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Review: RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer – Reliable partner with exceptional visibility for night rides

Detailed review of Mount AO MO1 and FR 160 as effective safety lights for cyclists... Read more

Review of RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Table of Contents

Test of RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

4.5/5 - (428 votes)

Cena: $42.95


  • Easily mounted on any handlebar
  • Impressive daylight visible flash
  • Durable with water-resistant feature
  • Promising 13.5-hour battery life
  • Multiple adjustable brightness levels
  • Included warranty card and manual
  • Additional GoPro mount option


  • No charging brick included
  • Compatibility issues with thinner handlebars
  • Manual reading necessary for understanding modes
  • Light not adequately bright for night riding
  • Not primarily for nighttime use
  • May need extra mounts for optimal placement
  • Limited dispersion, mainly straight beam

“After extensive testing, I must say the FR 160 provides a promising mix of utility, durability and versatility. Its impressive light intensity, extended battery life and water-resistant attributes make it a reliable partner for night rides. It adds a significant safety component to my riding experience, especially with its exceptional visibility range. Would I rely on it as a stand-alone light source during the darkest nights? Perhaps not fully. But it undoubtedly provides a substantial backup or additional lighting when required. Its added GoPro mount and daytime safety light features also elevate its usability, giving it a functional edge over some competitors. All in all, I believe FR 160 to be a noteworthy entrant in the bike light market.”

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Color Black
Brand Ravemen
Material Aluminum, Plastic
Power Source USB C Rechargeable
Water Resistance Level Water Resistant
Item Weight 54 Grams
Mounting Type Between GPS Cycling Computer and Mount
Item Dimensions LxWxH 2.95 x 2.24 x 0.83 inches
Number of settings 1
Brightness 160 lumens max (not as primary light)

Introduction to Review: Our Encounter with Mount AO MO1 and FR 160

Imagine embarking on a nightly bike ride, suddenly realizing that the night sky isn’t dishing out enough lumens to safely maneuver through your journey. It’s not the most welcome thought, is it? Well, I’ve found a potential game-changer in the shape of Mount AO MO1 and FR 160, two intriguing products begging us to put them to the test.

Initiating the experiment: Mounting and Auxiliary Accessories

Right off the bat, the Mount AO MO1 kicked off a positive vibe with its universal handlebar compatibility. The mount further enhances versatility by incorporating a GoPro Mount at the back, implying it can double up as a holder for other accessories. Clearly, an intriguing starting point for this hands-on review.

Zooming into First Impressions: Aesthetics and Attachment Features

In the realm of design and appearance, both the Mount AO MO1 and FR 160 built a promising case for themselves. The FR 160, with its compact, sleek aesthetics, instills a sense of reliable quality. The power button and charging port placement on the FR 160 are quite streamlined, indicating thoughtful design decisions.

However, it’s the functionality that interests us most. So let’s dissect this intriguing package and gauge how well this duo fares against practical needs and expectations…

Study of RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Diving into the Features: What Makes FR 160 Special

  • FR 160 features effective daytime flash light
  • Long battery life and easy USB Type-C charging
  • Impressive IPX6 water resistance

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What does the FR 160 bring to the table that sets it apart from other bike lights in the market?

Light up The Way: Flash Functionality and Effectiveness

The FR 160 takes pride in its flash feature. I can bear witness to the fact that it does indeed give a daytime visible flash as promised. The flashes are designed to catch the attention of passersby during the day, and it seems they would do wonderfully at their job. Although one might question the utility, this device is all about safety, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping it Recharged: Type-C USB and Battery Life

The longevity of a gadget is a backbone feature, and FR 160 scores well in it too. With a 13.5-hour battery life claimed, you won’t find yourself frequently reaching for the charger. But when the need arises, its USB Type-C port enables easy and universal charging, which is certainly a convenient feature in today’s tech era.

The Survival Factor: Water Resistance and Durability

Running into a sudden downpour while on a ride is not unheard of. But no worries, FR 160 got you covered. With an impressive IPX6 water resistance rating, it should hold up quite well under light to moderate rainfall. While not submerged-home level of water resistance, it’s certainly robust enough for most likely weather conditions during your cycling adventures.

Unboxing Experience: What’s Inside the Package

Upon unboxing, along with the FR 160, you’ll find a charging cable, a warranty card, and a headlight manual included in the package. This is fairly standard, although it might be nice if a charging brick was included. But let’s face it, we probably have a few of these laying around the house anyway, right?

Final Thoughts

The features FR 160 boasts are designed with practicality in mind. Its main goal is to promote safety, and it does so with a fine mix of flash functionality, versatile charging option, weather resistance, and notable battery life. All this rolled into one sleek package makes it a worthy consideration for anyone in need of a reliable bike light.

Study of RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Performance Check: Mounting to The Bike and Testing

  • FR 160 fits slim handlebars better
  • Powerful brightness and light range
  • Performs well across different scenarios

Now, let’s move into the most exciting part of this review – slotting the FR 160 into my bike’s handlebar and taking it for a nighttime spin.

Initial Observations: Attaching Mount to Handlebars

Upon trying to fix the mount on my Electric XP’s handlebars, I hit a bump – literally. The handlebars were just a smidge too slim for the mount. But, then I remembered – the Velo Trek Thunder 1 ST’s handlebars were a perfect fit. So, off I went to fetch it.

Note to self and all future users:

The perfect handlebar width for the mount is crucial to ensure the functionality of the device.

Illuminate your Path: Checking the Brightness Levels

With the anticipation building, I pressed the power button. The 160 lumens light illuminated beautifully, providing a robust glow for such a compact device. Subsequent presses switched between different light modes – from continuous radiance to varying flashes.

Given its size, I was genuinely impressed by the intensity and range of light disseminated by the device. The beam was focused yet widespread, vital for safe biking.

Cycling through Modes: Performance under Different Scenarios

  1. Daylight: Demonstrating the ‘Mode Memory’ function, the daylight-visible flash performed excellently, making it a reliable safety feature for daytime rides.
  2. Night-time: Although it’s primarily a safety light, it served decently as a night time light too. However, being critical, I reckon its strength lies in the power of its flash as a daytime safety aid.
  3. Variable Weather: Given its IPX6 water resistance, I’m confident the unit would withstand varying weather conditions, although a thorough weather resistance trial is pending.

So overall, the FR 160 ultimately impresses with its performance. Though, I’m quite keen to explore how it fares in a broader spectrum of real-world riding situations.

Reflection on RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Night Ride Test: Putting FR 160 through its Paces

  • FR 160 provides impressively bright, dispersed light
  • Improves peripheral visibility, enhances safety at night
  • Not a headlight, but designed to ensure rider visibility.

Now, this is the part I was looking forward to most. Nothing like a good night ride to test whether the FR 160 can live up to its promises. With a bright moon as my witness, I got on my bike and hit the road.

Starting the Journey: Planning the Route for the Test

Pushing off into the darkness, I choose the path I’d traversed so many times before – the bypass that all of you are quite familiar with. It was critical to select a path that I knew well for this test, as it’s easier to spot differences in visibility.

Light vs Dark: FR 160 Brightness Comparison

Switching off the bike’s light was a somewhat intimidating experience. In the pitch dark, you quickly start to value every source of light at your disposal. Holding down the power button, the FR 160 illuminated. From my very first glance, I noticed that it was impressively bright.

But how bright? To answer that question, I decided to do a straight comparison between the bike’s primary light and the FR 160. Turning on the main bike light, I could see a noticeable difference, the primary light felt straight, while the FR 160 provided light in a dispersed manner, wrapping around to the sides. It almost felt brighter than the main light.

The Riding Experience: How Useful is FR 160 At Night

As I started to ride around, I realized the real value of the FR 160’s dispersed light. It helped illuminate different angles that most bike lights miss, and definitely improves peripheral visibility when on your bike at night. I went off the typical path to see how it fared in even darker areas, and I was pleasantly surprised.

However, here’s where the FR 160’s limitation surfaces as a safety light and not a primary night-time light. Against ambient light, it holds its own, but venture into darker passages, and you’ll need your main bike light to guide the way adequately. Regardless, the FR 160 adds an undeniably strong element of safety to the mix.

No doubt, this isn’t a headlight, but a safety light. The FR 160 isn’t designed to illuminate your path at night; rather, its goal is clear – to make you visible to others in any lighting condition. And in that endeavor, it’s handily successful.

Review of RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Evaluating Range and Visibility: How Far Can FR 160 Reach?

  • FR 160 bike light has impressive range and visibility
  • Light remains clear and bright at 100 and 200 feet
  • Visibility may fluctuate based on various factors

When it comes to choosing a bike light, range and visibility are essential considerations. In a bid to evaluate this aspect of the FR 160, I found myself under a bridge, with the bike and light positioned a fair distance away.

The Long Walk: Evaluating Light Intensity from 100 feet

Initially, I was roughly around 100 feet away from the bike. The beam was still crystal clear and notably bright to my eyes. The visibility was impressive, especially considering the distance. However, how well this comes across on camera might be a bit subjective, as personal visibility might arguably be more enhanced than a digital capture. Nevertheless, the FR 160 light kept signaling its presence even from a hundred feet away.

Pushing Boundaries: Evaluating Light Intensity from 200 feet

Then, I decided to take a step further. Around 200 feet away, and the light was still flaunting its brightness. It was easy to spot the distinct cycles of the FR 160 beam amongst the encompassing darkness. Plus, the flashing pattern made it impossible not to detect the light’s presence. What does this mean for you? Well, if you are on a bike path or even a straight road, the FR 160 can potentially be seen from quite a distance. It adds a layer of safety and marks your presence for others to notice – quite an appealing trait for a bike accessory, don’t you think?

Final note:

Something to keep in mind is that, though impressive, the exact visibility range may possibly fluctuate based on several factors. Things like atmospheric conditions, age of the user, among others, could potentially have an impact on the viewing range. However, based on my experiment, it’s safe to say this illumination hold offers considerable safety coverage in the dark.

View of RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Verdict: The Final Thoughts on FR 160

  • FR 160 provides clear visibility for motorbike safety
  • Light is practical, easily installed and removed
  • Device offers GoPro mounting option

After spending a good amount of time investigating, examining and testing the FR 160, it’s time to conclude our critical review. Let’s dig into our takeaways, what resonated with us, what didn’t, and a balanced decision on its overall effectiveness and usability.

Evaluating the Safety Element: Is it Visible Enough?

Delving into motorbike safety, the visibility a lamp provides is a significant aspect. From our experiment, the FR 160 certainly adds a layer of security with clear visibility, especially with its daylight safety light feature. Nighttime visibility is impressive too. However, as a fair assessment, its effective reach during the day still needs further testing.

How Practical is FR 160 for Regular Use?

Practicality and convenience are elements we must consider in this analysis. The FR 160’s overall design and mount compatibility make it a handy accessory on the handlebar. It’s easy to install and remove, extremely beneficial for users who are always on the go. The light modes come with variations, but the user manual could do a better job explaining the functions. Though it’s not designed to fully equip you for night rides, considering it’s billed as a safety light, it does its job well.

Additional Features: GoPro and Mounting Options

The FR 160 does provide a bonus feature, enabling you to mount a GoPro or alike. This turns the device into more than just a lamp, serving as a versatile accessory holder for other gear. But, for some riders, leaving a GoPro dangling beneath the light might not be as handy as it first appears, especially given the need to keep the bike balanced.


With both the pros and cons considered, the FR 160 presents a considerable argument. The functionality it offers as a safety light holds true, its brightness is satiable, and the GoPro mounting option is a clever addition. However, understanding the modes could be made easier, and testing how the daylight safety feature holds up requires more examination. Overall, the FR 160 is a promising accessory, providing safety measures and convenience for bike riders.

Synopsis: RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer

Conclusion: Wrapping Up the Unboxing and First Impression of FR 160

After spending time testing the FR 160 and observing its performance in a variety of conditions, we’ve gathered some valuable insights. Here, we’ll summarize what we took away from this experience, focusing on whether the FR 160 lived up to its promises and if it could be a worthwhile addition to your riding gear.

Final Verdict: Hitting the Sweet Spot of Safety and Visibility

First up, the FR 160 indeed left a positive first impression. Despite the initial skepticism, this little safety light managed to show its potential, especially during the night ride. Its brightness was surprisingly good for a unit its size, indeed proving to be an essential attribute for riders venturing out after dark. The ability to adjust the intensity using various modes proved beneficial in adapting to different surroundings and achieving optimal visibility. However, we did notice that a larger light would still be necessary for complete navigation in the dark- FR 160 seems more suited for ensuring others can see you, rather than lighting a clear path.

A Look Before Your Venture: Current Offers and Availability

The company’s promise regarding a potential sale caught our attention as well. If you’re considering adding a safety light such as the FR 160 to your biking regimen, it would be advisable to monitor the rates closely and grab the chance when it’s favourably priced.

Farewell Note: Discussing Future Review Perspectives

In summary, the FR 160 was an interesting gadget to explore. Its purpose as a visibility tool seemed to be fulfilled quite impressively, catering both to the rider’s safety and the comfort of fellow path users. The chance to use the mount for a GoPro also presents intriguing possibilities. We’ll keep an eye on how this feature may enhance future bike reviews.

Despite so, we would recommend further daytime exploration to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unit and its daylight efficacy. Perhaps in our next encounter with the FR 160, we’ll focus on this aspect. Until then, safe and enlightened riding.

Should you buy the RAVEMEN FR160 Compatible with Garmin Bike Computer?

Buy it if…

You need a durable day or nighttime safety light

With water-resistant construction and 13.5-hour battery life, the FR 160 offers great durability and lengthy operation for both day and night-time use.

You want versatile and easy mounting options

The FR 160 can be mounted to any handlebar size, making it adaptable for a range of bikes. Plus, its GoPro mount adds a handy feature.

You’re seeking improved visibility on late-night rides

The FR 160 has an impressive brightness and multiple light modes, enhancing your visibility and signalling presence to others.

Don’t buy it if…

You need a light primarily for illumination purposes

Although bright, the FR 160 is a safety light designed for visibility, not as a primary light source for night-time navigation.

You’re after a compact bike accessory

The FR 160, while filled with features, is on the larger side. If you prefer minimalist design, this product may not be the best pick.

You don’t have extra bricks for charging

The FR 160 comes with a charging cable but no brick, so you will need to have one on hand or purchase separately.


Can Mount AO MO1 be attached to any handlebar?
Yes, MO1 comes with adjustable size to mount it on any handlebar.
What are the different modes available on FR 160?
The FR 160 has different light modes including daytime visible flash, long flash, and constant beam.
Does the FR 160 package include a charger?
The package comes with a charging cable, but doesn’t include a charging brick.
How long does the battery last on FR 160?
FR 160 has a battery life of approximately 13.5 hours.
How visible is FR 160 at night?
The FR 160 proved to be very visible at night, even from a distance of 200 feet.
Can FR 160 be seen from 200 feet far?
Yes, based on the test, FR 160 is distinctly visible from a distance of about 200 feet.
Can FR 160 be attached to handlebars?
Yes, the FR 160 can be securely installed onto your bike’s handlebars using the included mount.
Will FR 160 fit with my electric XP light due to its thin handlebars?
While the mount was not tested on an electric XP light’s handlebars in this review, it is designed with some level of adjustability and should work with most handlebars.
Can the FR 160 be mounted on the back?
If you have an appropriate spot to mount it on the back like the seat post, then it is possible.
Is it safe to ride with only FR 160 at night?
The FR 160 is not designed to be the main light source for night riding as the intensity is not bright enough. However, it significantly aids in enhancing safety.

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