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Review: pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 – Black/Grey(Twill)] – Unique blend of style, utility, and eco-consciousness

Unbox and review Pataka’s iPhone accessories, featuring unique design, sustainability, Magsafe compatibility, and user-friendliness... Read more

Review of 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'

Test of ‘pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 – Black/Grey(Twill)]’

4.3/5 - (753 votes)

Cena: $59.99


  • Lightweight design ensures easy handling
  • Bio-degradable packaging shows environmental responsibility
  • Magsafe compatibility adds to ease-of-use
  • Elegant carbon fiber weaves for stylish look
  • Offers practical minimalism with Mag-EZ Card Sleeve
  • Variety available for consumer preference
  • Detailed instructions for hassle-free setup


  • Limited drop protection due to thin design
  • Can potentially lose card sleeve
  • No ink on packaging makes reading hard
  • Reliant on Magsafe, limiting non-iPhone users
  • PU Leather on card sleeve isn’t genuine

“In my experience, Pataka has delivered exceptional products with the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve and Mag-EZ Cases for the iPhone 14 Pro. The attention to detail, unique design features, and top-notch functionality of these accessories genuinely impressed me. Plus, their commitment to sustainability with 100% biodegradable packaging is commendable. However, there were minor concerns about the magnetic strength when using the card sleeve – it’s something potential users might want to take note of. But overall, I feel that these products offer a unique blend of style, utility, and eco-consciousness that’s truly worth considering.”

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Brand pitaka
Color 600D Black/Grey (Twill)
Form Factor Bumper
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 14 Pro
Material Thermoplastic Elastomer


Welcoming a wide array of products from the renowned brand, Pataka, I found myself immersed in an eager anticipation to dive into their new tech accessories. Amid the haul, two distinctive items caught my attention—the Pataka Mag-EZ Card Sleeve and the Pataka Mag-EZ Case for the iPhone 14 Pro. Adding to the excitement was the variety in their line up, with the Mag-EZ cases offered in different weaves of fiber – 600D and 1500D.

Unboxing Pataka’s Products

In this evaluation session, the focus was solely on examining the new batch of Pataka’s offerings, and boy, did they offer an experience! Who could resist the anticipation of unboxing new tech accessories? Not me, that’s for sure.

An Exciting Haul from Pataka

Clad in eco-friendly packaging, Pataka’s product line suggested excellent build quality and a conscientious attention to even the minutest details. Beyond the products themselves, I was particularly interested in discovering how these products mingled with their intended devices – their functionality, compatibility, and ease of use.

So there I was, ready to explore the accessories suddenly abundant on my table. The session ahead was sure to be brimming with discoveries and assessments. Herein begins the tale of my assessment, as I sliced through the packaging and plummeted into a tech-filled abyss.

Review of 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'

Detailed Product Reviews

  • Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve uses magnetic technology
  • Mag-EZ Case for iPhone 14 Pro has a slim profile
  • Case offers two texture versions: 600D and 1500D

This section will delve into the specifics of each product, bringing to light their defining attributes, pros and cons, and individual features that distinguish them. Yet, owing to the unbiased nature necessary for comprehensive reviews, it’s also crucial to note any observed flaws or areas of improvement.

Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve In-Depth Review

Let’s begin with Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve 3. The product in question has a sleek, minimalist design that aligns flawlessly with its stated purpose – portability and practicality. It’s lightweight and boasts a compact form factor that is comfortable to handle.

The card sleeve uses magnetic technology to secure itself onto the back of your phone, protruding hardly any bulk. It’s surprisingly strong, remaining affixed even during vigorous shaking. However, it must be noted that the grip strength could, in theory, pose risks if the phone is slid into tight pockets or bags, applying shearing forces.

Pataka’s Mag-EZ Case for iPhone 14 Pro Analysis

Moving onto the Mag-EZ Case made for the iPhone 14 Pro – its defining feature is its slim profile . The case is meticulously designed, alluringly so in its simplicity.

Its aramid fiber construction has yielded an impressively lightweight case that doesn’t add any superfluous bulk to the phone. The matte pattern on the exterior holds an undeniable visual appeal. It feels sophisticated and sturdy to the touch. Demonstrating the Mag-EZ case’s flexibility suggests product longevity.

Moreover, the cutouts for the speakers, charging port, and side buttons are all precise, factoring in ease of use. The case also performs well in protecting the phone’s rear camera module, thanks to the raised lip around the lenses. However, the thinness of the case opens up a dialogue about how well the case would shield your device from significant impacts.

The Variations: Comparing the 600D and 1500D fiber versions

  • The case comes in different texture versions – 600D and 1500D. Apart from the obvious difference in the weave’s fineness, the cases offer an almost identical experience. However, it is noteworthy that the 1500D version seems to possess a slightly higher quality and felt nicer to touch.
  • It’s also noteworthy to address the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve’s compatibility. It works equally well with or without the Mag-EZ Case, extending its use to non-Pataka case users.

Summing up, Pataka’s offerings were found to uphold their promise of lightweight and slim designs. For the user who values aesthetics, comfort, and minimalist style over robust drop protection, these products have a compelling case to present.

Verdict: 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'

Packaging and Sustainability

  • Pataka uses 100% biodegradable packaging
  • Materials inside the case are recyclable
  • Pataka promotes less ink usage in packaging

One of the striking features that immediately caught my attention when interacting with the Pataka products was the packaging.

Eco-friendly Packaging

In a world where the outcry for environmentally friendly and sustainable practices is increasing day by day, it was so refreshing to see that Pataka is stepping up in this regard. The brand has paid remarkable attention to developing 100% biodegradable packaging for their products. The first thing you’ll notice about the packaging material is that it carries a unique feel. The texture of the boxes was this peculiar mix of what seems to be paper and plastic. But don’t get it twisted; these are not your everyday plastic packaging materials but a far more eco-friendly alternative.

Unmasking Pataka’s Sustainable Ethic

The pull towards sustainable production and eco-awareness is not just about the packaging. As I took a closer look at how the products were packaged, I found this indented text embossed onto the casing – no inks used. The words? ” Patacare. We care for our planet.” Reading this was nothing short of thrilling. Pataka shows genuine concern for the environment, something they’ve successfully brought to the fore in their packaging. Plus, it is evident in their decision to use less ink in their packaging, another environmental win.

Moving forward with unboxing, I found that the materials inside the case were also recyclable. While this attention to eco-friendly packaging may seem insignificant to some, it’s a noteworthy push in the right direction for the tech industry, leading as an admirable example.

In conclusion, Pataka’s eco-awareness shouldn’t be overlooked. Asides from delivering high-quality, slim, and functional phone cases and accessories, their drive towards sustainability in packaging is a reflection of a brand that truly cares about the world we live in.

Verdict: 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'

User Experience and Compatibility

  • Mag-EZ cases offer easy installation and removal
  • Strong Magsafe compatibility ensures secure card storage
  • Card sleeve is compatible with iPhone 14 Pro without case

In this section, I’ll dive into the user experience associated with the Pataka products, particularly the Mag-EZ cases for the iPhone 14 Pro and the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve. We’ll look at how easy they are to use, how well they have been designed to suit the user’s needs, and how compatible they are with the iPhone series.

Ease of Use

The first thing you notice with the Mag-EZ cases is how perfectly they fit the iPhone 14 Pro. It’s as if they become part of the phone itself, offering a streamlined, sleek appeal that doesn’t bulk up your device. You barely notice the case is there, making the experience of using the iPhone more enjoyable.

Installation is simple. The case slides smoothly onto the iPhone, snapping into place with minimal effort. The removal process is equally effortless – just a simple case of pulling at one of the corners, and the iPhone slides out easily. There is no struggle involved, and there isn’t any chance of damaging the phone or the case during this process.

Magsafe Compatibility

One of the standout features of the Mag-EZ iPhone 14 Pro cases is their Magsafe compatibility. On placing the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve on the back of the case, you instantly notice the strong magnetic attraction. It sticks securely, giving the user confidence in the product’s reliability.

What might blow you away about this card sleeve, though, is its strength in terms of magnetic pull. Its magnet seems more powerful than what you’d experience with other cases, including Apple’s Magsafe wallet. It doesn’t just slide off or fall off – you really need to intentionally pull or twist it to detach it from the case’s back.

Of course, just like any other product, you still need to handle it with care. If you pull it out of your pocket, do so consciously, ensuring you don’t accidentally detach the magnetic card sleeve. Overall, you have the assurance that your cards are safe and secure at the back of your iPhone, all thanks to Pataka’s strong magnets.


On a final note, the card sleeve’s compatibility isn’t limited to the cases alone. It adheres to the back of the iPhone 14 Pro just as well even without the case. Meaning, you can roll without the case and still have your cards safely tucked at the back of your device.

Expose on 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'

Exploring Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve

  • Mag-EZ Card Sleeve magnetically attaches to phone case
  • Has stronger magnet strength than Apple’s Magsafe Wallet
  • Can hold multiple cards with ease

Now, the Mag-EZ card sleeve deserved its own highlight within the range of Pataka’s products I had the chance to review. In this section, I’m going to share my unbiased experience with the product.

The Card Sleeve’s User-Friendliness

My first impression of the card sleeve? A lot more substantial than I’d expected. Its substantial sizing left me curious to test its true capabilities.

Upon unboxing, it came across as straightforward in use. Getting down to using it, I realized it gracefully complements the phone case. The sleeve magnetically attaches to the case, eliminating risks associated with it falling off. You’d need to twist it off intentionally to disengage it, which strikes me as a handy design feature.

Comparing the Magsafe magnet strength

After using it for a while, I compared it with Apple’s Magsafe Wallet. In all honesty, Pataka’s seems like it has a stronger magnet strength. This was quite evident in how securely it latched onto the case. However, it’s important to point out that when pulling it out of your pocket, you might have to exercise a bit of caution to avoid dislodging it.

While I didn’t have a credit card handy during this review, I tested it using a wet wipe pack. The pack slid in smoothly, and there was additional room to fit another card or two. A practical illustration of the product’s card-holding capacity. The PU leather carried an authentic leather smell, which added to the premium feel of the sleeve.

All in all, the Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve is an innovative accessory that aims to simplify how you carry your essential cards. If you’re looking for a minimalist approach to your everyday carry, this might be worth considering.

Do Remember: Don’t trust my word blindly, always check out other reviews, compare prices, and make an informed buying decision accordingly. Happy shopping!

Thoughts on 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'

Style, Design and Durability

  • Pataka’s Mag-EZ cases have unique, durable designs
  • Mag-EZ cases feature carbon fiber weave and PU leather finishes
  • Cases provide minimal protection, but are scratch-resistant

What really stood out to me about Pataka’s range of Mag-EZ cases and card sleeves was their arresting designs and evident durability. It’s no easy task to produce something that is as pleasing aesthetically as it is enduring, yet these products seemed to meet both factors with ease.

Examining the Design

Each Mag-EZ case from Pataka possesses a unique design that adds an individualized touch to the iPhone 14 Pro. One features a traditional carbon-fiber race weave design, while the other showcases a finely knit carbon fiber weave, giving it a sleek and clean look. Similarly, the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve boasts of a PU leather finish, lending it a premium feel, despite not being traditional leather.

But the standout for me was the third case with a distinct stripe design weaved into the fabric, adding an impressive pop of color. The emphasis on craftsmanship and dedication to detail was evident in each product, more so in this case. This is something which, in my opinion, sets Pataka apart in the realm of iPhone accessories.

Putting the Cases to the Test

Durability and Protection

Despite their thin frame, the cases surprised me with their noteworthy durability. I ran a quick flex test and was pleased to note the cases were quite resilient and would probably cope well with an accidental drop or two. However, the level of protection these cases offer is minimal due to their thin design. I would advise not to rely solely on the case to protect the phone from serious impact. Add a screen protector instead for comprehensive protection.

Scratch Resistance

I was equally impressed with how the cases seem prepared to deal with scratches. The detailed weave design in the case’s finish seems like it would effectively deflect scratches, keeping the cases looking new and clean for longer. However, only prolonged usage can confirm the case’s true resistance against scratches.

To sum it up, the design, style, and durability of Pataka’s Mag-EZ cases and card sleeve balance form and function effortlessly, providing a satisfactory user experience that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics or sustainability.

Estimate of 'pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 - Black/Grey(Twill)]'


To wrap it all up, I was highly pleased with the overall experience of using and testing Pataka’s products. But remember, while I am sharing my insights, it’s important to consider that everyone’s experience may differ based on their personal preferences and usage patterns. Here’s a condensed view of my experience:

Mag-EZ Card Sleeve

First and foremost, the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve. I was pleasantly surprised by the strong magnetic connection it had with the iPhone. For someone who values both style and function, this card sleeve is a brilliant choice. It’s minimalistic, feels premium and can securely hold your cards. Despite being PU leather, it retains a classy aesthetic. However, some people may not prefer synthetic leather, and it’s also noteworthy to remain careful when pulling it out of the pocket to avoid accidentally detaching it.

Mag-EZ Case for iPhone 14 Pro

Coming to the Mag-EZ Case for iPhone 14 Pro. I was stunned by the sheer lightness and thinness of these cases. They genuinely felt like they were almost not there, giving a great in-hand feel of the iPhone. All cases provided some degree of comfort and protection, while maintaining the accessibility to all ports and buttons.

In terms of design, each has its unique appeal. Those preferring traditional carbon fiber weave might lean towards the 600D, but if you’re someone who tends to lean towards more uniqueness, the 1500D offers that with its fine weave design and a splash of color for a standout look. Do remember, these are ultra-thin cases, so if your need leans heavily on robust protection, you might want to explore other options.

Sustainability Aspect

One of the most commendable aspects I experienced was the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The 100% biodegradable packaging is clearly a step in the right direction towards eco-consciousness. In a world where plastic waste is a challenging problem, this is a feature I would definitely applaud Pataka for.

As an endnote, I would recommend these Pataka products for anyone desiring lightweight, minimalistic cases and functional card sleeves. The points I’ve provided are based on objective analysis and personal experience, and I hope they aid you in making an informed decision.

Should you buy the ‘pitaka Case for iPhone 14 Pro [MagEZ Case 3 – Black/Grey(Twill)]’?

Buy it if…

You care about sustainability

Pataka’s packaging is 100% biodegradable, making it a great choice for eco-conscious consumers.

You need something slim and lightweight

Pataka’s products are incredibly lightweight and ultra-thin, making them handy for those who dislike bulkiness.

You want variety

With unique aesthetics for each case, you can choose one that fits your personal style.

Don’t buy it if…

You have trust issues with magnets

The card sleeve relies on magnetic attachment, which might not sit well with you if you’re worried about losing your cards.

You prefer true leather products

The card sleeve is made of PU leather, which may not be ideal if you’re seeking real leather.

You’re expecting high drop protection

Since these cases are ultra-thin, they might not offer the highest level of drop protection.


Are the Pataka’s Mag-EZ cases compatible with iPhone 14 Pro?
Yes, the Pataka’s Mag-EZ cases are designed to fit the iPhone 14 Pro.
What is the weight of the Pataka’s Mag-EZ case for iPhone 14 Pro?
The Mag-EZ case for the iPhone 14 Pro weighs approximately 0.66 ounces.
What is unique about Pataka’s product packaging?
The packaging is made of 100% biodegradable materials, contributing to eco-conservation.
How many card slots does the Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve have?
The Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve has two slots for cards.
Is the Mag-EZ Card Sleeve compatible without the case?
Yes, the Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve uses the Magsafe magnets and can stick without the case.
What is the material of the Pataka’s Mag-EZ Card Sleeve?
The card sleeve is made of PU leather.
What does the 600D and 1500D on the cases mean?
The 600D and 1500D refer to the type of fiber woven into each case.
Is it recommended to use a screen protector with the Pataka’s Mag-EZ case?
Yes, it is recommended to use a screen protector with the case for additional screen protection.

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