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Review: Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100 – Offers versatile connectivity and user-friendly features

Review of PixThink’s D100 Mini Projector for an immersive, big-screen home cinema experience... Read more

Review of Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100

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Test of Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100

3.8/5 - (66 votes)

Cena: Check


  • 1920x1080p native resolution supports clear image quality
  • Compact design with impressive 6500 lumens brightness
  • Availability of handy manual focus and keystone adjustment
  • Includes dual 3-watt speakers for enhanced audio
  • Supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
  • Can project up to a 300-inch screen
  • Supports seamless play with Fire TV, Roku, Chromecast


  • Picture quality not at par with 4K TV
  • User experience might be impacted by room’s brightness
  • Smaller remote control could pose user challenges
  • Possible challenges if not paired with appropriate tripod
  • Limited contrast and sharpness while gaming

“After spending considerable time with the D100 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mini Projector by PixThink, I have to say I’m mostly impressed. The incredible user-friendly features, easy setup process, and excellent resolution despite its compact size are commendable. The connectivity options offered are really versatile, and the gaming and movie-watching experiences are fairly decent. However, comparing it to a 4k TV, there might be a bit of a compromise on sharpness or contrast. But considering it’s a mini projector designed for portable and flexible use, the quality delivered is more than satisfactory. It could certainly be an excellent choice for someone in need of a handy, yet efficient projector.”

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Brand Pixthink
Special Feature Wireless, Portable, Built In Wi Fi
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Display resolution 1920 x 1080
Display Resolution Maximum 1920×1080 Lines Per Inch

Introduction: Unboxing the D100 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mini Projector by PixThink

Upon the arrival of the compactly packaged D100 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mini Projector by PixThink, the anticipation was almost palpable. Pulling a new gadget out of its box always has an air of excitement, and this was no different. The box was sturdy, providing assurance of the careful transportation and protection of the device within.

Spotlight on Specifications

On the very surface, the D100 Mini Projector caught attention with its impressive specifications. It touts a native resolution of 1920x1080p and a brightness that goes up to a whopping 6500 lumens — tagged along with aspect ratios of 16×9 and 4×3. The device interestingly includes a manual focus, a feature that allows for a vertical and horizontal keystone adjustment of +/- 50 degrees.

As I moved through the specifications, I found out that it houses two 3-watt speakers. Promising a big viewing experience, it can support 4K video on screens of up to 300 inches. These technical features immediately gave a sense that the projector offers a combination of reliable brightness, sound quality, and adjustment convenience that most users would appreciate.

Look Underneath: A Glimpse at the Hidden Features

Moving deeper into the box, there was more than met the eye. Most notably, the mini projector had a unique incorporation of a sliding door — a clever, hidden design for TV stick storage. This handy feature was well thought-out, offering an organized solution for maintaining your Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, or choice of a streaming stick.

Furnishings on Offer: Remote Control, Cleaning Cloth and More!

On completing the unboxing, I found a rather compact remote control, along with a cleaning cloth that was a nice touch to keep the device spotless. With a typical power cable and a quick start guide included as well, it was clear that the D100 Wi-Fi Bluetooth mini projector was ready to deliver a comprehensive experience right from the get-go.

In all, the unboxing journey was filled with intrigue, and it painted a picture of high-quality performance backed by an array of nifty features. But unboxing is just the start — what truly matters is the performance during use, which we’ll dive into next…

Highlight: Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100

First Impression: Getting Up, Close, and Personal

  • D100 mini projector has compact, neat design.
  • Set-up is straightforward, with manual focus requiring adjustment.
  • Design includes convenient control sensors and versatile tripod attachment.

Once out of the box, the D100 mini projector immediately catches the eye with its compact and neat design. From the outset, the PixThink projector appears to be more than your run-of-the-mill projector.

Step-by-Step Setup: From Power Button to Focusing

The set-up was remarkably straightforward – a critical factor for items like this. The projector’s power button shares the top side with the manual focus, making it easy to locate and handle. One pleasant and user-friendly aspect is that the projector boots up quickly and you can get to focusing the lens in no time. While the manual focus is a great bonus to add flexibility for setup in various spaces, it would be worth mentioning that it may need frequent adjusting for the most optimal image clarity.

Carefully Crafted Design: Understanding the Front, Sides, and Back of The Projector

Looking at the design, the projector has the remote control sensor located conveniently at the front, within close proximity to the lens. It’s worth noting that this sleek little device also houses vents to help keep it cool during use, which points to its thoughtful design. Each side houses a 3-watt speaker, contributing to a stereo surround sound effect.

Meanwhile, the back of the projector is equipped with a USB port, HDMI port, another control sensor, and a 3.5 mm audio jack. However, I did notice that these seemed a bit crowded together, which could make access somewhat challenging – a minor inconvenience, perhaps, but worth noting for potential buyers.

A Peek at the Tripod Attachment Advantage: Stability Meets Efficiency

The bottom side comes with threads to allow for tripod attachment. This nifty feature may not seem like much but it grants a lot of versatility to this projector — it can be stationed anywhere, be it table-top or a dedicated projector stand.

In summary, the D100, at first glance, packs quite a punch when it comes to design and initial setup. The thoughtfully designed features like quick setup and flexibility do overshadow a minor design inconvenience. However, the experience grew even more interesting as the projector was put to the test, shedding light on its performance and overall worth.

Report: Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100

Diving Deep: Software, Settings, and More!

  • D100 projector offers user-friendly, customizable software
  • Home screen provides convenient access to projection settings
  • Remote control provides added functionality and comfort

In this section, we’ll focus on the D100 projector’s software and settings, a critical area that most often determines the user experience.

Unraveling the Home Screen: Shortcuts Galore

The first thing that caught my attention with the D100 projector was its intuitive home screen. The interface seems quite user-friendly with several shortcuts. Whether it is adjusting projection mode or accessing other components, the home screen provides a convenient starting point. Rather impressive for a mini projector.

Customization Options: Adjusting Projection Mode, Zooming In/Out and More

On to customization – an area the D100 delivers quite amicably. The settings menu is comprehensive, allowing fine-tuning to get the right fit. The settings range from basic projection modes to zoom in/out capacities with additional vertical/horizontal correction plus corner correction and keystone correction reset. This spectrum of personalization options allows users to set their viewing preferences to their exact liking.

Sprucing Up Your Home Screen: Wallpaper and Theme Setting

The developers of D100 have gone a notch higher by allowing one to customize the wallpaper on the home screen with several fun options. There’s more in store – a nice little touch that caught my interest was the theme setting. Just to add a personal hue to the entire home screen experience. These options might seem like a trifle, but believe me, it can significantly enhance the aura of the overall user experience.

Discovering the Remote Control: Easy Switches, Timed Shutdown and more!

Another high point was the projector’s compatibility with its remote control. Together, they offer functions such as image mode, color temperature, sound mode, surround sound, timed shutdown, and even keystone correction. The seamless synergy between the D100 projector and its remote control, offering a potent combination of functional and comfort use, was a delightful surprise.

In a nutshell, the D100 offers a commendable software experience combined with an extensive array of customizability options. Although, some users might find the home screen a bit cluttered with options, to begin with. Still, the ease of use and intuitiveness does balance that out. Overall, handling and operating the software was a satisfying experience.

Inspecting Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100

Unleashing the Power of Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Adapters

  • Provides simple, straightforward Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections
  • Supports wired inputs via HDMI and USB ports
  • Works well with streaming sticks for entertainment

After putting the D100 by PixThink through its paces, I explored several connectivity options this projector provides. How this gadget performs when connected to a host of devices and its interface with popular platforms is a critical point of discussion in this review.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: A Seamless Pairing Experience

In my testing, I found that connecting devices to the projector was remarkably straightforward. The Wi-Fi connection process is as simple as it gets. Once switched on, the mini projector automatically shows up in the available Wi-Fi network list.

Pairing Bluetooth devices, such as external speakers or a keyboard, was also quite efficient. The Bluetooth settings allow you to quickly scan and pair with your preferred device, thus promising wireless convenience and clutter-free entertainment.

Adapt and Accommodate: Exploring the Role of Adapters

In addition to wireless connections, the D100 also supports wired inputs, thanks to the availability of HDMI and USB ports. I used an adapter and found that presentations and documents looked crisper than expected.

As an interesting fact, the text displayed on the screen looked finely tuned, and the color contrast was commendable. This feature could come in very handy, especially in professional settings where projectors are frequently used for presentations or discussions.

Sharing the Joy of Entertainment

Next, I shifted my focus towards the entertainment factor. I tried running games and movies on the projector, and I must say, the large screen can make these experiences noticeably more immersive and enjoyable.

The D100 interacts quite well with streaming sticks, and I was able to watch YouTube videos seamlessly. This is a huge plus considering the projector’s affordability and the fact that it is not flagged as a multimedia-specific device.

A Fair Comparison: Game Consoles and 4K TVs

It wouldn’t be fair to not compare the gaming experience of this projector with a proper gaming console or a 4K TV. Although the picture quality is not as sharp or crisp, the D100 does an admirable job by providing a larger display area. Just remember to turn off the lights to get the best visual experience.

In conclusion, the D100 has solid connectivity options, making it a versatile and value-for-money addition to a range of settings. It may not replace your gaming console or 4K TV but it will certainly notch up your viewing or presentation experiences a level.

Observation of Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100

Wrapping Up: The Must-Haves and More in the D100 Projector!

It’s been an enlightening journey, exploring the nooks and crannies of the ambidextrous D100 Wi-Fi Bluetooth Mini Projector by PixThink. And I reckon a balanced and unbiased review is in order.

Expectations vs Reality: Breaking down the Picture Quality

Let’s dive straight in by revisiting the picture quality. The claim is of native 1080p resolution, and while there’s truth in it, it’s also important to manage your expectations. In controlled surroundings with complete darkness or minimal ambient light, the D100 keeps up well with its 1080p promise, delivering a pretty satisfactory image.

However, striking it against a 4K TV is akin to comparing apples and oranges. Yes, the D100 does support 4K video, but remember it’s essentially scaling that down to its native 1080p resolution. Don’t anticipate true 4K sharpness, but for a casual movie night or gaming session, the D100 holds its own ground.

Decoding The Big Screen Experience: Do You Need This 300-Inch Wonder?

Now, onto the ‘BIG’ highlight – the mammoth 300-inch screen size. The idea of converting your modest living room into a full-fledged mini theater does sound inviting, doesn’t it? The D100 indeed opens up this possibility.

However, a point to note – as you start pushing the screen size, the decrease in picture quality becomes perceptible. But within a limit, say, around a 100 to 150-inch screen size, it delivers a decent punch for the price point.

Final Thoughts: Is the D100 Mini Projector Right for You?

Stepping back and eyeing the package as a whole, I must say, the D100 Mini Projector comes across as a reasonable grab within its price bracket. With its commendable brightness, compact design, and robust connectivity options, it does offer a bang for your buck.

Does it promise enchantments and miracles? Certainly not. But for those looking for an introduction to the world of projectors, or simply craving a decent portable unit to pop out for recreational use, this little powerhouse might just be what you need!

That’s the lowdown on the D100 – picture-perfect for some, passable for perfectionists, but overall, a nifty gear to have in your multimedia repertoire.

Should you buy the Pixthink WiFi Bluetooth Projector D100?

Buy it if…

You desire a large screen experience

The D100 projector can support up to a 300-inch screen, it’s perfect if you want to replicate a theatre-like experience at home or work.

You need a variety of connectivity options

It’s compatible with Fire TV stick, Roku, Chromecast and more. You can also connect phones, tablets either through Wi-Fi or an adapter for presentations.

You appreciate customization

From adjusting the projection mode, aspect ratio to changing the wallpaper on the home screen – this projector allows extensive customization.

Don’t buy it if…

You have high picture quality expectations

While the projector offers good picture quality in darker environments, it may not match up to the sharpness and contrast of a 4K TV.

You require built-in streaming

While the projector supports HDMI and USB for connecting streaming sticks, it doesn’t come with built-in streaming capabilities. You’ll need to have your own streaming devices.

You’re seeking in-built speakers with high audio quality

Although it has two 3-watt speakers, if you’re looking for top-notch audio performance, you might want to consider a projector with superior sound quality or accommodate for an external audio setup.


What is the native resolution of the D100 projector?
The D100 projector by PixThink has a native resolution of 1920x1080p.
Can D100 projector support 4K videos?
Yes, the D100 projector can support 4K videos.
Does D100 projector have any built-in speakers?
Yes, D100 projector has two 3-watt built-in speakers.
How big a screen can D100 projector support?
D100 projector can project up to a 300-inch screen.
Does the D100 projector have a TV stick signal?
Yes, the D100 projector has a TV stick signal, you have HDMI and USB at the bottom for a streaming stick of your choice.
Can I adjust the vertical and horizontal keystone correction on the D100 projector?
Yes, you can adjust the vertical and horizontal keystone correction on the D100 projector.
Does the D100 projector have a remote control sensor at the front and the back?
Yes, the D100 projector has a remote control sensor at the front and the back.
How easy is it to adjust the settings in the D100 projector?
Adjusting settings such as projection mode, zoom, vertical and horizontal correction, along with corner correction and keystone correction, are pretty easy to dial in.
Can I connect my phone or tablet to the D100 projector?
Yes, you can connect your phone or tablet to the D100 projector through either Wi-Fi or using an adapter.
How is the picture quality of D100 projector compared to a 4K TV?
The picture quality of the D100 projector may not be as sharp or possess as good a contrast as a 4K TV, but it provides a satisfactory quality for most viewers in optimal conditions.

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