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Review: Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard – Seamless switch between different devices

Explore the potential of the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard in this comprehensive review... Read more

Review of Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Table of Contents

Test of Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

4.1/5 - (359 votes)

Cena: $159.99


  • Robust aluminum-frame design
  • Soft touch, backlit keys
  • Silent mechanical switches
  • Programmable function keys and smart controls
  • Multiple wireless connection methods
  • Included cushioned wrist rest
  • Compatible with other Razer products


  • Not as quiet as advertised
  • Non-removable, underpowered battery
  • Clicky sound might annoy some
  • High-end price, mediocre offerings

“After thorough usage and evaluation, my perspective of the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is mixed. On one hand, its design, comfort, response time, and compatibility with other Razer products are indeed grand and laudable. Moreover, its ability to seamlessly switch between different devices earns it brownie points. However, the major claim of being extensively silent falls rather flat, as the keyboard does tend to make a noise when typing vigorously. The integrated battery also appears lackluster for something positioned as high-end. All things considered, though it is a decent product in its category, I believe there are still better alternatives available in the market, especially when considering its premium price point.”

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Brand Razer
Compatible Devices Laptop, PC, Tablet
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Keyboard Description Wireless
Recommended Uses For Product Office
Special Feature Backlit, Wrist Rest
Color White
Operating System Windows, Mac OS
Number of Keys 104
Keyboard backlighting color support Single Color


Time to Switch? Making a Case for the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Like many others, you’re possibly at that point where you’ve realized your keyboard has started to make more noise than your clicks. Be it from old age, wear, or merely an inherent characteristic of the model, the need for something quieter becomes apparent. Enter the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, promoted as your silent partner for a peaceful computing experience.

Keyboard Overload: Making the Best out of Vast Choices

Having roads aplenty to tread, the impressive choice of keyboards in today’s market can make the decision all the more confusing. To cut through this maze, it helps when you have something specifically catering to your preferences. In this review, we’ll assess whether the Razer ProType Ultra is a worthy consideration, focused on its premise of a silent and seamless performance. Undoubtedly, it offers a slew of attractive features on paper, but the real question remains- does it deliver as it promises? Let’s find out.

Please note:

As we navigate through this review, the intent remains to provide an unbiased evaluation based on a hands-on experience with the product. Your ultimate choice should align with your specific preferences and requirements.

Audit of Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

First Glance: Specs and Features

  • Keyboard has sturdy aluminum frame and plastic coating
  • Features backlit keys and silent mechanical switches
  • Includes function keys, smart controls, and multiple connection options

Being a tech enthusiast who consistently strives to engage with new products, I was naturally eager to get my hands on the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. Come, let’s unravel the exciting details of this innovative keyboard together.

A Robust Feel: Journey through the Build and Design

The first thing that caught my attention was the unique combination of the keyboard’s materials. With a sturdy aluminum frame and a plastic coating , it felt both robust and lightweight. It assured me of its durability even before I had a chance to test it.

Tuned to Comfort: Exploring the Keys

The backlit keys were another feature that I was intrigued by. Each key was softened with a touch coating. Not only do these resist fingerprints, but they also enhanced comfort during long typing sessions. Now, that’s a thoughtfully designed feature.

Silence in Action: Quelling Noisy Typing Episodes

Having been the source of that irksome keyboard sound repeatedly annoying co-workers, the promise of silent mechanical switches instantly appealed to me. Partnered with sound-dampening foam , these switches successfully minimize noise from zealous typing. Now, that’s what I call efficient!

Crafted to Serve: Function Keys and Smart Controls

The keyboard includes programmable function keys and smart controls that can automate your favorite tasks, a feature that easily appeals to any seasoned professional seeking productivity hacks.

Speed Demon or Slowpoke: Comparing Performance with the MX Keyboard Range

When put alongside the MX keyboard range, I found its performance pretty similar. The keys weren’t noticeably tactile or clicky at high speeds, making the experience very streamlined.

Bridging Connections: On-board Switch for Wireless Alternatives

Need flexibility in connecting your new keyboard? No worries. The Razer ProType Ultra comes with an on-board switch that allows easy transition between a 2.4 GHz connection and Bluetooth mode. For those preferring a wired experience, there’s a USB-C port doubling as a charging point. Now, isn’t that neat?

Driven by Power: Battery Life and Charging options

A critical component of any wireless device is the battery. Razer claims an impressive 8-9 day life on a single charge without the backlit keys, or about 13 hours with it. Let’s see how this holds up in practice.

Accentuating Convenience: Additional Features and Compatibilities

Among the included accessories is a soft-touch cushioned wrist rest, designed to alleviate hours of strain. The keyboard is also compatible with the complete Razer product suite and can connect with multiple devices using Razer Synapse.

Study of Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Encounter: My Personal Experience

  • Keyboard is comfortable, versatile, and ergonomically designed
  • Adds convenience to workflow with device transition feature
  • Features audible key clicks and short battery life

As a seasoned user of several keyboard models, I always seek uncompromising comfort and superior performance in any keyboard that lands on my desk. While trying out the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, I was pleasantly surprised and a tad bit let down. Here’s why.

Winning Streak: Kudos to Comfort, Responsiveness, and Versatility

Right off the bat, this keyboard is truly a marvel of comfort. Extended typing sessions were practically a breeze. The cushioned wrist rest gave me relief I never knew I needed. It’s ergonomically designed to alleviate strain. As for versatility, I loved the freedom to transition between devices and connection methods with just a flick of a switch. This feature isn’t common in a market flooded with ‘me too’ products, and it added convenience to my workflow.

A Seamless Blend: Complimenting the Rest of the Razer Range

One thing that Razer does brilliantly is to ensure its products complement each other aesthetically. If you’re already a fan of their range, then this keyboard will merge right into your setup. It definitely did for me!

Quirking Brows: Drawbacks and Personal Grievances

However, it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. I need near-silence when I work, and Razer’s claim of a ‘super silent’ experience caught my eye. Yet, when my fingers began their dance across the keyboard, I hit a sour note. The keys, while not overly noisy, definitively registered audible clicking sounds when pressed hard enough.

Furthermore, while I appreciate the merits of an integrated battery, a removable one lets me replace rather than recharge when I run out of juice on a busy day. With this model, I felt tethered to the charging port by the relatively short battery life, which at this price point, was rather disappointing.

In conclusion, my encounter with the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard was a mixed bag. While it delivers comfortably on several fronts, it falls short in certain areas that were personally critical to my overall experience.

Thoughts on Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The People Speak: A Collection of User Reviews

  • Keyboard appreciated for design and switching convenience
  • ‘Super silent’ claim often criticized

Before I dive into my own experience with the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, I think it’s essential to acknowledge what others had to say about it. Here, I have compiled an unbiased and critical synopsis of various user experiences.

Jennifer’s Mixed Bag: Love for the Looks, Yet a Thumbs Down for Noise

Jennifer was, at the outset, quite taken by the keyboard’s aesthetic charm and highly-praised the backlit feature. Also, the convenience of switching between devices with a simple keystroke or button press didn’t go unnoticed. However, she reported that the claim of an ultra-silent keyboard fell flat to her experience. The key noise, she noted, was prominent, particularly when working in an office setup, causing a fair degree of commotion. She concluded that although it’s an appealing product, due to the noise, she’d limit its use to her work-from-home days.

“R” Gets Candid: A Nonchalant Praise and a Subtle Critic

Another user, “R” , presented a more balanced review. He expressed fondness for the keyboard’s sleek design, the smoothness of key presses, and appreciated the soft and cushioned wrist rest. However, he expressed his doubts about getting used to the smooth coating, indicating a preference for a more textured feel.

He also expressed concern about the level of sound this ‘silent’ keyboard produced. Although he acknowledged it might be quieter than most mechanical keyboards, he made clear that in his perspective, it did not live up to Razer’s claims.

Collating these perspectives, it’s pretty clear that although the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard has won hearts with its appealing design and innovative features, the ‘super silent’ claim has left some users wanting. A learning point for the product could be to place greater emphasis on achieving a genuine silent experience, which seems to be a critical touchpoint for many users.

Scrutiny of Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

The Verdict: How does it qualify?

  • Razer Keyboard has good response time and versatility
  • Its design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Needs improvements in noiselessness and battery

So, we’ve tackled all the aspects of the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, evaluating its design, features, performance, and even the opinion of other users. And now it’s time for the moment of truth: How does it qualify as a premium keyboard?

Performance: A Relative Win

Performance-wise, I found the keyboard to be more or less on par with the MX range of keyboards, its main competitor on the market. The Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard excels in terms of response time and versatility. Also, the ability to switch devices and connection methods with a physical switch is quite a handy feature, for me at least. Yet for some, its level of noise might undermine the very claim of being ultra-silent.

Design and Build: A Thing of Beauty

When it comes to design, Razer has always been a standout. Matching that characteristic Razer aesthetic, the ProType Ultra is a beauty. Yet, the preference for an integrated battery over a removable one felt like a bit of a miss for a product that’s placed at the higher end of the market.

Comparison with Competitors: A Tough Battle

Putting it in direct competition with premium brand offerings like those from Logitech and MX, I must say, Razer needs some leveling up. Considering the pricing, the keyboard still leaves a bit to be desired in terms of silent operation and battery life.

Overall Rating: A Mixed Bag

On balance and after a fair assessment, I’d rate the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard at three and a half out of five stars. This keyboard wins in various aspects, but there are noticeable areas for improvement that Razer could focus on for future iterations.

So, is the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard a good investment? Well, if you’re all for a robust, aesthetically pleasing keyboard with good response time and versatility, it might just be what you’re looking for. However, if you’re particularly seeking a virtually noiseless keyboard, or prefer removable batteries, you might want to consider other alternatives. Just know that perfect office keyboards are often hard to come by, and it’s all about what works best for your specific needs.

Highlight: Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Sign-off: Keep the Reviews Rolling

There you have it, the full scoop on the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard. From personal experiences to user reviews, we’ve journeyed together through the world of comfort, versatility, speed, design, and yes, the not-so-near silence of key presses. But most importantly, we’ve critically discussed the question – is this product worth your hard-earned bucks? Just remember, what works for one person may not work for another, so always consider your individual needs when buying a product.

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In Conclusion

All said, it’s always a pleasure diving into these reviews, addressing needs, pre-empting queries and sharing experiences. Remember, you have the final say! Your comments, feedbacks and thoughts are what makes this platform thrive, they bring value to the review process.

If you’ve ever enjoyed the tactile feel of keys under your fingers, the convenience of switching devices and connections, or the assurance of a device built to serve you automatically with function keys and smart controls, remember this review when next you’re heading out (or online) to make your choice. It’s three and a half stars rating, by my experience, align with the common user experiences we’ve talked about.

Until our next review, keep exploring, keep asking questions, and above all, keep enjoying the journey through the world of technology and innovation.

Happy hunting!

Should you buy the Razer Pro Type Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?

Buy it if…

You Appreciate a Versatile Keyboard

You’ll love Razer ProType Ultra if you constantly switch between devices; its in-built switch makes this easy and seamless.

You Embrace Comfort in Extended Use

The soft-touch cushioned wrist rest and backlit keys with a soft touch coating greatly enhance comfort during extended usage.

Your Prefer Sturdy Peripherals

The aluminum frame and plastic coating give the keyboard a strong, robust feel, promising a long-lasting lifespan.

Don’t buy it if…

You Treasure Silence

Despite it being marketed as a ‘super silent’ mechanism, some users found the keys to be louder than expected, which could be a problem in a shared space.

You’re not a Fan of Integrated Batteries

If you prefer removable batteries for your peripherals, this keyboard may not impress as it uses an integrated lithium-ion battery.

You Prefer Tactile or Clicky Response

Performance hints the keyboard isn’t as tactile or clicky at high speeds as some may prefer.


Is the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard really silent?
While the Razer ProType Keyboard is designed with silent mechanical switches and sound-dampening foam to reduce typing noise, the review highlights that intense typing can still produce noticeable noise.
What is the battery life of the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Keyboard?
The onboard lithium-ion battery is said to last about eight or nine days on a single charge without using backlit keys. With backlit keys, it lasts around 13 hours.
Does the Razer ProType Ultra Keyboard come with any additional accessories?
Yes, the keyboard comes with a cushioned wrist rest for added comfort during long hours of use.
Can I switch between devices with the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Keyboard?
Yes, you can switch between devices and connection methods with the onboard switch on the keyboard.
Can this keyboard connect using a wire?
Yes, the keyboard comes with a USB-C port that not only allows for a wired experience but also doubles as a charging port.
What is the final rating for the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?
The keyboard received a rating of three and a half out of five stars based on the review.
Is there a chance for me to win this keyboard?
Yes. If you subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the secret hashtag from the review, you can enter the draw to win the reviewed keyboard.
How do other users feel about the noise level of the Razer ProType Ultra Wireless Mechanical Keyboard?
User reviews indicate mixed feelings about the noise level, with some finding it too noisy for office environments.

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