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Review: Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape – Efficient, budget-friendly and versatile mini label printer

Review of the innovative and user-friendly Faux Memo P12 mini printer... Read more

Review of Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

Test of Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

4.2/5 - (322 votes)

Cena: $26.99


  • Highly affordable price point
  • Variety of color options for labels
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Ease of changing cartridges
  • Long-lasting AAA batteries
  • App provides comprehensive control on printing


  • Requires AAA batteries instead of rechargeable
  • Printing capabilities limited by software
  • Lacks barcode and photo printing functions

“In my honest opinion, the Faux Memo P12 stands out as an efficient and budget-friendly mini label printer. Its lightweight design, combined with the vast color options, makes it a versatile choice. Although the reliance on AAA batteries and some limitations compared to other Faux memo models can be a slight letdown, the remarkable affordability and core functionality of the P12 simply cannot be overlooked. For those seeking an affordable yet effective mini label maker, the P12 might just be an ideal option.”

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Brand Goknu
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Bluetooth
Color Green
Model Name P12-GN-1PK-U-PM
Printer Output Monochrome
Operating System Android,Ios
Item Weight 0.39 Pounds
Product Dimensions 4.48″D x 4.8″W x 2.67″H


Remember when we checked out the smart mini label printer, the Faux Memo D30? Yeah, that little machine that amazed us all with its ability to generate tidy labels, marking our world with personalized prints. Well, there’s something new on the horizon that we’re going to explore – a more affordable, perhaps more compact mini printer from the same innovative company, Faux Memo.

Smart Mini Label Printer Revisited: The Faux Memo D30

You may recall the D30 as a practical, nifty gadget, essential for the discerning organizer, whether for labeling everyday household items or even for small business owners using it for labeling merchandise. It was a great demonstration of how simple technology, seamlessly integrating with our smartphones over Bluetooth, could add significant convenience to our everyday lives. Moreover, the price point of around $35 made the D30 an attractive proposition for many.

Unleashing the Affordable Mini Printer: The P12

Today, we’re venturing into arguably more affordable territory with Faux Memo’s newest addition – The P12. Yes, it’s another mini label printer just like the D30, but the makers have somehow managed to squeeze it down to an even more pocket-friendly price point of $19, which definitely piques interest. Of course, with the lower price comes a few trade-offs, and we will dive into those in detail as we proceed. So, let’s get cracking and explore what this next-generation mini label maker has in store for us!

Probe of Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

General Specifications

  • P12 label maker’s impressively affordable at $19
  • Operates on AAA batteries for energy efficiency
  • Supports 18 colors for label customization

Now where do I start with this? A lot of the value of this tiny gadget known as the P12 label maker comes from its intelligent design and some truly impressive specs. This is where it gets interesting folks, so buckle up.

The Pocket-friendly Price Point: A Big Wow

Now one thing you’ll love is the price. At just 19 bucks, the P12 label maker is possibly the most affordable device on the label-making scene. It’s a bargain, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a great bargain? However, let’s not get carried away. With such an economical price tag, we must stay critical and assess if the product justifies its cost, or leaves a lot to be desired.

Power Source? Oh, It’s Triple A Batteries This Time!

This is where they trimmed the fat to keep the price point low. Instead of a rechargeable built-in battery used in higher-end models, the P12 relies on AAA batteries. Luckily, it’s quite energy-efficient. You can also use rechargeable AAA batteries, although these aren’t included in the box. A slight inconvenience, yet it adds to the affordability of this device.

Wonderful Color Options to Suit Your Fancy

The P12 shines when it comes to customization. It supports thermal transfer printing and offers up to 18 colors for labels. That’s right, you can print in vivid blacks, whites, and everything else in between, on up to three lines of text! If variation is what you’re looking for, this mini label maker delivers.

The applications, you ask? Think storage and organization, gardening, document classification, clothing customization, and more. Whether you’re a small seller looking to label your merchandise or a creative individual wanting to turn everyday objects into personalized artifacts, this tool has a lot to offer. Let’s move ahead and take a closer look at its design.

Perspective: Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

Design & Appearance

  • Faux Memo P12 Printer is compact and lightweight
  • Design includes a peek-a-boo window for tape check
  • Equipped with rubber feet to prevent sliding

Upon unboxing, the Faux Memo P12 Mini Printer caught my eye with its compact and lightweight features. This little gadget isn’t just a thing of beauty; its form also lends functionality.

Say Hello to Compactness and Lightweight

One of the first things you notice about the P12 is its size. The device sports a mobile, manageable dimension that easily fits into a backpack or purse. So whether you’re at the office or on the move, this pocket-sized printer is always ready to meet your labeling needs. Its lightweight build, constructed out of polycarbonate plastic, adds to the device’s portable allure.

A Cute Little Peek-a-boo Window

Moving on from its dimensions, the design takes a playful yet practical turn. With a front-face window, the P12 allows you to peek through and assess how much tape you’ve got left for printing. An additional cutout is placed where your text will emerge. This feature makes monitoring your printing tasks almost like second nature, eliminating any guesswork.

No More Sliding Problem: Rubber Feet to the Rescue

Moving down to its base, the printer is fitted with rubber feet. This might seem a trifling feature, but its impact is significant. With these, the printer downsizes the likelihood of sliding off a table or any surface on which the device is placed. An unexpected slip can disrupt your printing process, but this thoughtful detail keeps your printing steady and your labels perfect.

In conclusion, the P12’s design and appearance beautifully merge style with usability. Its compact framework doesn’t compromise on functionality, and the subtle details in its construction significantly aid in providing a seamless, trouble-free user experience. However, we should note the potential durability concerns due to its lightweight plastic build. But at its price point, it’s a tradeoff that might be worth considering.

Perspective: Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

Cartridges: The Core

  • Cartridges are central to mini printers’ functionality
  • Simple process for changing cartridges on Faux Memo P12
  • Refills available in various colors

Who says something as mundane as a cartridge can’t be exciting? In the world of mini printers, it’s all about the cartridges – the part that practically makes the magic happen.

Changing Cartridges: Simple as ABC

Swapping out cartridges on the Faux Memo P12 is as easy as pie. The top lid pops open – just pry it gently and voila – there lies the slot for the cartridge. Almost thoughtless in design yet efficient in function, making free from any fumbling or fuss usually associated with changing cartridges in traditional printers. Nonetheless, clear visual or written instructions in the manual for first-time users wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Refills? No Problem At All

Don’t worry about running out because the P12 doesn’t leave you high and dry. The standard cartridge included is of 12 millimeters by 4 millimeters – efficient for day-to-day use. But here’s the fun part – the refills !

Available for just a few bucks, these tiny powerful cartridges come in various colors. From an eye-catching Avocado Green to the fresh ocean blue or the warm ‘Sakura Pink’ and even a vibrant ‘Fresh Yellow’ – you’ve got plenty of choices to fit your style and mood. Remember, it’s the backdrop of the sticker that gets printed. However, I could not find detailed information on exactly how long each cartridge is supposed to last. It could be beneficial if the company could provide a rough estimate based on average use.

The cartridges do more than just serve a functional role – together with the inexpensive refills and array of options, they indeed form the core of this little label maker.

Evaluating Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

Battery Space & Phone App Connect

  • P12 powered by AAA batteries for energy efficiency
  • Device uses Print Master app for label customization

So, let’s get to one of the remarkable aspects of P12 – the use of batteries. Yes, it’s a significant departure from its sibling. A glance at its pedigree, the Faux Memo D30, reveals a rechargeable battery, but the P12? It’s powered by AAA batteries.

AAA Batteries: The Promises of Long Life

For some, slotting in AAA batteries into this smart mini label printer might seem like a step backward. Yet, there are dynamics to consider. The P12’s reliance on AAA batteries, all six slots of them, could surprisingly promise a decent battery life. It’s pitched as an energy-efficient device. Even with single-use batteries, you’d only think about replacing them after a good couple of months.

The lack of a built-in rechargeable battery is likely a cost-cutting measure, enabling the device to be sold at a more affordable price point. And let’s not forget, you can always opt to use rechargeable AAA batteries. It’s a flexible, open choice for a wider range of consumers.

Bluetooth Interaction: Print Master App at Your Fingertips

We shall now peer into the P12’s interactivity feature – the Print Master app, an app that caters to most of Faux Memo’s mini printers. This is where things become interesting.

Just like its predecessor, the P12 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Then begins your journey with the print master app, where you can personalize the labels with incredible ease.

Once connected, you’ll quickly find how to create labels to suit your taste, thanks to a slew of useful features: by merely tapping on the plus symbol, you’re already on your way to create your label hassle-free. Those borders you’ve always fancied or the preferred text or stickers – the Print Master app allows you to create to your heart’s content.

Overall, P12’s power options and software connectivity are adequate and efficient. They share a critical role in providing an effective, satisfying user experience. Nonetheless, there’s always room for improvement, especially in giving more freedom and options to the users.

Estimate of Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

Printing Experience

  • P12 printer provides extensive creative control
  • Print Master app offers varied text, sticker options
  • P12’s printing quality might not match professional label makers

As I began to navigate through the printing intricacies of the P12, what stood out to me was the sense of control it accorded me. This experience was like a creative expedition with Print Master as my guide.

Creating Stickers: Endless Adventures with Print Master

With just a simple click on the plus symbol in the Print Master app, I plunged into a world of limitless possibilities – a world where creativity meets technology. The app allowed me to add various borders, incorporate different texts, and even include stickers. I was handed the canvas with treatment to engineer borders and select text or a sticker. The wide array of default options, inclusive of emojis and an extensive collection of themes ranging from weather to stationery, made the process both interesting and dynamic.

Paper Ink or Plastic Film? Let’s find out…

After printing, I noticed a covering film instead of the paper ink I’m familiar with. This was an interesting twist as the printed text becomes visible only after you peel off this film. Result? A crisp, high-contrast text that was instantly dry and ready for application. Additionally, each print’s reverse side functions as a sticker, so you can easily adhere it to your desired surface.

From Adjusting Font Size to Tinkering with Spacing: Total Control at Your Fingers

Print Master didn’t stop at just offering varied text and sticker options. The app further enticed me with a variety of formatting and styling tools. I found myself adjusting not just the font size, but also experimenting with the text spacing and even the alignment. What I appreciated the most was that each change gave a real-time preview, enabling me to create the perfect label or sticker without any guesswork involved. Whether I was aiming for a casual or sporty vibe, it was all just a matter of few taps and tweaks.

Note :

While the intuitive and interactive interface makes P12 a fun gadget, the printing quality might not be at par with some professional label makers out there. It’s always important to weigh your needs before making a purchasing decision.

Survey of Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape

P12 Vs. The Rest of Faux memos

  • P12 printer limited to text and sticker printing
  • Limitations potentially unlockable through software update

When it comes to mini printer options offered by Faux memo, P12 certainly stands on its economical pedestal. But as the famous saying goes – you get what you pay for, let’s delve into understanding what the P12 misses out on, as compared to its counterparts.

Hit the Brakes: A Look at the P12’s Limitations

Printing Capabilities: Despite being a solid performer in its own right, one immediate limitation I observed with the P12 lies in its printing capabilities. While the D30 impressed me with its ability to print out barcodes, QR codes, and even images, I was a bit disappointed to find out that P12’s software restricts it to simpler tasks like text and sticker printing. This may not be a deal-breaker for everyone, but it’s definitely a consideration if you’re looking for a bit more versatility in your mini printer.

Software Vs. Hardware: A Friendly Tug-of-War

Is it just about software limitations? Or does the hardware come into the picture too? Curious, I dove deeper. Upon digging, it turns out that the difference is more related to the software rather than the hardware. Both P12 and D30 are similar in built, with the main difference being the rechargeable battery in D30.

One could argue that the P12’s limitation is quite calculated on Faux memo’s part. By strategically restricting some printing features on the more affordable P12, they have managed to make their higher-priced models seem more appealing, offering more printing options.

But here’s the twist: These limitations can potentially be unlocked through a software update! Ideally, there’s no substantial difference between printing a barcode and a text. So, it’s plausible that if the company decides, they could release a software update that allows the P12 to do more than just print text and stickers. Keep your eyes peeled on that space!

View of Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape


Well, there you have it, folks. We’ve taken a close look at the Faux Memo P12, a budget mini label printer that claims to offer a degree of convenience and simplicity. Assessment? Let’s get down to it.

Firstly, it was truly outstanding to see such affordability and compactness rolled into one. Pairing a price tag of $19 with a lightweight design? That works wonders in appealing to anyone from small store owners to gardeners needing handy labelling.

Connecting to it was pretty smooth with Bluetooth, and the free Print Master application further broadened the user experience, allowing the creation of personalized stickers at will. Multiple configuration options? Yes, please.

The P12’s use of AAA batteries was slightly surprising, and frankly, it was a bit of a downer that rechargeable batteries didn’t come included. Not necessarily a deal-breaker, but worth noting nonetheless.

A blessing came in the form of multiple colour options for labels and easy cartridge replacement. This versatility was such a plus to the overall experience, be it for personal uses or business applications.

But is it all rosy?

Not entirely. The P12 couldn’t print barcodes, QR codes, or photos — a feature its sibling, the D30, had. I found this a bit baffling, as this difference lay more within software, rather than hardware limitations.

Wrapping it up, the Faux Memo P12 has a lot to offer, especially given its price point. It has some shortcomings for sure, and there’s potential for improvement. But if you’re after an affordable, no-frills label printer that gets the job done — this just might be for you.

As always, remember these are just observations based on my experience. You should always do your homework before making any purchase decision.

Should you buy the Phomemo Label Makers, P12 Label Maker Machine with Tape?

Buy it if…

You want an affordable mini label printer

At only $19 the P12 from Faux Memo offers a budget-friendly option for your labeling needs.

You are looking for customization options

With the P12, you can personalize your labels using a smartphone app. You can adjust font size, add borders, and more.

You need a portable device

The P12 is lightweight, compact, and powered by batteries, making it easy to carry and use anywhere.

Don’t buy it if…

You don’t want to frequently replace batteries

The P12 uses triple A batteries to operate, and it doesn’t come with rechargeable ones, which means you might need to replace them often.

You need advanced printing options

The P12 is limited in terms of software capabilities. Unlike its counterparts, it doesn’t support barcode, QR code, or photo printing.

You are looking for a printer with built-in battery

The P12 doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery, so if this is a key factor for you, you might want to consider other options.


What are the key differences between Faux Memo D30 and P12 printers?
The main differences are that P12 is more affordable and uses AAA batteries to operate rather than a built-in rechargeable battery in the D30 model. Also, there are a few limitations on what can be printed.
What are the overall dimensions and weight of the P12?
The review doesn’t mention the specific dimensions or weight of the P12 printer but mentions that it is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry around.
What color options are supported by the P12 mini printer?
The P12 supports up to 18 different colors for the labels. They also offer several fun color options for the background of the stickers such as avocado green, ocean blue, sakura pink, and fresh yellow.
How does the P12 connect to my smartphone?
The P12 connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. After connecting, you can personalize what you want to print using the Print Master app.
Can I print barcodes, QR codes, or pictures with the P12?
No, the ability to print barcodes, QR codes, and pictures is a limitation of the P12. This model is essentially a label maker and has been purposefully limited in this way despite the hardware theoretically supporting these features.
Is it easy to change the cartridges in the P12?
Yes, changing cartridges is a simple process. All you need to do is open the top lid of the printer, and you can easily swap out the cartridges.
Is there a limitation to what P12 can print?
Yes, the functions of P12 are somewhat watered down compared to the D30 model and larger mini thermal printers from Faux Memo. The P12 model seems to lack the ability to print barcodes or QR codes or photos.

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