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Review: Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera – Red (9071) – Versatile, compact, and easily portable instant camera

Dive into Polaroid Go camera’s features, user experiences, and comparison to its predecessor, Polaroid Now... Read more

Review of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

Table of Contents

Test of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera – Red (9071)

4.2/5 - (2149 votes)

Cena: $89.00


  • Polaroid Go is extremely portable and lightweight
  • All-in-one camera suitable for instant film photography
  • Comes with rechargeable battery, eliminating need for spares
  • Convenient flash feature; easily adjustable with a button
  • Film is more affordable compared to Polaroid Now
  • Includes selfie mirror for clearer self-portraits
  • Produces high-quality photos despite the size


  • Camera size could be too small for some
  • Delayed flash-off feature may trouble inexperienced users
  • Photo development is slower than expected
  • Doesn’t handle low-light conditions well
  • Struggles to capture clear images through windows or mirrors
  • Film feels lighter and less substantial

“As a seasoned photographer, my overall impression of the Polaroid Go is that it’s a surprisingly capable, ultra-compact instant camera. While its photo size is much smaller than traditional Polaroid film, I appreciate the convenience of its portability and the quality of images it produces given its lightweight nature. Its rechargeable battery adds to the impressive feature line-up. However, the camera does seem more suited for casual, on-the-go photography rather than professional use. The Polaroid Go fills a niche for those looking for an instant camera that is versatile, fun, and easy to carry around. A worthwhile investment for nostalgic photography enthusiasts or those just delving into the world of instant film cameras.”

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Brand Polaroid Originals
Special Feature Timer
Film Format Type Instant
Item Weight 0.24 Kilograms
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.13 x 3.3 x 2.42 inches
Included Components Camera Body Only
Model Name Polaroid Go
Film Color Red
Compatible Devices Camera
Exposure Control Type Automatic

Introducing the All-New Polaroid Go: A Wait Finally Over

If someone were to ask me what’s in on the camera scene these days, I’d immediately respond with, “The all-new Polaroid Go!” And it’s not just because it’s the latest offering from Polaroid, a brand that’s synonymous with quality and innovation. It’s because this camera is an adventure in miniature greatness and a testament to technological advances. But hey, let’s not jump into conclusions without sharing a more in-depth take.

A Backstory of My Long-Awaited Experience

Being an ardent enthusiast of film photography, I have been eagerly anticipating the day I could try a camera that embraces the charm of yesteryears with a convenient form factor. Every day, I heard from hordes of people echoing the same curiosity. When will Polaroid produce a compact, more travel-friendly camera? Well, folks, that day is finally here and I’ve been hands-on with it.

Full Disclosure: I pledge to deliver an honest, unbiased review. Praises, when deserved; criticism, where applicable.

Welcoming the Era of More Portable Cameras

One of the biggest draws to the Polaroid Go is its travel-friendly design, which came as a refreshing break from some of the bulkier models we’ve come to associate with film cameras. Portable and easy to handle, this new model from Polaroid seems to be a breath of fresh air in the world of film cameras. But, it must be noticed that the charm isn’t just about its neat size. This gadget is impressive in the sense that it crams an impressive chunk of photo-taking ability into such a compact device… but more on that later. For now, let’s just say that the current era of photography just gets better with these nifty little models.

Estimate of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

Unboxing the Unexpectedly Petite Power-Packed Device

  • Unboxing revealed compact, feature-packed Polaroid Go
  • Polaroid Go and Now target different user types
  • Go is ideal for novice and casual photographers

The moment of truth – unboxing the Polaroid Go. A process filled with anticipation, curiosity, and hope for a device that would match up to my expectations. And let me tell you, the Polaroid Go did not disappoint.

First Look: Comparing the Polaroid Now and the Go

The startling contrast between the compact Go and the larger Polaroid Now is impossible to miss. It’s akin to seeing the evolution of portable electronics unfold right in front of me.

  • Polaroid Now : This was the camera we knew and loved – a larger device, heavy-duty, and guaranteed to deliver beautiful photos.
  • Polaroid Go : Almost diminutive in comparison, but compact and packed with features. The smaller size doesn’t exclude sophisticated benefits – a fact that quickly becomes apparent as the Go is explored further.

Choosing the Right Camera: Polaroid Now vs Go

Being honest, the type of user the Polaroid Now targets is drastically different from the Go. While the Now serves photographers aiming for professional quality, the Go targets everyone interested in instant film photography. It’s not a one-size-fits-all model, but a tailoring to meet unique aesthetic values and needs.

The Go aims to be approachable, ideal for the novice photographer or those seeking a casual and portable device. So the question arises? Which are you: a professional demanding high standards or a casual enthusiast longing for convenience?

Note: Expect a detailed comparison video as a separate piece since it draws out to a length and depth beyond this review’s scope.

Critique of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

A Detailed Dig Into The Guts of the Polaroid Go

  • Polaroid Go has user-friendly buttons and design
  • Offers user control over flash feature
  • Features a rechargeable and durable battery

Now let’s zoom in on a detailed but unbiased examination of the nitty-gritty of the petite marvel that is the Polaroid Go. We’ll check out the functional aspects, the user-friendly features, and any noticeable shortcomings.

Understanding the Buttons: A Quick Guide

The Polaroid Go features simple buttons offering a user-friendly experience. A notable button you’ll find is a prominent red one placed conveniently at the top. Half pressing this button enables autofocus, and a full press clicks the photo – pretty intuitive, right? However, when working under sub-optimal lighting conditions, the camera may take a few seconds to capture the picture. So, for indoor shots, you’d want to ensure you hold the camera steady or have it placed on some stable surface to avoid any blurry photo mishaps.

Let’s Talk Lighting! When and How to Use the Flash

The Polaroid Go gives you control over its flash feature. A small button on the top allows you to turn the flash on or off – a small yet very useful feature! But make a note here – switching it off is not immediate. It takes a few brief seconds post-button press for the flash to turn off. You’ll know when it’s off when that small dot indicator under the flash disappears. A minor latency, but still swift nonetheless!

Battery Life: The Rechargeable Feature that’s Pretty Cool

The camera’s battery life is decent, plus, there’s the bonus that it’s rechargeable. Located on the side is a convenient port which, along with the included charging cable, offers a worry-free experience. It’s a major relief, knowing you won’t have to constantly keep buying and replacing batteries. The rechargeability factor adds a sense of sustainability and cost-effectiveness to the device – a crucial point to consider while evaluating any modern gadget.

In conclusion, the Polaroid Go impresses with its user-friendly features and thoughtful design elements. However, keep in mind the lighting considerations while taking indoor photos or in less than ideal light conditions. The button functionalities are quite intuitive and easy to understand, making for a seamless picture-taking experience. The rechargeability factor further adds to its charm, making it a worthy contender in the arena of portable instant film cameras. However, to utilize this little device to its maximum potential, users must acquaint themselves with the operational details and quirks.

Lookover of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

How to Insert a Pack of Films: A Comprehensive Step by Step Guide

  • Polaroid Go films are inserted via base latch
  • Gold stickers help align the film pack

Today, I’d like to divulge into an essential process when using the Polaroid Go camera – inserting a film pack. At first glance, it might appear a tad convoluted, but with a few steps, you’ll get the hang of it.

Understanding the Film Pack

First things first, let’s talk about the film pack itself. You may be taken aback at just how small it is. After all, we are dealing with a miniature camera , aren’t we? Each pack is extremely compact, with a gold sticker emblazoned on the top – a detail you’ll need to remember for later. Unique to the Polaroid Go, every pack comes with a neat set of stickers, an interesting addition targeting the camera’s intended more casual demographic.

Inserting the Film Pack

  1. Locate the latch on the base of the camera. This can be pushed over easily to spring open the bottom.
  2. Should there already be a pack of film within the camera, defer to the pull tab to carefully remove it.
  3. Hold your new pack of film, ensuring it is aligned correctly. Spot the gold sticker I mentioned earlier? It should be pointing upwards.
  4. Place the film pack gently in the camera, adhering to the simple rule of matching gold with gold. The gold sticker on your film pack should be lined up with the corresponding gold indicator within the camera.
  5. Press down on the camera’s hatch until you hear a click, signalling that the pack is securely in place.
  6. Wait for the camera’s slide to automatically eject from the device. This is not a film, but a shield protecting the film from exposure.

Just like that, you’ve successfully inserted your film pack into the Polaroid Go.

Key Takeaway

The process of inserting a film pack into the Polaroid Go is by no means a hassle. As with any new device, it requires a bit of familiarisation, but once understood, you’ll find it accessible and straightforward. Where the Polaroid Go shines, is in the intelligent design of the film packs, with clear markers that guide you through the process. So get shooting!

Estimate of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

Show and Tell: Displaying My Range of Go Photos

  • Polaroid Go delivers impressive photo quality
  • Go’s sensitivity to lighting aids indoor photography
  • Good lighting conditions greatly enhance image quality

Let me take you on a journey through my album of varied photographs taken with my Polaroid Go. This section will highlight some prominent examples to provide you an idea of the photo quality that this device can deliver.

My Portfolio with Polaroid Go

Interestingly, while I started off experimenting with indoor shots and realized that despite not having optimal lighting conditions, the results were fairly impressive because of the Go’s sensitivity to lighting.

Selfie Experiment

Testing the Polaroid Go for selfies, I found that the selfie mirror feature did a fair job. Surprisingly, the outcome was much better than I initially expected. The device was able to reproduce adequate detail at arm’s length without needing any additional accessories like a selfie stick.

Art Piece Photography

My enthusiasm was further boosted when I snapped a picture of a piece of artwork I particularly like. Although the instruction manual suggested that the photos would develop fully in approximately 5-10 minutes, I discovered that waiting for about 20-30 minutes allowed more vivid colors to reveal themselves, creating a much crisper and vibrant image. A valuable tip if you’re serious about your instant photo’s quality and you’re not in a rush.

Outdoor Photography

Stepping into the great outdoors, I decided to click images through a window of a nearby lake and a mountain during sunset. The view was a bit dark, and yet the Go camera captured the subtleties of the blues remarkably. But as a line of caution, remember that Polaroid cameras work their best magic in well-lit conditions.

Weight and Size Comparison

As you can see from the photos, the reduced size does not correlate to an equivalent reduction in the quality when comparing both types of films. Although the smaller size of the Go photo initially had me skeptical, I’ve found that the quality of each photo has been on par with its larger counterpart. Though unsurprisingly, the smaller photos do feel lighter in weight.

A Check on the Critical Side

Though it’s necessary to note that not all pictures came out perfect, some photos shot indoors with limited light were clearly not as vibrant. Additionally, shooting through mirrors or glass, such as a car window, can lead to a less crisp image. It ultimately boils down to that even though the Go proves to be a rather capable camera, it’s still heavily reliant on good lighting.

In conclusion, the Polaroid Go, despite its smaller size, has proven to be quite a competitor in terms of the quality of images it can produce. Still, keep in mind to always look out for good lighting conditions to truly reap the benefits this camera can offer.

Examination of Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

Final Thoughts and Recommendations: Is It Worth It?

  • Polaroid Go ideal for portability and spontaneous moments
  • Polaroid Go packs functionality and image-quality in smaller package
  • Selfie mirror, rechargeable batteries add to user convenience

So, having given the Polaroid Go a thorough testing, it’s time to address the burning question: Is it worth your hard-earned money?

When Should You Choose a Polaroid Go Over a Polaroid Now?

It depends entirely on the type of photographer you are or aspire to be. If portability is a must-have for your lifestyle and you relish the idea of catching spontaneous moments on the go, then the Go’s compact design makes it a clear winner. That said, if you value image size over convenience, the Polaroid Now’s larger picture output may be more your speed.

Making a Case for the All-New Polaroid Go

The Polaroid Go compacts much of the same functionality of its bigger sibling into a pocket-friendly device. Its ability to fit into most pockets and its lightweight nature makes it any day-tripper’s companion.

The photo quality is admittedly just as impressive as the Polaroid Now, just in a smaller package. It also has a faster flash cool-down, which is a big plus when the action is high and every second count.

The fact that it also comes with a selfie mirror and rechargeable batteries adds to the convenience. Plus, not having to keep buying batteries is a win for your wallet and the planet.

The New Age of Instant Film Photography: My Perspective

Based on the testing, the Polaroid Go certainly opens up the world of instant film photography to the casual photographer. While the professionals might lean towards the larger, more elaborate options, the Go provides an entry-point to the hobbyist or someone just starting out.

With the introduction of technology such as the Go, the Polaroid name continues to reinvent itself, appealing to a new generation of photographers while still maintaining that retro charm the brand is synonymous with.

All in all, the Polaroid Go seems like a solid investment for those seeking a compact, quality instant camera.

Inspecting Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

Quick Links and Resources: Access to the Best Deals!

  • Best deals found on Polaroid Go and Now
  • Advice given on finding affordable camera films
  • Recommended accessories for a complete photography experience

Now that we’ve navigated through the intricacies of the Polaroid Go, understanding its features, its advantages, and dissecting its potential, you might be asking yourself, “Where can I find the best deals on this compact photography marvel?” Well, my friend, you are in the perfect spot. I’ve put together a few essential resources that will be a great starting point. Do keep in mind, though, that prices can fluctuate, so be sure to check out multiple options.

For the Polaroid Go:

Our first stop is an online platform that offers a great deal on the Polaroid Go, check it out here . The prices are quite competitive, and they often run promotions so you might catch a good deal.

How about the Polaroid Now?

If you’ve been considering the Polaroid Now instead, or may want to compare prices, this vendor is renowned for fair prices and excellent customer service.

Replenishing your Camera Films:

Finding the perfect place to replenish your stash of camera films for affordable prices can be quite a feat. Here are my tried and tested recommendations for both Polaroid Now film and Polaroid Go film .

Accessories for the Complete experience:

  1. If you want to spice up your photography experience, this Store provides a range of accessories such as beautiful cases, straps, and more for your Polaroid cameras.

  2. Looking for a handsome carrying case? Try this link for stylish and sturdy options.

And there you have it! These are some strong first steps in your quest for the best Polaroid shopping experience. Remember to be patient, shop around and make sure to read other customer reviews before making your final decision. Go out there and make the world your canvas – one Polaroid snap at a time!

Summary: Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera - Red (9071)

Interactive Comments and Feedback Section: Get Involved

In the spirit of sharing and learning together about this interesting product, I encourage everyone to use the comment section below. This is a space designed for you to share your insights, experiences, thoughts, or questions about the all-new Polaroid Go. Having spent a significant amount of time exploring this new camera, I believe that a combined pool of knowledge would be invaluable.

Your Thoughts on the Polaroid Go

Having shared my honest, unbiased views on the Polaroid Go, I’m now curious about your experience with it. Have you found it as fascinating and handy as I have? Or do you have some areas where you wish they could have improved it? Perhaps you have some interesting use cases or tips to share. Let’s get the conversation going.

Is It a Thumbs Up for the Polaroid Go?

If you own or have used the Polaroid Go, would you recommend it? How has it compared to your expectations? I’m particularly interested in hearing thoughts on the size, quality of photos, and ease of use – factors I’ve discussed in depth in this review.

Your feedback on these points or anything else about the camera that stood out for you will help others make an informed decision on whether to opt for the Polaroid Go. I’m also keen to hear your overall score for the camera, considering all its features and your personal experience with it.

Remember, every view is important, every opinion matters, and every shared experience helps. Let’s make this a thriving community of Polaroid Go users!

Should you buy the Polaroid Go Instant Mini Camera – Red (9071)?

Buy it if…

You prefer portability

The Polaroid Go is a compact, lightweight camera, perfect for those who like to carry their camera around.

You are an instant film photography enthusiast

This camera is targeted toward casual photography lovers who like the charm of instant film photography.

You are budget-conscious with film

Film for the Polaroid Go camera is more affordable, an attractive feature for individuals who plan on taking a large number of photos.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer large photos

The Polaroid Go camera takes smaller photos than the Polaroid Now. If you prefer larger photos, this might not be the product for you.

You need immediate results

This camera’s film takes slightly longer to develop, so if you prefer immediate results, you might want to consider a different model.

You’re a professional photographer

Based on the review, Polaroid Go is targeted towards casual photographers rather than professionals.


How big is the Polaroid Go compared to the Polaroid Now?
The Polaroid Go is significantly smaller than the Polaroid Now. Exact dimensions can vary, so it’s best to check the product specifications for each.
How does the photo quality of the Polaroid Go compare to the Polaroid Now?
The quality of the photos is pretty much the same between the two devices, just in a different, smaller form factor for the Polaroid Go.
How long does it take for the photos from the Polaroid Go to develop?
Although the photos start developing in about 5-10 minutes, it’s noticed that they become more crisp and clear and the colors more vivid after about 20-30 minutes.
Does the Polaroid Go have a flash?
Yes, the Polaroid Go has a flash which can be turned on or off depending on lighting conditions.
Is the Polaroid Go rechargeable?
Yes, the Polaroid Go is rechargeable and it comes with the necessary charging cords.
What is the weight of the Polaroid Go’s films compared to the Polaroid Now’s?
Although it’s a legit Polaroid film, the Go’s film is lighter and thinner than the Now’s film.
What is the target demographic for the Polaroid Go?
The Polaroid Go is being targeted towards a more casual demographic, not necessarily just professional photographers but anyone interested in instant film photography.

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