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Review: Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard – Outstanding features with fantastic user experience

Discover the truth about the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard’s features, value, and worth... Read more

Review of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Table of Contents

Test of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

4.2/5 - (366 votes)

Cena: $249.99


  • Ultra-thin and durable 5052 aluminum alloy top case
  • Customize-able multi-function roller and media button
  • Highly responsive, premium low-profile optical switches
  • Long life expectancy with 70 million keystrokes
  • Integrated Bluetooth 5.0 offers connection to 3 devices
  • Rechargeable lithium battery with 40 hours playtime
  • Fully programmable keys for unique gamer set-up


  • High-cost product compared to other keyboards
  • Potential interference from other 2.4 GHz devices
  • Optical switches may feel softer to some
  • Requires cable to recharge battery

“After thoroughly examining and using the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro wireless gaming keyboard, I must admit that it’s an impressive piece of technology. Its outstanding features such as its sturdy yet lightweight construction, fully programmable keys, and top-notch optical switches certainly justify some of the hefty price tag. But, as an unbiased reviewer, I can’t overlook the fact that its cost could be a significant deterrent for many individuals. Overall, considering its technical prowess and the fantastic user experience it offers, it’s certainly an excellent investment for a avid gamers and tech enthusiasts who can comfortably afford it. However, for those on a strict budget, equally functional alternatives may be a better fit.”

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Brand Razer
Compatible Devices PC
Connectivity Technology 2.4Ghz Wireless, USB, USB-C
Keyboard Description Gaming
Recommended Uses For Product Travel
Special Feature Up to 200 Hrs Battery
Color Classic Black
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Number of Keys 104
Keyboard backlighting color support RGB

Unboxing the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

As I slid open the sleek black box of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro, my first impressions were of meticulous packaging and a sense of luxury. The keyboard itself lay nestled within protective foam, while a separate compartment housed the various other components that this package boasts.

A Sneak Peek Inside the Luxury Package

The unboxing process was a compelling journey in itself. On my first interaction, the product already started to justify its hefty price tag. The box had a quality feel to it – tough and robust, offering great protection – a good sign for the goodies inside.

The ultra-thin form factor of the keyboard immediately catches the eye, hinting at its resilient 5052 aluminum alloy top case. The solidity and lightweight of the keyboard indicated a thoughtful and high-quality design approach off the bat.

Detailed List of the Components Featured with the Keyboard

As I delved deeper, the box further revealed:

  • A 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle, indicating this is a wireless beast.
  • A product information card covering details on specs, warranty, and support.
  • A type-A to type-C USB cable – a thoughtful addition for those times when you may run out of battery mid-game.
  • A USB extender, in case your gaming setup demands a bit more reach from the keyboard to your PC.

The mindful inclusion of these elements felt more than just parts in a box. These were the promises of unfettered gaming sessions to come. The prospect of sustained high-performance gaming, even if you run out of battery, was enticing. Moreover, seeing the consideration for different user setups with the USB extender, suggested a thoughtful user-centric design.

In conclusion, the unboxing experience was impressive. It clues us in on the premium user experience that the brand aspires to provide – a hint of the high standards set by Razer. However, we are still in the early phases. There’s more to this gaming beast than what meets the eye, uncovered straightforwardly from this unboxing.

Testing Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Setting the Stage: Unraveling the Most Expensive Keyboard Ever Reviewed

  • Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro is highly expensive keyboard.
  • High Amazon ratings may not necessarily reflect quality.

Stepping into the world of luxurious gaming peripherals, it’s impossible not to mention the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard. Couple the brand’s reputation with a hefty price tag and you’ve got yourself a keyboard that turns heads and raises eyebrows. But as with any product, it’s essential to look beyond the surface allure and delve deeper into its actual worth.

A Brief Case Note: An Investigation into the Hefty Price Tag

At an eye-watering 250 bucks, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard is undeniably the priciest keyboard I’ve come across. But is all that dough justified? Well, the price you pay for a keyboard should ideally mirror its performance, features, and quality. In this tech-saturated world, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ has often been used to soothe our wallets. However, it’s worth noting that just because something seems expensive, it doesn’t guarantee that it’s the best. In this review, I’ll focus on just that – if this keyboard truly provides value for its steep price.

Amazon Ratings: A Confidence Boost or Overhype?

Moving over to customer sentiment, the keyboard boasts the highest rating of any keyboard on Amazon. Here, it’s important not to fall victim to herd mentality. While positive consumer ratings can certainly be encouraging, as a savvy consumer, remember to stay critical and apply your judgment. Likes, dislikes and experiences can vary significantly from person to person. What might seem like a gaming godsend to one might be an overpriced investment to another. We’ll examine its key features critically and see if the keyboard justifies not just its price but also the high ratings on Amazon.

Survey of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Breaking Down the Aesthetics: Look and Feel

  • Ultra-thin 5052 aluminum alloy top case is appealing
  • Keys are double-coated and laser etched
  • Multi-function roller and media button is customizable

As an experienced reviewer, one of my core interests always lies in the aesthetic appeal of any gadget. When you’re shelling out a considerable sum on something, you, of course, want it to not just work amazing but also look amazing on your gaming table. With this in mind, I dove into examining the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard.

Unfolding the Ultra-Thin 5052 Aluminum Alloy Top Case

The first thing to catch my eye was the ultra-thin 5052 aluminum alloy top case. It effortlessly blends strength with lightweight design, a match that is not always easy to achieve. The keyboard felt strong, suggesting that it could withstand an angry gamer’s rage quit, while still being conveniently light enough to carry. Although I love the slim design, I also can’t help but wonder if gamers who prefer the chunkier, traditional keyboards might find this too sleek. It’s amazing for modern tech aesthetics, but traditionalists might find it deviating a bit too far.

Spotlight on Double Coated and Laser Etched Keys

Moving on to the individual keys, each one is double-coated and laser etched. From my experience, it’s been a common problem with gaming keyboards – the letters start to fade after a few heavy gaming sessions. This keyboard, it seems, has taken care of that issue. But only time will tell whether the keys hold their pristine character for the long haul.

Experimenting with the Multi-Function Roller and Media Button

Now, let’s talk about this snazzy, multifunction roller and media button up in the top corner. Razer declares it to be customizable for specific controls, an interesting twist on the traditional keyboard. I found it to be a neat little feature, providing direct control over volume and brightness. Once again, I feel we’re stepping into the modern territory with this, potentially alienating gamers who prefer the keyboards without frills.

Overall, the look and feel of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard is undoubtedly sleek, modern, and indicative of its high-tech capacities. That being said, it might not sit well with those in favor of traditional bulky gaming keyboards. For them, this ultra-modern vibe might be a stray too far from the trusted classic.

Remarks on Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Examining the Material: Inside Matters Too

  • Uses ultra-premium low profile optical switches
  • Each key rated for at least 70 million keystrokes
  • High-quality, durable internal components

Of course, while the external aesthetic appeal of any product is alluring, the true testament to its quality and worth lies in what lies beneath its glittering surface. Much like the unassuming depth and intricacy of an iceberg, it’s the inner workings of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro that provides the heart, soul, and unadulterated magic. Shall we dive a little deeper?

Unveiling the Ultra-Premium Low Profile Optical Switches

Peering beneath the keys of this forward-thinking keyboard, we find an intricate network of ultra-premium low profile optical switches. I was particularly intrigued by these. Unlike conventional mechanical switches that operate via an electrical circuit, these infra-red switches communicate keystrokes via light – a feature that lends them unparalleled responsiveness, making them seemingly whisper-quiet in operation. Having tested out several competitive models boasting mechanical switches, this was a welcome surprise that tipped the scales in favor of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro. However, while the keyboard shined in responsiveness and quietness, some users might miss the familiar touch of mechanical switches.

Guaranteed Longevity: Good for 70 Million Keystrokes

Another aspect I found particularly impressive was the keyboard’s durability. Each key is good for at least a whopping 70 million keystrokes. This is an insightful figure, suggesting that Razer has really invested in quality and robustness, addressing a common concern among heavy-users. The figure is especially impressive when considering the keyboard’s lightweight construction. But remember, it’s a manufacturer claim and only long-term use can confirm this durability.

Overall, the internal components of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro pulled out all the stops when it comes to quality. It not only sings the song of innovation, but also hits a high note for durability. But will these ensure the pricey product’s worth? Only time can truly tell.

Rundown: Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Battery Life: A Key Element of Any Wireless Gadget

  • Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro claims 40 hours battery life
  • gigahertz wireless dongle impacts battery minimally
  • Performance remains unaffected when charging via USB-C cable

When it comes to wireless gadgets, one factor that significantly influences user experience is the device’s battery life. This couldn’t be truer for a device like the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro wireless gaming keyboard, which boasts of numerous high-end features. Let’s dive into how it performs here:

Battery Life Estimation: Is 40 hours Sufficient?

As part of the package, Razer claims a solid 40 hours of playtime before you’ll need to find that USB-C charging cable. The longevity of battery life is critical for gamers who tend to have long gaming hours and would rather not deal with the inconvenience of a drained battery mid-battle. In reality, though, battery performance can vary depending on several factors like intensity of use, LED brightness, and many more. So, while 40 hours might sound ideal to some, others might find it slightly short of expectations, especially given the premium price point of the device.

Uncovering the 2.4 gigahertz Wireless Dongle

Connectivity is managed through a 2.4 gigahertz wireless dongle. Now, most of us would wonder if using this dongle affects the battery life. In a broader sense, it does. However, the overall impact seems relatively minimal, thanks to the dongle’s efficient design.

One thing to note though: Do keep an eye on the battery status, thanks to Razer’s Synapse software. You wouldn’t want to be caught off guard by a sudden power-off during an intense gaming session.


Using the keyboard with its USB-C charging cable connected gives zero hiccups on performance and can be a handy option when you run out of juice.

There’s an age-old saying in the tech world – “Your gadget is as good as its battery”. While the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro tends to hold its ground firmly, hitting the right balance between performance, features, and power consumption is what ultimately makes it a worthy contender in its segment.

Rundown: Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Investigating the Potential for Interference: To Sync or Not

  • Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro has multiple connection methods.
  • Potential interference has been addressed with solutions.

Wireless technology is brilliant; it’s so freeing to be unshackled from restrictive cables. But it’s not without its challenges. I took the time to delve into the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro’s connection elements and here’s what I found:

The 2.4 GHz Wireless Dongle

The Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle. Truthfully, in the increasingly crowded channel of the 2.4 GHz band, interference could become an issue. Between my Wi-Fi router, cordless phone, and other gadgets, the spectrum was already crowded. If you are trudging through the same path, then Razer has alternate solutions in place.

Integrated Bluetooth 5.0

The keyboard has an in-built Bluetooth 5.0 antenna, allowing you to connect simultaneously to up to three devices with no detectable latency. This feature came as a respite especially when I was faced with the occupied 2.4 GHz spectrum. The connection was smooth and, to answer the question I know you’re all thinking – yes, switching between devices was a breeze.

The Corded Alternative

I was pleasantly surprised to find the inclusion of a corded option. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my tech being wireless, but knowing that there’s an old school fail-safe in place… well, that’s comforting. If all else fails, this Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro is prepared to take you back to the wired era, just to ensure that your gaming session runs uninterrupted. Quite thoughtful, I would say.

Bottom Line

While connectivity can be a bit of a tightrope walk depending upon your available spectrum, the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro covers its bases with multiple connection methods. Yes, potential for interference is there, but the solutions are already in place.

Audit of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Assessing the LED Lights: Is Razer Living the Disco Life

  • Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro features noticeable LED lights
  • Chroma app allows LED lighting personalization
  • Lighting may distract some users during use

Stepping aside from the traditional elements of a keyboard, let’s delve into the world of ambiance and lights. A standout feature of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro is its use of LED lights. Indeed, we noticed, it’s not just a keyboard but a piece that can gather and demand attention with its radiant display of colors.

The Vibrant Dance of LED Lights: A Signature Razer Touch

With Razer products, you generally anticipate a sensory feast of lights and the DeathStalker V2 Pro is no exception. Quite the contrary, it ups the ante with its LED lights. It’s hard to ignore the keyboard when its keys are glowing and changing hues in gentle rhythm, almost like they’re dancing. Whether that’s aesthetically pleasing or a distraction is dependent on personal preferences.

The Razer Chroma App: Custom Lighting for Your Gaming Space

Razer advances the LED lighting experience with the Chroma app. It allows for some amount of personalization, and for lighting enthusiasts, this could be a significant selling point. With the Chroma app, you can create a custom light setting, controlling the type, speed, and color of lighting. That’s quite an enticing feature for gamers who thrive on the immersive gaming experience the right kind of lighting can offer.

Exploring the critic’s corner: Are the LED Lights Overkill?

A critical look at the lighting makes me wonder if it might come off as excessive for some users. Granted, they enhance the ambiance but could be distracting for users who need to concentrate on their work or gameplay. Fortunately, the Chroma app allows you to dial down or even turn off the lights when you need less distraction.

Final Thoughts

In essence, the LED lighting feature gives the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro an additional layer of appeal. It’s a unique selling point that can tilt the decision scales for potential buyers. As is often the case, the value of such a feature is subjective and hinges on user preferences. In this regard, the LED lights contribute to the premium feel of the keyboard but are a feature that potential users should consider in context with their personal preferences and work or gaming habits.

Critique of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Driving into the Liking Zone: Personal Delights and Benefits

  • Optical switches provide balanced typing experience
  • Presence of fully programmable keys
  • Customizable Razer Chroma LED lights

An unbiased look at any product often uncovers a mix of positives and negatives. As an experienced reviewer, my interaction with the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard revealed several impressive features that deserve recognition.

Optical Switches: Striking the Right Balance

My experience with the keyboard’s optical switches was a pleasant one.


Typically, optical switches provide more resistance than their mechanical counterparts, which could dismay some users. However, what’s well-executed in the case of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro is the balance it strikes, similar to the Logitech G915, satisfying the preference for mechanical switches while ensuring the typing experience isn’t overly bouncy like the Vulcan Pro. This balance impressed me.

The Liberty of Fully Programmable Keys

The liberty to program every key to your preferences is one standout convenience the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro offers.

Why this matters?

While you can only reassign or program the 5G keys with macros on the G915, the DeathStalker V2 Pro offers every key for reassigning or macro programming. A feature that not only caters to hard-core gamers but also to those seeking in-depth customization for their productivity tasks.

An Attraction to the Razer Chroma Led Lights

The Razer Chroma light show is no stranger to those familiar with Razer products.

What’s cool about the lights?

Through intelligent synchronization with the Razer Chroma app, the gaming keyboard can illuminate your gaming space with vibrant colors and patterns. This customization level is visually pleasing, adding a cool factor to the overall gaming experience.

While these features might not be critical for a casual user, for a dedicated gamer or typist seeking a premium experience, these factors contribute significantly to their judgement of the product’s worth. It’s clear that Razer has approached the design and features of the DeathStalker V2 Pro with a specfic user in mind, and these features reflect that.

Analysis of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Confronting Dislikes: Breaking Down the Drawbacks

  • Main drawback: high price of the gaming keyboard
  • Otherwise, no major complaints or significant issues

As much as there are a great many features that quickly caught my attention and immediately won my favor, it wouldn’t be a fair and balanced review without addressing the challenging areas. And, let’s face it, no product is absolutely perfect. Here are the caveats noticed about the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard.

The Price Tag

The primary and the most conspicuous drawback of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard is undeniably its price . The $250 price tag does feel pretty “loaded”, especially when considering the plethora of completely functional wired keyboards one can purchase for under twenty dollars on the prevalent market.

The cost, an essential element in the purchasing decision , raised a particular concern for me as it could limit the product’s accessibility for many gaming enthusiasts. Being a high-end keyboard, it could deter potential casual users who are not willing to spend such an amount on a keyboard.

Are There Other Complaints?

Truthfully, apart from the price, there were no other notable complaints or significant issues I came across while using the keyboard that necessitate mentioning. Everything else in the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard – the responsive keys, the wireless feature, the aesthetics, and even the flashy lights, hit the right chords.

However, it’s worth noting that my experiences may not reflect all users’, and some specific individual requirements may not be met completely by this device. The critical thing is to assess your keyboard needs against the robust functionalities this model offers and weigh them against the investment required.

So, while my tongue still tastes a tad bitter from the price, I find the rest of the experience flavorful enough to palate. The Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard, in my opinion, provides a solid yet fancy option for serious gamers who prioritize aesthetics, performance, and don’t shy away from digging a little deeper into their pockets.

Investigation of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

A Second Opinion: Connecting with a Keyboard Enthusiast on the Keyboard Experience

  • Optical switches enhance keyboard’s responsiveness
  • Chroma studio adds aesthetic and customizability

Everyone seems to have a unique take when it comes to gaming peripherals. While it’s easy to focus on our own preferences, another perspective can open avenues to aspects we might have overlooked. Therefore, we sought an opinion from a dedicated keyboard enthusiast to explore the experience of using the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard.

Getting Vocal about the Optical Switches

One of the key areas of focus was the optical switches. Our fellow enthusiast’s initial reaction drew attention to the softness of the keys. He noted, “These keys feel quite soft, especially when compared to a traditional mechanical keyboard. However, from a performance standpoint, it’s evident that the optical switches enhance responsiveness.”

Attractiveness of the Chrome Chroma Studio

Beyond performance, there’s also the aspect of aesthetic appeal. While a subjective area, it’s worth noting the enthusiast’s appreciation for the Razer Chroma integration. “This keyboard’s chroma studio looks beautiful, adding a whole new dimension of customization that transforms not just the keyboard, but the entire gaming space.”

These insights reveal a satisfying blend of design, performance, and customization offered by the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro. The optical switches require some getting used to, especially for die-hard mechanical keyboard fans, but their performance speaks volumes. As our enthusiast so aptly pointed out, the cost may initially seem exorbitant, but what you’re paying for is not just a gaming keyboard but an entire gaming experience.

Review of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Overall Evaluation: Where Does the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard Fall on the Review Scale?

  • DeathStalker V2 Pro delivers exceptional gaming performance
  • Offers customizable controls and increased responsiveness
  • Pricey but justifiable due to cutting-edge features

Let’s delve into my personal experience with the DeathStalker V2 Pro after using it extensively for gaming and general computing tasks.

General Performance

Overall, the DeathStalker V2 Pro delivered an exceptional performance. The key action was smooth yet tactile, and the silent operation meant it didn’t disrupt the gaming environment or general office setting.


The multi-function roller and media button were standout features for me because they offered easily accessible and customizable controls. The possibility to map these controls to frequently used functions, such as screen brightness or volume, improved my usability experience considerably.

The Optical Switches

The optical switches provided a different feel from the usual mechanical keys. They are a tad softer, which some might find a bit disconcerting. Nonetheless, the increased responsiveness offered by these infrared switches compensated for this perfectly. They provided fast, accurate, and reliable inputs during my test game sessions and regular typing work.

Software and Customization

The Razer Chroma app integration left me impressed. The software is intuitive, allowing me to customize the backlit keys and sync multiple devices easily. This feature certainly adds value for those who appreciate aesthetics alongside functional performance.


When it comes to the price, it’s difficult to be unbiased. Indeed, $250 is a steep price for a keyboard. However, considering the cutting-edge features and the seamless performance the DeathStalker V2 Pro offers, it becomes more justifiable. This keyboard is a testament to the phrase “You get what you pay for.”

Final Score

In light of the above factors, I would assign 9 out of 10 to the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard. I deducted one point due to the high pricing, which could be a barrier for some perspective buyers. Otherwise, as far as the performance, quality, and functionality are concerned, it certainly hit all the right notes for me.

Observation of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Grabbing Your Own Razer DeathStalker: Let’s Talk Possibilities

  • Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro can be purchased or won
  • Purchase offers certainty, drawing carries potential reward

If after having a look at the numerous features and capabilities of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro wireless gaming keyboard, you’re thinking about getting your hands on it, then there are essentially two ways for you to secure one for yourself. Let us explore these avenues and weigh their feasibility.

Purchasing it Directly

For individuals who are immediately captivated by the keyboard’s offerings and prefer direct purchases over games of chance—this is your best shot. A streamlined, trouble-free process, certainly. However, you need to keep in mind that the lofty price tag isn’t negligible.

Try Your Luck in a Drawing

Alternatively, if you’re someone who feels a thrill in the anticipation of possibly winning a draw, there’s a less conventional route you might consider. Do keep in mind though, while this option carries the potential reward of a free gaming keyboard, the stakes are indeed high, given the popularity and demand.

So, What Now?

In case you find yourself leaning towards the lottery option, the rules and process are quite direct and will be elaborated in the next section of this review. For those choosing the direct approach, the financial aspect does come into play and is a factor to seriously consider before making a definitive decision. At the same time, it guarantees ownership without any element of uncertainty.

Whichever route you end up choosing, remember to make a decision you’re ultimately comfortable with. After all, your enjoyment and satisfaction with the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro—the centerpiece of our discussion—are of utmost importance.

Reflection on Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

The Giveaway Arena: Go ahead Like, Comment, and Subscribe

  • Giveaway offers Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard
  • Entry requires subscription, liking and commenting on review
  • Winner selected through random unbiased algorithm

Welcome to the exciting part of our review – the giveaway. We offer an amazing opportunity for our audience to win the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard for free. However, let’s first discuss what’s required for a chance to win this gadget.

Entry Rules Explained

  1. Subscribe: Being subscribed is the most basic requirement to enter this giveaway.
  2. Like this review: Show appreciation for the time and effort put into this informative and comprehensive review.
  3. Leave a comment: Share your thoughts on the review or the product and ensure to include the given hashtag for accessibility purposes.

We value participation above all else and wish to see interaction from our wonderful audience. Remember to include only constructive comments; any irrelevant or disrespectful comments won’t qualify you for the contest.

Winner Selection Process

We pride ourselves on our transparent and fair winner selection. We use a sophisticated random selector tool that solely works on algorithms, ensuring an entirely random and unbiased process. While this might add a touch of suspense and mystery, it concludes with a deserving winner.

Winner Announcement

We understand the anticipation of our audience in the days following entering a giveaway. To keep you informed, winners will be announced at the conclusion of every month in a dedicated compilation video, containing several giveaways. To ensure fairness and clarity, the announcement will be made on this channel, providing everyone equal exposure to the announcement

Your journey towards possibly owning a Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard begins here. So, get involved and become part of the contest. With all this said, best of luck to all participants.

Overview of Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Closing Note: Next Step, The Next Review and Giveaways

Well, that concludes my journey with the intriguing Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard. So, what’s next on the agenda, you ask? It’s time to dive deep into some more amazing gadget exploration. Isn’t that just exciting?

Upcoming Reviews

There’s a whole world of innovative tech products to discover out there, each with their unique features and potential benefits you should be aware of. Stay tuned to get a sneak peek into our next enticing batch of reviews. I’m sure you won’t want to miss out. Always remember, knowledge is power, especially when it comes to gadget shopping, right?

Staying Connected

Maintain a close tie with the enriching world of tech reviews to avoid missing out on essential insights and opportunities to get your hands on top-notch items. Remember, these reviews are not biased and they succinctly present a critical analysis to help you decide on your potential favorites. Learning and sharing is the key to growth. So, keep a closer watch on the exciting world of tech, one review at a time!

Should you buy the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro Wireless Gaming Keyboard?

Buy it if…

You’re an Avid Gamer Looking to Level Up

The ultra-responsive optical switches, customizable features, and specific keyboard controls make this a great choice for regular gamers.

Quality over Price is Your Motto

The price tag is hefty but the robust construction, durable keys and high-tech features justify the cost for quality-conscious buyers.

You’re a Razer Chroma Enthusiast

The ability to sync with the Razer Chroma app for custom lighting, makes this a must-buy, if you already own or plan to get other Razer Chroma products.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a Tight Budget

The $250 price tag is significantly higher than many other quality gaming keyboards on the market, making this a questionable choice for budget-sensitive shoppers.

Smooth Action Keys Aren’t Your Thing

Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro has optical switches – they may feel a bit softer compared to mechanical keys, this might not be ideal for those who prefer a crisp, clicky feedback from their keys.

You Live in a Wireless Gadget-Heavy Space

If many gadgets you use run on the 2.4 GHz spectrum, you might face interference with the keyboard’s wireless functionality which could affect its performance.


What items come with the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro package?
The package includes the ultra-thin keyboard, a 2.4 gigahertz wireless USB dongle, a USB-A to USB-C cable, a product information card, and a USB extender.
Why is the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard expensive?
The keyboard features an ultra-thin 5052 aluminum alloy top case, double-coated and laser-etched keys, ultra-premium low-profile optical switches, a multi-function roller and media button, and a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. It also comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle and is fitted with a Bluetooth 5.0 antenna.
How long does the rechargeable lithium battery last?
The battery has around 40 hours of playtime before needing a recharge.
What connection options does the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard have?
The keyboard features a 2.4 GHz wireless dongle, integrated Bluetooth 5.0, and a corded option.
What is the purpose of the Razer Chroma App?
The Razer Chroma App can be synced with the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro to customize the lighting of your gaming space.
How can I win the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro from the review?
You can win the keyboard by subscribing to the review channel, liking the video, and leaving a comment with a specific hashtag. Winners are selected randomly at the end of each month.
What is the overall review score of the Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro?
The Razer DeathStalker V2 Pro keyboard receives a score of 9 out of 10.

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