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Review: Polk Audio React Sound Bar – Delivers top-notch audio experience with powerful bass.

Explore Polk Audio React Soundbar’s features, performance, and minor issues in this comprehensive review... Read more

Review of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Test of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

4.1/5 - (1173 votes)

Cena: $199.00


  • Integrated Alexa virtual assistant
  • Clear dialogues due to Voice Adjust Technology
  • Efficient Night Mode controls volume peaks
  • Easy setup using Alexa
  • Useful notification features
  • Compatible with other Polk Audio products
  • Provides cinematic quality sound


  • Persistent connectivity reminders
  • Large, distracting blinking LED
  • Unnecessary voice prompts
  • Soundbar constantly notifies of Wi-Fi disconnection

“After thorough testing and careful analysis, I’m genuinely impressed by the Polk Audio React Soundbar. Its sleek design, voice clarity, and powerful bass deliver a top-notch audio experience. The integration of Alexa adds an innovative touch, though it might be a tad bothersome for some to continuously have connectivity reminders. Mild annoyances aside, the impressively engineered sound quality, coupled with an attractive price point, makes it a standout choice for a mid-level soundbar. All considered, it earns a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars from me.”

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Brand Polk Audio
Model Name Polk React
Speaker Type Sub Woofer, Soundbar, Surround Speaker
Connectivity Technology Optical, HDMI
Special Feature Voice Assistant


This week brings us to test a product that, frankly, is too good to turn down. Personally, it felt like a treasure hunt through heaps of tech gadgets to find something fitting that we could give our two cents on. And yes, finally, the wait was worth it. We’ve found a product worth talking about, so let’s dive straight into it.

Why This Gadget?

You might be wondering, why this product? Well, let’s just say that the sound quality of audio devices has seen a tremendous jump in recent years. Gone are the days of settling for average audio quality when consuming digital content. Now, everything sounds significantly better with a decent audio setup, and it’s worth mentioning that going overboard with the volume isn’t really helping. It hurts your ears more than it engages them.

A Peek at Our Review

This time, we let our ears be the judge. We were on the pursuit of audio excellence and stumbled upon a product that implores us to do justice to it with an unbiased and over-the-tape review. Frankly, it had us at the first beat. So, to cut to the chase, this is our lowdown on a product that we think you might want to take for a spin. Hold on to your seats, folks. It’s about to get audiophile-y in here.

Meet a Soundbar Worth Your Attention

Without further ado, we’re here to review the Polk Audio React Soundbar. Yeah, we know what you’re thinking – “another soundbar?”. Honestly, that’s what we initially thought too, but give this review a chance and maybe you will fall for it just as we did. This review aims to cover the functionality, the music output, and everything in between. Plus, we’ll even delve into some nifty hidden features that make it stand out from a sea of similar devices. If we may say so, we are audio-venturous this week!

Report: Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Reviewing the Polk Audio React Soundbar

  • Polk Audio React Soundbar offers smart home assistant features
  • Delivers high-quality, multi-directional 3D sound despite compact size
  • Integrates Alexa for seamless smart home network control

Getting hands-on with the product, I was intrigued by it. It wasn’t just about the facade of the gadget but its features that made it a compelling journey.

A Soundbar that Can Do Much More than Just Play Music

The Polk Audio React Soundbar impressed me with its functionality. It didn’t just churn out music, it proved to be a coherent part of my ecosystem, transitioning from a basic soundbar to a smart home assistant effortlessly.

How the Soundbar Delivers Big Sound in a Small Package

Subtlety was not something I expected, given the raw power this gadget holds within. The fact that it was just a small, unpretentious black stick sitting beneath my TV, yet managed to blow me away with its sound quality that filled the room with multi-directional 3D simulated sound was delightful. The engineering seemed next-level , rebounding different frequencies off walls to create amplified pockets of crystal clear sound.

This soundbar doesn’t cut corners. Despite its compact size, it houses six speakers: a pair of one-inch tweeters, a duo of 3.8 by 2.7-inch mid-range drivers, and a couple of 4.3 by 3.9-inch passive radiators. This unique marriage of different speakers provides the low-end punchy bass that considerably impressed me.

If the 90s were dominated by rooms filled with huge, ugly looking speakers, the Polk Audio React Soundbar is the 21st-century baby. It offers a chic alternative without compromising on the sound quality.

Moreover, the gadget ideally suited my modern lifestyle, integrating Alexa within the unit. Even though I had to step up my game from just playing music to commanding my smart home network, it was done seamlessly. So, overall, my initial impressions of this Soundbar have been rather strong.

Examination of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Features Breakdown

  • Soundbar features integrated Alexa for voice commands
  • Includes voice adjust technology for clear dialogues
  • Night Mode feature controls volume spikes

First impressions aside, what’s really drawn my interest about this soundbar are the features it boasts. Let’s dive right in and dissect each individually.

Alexa Integration: Your Virtual Assistant at Home

Quite unexpectedly, virtual assistant technology has found its way into soundbars. The soundbar isn’t just a speaker; it’s smart. This soundbar housed an integrated Alexa, which means pairing it with your smart home network is a breeze. For those who enjoy being able to control their devices with simple voice commands, this is excellent news. Whether it’s making calls, sending messages, or even streaming music from my smartphone, Alexa’s handy assistance made it all possible directly from the soundbar.

Voice Adjust Technology: Ensuring Clear Dialogues

Movie and television dialogues have never sounded clearer. This soundbar features a voice adjust technology that’s designed to amplify and filter speech, ensuring that every word is heard loud and clear. I’ve often noticed that dialogues tend to be overpowered by sound effects in an action-packed scene, but this feature endeavoured to balance that.

Night Mode Feature: Controlling Volume Peaks Efficiently

We all have experienced sudden and annoying jumps in volume level when watching TV, particularly during commercial breaks. The Night Mode feature on this soundbar is designed to prevent such discomfort by curbing the volume spikes. An ideal feature for late-night TV binges, it eliminates any fear of disturbing others in the house.

Ease of Setup: Connecting with Alexa

Set up was relatively hassle-free. For those with existing Alexa network, the process revolved around scanning a QR code on the Soundbar, and voila—it connected! For those who are new to Alexa, it takes a few clicks with an extra thirty-second wait. If you ask me, the setup was effortless.

In the sea of soundbars vying for attention, this one stood out with distinctive features. From smart home compatibility to sound technology, it promised a lot. But, did it live up to it in all regards? We examine this in the next section.

Audit of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Cool Extras

  • Polk Audio React Soundbar integrates with Alexa for updates.
  • It can sync with other Polk Audio products for expansive sound.
  • The soundbar acts as a personal home assistant.

Handy Notification Features: Keeping Track of Your Activities

The Polk Audio React Soundbar isn’t just about great sound. What really makes it stand out is its integration with modern tech that allows it to double-up as your home assistant. Thanks to its Alexa integration, you can get notified right from a delivery at your door to when it’s time to check on the roast in the oven. It’s a great way to multi-task without missing out on important updates.

Combining other Polk Audio Products:

Now, if you’re someone who isn’t easily content and constantly seeks more, well, you’re in for a treat. Not only does this soundbar deliver an impeccable solo performance, but it can also sync with other Polk Audio products to give you a full-bodied, cinematic experience. Imagine adding SR2 wireless speakers and a React Subwoofer to your setup. Absolute heaven for movie buffs and music lovers! Talk about multi-directional, room-filling sound that takes you right in the middle of the action.

  1. The SR2 wireless speakers: By adding these to your setup, you can bathe yourself in a universe of immersive sound. Perfect for large open floor plans or when you simply want to add depth to your audio experience.
  2. React Subwoofer: Let’s not forget the importance of good bass. The React Subwoofer adds that low-end punch and almost transports you to the cinema hall. It heightens the tension in dramatic movie scenes and makes listening to your favorite beats an absolute blast.

In a nutshell, the Polk Audio React Soundbar is a strong contender in the range of soundbars brimming with modern tech. This isn’t just an audio system; it’s your personal home assistant and a gateway to a wholesome and immersive entertainment experience.

Lookover of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

The Downside Perspective

  • Soundbar insists on Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Large blinking LED can be distracting
  • Voice prompt is a bit redundant

While the Polk Audio React Sound bar has many fantastic features, we should also explore its shortcomings. That’s not to say they’re deal-breakers, but as part of an unbiased review, it’s only fair to discuss the negatives, too.

Constant Connectivity Reminder

The first thing I noticed about the React soundbar is its insistence on Wi-Fi connectivity. If you don’t plan on connecting the soundbar to your Wi-Fi network, be prepared for the device to repeatedly remind you that it’s not connected. This can become a bit irksome over time, especially if you primarily plan to use this soundbar for its audio capabilities rather than its smart features.

The Large Blinking LED

Another feature that raised my eyebrow was the large blinking LED at the top of the unit. Especially in dim or dark rooms, this LED can be distracting when you are trying to concentrate on your favorite show or movie. Now, there’s an easy fix to put some black tape over it, but then you’d lose the functionality of the LED acting as a notifier for your Alexa scheduled items. Something to think about there.

The Superfluous Voice Prompt Issue

The voice prompt is a bit redundant in my opinion – having the device audibly confirm a change of mode, every single time you press a button, seems overkill. While a minor issue, it’s something I thought worth mentioning.

Overall, these downsides are more like minor annoyances than significant flaws. They don’t hamper the overall functionality of the soundbar, but I felt it was essential to share these points to give a comprehensive view of the product.

Lookover of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Final Verdict: A Balanced Review

  • Polk Audio React Soundbar offers impressive sound performance
  • Easy set-up and user-friendly features
  • Quality sound, convenience, competitive price

Sound Performance

In the heart of every soundbar lies its sound performance. The Polk Audio React Soundbar excels in this domain. The multi-directional 3D simulated sound provides an astonishing room-filling experience. Just a black stick under your TV, and the space transforms with top-notch audio quality. The speech amplifying feature, Voice Adjust Technology , ensures that dialogues in movies and TV shows come out crystal clear. Small details like soft whispers are no longer missed.

User Experience

The setup was impressively straightforward. Whether already a user of Alexa or a newbie, within a minute, I experienced the seamless integration the device offered. Furthermore, the volume sensitivity added to the comfort, as it conveniently picked the commands from across the room. While the LED at the top of the unit seemed a little distracting in dim-lit environments, with a simple black tape, the issue could be mitigated.

Added Features

In addition to sound performance, the couple of extras it brought with it, particularly the Night Mode Feature , and Alexa integration, indeed separated it from other soundbars in the market. The Night Mode controlled volume variations efficiently, reducing unwelcome jolts, and having an integrated home assistant added an appreciable convenience to daily routine.

Price Point

Given these features and performance, the soundbar offers good value for money. It reaches a mid-level performance at an entry-level price point, settling itself as a cost-efficient choice for the consumers.

The Verdict

Thanks to the powerful and clear audio output, user-friendly features, and a fair price point, I rate the Polk Audio React Soundbar a solid 4.5 out of 5. It’s a soundbar that brings together an impressive package of quality sound, convenience, and modern design at a competitive price.

Investigation of Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Giveaway Section

  • Giveaway for a Polk Audio React Soundbar
  • Participation involves subscription, liking, and commenting
  • Selection process is unbiased and transparent

Opportunity to Own Polk Audio React Soundbar

Our favorite part is when we get to share these cool finds with you. As part of our efforts to give back to our readers, we are delighted to announce that we are giving away a Polk Audio React Soundbar. That’s right! You could have this marvelous piece of audio technology in your own home for absolutely free. It’s a superb opportunity to experience this high-performing soundbar personally.

The Rules: How to Enter the Giveaway

Ready to get in on this absolutely amazing deal? It is quite simple, really. Participation is available to everyone with no registration fees, hidden costs, or troublesome conditions involved.

  1. Subscribe to the channel: The first step is to subscribe to our channel. This allows us to easily contact the winner.
  2. Like this video: Show us some love by liking the video. This is a way to indicate your interest in the giveaway.
  3. Leave a comment: Find the hidden hashtag in the video and leave it in the comments section of this video. This step adds a bit of fun to the process and confirms your participation.

Just those three simple steps and you are in! We will randomly select a lucky winner from the pool of participants and make the announcement a week after this video. That’s all you need to do! As always, we wish you good luck. Make the most out of this opportunity.

Please note that all entries are treated equally and the selection process is unbiased and transparent. We are committed to following all guidelines for giveaways set forth by Google to ensure a fair and rewarding experience.

Comments on Polk Audio React Sound Bar

Wrapping Up

Given the comprehensive evaluation, it seems that with the Polk Audio React Soundbar, you’re getting a lot more than just a sleek black sound-producing stick under your TV. Starting from its Alexa-integrated nature, helping you control your smart home, down to its Voice Adjust Technology that brings out clear cinematic dialogues, there’s a sense of remarkable convenience and quality that this Soundbar promises.

Product Highlights

One of the major standout aspects of this product is the night mode – it seems minor, but it’s actually a great example of thoughtful design. The fundamental role it plays in controlling volume to suit the environment is impressive. Talk about having a personalized audio experience!

Another interesting feature is the ease of setup. Be it for Alexa users or non-users, the process is convenient and user-friendly. Lastly, the integrated colored lighting that works as a notification indicator adds an element of innovation often missed by other brands.

Critical Feedback

While appraising the Soundbar, a few critical elements came to light as well. The continuous wi-fi connectivity reminder can feel like a minor annoyance, especially for users who don’t plan to connect the unit to the wi-fi network. Also, the blinking LED light at the top of the unit can be quite distracting, particularly in dimly lit rooms. Lastly, the unnecessary voice prompt seems like a feature that could use a bit of fine-tuning.


In conclusion, the Polk Audio React Soundbar seems to be offering solid audio performance packed into sleek and convenient packaging – nothing short of a great all-rounder. It easily ticks the boxes for great sound quality, advanced features, and, above all, an attentive design catering to modern needs. Even though it comes with a couple of annoying quirks, it doesn’t diminish its credentials as a capable and feature-rich soundbar.

Given its entry-level price point, the Polk Audio React Soundbar does deliver an enviable package, making it a standout soundbar in its own right. Initially viewed critically, after thorough exploration, it has indeed left an overwhelmingly positive impression. That’s a wrap from us!

Should you buy the Polk Audio React Sound Bar?

Buy it if…

You enjoy immersive audio experiences

With its multi-directional 3D simulated sound and its capacity to deliver clear dialogues, this soundbar is perfect for those who appreciate superior audio quality.

You have a smart home setup

The soundbar integrates with Alexa, making it easy control other smart devices, schedule reminders, or stream music directly from your smartphone or tablet.

You love products with an easy setup

The easy setup feature, especially for those who already have Alexa, makes the soundbar a breeze to install and use.

Don’t buy it if…

You get easily annoyed by continuous reminders

If you don’t connect the soundbar to your WiFi network, you’ll be constantly reminded by the unit which may become bothersome.

You get distracted by blinking LEDs

Especially in dim or dark rooms, the blinking LED at the top of the unit can be a mild distraction.

You find voice prompts redundant

The soundbar issues a voice prompt every time you press a button on the remote, which can become somewhat irritating if you prefer a quiet interface.


What is special about the Polk Audio React Soundbar?
The Polk Audio React Soundbar is equipped with multi-directional 3D simulated sound technology that makes it capable of filling a whole room with sound. It has integrated Alexa, which allows it to be a part of your smart home network.
What is Voice Adjust Technology?
Voice Adjust Technology, featured in the Polk Audio React Soundbar, amplifies and filters any detected speech so you hear every single word loud and clear, even in dialogues of movies and TV shows.
How to set up the Polk Audio React Soundbar?
If you have Alexa already, just scan the QR code on the soundbar and that’s it. Those without will need to perform a few button clicks and wait around 30 seconds for the same result.
What is the night mode feature?
The night mode feature in the Polk Audio React Soundbar is used for keeping the volume peaks under control, especially useful when ads that come on are significantly louder than what you’re watching.
What are the downsides of the Polk Audio React Soundbar?
The Polk Audio React Soundbar might require continuous WiFi connectivity, have a distracting blinking LED at the top, and have an unnecessary voice prompt made every time you press a button on the remote.
What is the rating given to the Polk Audio React Soundbar?
The Polk Audio React Soundbar is given a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.
How can I participate in the giveaway?
To participate in the giveaway, make sure to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the hidden hashtag from the review.

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