Devices Simultaneously

Review of Razer USBC 130W GaN Charger with a giveaway opportunity... Read more

Review of Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

Table of Contents

Test of Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

4.5/5 - (135 votes)

Cena: $159.99


  • Fast charging supports four devices simultaneously
  • Boasts excellent build quality
  • Includes USBC and type-A charging ports
  • High-end capacitors and surge protection
  • Possesses several safety certifications
  • Supports programmable power supply
  • Outperforms standard manufacturer provided chargers


  • Weighty and chunkier than average charger
  • Takes up considerable power outlet space
  • Expensive compared to market competitors
  • Lower wattage output when ports full
  • Logo premium may not appeal to all

“In my honest opinion, the Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN Charger is an undoubtedly impressive piece of tech. Its fast and powerful charging capabilities that outperform standard chargers are remarkable. I am also impressed by its ability to charge up to four devices simultaneously. However, the hefty price tag might be a deterrent for some. But if you’re after quality, durability and performance in a charger and willing to pay the price, this Razer charger comes highly recommended.”

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Brand Razer
Connectivity Technology USB
Connector Type USB
Compatible Devices Laptops
Compatible Phone Models Iphone
Special Feature Travel
Color Black
Input Voltage 240 Volts
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Total USB Ports 2

Unpacking the New Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN Charger: First Impressions and Physical Features

Unboxing the latest Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN Charger, its heavy-duty quality instantly amazed me. Weighing a robust 12 ounces, and with every inch radiating superior build quality, it masters the game of first impressions.

Falling in Love with the Heft: Initial Feel of the Razer GaN Charger

The Razer GaN charger isn’t looking to hide in the background. With its solid construction and impressive weight, this charging beast isn’t afraid to claim its share of physical space. The robust build reassures users of its durability and long-term functionality.

Understanding the Cost: Why this Premium Charger Stands at $180

Where most would gasp at the $180 price-tag, I quickly found myself justifying its upscale cost following a first-hand experience. The charger’s heft and substantial design, combined with new-gen charging capabilities, do a fine job of justifying the hefty investment.

Decoding the Details: A Closer Look at the 4-way Charging Ports

Situated atop the charger block are two USBC ports and right below, two USB Type-A ports. When utilizing a single USBC port, the charger provides an impressive 100-watt charge. However, with dual usage, these ports offer 47 watts and 65 watts respectively. Conversely, single usage of a USB Type-A port grants up to 18 watts, while concurrent usage enables 5 watts from each port.

The 130-watt total output capacity translates into an impressive performance, simplifying the gadget-charging scene at homes and offices, with one charger accommodating up to four devices at once. This level of flexibility is something user dreams are made of.

The inclusion of high-end capacitors and surge protection ensured me of a safe charging experience, avoiding the usual woes of overheating and shorts. On the whole, the effort made to detail and protect the charger’s integrity reflected its high value.

Note: While reviewing and considering the Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN Charger, keeping these points in mind might help put into perspective the charger’s high value and cost.

Audit of Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

Charging With the Razer GaN Charger: Performance and Convenience

  • Razer GaN Charger demonstrated faster charging speeds
  • Standard charger produced slower results
  • Charging speed impacts productivity and efficiency

The Real Test: Comparing Charging Speeds of Razer vs Standard Charger

Undoubtedly, the true test of any charger lies in its performance. After all, a charger’s primary job is to power up devices swiftly and efficiently. To put the Razer GaN Charger through its paces, I set up a fair and unbiased experiment. I used two identical phones with batteries drained completely to zero percent. One was hooked up to the Razer Charger, while the other was left to the mercy of its supplied charger.

A Clear Winner: Razer’s Impressive Charging Time

Watching the charging progress was interesting, to say the least. The Razer Charger was a clear champion! In merely 24 minutes, it managed to replenish a staggering 50% of the battery life. But its prowess didn’t end there. The impressive charger had the phone back in action, fully charged under just one hour and thirty minutes, a feat that would certainly be appreciated by any tech enthusiast in the fast-paced digital world we live in.

Adding Salt to the Wound: Standard Charger’s Delayed Completion

On the other hand, the standard charger seemed to drag. It got the job done, but painfully slowly. What was even more disappointing was the significant gap in the completion times. The phone connected to the standard charger took an additional three hours to reach 100% battery life. That’s a substantial difference when you’re in a pinch and need your phone powered up quickly.

In an era where time is synonymous with money, this charging speed differential isn’t just a matter of convenience, but of productivity and efficiency. Any device, including a seemingly simple charger, is expected to meet these standards. At this point, it’s clear the performance of the Razer GaN Charger makes it a worthy option, but one must also factor in the cost and longevity to make an informed decision.

Report: Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

What the Market Says: Customer Reviews of the Razer GaN Charger

  • Reviews criticize Razer GaN Charger’s high cost
  • Appreciated for portability, fast, multi-device charging
  • Buying decision should consider individual needs

How a product performs in the real world says a lot about it. This is why customer reviews play a significant role in the ecommerce world. Let’s examine what some users think about the Razer GaN Charger. While our personal experience has been largely positive, we observed a variety of opinions within the market.

The Love-Hate Relationship: Cost vs Performance Debate Amongst Users

Based on our observation, a recurring theme in the discussions surrounding the Razer GaN Charger was its cost. Some users loved the Charger for its performance but hated it for its price. One user in particular referred to it as an “overpriced scam” simply because other GaN chargers available in the market were retailing for lesser prices . Their argument was grounded on the belief that one was only paying an extra premium for the Razer logo.

The Two-Michaels’ Verdict: Polarized Reviews and Decoding Their Subtexts

We found two distinct reviews from users named Michael which highlight the price vs performance debate perfectly. One was the aforementioned review, critical of the high price. The other Michael had a more favorable review, referring to the charger as the perfect companion for his gaming laptop, freeing him from the hassle of carrying around his hefty 240 watt charger unless he was gaming. He appreciated the portability and fast charging that the Razer GaN Charger provided, similar to a Macbook charger.

It’s important to note that every user’s perspective will be different depending on their individual needs. In our case, we value the ability to simultaneously charge multiple devices and fast charging times. However, we understand that for other individuals the hefty price tag might outweigh these benefits.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing user comments and aligning them with our own experiences, we find ourselves in agreement with the second Michael. Yes, the charger is expensive, but the convenience, speed and multi-device charging capabilities make it worth the price, at least for us. We emphasize that you need to assess your own individual needs before making a buying decision.

Examination of Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

Final Verdict: Rating and Judging the Razer GaN Charger

  • Razer GaN Charger promises durability and superior charging
  • Can charge four devices at high speeds
  • Size and high price may deter potential users

It’s time we give our final thoughts on this formidable device—the Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN Charger. We’ve observed, tested, and compared it with a standard charger, but how does it hold up in our final review?

Weighing the Pros

Build Quality and Design : This is where the Razer GaN Charger has a clear edge. The solid build quality radiates the promise of durability and premiumness. It’s definitely larger and heavier than your average wall charger, but this weight comes with superior charging prowess.

Charging Capability : With the ability to charge up to four devices at once at high speeds, this charger has made a robust statement. We were visibly impressed when it charged a completely drained smartphone to 50% in just 24 minutes, outperforming a standard charger by several miles.

Grappling with the Cons

Price : There’s no denying that the Razer GaN Charger carries a hefty price tag for a charging device. However, it’s crucial to note that this is a premium gadget, and thus, top-tier quality comes at a price. Consumers need to consider whether the cost is justifiable for their particular needs and usage. On the other hand, we observed that some users seemed displeased with the price tag, viewing it as overpriced for its functionality.

Size : While the substantial size contributes to better charging capabilities, it may also be a turn-off for those seeking a compact and portable charger. The Razer GaN Charger does take up a fair bit of the room on a power outlet, which might be a potential inconvenience if outlet space is limited.

Our Score

In conclusion, factoring in all aspects, from its build quality and high-speed charging capabilities to its hefty price tag and bulk, we rate the Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN Charger a commendable 4.5 out of 5 stars. The verdict is simple – this charger is indeed in a league of its own, delivering quality and performance that lesser-known brands have so far failed to match. But the high price tag and size may be a hurdle for part of its potential user base.

Observation of Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

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In my quest to provide honest, unbiased reviews of the latest tech gadgets, I’m thrilled to bring an exciting opportunity. The high-performance Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN charger could soon belong to one of you!

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Considering Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse

Signing Off: The ‘Reviewed to You’ Promise and See You Next Time Note

We’ve reached the end of this detailed and unbiased review of the Razer USBC 130W GaN charger. As always, we’ve aimed to provide you with an honest and comprehensive look at this product, from its initial design to its performance and the feedback it has received from customers.

Our Promise to You

With ‘Reviewed to You’, our aim is always to help you make an informed decision before making a purchase. We strive to deliver only the most meticulous, unbiased, and reliable reviews based on our real-life experiences with the products.

Remember, Opinions Vary

We urge you to remember that although our review is based on careful product testing and usage, different users may have varying experiences and opinions. Something that works perfectly for one person may not work as well for another. This is why we encourage potential buyers like yourself to read multiple reviews and forum discussions before making a final decision.

What Comes Next?

For those of you who are raring to get your hands on this Razer charger, don’t forget to check out our purchase link provided in the description below. As for the lucky ones who are waiting for the giveaway results, keep your eyes peeled for the next video where we’ll be announcing the winner.

Parting Thoughts

Rounding it up, there’s no denying that the Razer USBC 130W GaN charger offers a plethora of features. From super-fast charging speeds to robust build quality and user safety, it definitely sets itself apart in the market. However, the price tag may discourage some buyers. If the cost isn’t an obstacle for you and you’re in need of a powerful charging solution, you might find this charger to be a worthy investment.

Until we meet again in our next review, continue to make smart buying decisions and stay tuned for more honest, thorough, and enjoyable product reviews. Remember, ‘Reviewed to You’ is your trusted destination for comprehensive product evaluation.

Should you buy the Razer USB-C 130W GaN Charger Portable Powerhouse?

Buy it if…

Intense Gadget Usage

If you’re reliant on multiple devices for work, leisure or gaming, the Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN charger’s four-port feature provides simultaneous, super-fast charging.

Quality over Costs

You favour sturdy, high-end tech accessories and don’t mind shelling out for superior build quality and top-end specifications.

International Traveller

This charger has socket adapters for the UK and Europe, making it a great travel companion for global jet-setters.

Don’t buy it if…

Budget Constraints

Despite its capabilities, the Razer charger is significantly higher priced compared to lesser-known brands offering similar wattage. It may not be the best choice if you’re looking for affordability.

Space Saving

The size and weight of the Razer charger can consume a larger chunk of outlet real estate and might not suit users with scarce plug point availability.

Focused Device Usage

If you only need to regularly charge one or two devices, the 130W capacity and four ports may be underutilized and the charger becomes less cost-effective.


What is the weight of the Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN charger?
The Razer USBC 130 Watt GaN charger weighs over 12 ounces.
How many devices can I charge with the Razer GaN charger at once?
You can charge up to four devices at once with the Razer GaN charger.
What is the maximum output of the USB-C and USB type-A ports on the charger?
The USB-C ports can charge up to 100 watts if using only one port and 47 watts and 65 watts respectively if using both. The USB type-A ports can get up to 18 watts if using one port and 5 watts each if using both.
What are the safety features of the Razer GaN charger?
The safety features include high-end capacitors and surge protection, protecting charger and devices from overheating, short circuits and voltage surges.
Can I charge from all four ports at once?
Yes, you can charge from all four ports at once.
Does the charger include socket adapters for the United Kingdom and Europe?
Yes, the charger includes socket adapters for the United Kingdom and Europe.
How do I participate in the giveaway to win the Razer GaN charger?
To participate in the giveaway, you need to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment in the video with the hashtag shown in the video.
How much does the Razer GaN charger cost?
The Razer GaN Charger costs $180.

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