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Review: Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer – Offers fun and utility in pocket-sized package

Explore the efficient, versatile, and affordable Faux Memo D30 smart mini label maker with limitless customization... Read more

Review of Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer

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Test of Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer

4.4/5 - (2441 votes)

Cena: $77.99


  • Affordable price point
  • Compact and user-friendly design
  • Easy setup and use
  • High level of customization
  • Fast and clear printing
  • Seamless App connectivity
  • Pro mode offers extended features


  • Charging port is micro-USB, not USB Type-C
  • Different tape sizes may cause confusion
  • Over-sized font may lead to wastage

“After thoroughly exploring and testing the Faux Memo D30, I must say, it’s an impressive little gadget. Its design is compact and user-friendly, the setup process is simple, and the customization options are seemingly endless. The companion app offers an intuitive user experience, with a light mode for basic tasks and a pro mode for more creative ones. The quality of the printed labels is sharp and clear, whether you’re printing text or more complex symbols and barcodes. Whether you’re considering it for personal use or for business, the Faux Memo D30 proves itself to be a worthwhile investment, offering both fun and utility in one pocket-sized package.”

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Brand Phomemo
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature ①Finish Bluetooth connection in Print Master APP ②Please select correct label sizes name in APP before editing
Color White
Model Name D30
Printer Output Monochrome
Item Weight 160 Grams
Product Dimensions 2.97″D x 5.16″W x 1.14″H
Controller Type Android,iOS


Welcome all, to today’s closer look at a miniature marvel in the world of label making – the Faux Memo D30. This is not just any label maker, but a smart mini label maker engineered to ease your everyday labeling needs. It is small, compact, and carries a price tag of about 35 bucks, making it an affordable gadget that packs a lot of punch.

1.1 Meeting the Faux Memo D30: A Pocket-sized Smart Label Maker

The Faux Memo D30 is a fun little tool that caught my attention due to its smart features and mini size. With capabilities like thermal printing tape, its promise of custom-made labels for decoration or organization sounded intriguing. It’s its ability to connect to a companion app via Bluetooth, available for both iOS and Android that really impressed me. The thought of typing or doodling on my phone and having it printed instantly as a label or price tag was especially appealing.

Diving Deeper into the Specs: Affordable But Packed Full of Features

Being especially intrigued by its ability to print in two-line labels, generate QR codes, barcodes, and other symbols, I had high expectations for this small tool. The Faux Memo D30 offers a reasonably good printing speed of 60 millimeters per second and boasts a resolution of 203 dpi. Equipped with customizable tapes, I could also play around with different colored backgrounds. For a price tag less than $50, these features seemed quite robust.

Despite its many impressive features, I would suggest not to let the price and novelty factors cloud your judgment. The real question is whether this tiny gadget can live up to the promise of its specs? Well, I dived deep into my hands-on experience to give you an unbiased review of the Faux Memo D30.

Examination of Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer

Unboxing & Design

  • Faux Memo D30 comes with charging cable and tape samples
  • Device is compact, minimalist and includes convenient design elements
  • Design focus on aesthetic appeal and label creation functionality

Unboxing any new product can be excitably intriguing, and the Faux Memo D30 didn’t disappoint. As we dive into what’s inside the box, we’re met with the star of the show – the D30 label maker itself, snug in its packaging. Alongside it, some extra goodies—a quick start guide, a micro-USB charging cable, and three sample tape rolls, each with a distinct personality, varying from a crisp white to a warm yellow shade.

First Impressions

The initial charm of the D30 undoubtedly lies in its petite and compact form. There’s a minimalist feel to the white-colored version we have on hand, almost giving it a ‘cute’ appeal. The label maker measures almost pocket-sized compared to an average smartphone.

A closer look at design elements

While aesthetics play a vital role, functionality takes the crown here. Alongside its simplicity, the D30 houses a sole power key at the base, a status LED light, and a top panel for label expulsion, all wrapped neatly within a compact casing.

On the rear side, we encounter the micro USB port for charging and a slot for a lanyard strap. We can’t undermine the growing popularity of USB Type-C and even though it’s missing here, keeping the price in perspective, it’s not a major deal-breaker.

Interior design

The innards of the D30 embrace innovation with a door-like opening, housing the adhesive cartridge. The intriguing glittery golden texture of the tape combined with an assortment of others makes for fascinating print output.

All facts considered, the Faux Memo D30 proves to have been carefully designed keeping user needs at center stage, be it the compact size for easy portability or the convenient layout of the different elements.


Aside from design praise for the D30, it almost feels like the device could have ventured away from micro-USB to adapt a more current USB Type-C for better compatibility with the newest tech gadgets. But again, given the low price range, it might not be a huge miss for many. Ultimately, the design still stands strong with its aesthetic appeal and smart features while focusing on its core functionality—creating awesome labels!

Report: Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer


  • D30 offers easy setup and connectivity
  • Customizable features enhance label-making versatility
  • Compact D30 prints fast, high-quality labels

With performance playing a vital role in my overall experience with the Faux Memo D30, I had certain expectations before diving in. I anticipated a smooth setup with a decent turn-around time for creating labels. I had reservations about how it would handle diverse tasks, especially given its size. So, was my experience in line with these expectations? Let’s dive in!

From Setup to Actual Use: Quick and Easy

Setting up the D30 was straightforward. Within the box, the enclosed Quick Start Guide provided clear, step-by-step instructions. With the nifty thermal printing tape and the machine’s easy connectivity (Micro USB), setup was a breeze. Despite my initial scepticism due to its modest purchase price, this little machine performs flawlessly connecting via Bluetooth to iOS and Android. However, I must mention, it would be nice if the makers modernized the charging input with USB Type-C rather than Micro USB. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a deal-breaker, but the upgrade certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Exploring the Customization Options: Limitless Possibilities

When seeing the word ‘customization’ with a label maker, I assume a good number of edit features, but the D30 takes it to the next level. It lets you edit fonts, add time-stamps, populate special symbols, and even choose paper types, making it a versatile choice one could really appreciate.

Speed & Resolution: Fast and Clear

Now, this is where the D30 triumphs. Despite its compact size, it prints swiftly at a satisfying 60 millimeters per second. The printed labels came out clear, with a DPI resolution of 203, resulting in legible and high-quality output. My slight criticism here would be the inability to adjust the DPI. It didn’t pose a problem in my use, but the option would be beneficial for more detail-oriented tasks.

Overall, despite a few opportunities for enhancement, the D30 delivered stellar performance in a small package. It not only met but also exceeded my expectation, proving itself as a handy companion for both personal and small business use.

Assessment of Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer

The Companion App

  • Print Master app provides easy printer connection
  • ‘Light mode’ for basics, ‘pro mode’ for advanced features

Connecting to the Print Master App: A Seamless Experience

The Print Master app literally forms the backbone interaction with the Faux Memo D30. Upon installing the app, I found linking it up to the printer to be quite simple. The app hitches up to your phone’s Bluetooth and identifies the mini printer nearby almost in an instant. The requirements for location services could be a slight hiccup for more privacy-concerned users, but I found it generally harmless to the overall experience.

Navigating the Light Mode: For the Basic Needs

The app facilitates a ‘light mode’ interface which is super easy to maneuver. It handholds you through a brief tutorial on label editing, text placement, direction of the tape, creating multiple copies, and finally printing. I felt free to explore text attributes such as font size, alignment, text fonts, and even adding date stamps. It was pretty much a cakewalk using it because of its well-crafted intuitive design.

Unlocking more Features with the Pro Mode: A Creator’s Dream

However, if you’re feeling a bit frisky and want to go beyond the basics, the app offers a ‘pro mode,’ where the doors of endless creative opportunities are opened. I found the ability to generate barcodes, QR codes, small pictures, borders, and different shapes to be truly remarkable. It even let me create Excel-like grids, to my surprise!

My advice:
  • Start with the ‘light mode’ if you are just getting started with label creation.
  • Migrate to ‘pro mode’ once you get a hang of the basics and want to explore more to make the most out of your Faux Memo D30.

In conclusion, my experience with the companion app was a breeze, functionality-wise. It felt built for users of all levels – a true gem for both the novice and the more experienced creator. However, the mandatory location services could be seen as an area of improvement. But overall, the app ensures that utilizing the Faux Memo D30 becomes an enjoyable task rather than a daunting one.

Probe of Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer

Printing Quality & Options

  • Printer operates quickly and with clear output
  • Prints are immediately dry and smudge-free
  • Device performs well across different tape options

So, as I mentioned earlier, the Faux Memo D30 gives you a lot of flexibility on the printing front. But, what’s the quality like, you ask? Well, let’s hop into it.

Hands-on Test: Printing Text Labels

I started out by typing in a simple “Hello World”. I was aiming to check a couple of things – speed, legibility, and alignment, mainly. I set the font to the smallest size possible, and here’s what I found:

  • The printer worked impressively fast, spitting out my tiny label in just a few moments. There was no lag or hesitation. It was just print and go !
  • The print came out super clear . Even with the smallest font size, every letter, every curve – all of it was legible.
  • Last, the alignment was spot-on . It was nice and centered, just like I’d set it in the app.

A Coat of Many Colors: Printing on Different Colored Tapes

Feeling confident, I shook things up a bit and decided to switch tapes. I swapped in the clear/white tape, curious to see how our mini-printer would handle it. Oh, boy – did it surprise me! The result was a same clear quality text print, but without a background color. So, if I stuck it on, say, a pink or a blue paper, the background of the image would become pink or blue. Pretty neat if you ask me!

Diving into the Details: Examining the Print Quality

Finally, I delved into the nitty-gritty of the print quality. I was an impartial judge here, scrutinizing everything closely. The printed text, to my delight, was instantly dry . No smear, no smudge – just instantly ready to be used. The labels, all adhesive, stuck well and securely on surfaces. Even on thorough examination, I must say, the labels looked quite good.

In conclusion, Faux Memo D30 does a solid job on the printing front. With its fast print speed, multiple tape options, and excellent clarity and quality, it stands out as a handy, efficient, and versatile tool. Well, that’s in my books. Whether it impresses you as much as it did me, that’s your call to make!

Thoughts on Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer

The Faux Memo D30 as a Versatile Tool

  • Faux Memo D30 is versatile for personal and business use
  • Enables creative decorations, organizing, and label making
  • Effortlessly creates price tags and barcodes for businesses

One of the things that really stood out while using the Faux Memo D30 is the breadth of its versatility. This little gadget seemed to adjust well to both personal and business usage. Let’s see how it managed to cover a broad spectrum of applications.

Personal Use: Fun Decorations and Organizing Made Easy

The Faux Memo D30 can genuinely make organizing and decorating efforts so much more fun. Its ability to print on tapes of variable colors and textures opens up a realm of creativity. For instance, white labels on blue tapes can give any organizing job a quirky touch. Additionally, the labels are adhesive, meaning they can easily be stuck onto various surfaces. This feature turned sorting things around the house from a chore into an enjoyable task. The convenience of Bluetooth connectivity ensured the process was seamless and the device was portable enough to move around with ease.

For Business Use: Creating Price Tags and Barcodes Effortlessly

On the business side of things, the Faux Memo D30 does not disappoint. Small businesses can greatly benefit from its ability to effortlessly create Price Tags and Barcodes. This feature becomes especially handy for businesses dealing in physical goods. For instance, businesses could use it to create labels for organizing inventory or printing QR codes or barcodes. The end-result is highly legible and instantly dry labels which can readily adhere to different surfaces.

But it’s not just about the end result. The process matters too. From the perspective of a new user, the companion app was fairly easy to navigate; even the Pro mode, with its countless features and settings, didn’t feel intimidating. The learning curve was relatively smooth considering the wide array of functionalities offered.

The label maker did have room for improvement though. The use of a micro USB for charging felt a little dated. USB type C would be a more contemporary choice. Nonetheless, when considering the price point, this minor drawback takes a backseat, and does not deter the overall user-experience.

Whether for personal use or for a small business, the Faux Memo D30 brings in more than just practicality – it infuses fun into the mundane tasks. Now, who wouldn’t enjoy organizing a little more when you have such an adorable, efficient little helper?

Breakdown of Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer


In wrapping up, the Faux Memo D30 smart mini label maker indeed delivers an interesting and surprisingly pleasant experience. Its compact design and affordable price tag make it quite accessible, and its user-friendly nature ensures that anybody can jump right in and start creating, whether for business or personal use.

Wrap up: The Small but Mighty Faux Memo D30

Given its size, there’s no denying how impressive the Faux Memo D30’s performance is. From an easy setup to a smooth printing experience, it does its job well. Customization options provided through the companion app highlight its versatility, accommodating needs from basic text labels to more complex creations like barcodes. However, one small niggle would be the device’s reliance on MicroUSB for charging; a switch to USB Type-C would have been more current and helpful.

Final Verdict: A Worthwhile Investment for Fun and Business Needs

In terms of fun decorations or organizing your household items, the Faux Memo D30 has got you covered. And it’s not just for personal use. Small businesses can definitely benefit from it, especially when it comes to creating price tags or even barcodes, making it a practical tool for commercial settings as well.

Ultimately, the Faux Memo D30 is a handy device that does what it promises and does it well. Sure, there are some aspects that could be improved, but the overall performance and the value you get for your money make it a worthy consideration.

Should you buy the Phomemo Label Maker Machine, D30 1/2 Inch Bluetooth Portable Label Printer?

Buy it if…

You need a compact labeling solution

The Faux Memo D30 is almost pocket-sized, making it a super handy tool for business and personal use.

You would like affordable customization

With interchangeable colored tapes and a companion app full of customization options like different fonts, symbols, and barcodes, this device gives you control at a reasonable price.

You appreciate quick and easy-to-dry prints

It prints at 60 millimeters per second with a 203 dpi resolution, and the prints dry instantly for immediate use.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer USB Type-C Charging

This device charges through a Micro-USB port, which might not be convenient if you’re already in the USB Type-C ecosystem.

You need detailed color prints

While it offers prints in different colored backgrounds, the Faux Memo D30 only prints texts and symbols in black and white.

You’re not tech-savvy

Despite being easy to use, you need to connect and navigate the companion app, which might be a little challenging if you’re not comfortable using apps.


What is the Faux Memo D30?
The Faux Memo D30 is a compact, smart mini label maker that uses thermal printing tape to create customizable labels.
How much does Faux Memo D30 cost?
The faux memo D30 is an affordable label maker priced at approximately 35 bucks.
How can I connect the Faux Memo D30 to my device?
The Faux Memo D30 connects to a companion app, ‘Print Master’, through Bluetooth using iOS or Android devices.
What can I do with the Faux Memo D30?
You can create labels, doodles, QR codes, barcodes, price tags, and more with the Faux Memo D30. It offers a variety of customization options.
What is the print speed and resolution of Faux Memo D30?
The print speed of the Faux Memo D30 is 60 millimeters per second, and it has a DPI resolution of 203.
How does the companion app ‘Print Master’ work?
The Print Master app connects with the Faux Memo D30 via Bluetooth. It offers two modes, ‘Light mode’ for basic edits and ‘Pro mode’ for more advanced options like creating barcodes and printing pictures.
What colors does the thermal tape come in?
The thermal tape comes in various colors allowing you to create various effects depending on the tape’s color and texture.
Are the labels adhesive?
Yes, the printed labels are adhesive like stickers, allowing you to easily attach them to various objects.
Does it come with a USB Type-C port?
No, the Faux Memo D30 comes with a micro USB port for charging.

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