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Review: RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit – High-quality, portable, and versatile lighting for content creators.

Experience the unboxing and testing of the VL Soft Video Light Kit, boosting your photography game... Read more

Review of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

Table of Contents

Test of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

4.6/5 - (2079 votes)

Cena: $129.99


  • Easy to assemble
  • In-Built battery available
  • Portable with a travel bag
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Plethora of light settings
  • Versatile tripod
  • Rechargeable for cable-free use


  • Long power cord could be inconvenient
  • LCD might be too small for some
  • Usage without power cord untested long-term
  • Light settings might require fine-tuning

“After spending hands-on time with the VL Soft Video Light kit, it’s clear to me that this product is a game-changer for any content creators who need reliable, portable, and high-quality lighting. The flexibility embedded in the design, from the adjustable brightness to the tripod versatility to the inclusion of a convenient travel bag, makes it an invaluable tool perfect for both studio and on-location work. The ability to use the lights without being tied to a power socket is a significant advantage – just make sure they’re fully charged. It’s evident that thoughtfulness and usability were top priorities during this product’s design process. All in all, it ticks practically every box you’d want in a robust, portable lighting kit.”

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Brand RaLeno
Battery Life 5 Hours
Connectivity Technology Auxiliary
Hardware Interface USB
Has Self-Timer No

Unveiling the Goodness: Introducing the VL Soft Video Light Kit

The Arrival and First Impressions

There’s always an air of excitement when a new gadget arrives, and the VL Soft Video Light Kit isn’t an exception. Wrapped neatly in the postage package waiting to be unboxed, you can already tell the quality this kit promises. The compact box it arrived in was a pleasant surprise, hinting at the product’s portability aimed at pros on the go.

Unboxing – Hype Meets Hope

Before diving into the product itself, it’s important to annotate the unboxing experience. Unboxing the VL Soft Video Light Kit was quite a treat. The packaging design is sleek, giving off a professional feel right from the get-go. Each component was tucked neatly within the box, protected in its own compartment; a thoughtful touch to ensure your purchase arrives in top-notch condition.

In the Box – Do These Lights Pack A Punch?

Inside the box, we find the VL Video Light Kit itself, promising features such as an inbuilt battery, backlit LCD display, adjustable color temperature from 3200k to 5600k. In addition to this, there are thoughtful inclusions such as a travel-friendly bag and other practical accessories like the tripods and power cords. Overall, they’ve managed to fit a comprehensive studio kit into such a compact package, which is quite impressive.

Sizing it Up

  • The VL Video Light: Compact and promising incredible brightness, the video light is the star of the show. Let’s not forget they’ve even included an extra one!
  • Tripods and Attachments: From first glance, these are definitely sturdy and come with neat attachments for optimal flexibility.
  • A Handy Travel Bag: An added bonus that shows just how portable this kit aims to be.
  • Power Cords: They appear adequate, but we’d have to test them to see how they fare in real-world conditions.

In conclusion, with the unboxing experience complete, it’s clear that the VL Soft Video Light Kit makes a good first impression. Is it all just a pretty package, or does it truly pack a punch in performance? It’s time to find out!

Overview of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

On the Go Accessibility: A First Look at the Travel Bag

  • Travel bag facilitates VL Soft Video Light Kit portability
  • Design, storage, and durability are its key features

Let’s talk about the travel bag that accompanies the VL Soft Video Light Kit. At the first glance, it comes across as just another part of the package, but it’s only once you start understanding its significance that you realize it’s not to be taken lightly. Quite literally too!

The Importance of Easy Transportation

The appeal of a portable light kit, or for that matter any equipment that is meant for on-location shoots, lies in how easy it is to transport. That’s absolutely what this bag is about. Designed with a intent to facilitate easy portability, this travel bag gives you the means to pack everything neatly and take your studio lights wherever you go.

Observations and Thoughts

  • Design: The bag’s design is quite minimalist and practical. The straps are strong and well-stitched. It may still feel a bit bulgy with all components packed, but it’s reasonable considering the size of the equipment.
  • Storage: Each piece of the light kit seems to have a specific spot to fit into, which is pleasing and makes packing less of a puzzle. However, it does beg the question if it’s flexible enough for extra or different equipment that you may decide to add in the future.
  • Durability: The fabric, the stitching, the zippers all look and feel sturdy. Yet, I’m eager to see how it holds up over time and through numerous shoots and shuffles.

Clearly, the travel bag is an important accessory that supplements the overall package. It makes the whole kit convenient to transport as a unit and use in diverse settings. It’s a thoughtful addition for sure, but durability will be the ultimate judge of its value. Only time will tell!

Observation of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

The Setup Process: Assembling the VL Soft Video Light Kit

  • VL Soft Video Light Kit is simple to assemble
  • Attachments and tripod could benefit from better design
  • The setup process was user-friendly overall

The process of setting up the VL Soft Video Light kit was, in essence, a simple one – though it did have a few bumps along the way.

Initial Impressions and Unboxing Experience

The kit comes with all the necessary items you need to get started – two tripods, two lights, power cords, and some attachments. Everything was neatly packaged and laid out in a very user-friendly manner. This gave an initial sense of trust in the product – the manufacturer had clearly put thought into ensuring the user experienced a smooth setup process.

From Box to Studio: The Setup Journey

The assembly process started with the installation of the lights on the tripods. The manual’s instructions were straightforward, but it took some fumbling around to get the attachments in the right place.

  • The lights were attached and secured to the tripods with a simple but effective locking mechanism. Even though it was simple, it took a few tries to get it right. The light had to be perfectly aligned with the attachment for it to fit. It was a minor setback, but one I feel could be improved upon in the future.
  • Once the lights were in place, it was time to connect the power cords. The power cords worked flawlessly and provided more than enough length for a decently spaced studio setup.

Critiques and Areas for Improvement

Despite the overall simplicity of the process, I did have a couple of reservations. Firstly, the attachments wouldn’t always fit perfectly. It required multiple attempts to properly align and lock them into place. The design could benefit from a slightly more intuitive locking mechanism to make the alignment more straightforward.

Secondly, while the tripods were sturdy once set up, initially getting them into position felt a bit wobbly. A more robust initial lock would be beneficial and add a more ‘sturdy’ feel to the whole apparatus.

Final Thoughts on the Setup Process

All in all, the setup process was straightforward and, in most cases, user-friendly. The couple of minor issues I encountered did not significantly impact the overall experience, but still notable as areas the product could improve upon. The VL Soft Video Light Kit is relatively easy to assemble, and most should find the process quick and efficient.

Reflection on RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

A Different Angle: Exploring the Tripod and its Versatility

  • Tripod offers impressive range of movement
  • Has an extendable neck for overhead shots
  • Adjustment mechanism requires some effort

Getting my hands on the tripod, there were some initial impressions to talk about. The stand appears pretty sturdy when held which I believe is often an under-credited asset when it comes to choosing the right light kit. Beyond just stability, there’s also the question of how versatile this product can be.

The flexibility of the Tripod

The tripod offers an impressive range of movement. For anyone familiar with shooting conditions, adaptability is crucial. I was pleased to see that this tripod accommodates. I could move the light around to almost any position. Want it pointing straight up to the ceiling for a bounce effect? Done. Need it angled to the side for a more dramatic shadow? No biggie.

For Those Overhead Shots

One feature that jumped out at me, both figuratively and literally, was the extendable neck of the tripod. For someone who frequently needs to capture overhead shots, this was a winning feature. The way in which this tripod component allows you to adjust the height and direction of the light is a testament to its thoughtful design.


However, I must be upfront about a slight inconvenience. The process of adjusting the tripod to specific angles might require a bit of effort. The knobs and screws meant for altering the angles are a tad too snug. It’s not a deal-breaker, but something I believe is worth mentioning for a fair review.

Wrap Up

Conclusively, the tripod provided as part of the VL Soft Video Light Kit is a pretty handy piece of equipment. Whether you’re capturing food photographs from an overhead angle or a model in soft, diffused light, the stand’s flexibility will come in extremely handy. While a more user-friendly adjustment mechanism would be appreciated, it’s a solid device overall and a key element of the kit.

Examining RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

Switch It Up – LCD Monitor and Adjustable Brightness

  • VL Soft Video Light Kit has built-in LCD Monitor
  • Offers adjustable brightness and color temperature range 3200k-5600k
  • LCD monitor displays battery level and color temperature

The intriguing part of tech exploration is experiencing that moment when you first interact with the gadget’s features. In this case, it was the built-in LCD Monitor of the VL Soft Video Light Kit and the prospect of adjustable brightness.

The Lighting Spectrum: From 3200k to 5600k

It’s pretty much given that a high-performance lighting kit should provide a range of color temperatures. So, it was refreshing to see VL Soft live up to this expectation. With a range from 3200k to a whooping 5600k, the kit offers quite some creative freedom. However, while this sounds like a lot of fun, it’s the precise increments that truly stole my heart. Transitioning from 3200k to 5600k was smooth, the light variations noticeable, but not jarring.

Tiny Screen, Big Impact: Assessing the LCD Monitor

When it comes to the LCD monitor, I’d say it serves its purpose. The screen, while small, displayed information clearly enough to read. It showed the battery level and the current color temperature effectively. What’s not so great, in my opinion, is the position of the monitor. It’s located at the back, which might be a bit of a hassle for some users. However, once you get over that hurdle, it’s pretty straightforward to use.

The Ideal Brightness

With adjustable brightness, the VL Soft kit managed to cater to different lighting needs. Whether it was 100% at 3200k or all the way up to 5600k, the light output was substantial.

  • At 3200k: Creates an intimate, warm light ideal for close-ups and personal shots.
  • At 5600k: The light output was bright and sharp, good for detailed visual work.

However, one minor qualm I had was that the adjustment button seemed a bit stiff at first. But, after a few twists and turns, it eventually adapted, allowing smoother transitions.

Overall, the LCD monitor and the adjustable brightness ticks all the boxes for me, barring a couple of minor hitches. It gathers a strong case for versatility and control, which, in my experience, are vital for any good studio light kit.

Study of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

Cord Dilemma: Powering the VL Lights

  • VL Soft Video Light Kit provides professional lighting
  • Concerns about short power cord length impacting mobility

Switching on the VL Soft Video Light Kit for the initial time was an experience that had me wanting to dive deeper into the world of lighting.

Plug and Play: Power Cord Length and Early User Experience

The initial apprehension quickly gave way to curiosity as I began to unravel the power cord. As soon as the plugs were unwrapped, it was apparent that this wasn’t the most generous length. I had to maneuver my workspace to ensure I was close enough to an outlet – certainly not an insurmountable hurdle, but definitely something to be aware of if you’re setting up in a large space.

Pro tip: Carry an extension cord along, just in case you find yourself in a large area.

Into the Outlet: Powering On

Once plugged in, the VL lights sprang to life. The way the lights illuminated the room immediately carried an air of professionalism. As someone trying to capture the perfect mood for my shots, it was gratifying to see the immediate impact the lights had on the overall aesthetic of my workspace.

I couldn’t help but wonder how this initial glowing review would hold over time, and whether the lights would live up to my first impression in different lighting circumstances and scenarios. However, so far, the VL Soft Video Light kit had definitely captured my curiosity.

Room for Improvement: Cord Length Concerns

The cord length did pose an initial challenge that required a few workarounds. While it didn’t significantly impact the quality of lighting, it might limit mobility in larger spaces. A longer cord would no doubt offer more flexibility and make for a more inclusive user experience.

Although it’s too early to know if this slight inconvenience can in any way overshadow the obvious potential that the lights have presented thus far, it’s definitely a factor to consider when making the purchase decision.

Observation of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

Free from the Cord: Independent Battery Functionality

  • VL Soft Video Light Kit has cord-free feature
  • Built-in battery allows greater mobility and flexibility
  • Proactive charging crucial for dependable illumination

Now, let’s talk about what really caught my interest. It’s the cord-free feature of the VL Soft Video Light Kit that makes it the ultimate ‘on-the-go’ light kit. This feature turns this kit into a versatile setup that is not strictly restricted to a power outlet.

Performance Off The Grid

While using these lights, one nifty feature that really stood out was the built-in battery that frees you from the constant worry of finding a power outlet. Its saying, “Hey, no plug? No problem.” I charged them up to a 100%, unplugged the power cords, and voila! The lights were still bright as ever!

There is no drop-off in intensity. Despite the independence from a physical power source, the luminescence remained exceptionally brilliant, allowing me to freely move the lights without any limitations.

A Lifesaver on the Field

Imagine you’re out on a location where access to a power source is a luxury you just don’t have. In these circumstances, the independent battery functionality of these lights is essentially a game-changer. With a 100% charge, it gives you the freedom to take high-quality, well-lit shots anytime, anywhere.

The Catch-22

Beware! Like all battery-powered devices, there is a limit to how long this can continue. Make sure your lights are fully charged before you ditch the power cord, or you might find yourself in the dark, literally!
Just joking. But, seriously, be sure to charge them completely before your shoot to avoid any light hiccups!


Overall, the VL Soft Video Light Kit’s independent battery feature adds an extra advantage for videographers always on the move. As long as you’re proactive about charging them up, these lights can be a dependable source of illumination for even the darkest locations.

Overview of RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit

Here’s the Visual: Lighting on Display

  • VL Soft Video Lights deliver overwhelming brightness
  • Adjustable color temperatures provide impressive range
  • Quality of illumination is intense and adjustable

Time to put these babies to work. Once I set up everything, I was eager to see exactly what type of light output these VL Soft Video Lights could deliver. First off, I decided to test just one light.

The Solo Performance

For starters, only one light was used for illumination. With other lights turned off, the room was plunged into near-darkness. Turning on the single VL light, the results were instantaneously captivating. With just one light at 100% brightness, the room was filled with a generous amount of light. The brightness was overwhelming, intensifying every corner of the room and adding a nice touch of professionalism to my studio.

Double the Glamour

Intrigued and impressed by the results of a single light, the next logical step was to fire up both of them. The lights were set up at different angles, allowing an even spread of illumination. Turning on the second light, my studio transformed into a flood of bright, clear light. Everything became vivid and crisp, with the ability to control the brightness an added bonus.

Adjusting the Tone

Another interesting feature are the adjustable color temperatures. Starting from 3200K and adjusting the dial all the way to 5600K, there was a significant shift in tone. From a warm glow to a cool, stark daylight simulation, the range is impressive. These lights not only provide ample brightness but also allow to adjust the ambiance of your lighting setup.

However, it is crucial to point out that the pure strength of these lights might not be suited for all. Particularly, those sensitive to high brightness might find these lights a bit aggressive, even at lower settings. So, keep that in mind while setting them up.

Overall, the experience with the light output was positive. The quality of the illumination was both intense and adjustable, making these lights excellent for various lighting situations.

Final Take: Wrapping up My VL Soft Video Light Kit Experience

After spending time with the VL Soft Video Light Kit, I have a handful of thoughts to share. Let’s delve into what this product brings to the table, its pros and cons.

A Bright Proposition

The kit truly knows how to deliver on its promise of bright, adjustable lighting. In the vast lighting spectrum of 3200K to 5600K, you’re free to fine-tune the light to match any filming scenario. The addition of the built-in battery adds a level of portability that many other lights lack. The ability to roam free from a power cord was an unexpected perk that I discovered.

Functional Yet Fundamentally Flawed Design

Having a dual-light setup, the kit offers enough luminosity to illuminate even the dimmest spaces. However, the length of the power cord is undeniably an issue to be addressed. It restricts the product’s versatility to an extent, making the placement of the lights slightly rigid.

Ease of Assembly and Portability

The assembly was not particularly challenging, but the instructions could have been clearer. The carrying bag, however, is a fantastic addition, making transportation a breeze for on-the-go photoshoots or filming.

Value for Money

When considering the cost, this kit is a bit of an investment. However, the customer gains a fully featured lighting setup capable of professional results for photo and video applications. This gives it a high value-for-money ratio.

Final Verdict

All in all, I am inclined to rate this kit favorably. However, amidst all of its positive aspects, the power cord’s length is a notable point of complaint. The final recommendation would be to consider specific needs and uses before purchase. If your work often requires you to shoot in diverse locations without a reliable power source, this kit could be an absolute game-changer.

Should you buy the RALENO 2 Packs LED Video Light and 75inches Stand Lighting Kit?

Buy it if…

You need portable videography resources

The lightweight and portable travel bag allows you to transport the VL Soft Video Light Kit to various shooting locations with ease.

You require versatile filming conditions

The tripod’s design allows you to manage different angles and heights for your videos. The lights’ adjustable brightness from 3200k to 5600k further accommodates varied filming needs.

Cordless operation is essential to your projects

The VL Soft Video Light Kit comes with a built-in battery, allowing you to use the lights even in locations where a power outlet isn’t available. It is a perfect fit for off-studio and outdoor shoots.

Don’t buy it if…

Brightness isn’t a main concern for your projects

As VL Soft Video Light Kit focuses on providing powerful and adjustable light intensity, it may not necessary if your filming conditions don’t require high or variable brightness levels.

You rarely conduct fieldwork

If your shooting projects are primarily indoor or studio-based, the advanced portability of the soft video light kit may not justify the cost.

You prefer equipment with shorter setup time

The kit requires assembly and setup, which could take a while, especially if you are not familiar with setting up lighting gear. Ensure you are comfortable with the involved installation process before purchasing.


What items are included in the VL Soft Video Light Kit?
The kit comes with two lights, two tripods, power cords, and additional attachments. It also includes a travel bag for easy transportation.
Is the VL Soft Video Light Kit portable?
Yes, the kit comes with a travel bag making it easy to carry the lights and their attachments anywhere.
Can I adjust the direction of the lights?
Yes, the provided tripods have a feature that allows you to move the light to your desired direction.
What is the range of the adjustable brightness on the VL Soft Video Light Kit?
The lights have an adjustable brightness that ranges from 3200k to 5600k.
Is there a way to monitor the light settings on the VL Soft Video Light Kit?
Yes, the lights come with an LCD monitor at the back which helps you to keep track of the light settings.
Can I use the VL Soft Video Light Kit without a power cord?
Yes, the lights come with a built-in battery which you can charge and use without a power cord.
What is the performance of the VL Soft Video Light Kit with a single light and both lights?
A single light provides ample brightness, but using both lights offers a much more substantial lighting experience.

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