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Review: Phomemo Label Maker – M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black – User-friendly, versatile, and efficient with impressive print quality.

In-depth review of the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer with practical insights and personal anecdotes... Read more

Review of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Table of Contents

Test of Phomemo Label Maker – M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

4.3/5 - (3831 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Vibrant color selection
  • Comfortable user interface
  • Customizable template library
  • Quick connectivity with mobile
  • Can print multiple copies
  • Great for small business labels
  • Works with different label sizes


  • Setup can be complicated
  • Misalignment issue when printing
  • Fine lines print less clearly
  • Issues with adhesive residue on round labels

“Having put the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer to the test, I must say, I’ve been mostly charmed by this little device. It’s user-friendly, versatile, and pretty efficient once you’ve got the hang of it. The print quality is quite impressive, particularly with bold lines and designs. Finer details could use a bit of refinement, but it does a decent job overall. The printer isn’t without its quirks, and there’s definitely a learning curve when you first get started. However, for small businesses owners or someone in need of a labelling system for organizing, it’s a solid option. On the whole, the Phomemo M110 offers a good punch for its price range.”

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Brand Phomemo
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature barcode label maker, address label maker, portabel label maker
Color Black
Model Name M110S
Printer Output Monochrome
Operating System Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Item Weight 0.51 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 1.97″D x 3.94″W x 3.94″H

Conjuring Up Creativity with the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer

Hey there, fellow creatives! Today we’re exploring a nifty little gadget that promises to add a unique touch to your labeling – the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer. As someone who is passionate about handcrafted delights, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to put this machine to the test. But as always, I’m here to give you an honest, unbiased review, complete with the highs and lows of my experience.

What’s the Phomemo M110?

Right off the bat, the Phomemo M110 is a portable label printer – and yes, it’s as compact and handy as it sounds. The device is designed to produce customized labels, offering a personal touch to packages, gifts, or even household organization. It comes harnessing the power of thermal printing, meaning it eliminates the need for ink or toner. Pretty neat, right?

Setting the Stage: Unboxing Experience

To start off, the Phomemo M110 is shipped in a sturdy, well-designed box. As much as I love surprises, I appreciate when products arrive with clear instructions. This one comes with a user manual provided in several different languages, accompanied by informative pictures – a genuinely thoughtful touch for global consumers and visual learners alike.

The printer itself looks chic and user-friendly, complete with an appealing range of colors. I received the light pink one, which adds a dose of charm to the gadget. However, you do have other color options – white, black, and orange – all designed to cater to your aesthetic preferences.

Features wise, the Phomemo M110 boasts a conspicuous little screen on the front, and it comes pre-loaded with thermal printing labels. Out of the box, the printer feels pretty robust and well-made. The printer’s compact and portable design also promises user comfort – it’s small, light and can be an useful companion for craft fairs or conferences.

Sneak Peek into the Glory of First Use: Unwrapping and Setup

Anyone else out there adores the pleasure of peeling off new gadgets’ protective plastic as I do? The Phomemo M110 offers this small but satisfying joy. But as we’ve all learned, it’s not just about the unwrapping; it’s about the setup too.

While I’m no stranger to tech and gadgetry, I must admit, the initial setup was not as seamless as I anticipated. But mistakes were made, lessons were learned, and I’m here to share the entire saga in the following section!

Breakdown of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Unboxing Experience: First Impressions and What’s in the Box?

  • Product packaging was sleek, compact and informative
  • Product has a tastefully designed, colorful exterior
  • Box includes printer, thermal labels, USB charging cord

As soon as the package arrived, it was immediately noticeable how sleek and compact the box was, hinting towards a modern and elegant design for the printer itself. Unboxing a new product always presents a unique feeling of suspense and excitement, and this was no exception.

First Impressions

The Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer does an excellent job at making itself stand out from the crowd right off the bat. Its packaging is not only practical but also visually appealing. You’re not just greeted with a manual – which I might admit comes in handy later – you come across quite informative pictures in different languages, adding a multicultural touch to the entire affair. It’s clear from the very start that the designers had their users’ experience in mind, and this setup didn’t fail to impress.

Right away, the colour of the printer caught my attention. I received the light pink version, which not only possesses a tasteful allure but adds a colourful contrast to most mundane-looking office equipment. The Phomemo M110 is also available in other hues like white, black, and orange, catering to various colour preferences suitable for any workspace or home office.

What’s in the Box?

As I delved deeper into the box, the printer revealed itself complete with thermal printing labels pre-loaded, ready to tackle printing tasks right out of the box. This was an excellent time-saver and a practical addition that prevents instant trips to the stationery store. Accompanied by a micro USB charging cord and a small screen at the front, the device appeared deceptively simple yet multi-functional.

And let’s not forget the satisfying peel action of the protective film on the screen – talk about attention to the smallest details! Apparently, it’s not just about the big things as even the tiny components, including the existence of a loop for a strap attachment, are considered carefully. A thoughtful addition for those who might want to make their printers portable.

Even though first impressions were generally positive, it’s worth mentioning that a little extra information on the box about the necessary set-up steps could have made the unboxing experience a tad bit smoother. But that’s a minor issue at best.

Synopsis: Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Phomemo M110: Aesthetics, Design, and Features

  • Phomemo M110 offers aesthetic design and various color choices
  • Provides compact, robust and modern vibe, plus screen for data
  • Features thermal prints, micro USB port, and adjustments for print

Turning over the Phomemo M110 portable label printer in my hands, I couldn’t help but appreciate its aesthetics. This is a device that dares to bring a bit of playfulness into a typically monochrome world of office tech. It’s available in several colors including light pink, white, black, and orange – all of which are appealing choices to say the least. I opted for the light pink. It adds a certain charm and personality to my workspace.

Upon first inspection, this compact printer looks a little saucy. Its plasticky but robust casing coupled with the glossy finish gives it a chic, modern vibe without compromising durability. There’s also a little screen on the front, a tiny yet crucial detail that adds to the overall functionality by providing clear settings data.

One nifty feature of this pocket-sized printer is the included thermal printing labels. They come pre-loaded, saving time and effort for novice users like me. Soon after, I noticed an intriguing loop on the device’s bottom side. Turns out, it’s designed to accommodate a strap – an indication that the product developers recognized the portable nature of the printer and designed it to be transportable as well as functional.

Moving on to the internal specifics:

Under the hood, the printer offers quite a few impressive features. Notably, there’s a micro USB port on the side for charging, reassuring me that the device is designed for mobility and can be recharged on the go.

Perhaps the main caveat with the printer’s design is the initial setup, which was a bit tricky to get right. If you’re not careful, you can end up with misaligned labels on your first try – something I unfortunately experienced firsthand. However, with all fairness, my struggles were largely due to me not paying enough attention to the included manual, which is both multilingual and well-illustrated. Before long, I managed to rectify my mistake and get a good print.

What truly astounds me about the Phomemo M110 isn’t just its eye-catching design though, rather its emphasis on user customization and convenience. Given its petite size, the device packs a surprising ton of customizability, specifically in the print settings department. There’s the option to adjust the printing speed and darkness levels to accurately accommodate different label styles and needs – a feature that I found notably commendable.

As captivating as the aesthetics and features of this printer are, there’s no denying that there’s room for improvement, especially around the initial setup process. Users should heed caution when setting the printer up for the first time. Despite this, this little wonder of a printer manages to bring charm and functionality right to your fingertip – a truly commendable addition to your workspace.

Breakdown of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

My Fumble with Setting the Printer Up

  • Following manual instructions is essential for setup
  • Correct set-up yields successful printing results
  • Phomemo M110 printer offers robust functionality

As I delved into my new venture with the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer, I was brimming with anticipation. This wasn’t however, without some trials and mishaps. In my eagerness to start using this delightful little gadget, sadly, I made a classic rookie mistake.

Understanding the Importance of Manual Instructions

While the device comes with a comprehensive user manual in multiple languages and replete with illustrative pictures, eager little me opted to wing it. Unfortunately, this led to an improper setup. Lesson for the day : even for the technology savvy, understanding the product and its setup process is essential, particularly when it is a detailed device like the Phomemo M110. The error I made during the setup process exemplifies this.

First Print Out: A Challenge

The excitement of hitting the first print was building up and there I went – queued my first print. Alas, my reminder of the ignored manual instructions came out in the form of a crooked printout. Yes, my initial attempt at printing was toe-curling, due to an off-center alignment problem.

Spotting the Issue

Having made the mistake early on, I found it relatively easy to detect the problem. As it turned out, my bungle was all about not securing the little plastic barrel correctly in the printer. The result was that my labels were not aligned to the right, causing the printer to produce skewed printouts.

Righting the Wrong

In hindsight, a closer look at the manual indeed came to my rescue. After understanding my mistake, I rectified the setup issue and gave it another try. And voila! The print came out straight, just as it was meant to be. Unbiasedly, the printer delivered once it was properly set up.

Tying up the Initial Experience

Despite my initial faux pas, I found the Phomemo M110 to be fairly intuitive to set up, once you follow the manual. The hiccup certainly taught me the significance of adhering to setup instructions, regardless of how confident you are with gadgets.

Moreover, moving beyond this initial difficulty, I explored further customization and functionality, and I must admit, the capabilities of this compact yet robust printer didn’t disappoint!

Evaluating Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Getting Connected: A Walkthrough the Phomemo App

  • Phomemo App offers user-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • App provides customization with diverse built-in templates
  • Printing process is simple, but setup instructions could improve

With the physical setup out of the way, it’s time to dive into the Phomemo App. I accessed the app from my phone, aiming to set up and get the printer ready for its first operation. After downloading it, I was eager to see what it offered in terms of customization and ease-of-use.

Interface and Navigation: First Impressions

On the first launch, the app swept me into a user-friendly interface distinct with clearly marked features and options. Navigating through it wasn’t rocket science – a plus in terms of accessibility and ease of use. The icons were straightforward and highlighted the major features available. This came handy for a beginner like myself, just getting started with label printing.

Label Customization: A Taste of Creativity

What piqued my interest was the range of templates available. The built-in templates were not any ordinary, generic ones; rather, they offered a chance for customization to fit different users and needs. Plus, the library size – quite impressive, I must say – was a great feature for users needing diverse templates for different applications. It’s an element I believe other users will find handy too.

Printing Labels: First Trial Run

The actual printing process, too, was simple and smooth. Once I chose my preferred template and finished the customization – experimenting with some clip art-esque images, by the way – I connected the app to the printer. It was a high-tech moment watching my little screen art materialize into a tangible label! However, the first print came out crooked, which, to my later embarrassment, was due to a user error on my end. Yet, it highlighted the importance of an accurate setup, and maybe this was a detail the manufacturer could make clearer in their instructions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, setting up and using the Phomemo App was a streamlined process. It may be convenient and intuitive for users like myself, regardless of tech-savviness levels. The rich library of templates and the option for customization shone brightly, opening up potentials for personalized labels. However, it would be helpful if the initial setup instructions were more detailed or ‘error-proof’ to prevent new user mistakes. I believe this could improve the overall user experience.

Inspection of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Customizable Templates: From Vanilla Labels to Unique Creations

  • Phomemo M110 offers broad array of customizable templates
  • Mobile app interface is user-friendly and straightforward
  • Templates are diverse and versatile, allowing creativity

Stepping into the world of Phomemo M110, I was instantly greeted by a broad array of customizable templates. These weren’t just your run-of-the-mill, bland label templates, but a rather engaging virtual canvas that invited me to transform vanilla labels into unique creations. Let’s dive deeper.

User-friendly App Interface

I found the mobile app interface to be quite user-friendly and straightforward. Ready-made, editable templates are at your fingertips, but you also have a chance to start from scratch and create something that truly mirrors your brand or personal style. It’s very similar to the feeling when you allow your artistic juices to flow freely on a sketchpad.

The Template Library

My first experiment involved exploring the size of the template library. Immediately I was impressed by the diversity of distinct themes and style options for each design. One could find anything from minimalistic styles for office-related tasks to quirky and fun designs for more personal projects. What stood out to me was that the templates held versatility at its core, allowing users to play around with a spectrum of fonts, images, clip arts, and more.

Creating my Unique Labels

  • Through the app, I selected a few interesting templates and gave them a little personal touch. The transformation was interesting to watch unfold – in a few steps, the original template morphed into something truly unique and personal.
  • My label designs got a fair dose of creativity as I inserted my personal images, tweaked the fonts, and even adjusted the layout to match my preference. The whole experience was akin to having a mini design studio right in the palm of my hands!
  • The creation process was uncomplicated and straightforward, making it user-friendly even for less tech-savvy users.

Of course, like any tool, it’s not without its minuses. For instance, those looking for ultra-detailed designs might be somewhat constrained – the templates work best with strong, bold lines. Delicate, fine lines may not print as clearly. However, remembering that this is a label printer and not a full-scale professional artist’s tool, it’s appreciable the amount of customization it allows.

Overall, the Phomemo M110’s rich offering of customizable templates was a refreshing experience that turned an otherwise mundane task into an enjoyable creative exercise.

Synopsis: Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

First Print Out: A Trial of Potency and Precision

  • User manuals are crucial for proper setup
  • Missteps highlight detailed performance potential
  • User-friendliness could be improved

Jumping straight into action, it’s time to delve into my first printing experience with the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer . As we all know, first impressions can leave a significant impact. So, with the anticipation building up, I was eager to put the printer to the real test.

Printing the First Label

Let’s be honest, when setting up something for the first time, we rarely follow instructions to the tee – and I was no exception. For those of you navigating this for the first time, I’d recommend giving the manual a thorough read to avoid any initial hiccups. Upon locating the template of choice, I selected an image on my phone and excitedly sent it off to be immortalised onto a label.

The Result

Initially, to my dismay, the label slid out somewhat askew. An unpleasant surprise? Certainly, but let’s not forget this was also my first attempt. After all, isn’t it through missteps that we learn? This adventure serves as a humble reminder to not dismiss the value of user manuals.

Room for Improvement

A noteworthy point: While the misalignment can be attributed to user error due to my lack of adherence to the setup instructions, I do wish the user manual was a bit simpler to understand. Products like this should be designed for easy setup without users having to second-guess instructions. This probably would have saved me from my initial printing misstep.

Moving Forward

On the other hand, it wasn’t all shadow and despair. The misprinted label still managed to showcase the printer’s solid performance. The image was clear and detailed, hinting at the product’s capability for potency and precision.

Lessons Learned

  • Always refer to the user manual when dealing with a new gadget – it’s there for a reason!
  • Even with mishaps, don’t let first impressions deter you. Keep an open mind – the real prize often lies in the detailed performance.
  • In the grand scheme of things, user-friendliness could be improved upon for an enhanced experience.

My first printing experience with the Phomemo M110 certainly turned out to be a learning adventure! Now, what say we give it another go?

Breakdown of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Triumph over Trouble: Quick Fixes for Printing Misalignments

  • Proper setup is crucial for device performance.
  • Consulting user manual prevents errors.
  • Phomemo M110 printer offers customization options.

It’s not uncommon to encounter minor hiccups when setting up a new device for the first time. The Phomemo M110 portable label printer was no exception. My first attempt resulted in a crooked output, a clear indication of user error, not a product malfunction.

Identifying the Issue

I soon figured out that my mistake revolved around the setup process. Due to my impulsive excitement to get started, I overlooked the importance of thoroughly reading the user manual and taking note of its helpful pictures. It turned out that I hadn’t properly secured the plastic barrel that holds the printing labels.

Quick Fix

To fix this issue, I had to reopen the device. This provided me with the welcome opportunity to get a closer look at its internals and understand its components better. So, I properly secured the plastic barrel, ensuring the labels aligned to the far-right side. The printer now recognized the appropriate size and began printing in straight lines, eliminating the misalignment issue entirely. This process demonstrated the printer’s user-friendly design, allowing even beginners to learn and rectify mistakes easily.


Always consult the user manual when setting up a new device for the first time. It might seem unnecessary when you’re buzzing with the excitement of a new gadget, but it can save time and prevent minor grievances down the line.

Other Settings

  • Language: You can adjust the printer to operate in various languages, giving it a more personalized touch.
  • Print Darkness & Speed Adjustment: Another impressively user-oriented feature is the ability to control the darkness of the prints and the printing speed, offering greater flexibility and customization options.

Overall, even though the initial hiccup felt a bit like a setback, it proved to be a valuable learning opportunity and illuminated the Phomemo M110’s user-friendly design and functionalities.

Rating: Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Charging and Functionality: The Details that Matter

  • Phomemo M110 uses common Micro-USB for charging
  • Allows adjustable print speed, darkness settings
  • Can produce multiple consecutive copies of same label

The Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer is a compact device sporting a range of user-friendly features. However, when it comes to charging and functionality, there’s a diverse collection of attributes that distinguish this label printer from the rest.

Charging Up

First off, I think it’s important to discuss its charging capabilities. The printer uses Micro-USB for power, which I find convenient because it’s a commonly used cable making it easy to replace if lost. The battery duration is pretty decent – I was able to use it for a few hours straight without it running out of juice.


Now onto the functionality – the Phomemo M110 is designed to execute its job efficiently and skillfully. It was built with user accessibility in mind. The print speed can be adjusted to your preference allowing greater control over your printouts. Plus, I had an option to alter the darkness of my prints; a handy tool if you prefer a darker or lighter print.

Additional Features

  1. An intriguing function I discovered is the option to print out multiple consecutive copies of the same label, saving time in a business setting.
  2. Another feature that stands out is the mini screen on the front of the printer. While relatively small, it adds an extra layer of user-friendliness, enhancing interaction with the device.
  3. Lastly, there’s a little loop at the bottom for attaching a strap. Not something I personally utilized but a nice touch for those who may want to carry it around.

With all the features packed in this little device, I can ascertain the Phomemo M110 stands tall in terms of charging and functionality. However, it’s important to note that like any tech gadget, it may require a bit of a learning curve for those who aren’t tech-savvy. But with patience and persistence, anyone could do it, and the benefits are definitely worth the effort!

Analysis of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Playing Around with Copy Numbers and Printing Speed

  • Phomemo M110 offers convenient copy numbers feature
  • Impressive, yet quality-compromising printing speed

After initially setting up the Phomemo M110 portable label printer with some minor hitches, I was impressed by its simplicity and versatility. As I explored the various features of the app and printer, I was particularly drawn to two notable features – copy numbers and printing speed.

Copy Numbers

Now, the copy numbers feature was something I found especially useful. For those of you who utilize labels frequently, the ability to adjust the quantity of copies with a simple click is a major convenience. As I toggled this feature, I discovered that the Phomemo M110 was able to print out consecutive copies swiftly and efficiently. However, do be aware of your label alignment to achieve a clean finish—ensuring it’s positioned correctly and tightened nicely in the printer is indispensable. Ruling out user error, I would say the feature worked perfectly, making bulk printing a breeze.

Printing Speed

Moving on to the much-anticipated feature – printing speed. Now, for a portable printer, the speed was honestly quite surprising. Whether I was printing out a single label or several ones, the M110 managed to roll them out steadily without any lags. However, it’s pertinent to mention the apparent trade-off – print quality. This can be tweaked under the settings, but remember: if you want your prints faster, you might have to compromise on darker prints. From my experience, while the print speed was impressive, the print quality balance seemed to be a bit off when set on a faster print speed.

On the whole, the Phomemo M110 outshines in print speed considering its compact size, and the copy numbers feature adds a touch of convenience that small business owners, or just organizational zealots, would appreciate. However, you may need to tweak settings according to your quality-speed preferences. Despite the small learning curve, the M110 seems to be a flexible option for your label printing needs.

Appraisal of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Experimenting with Custom Designs: Personal Art on Labels

  • Phomemo M110 printer exhibits personal, hand-drawn designs
  • Limited in handling fine details, excels with bold lines
  • Practical way to express creativity and personalize products

To truly evaluate the capabilities of the Phomemo M110 printer, I decided to take my tests one step further. I wanted to see how well the printer could exhibit my personal flair – could it accurately depict my hand-drawn designs?

Creating Personal Images for Printing

For this particular experiment, I chose to use my iPad to draw some black and white designs. These ranged from simple doodles to more intricate patterns. Once I was satisfied with my artwork, I shared the images to my phone so that I could try printing them with Phomemo M110.

Bringing My Imagery to Life

I was fairly impressed with the printing quality the Phomemo M110 provided on my personal designs. The images were quite clear, especially given the printer’s compact size and the speed at which it prints. My doodles were transformed into tangible labels I could use anywhere. While exploring this, I found an exciting potential for using these labels in a business context, for instance, when packaging up homemade products for sales. It felt thrilling to see my logo on a tiny label – it added a professional touch to my creations.

The Limitations

However, it’s important to note that the printer was somewhat limited in handling fine details. While the printer did an admirable job of printing out my hand-drawn images, it became evident during this test that illustrations with too much complexity or particularly fine details may not render as crisply on the label. Despite this, the printer performed exceptionally well with thicker and bold lines, beautifully bringing them to life.


In conclusion, the Phomemo M110 offers a practical way to express your creativity. It was a rewarding and entertaining process to see my artwork reproduced so handily in label format. While it has its limitations, its strengths in flexibility and convenience more than make up for them. This feature, in particular, will be a boon for those looking to add that personalized touch to their products or packages.

Summary: Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Real-World Application: My First Business Label Experience

  • Phomemo M110 printer used for business-related venture
  • Labels created and printed with personal designs
  • Real-world application exceeded expectations

The real test of any product lies in its application in real-life scenarios. With the Phomemo M110 portable printer, my very first business-related venture turned out to be both exciting and rewarding.

Creating My Personalized Business Labels

With a little creativity and the assistance of the Phomemo app, I was able to design my own label to represent my brand. It was quite unique to see my personal artwork transition into a physical object that I could touch, feel, and apply wherever needed.

The process involved drawing out my designs on my iPad, transferring the images to my phone using Airdrop, and then using the Phomemo app to bring them to life with the printer. I must admit, it was a particularly thrilling experience to see my own creations printed.

Again, The User Error … but a Happy Surprise

Right on cue, I ran into a minor user error while setting up my print, but the result was a pleasant surprise. The label, although printed in a slightly crooked format due to my error in setting up, was still enough to make me smile. However, let’s remember – no product is operated flawlessly right from the start and small troubleshooting and learning curves should be anticipated.

From Paper to Product: Applying the Labels

For a real-world test, I applied the labels to a commissioned project. I also designed a custom QR code and included my social media handle for easy accessibility. The result was indeed a proud moment for me, seeing my artwork printed and applied to an actual product.

  • The quality? Impressive. Everything from the sharpness of the print to the adhesive on the labels was top-notch.
  • The ease of use? Simple. After a bit of fumbling and learning, printing off custom labels became a fairly straightforward process.
  • The experience? Thrilling. There’s genuinely something quite special about seeing your personal artwork come to life in such a practical and high-quality format.

Overall, my real-world application of the Phomemo M110 printer exceeded my expectations, giving me tremendous possibilities for representing my brand in a very personal and professional way.

Summary: Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Testing the Product’s Limits: Fine Line Precision Print

  • Phomemo M110 struggles with printing fine details
  • Produces clearer prints with bold, chunkier lines
  • Otherwise, offers excellent printing features

In my continued exploration of the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer, I decided to test out the product’s ability to handle fine details. I was particularly interested to see the crispness and clarity of the microscopic details since they play a crucial role in the overall look and aesthetics of a label.

Choosing an Image with Complex Details

For this experiment, I used an image of a character named Kilowatt, marked by intricate hair details and slender arms, to push the printer’s capabilities to the edge.

Print Performance

As soon as the print rolled out, I observed that while the printer managed to reproduce the main features of the character effectively, the finer lines weren’t as clear. The intricate details in the strands of his hair and slender arms lost some of their sharpness in the printed label – the subtle nuances were somewhat muted.

Limitations of Fine Details

This observation was further confirmed after a couple of more trials with different images layered with fine details. It became evident that images bearing more bold and thick lines delivered comparatively better quality prints. Images with intricate details didn’t translate as well on the labels.


If you’re planning on printing out labels or images with very fine and delicate details, it might be worth doing a test print to understand the output better. Based on the tests, designs with bold, chunkier lines tend to produce clearer and more impressive results.

In conclusion, while the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer performs impressively well for a majority of the tasks it’s intended for, it does fall short when it comes to reproducing fine details. However, this doesn’t necessarily detract from the other excellent features of this printer – it simply narrows down its range of optimal use.

Breakdown of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Trying out Different Papers: A Round Label Adventure

  • Phomemo M110 can print varied shapes and textures
  • Switch to round labels encountered some initial issues
  • Phomemo M110 proved its versatility and print quality

If you thought the Phomemo M110 was all about printing on standard rectangular labels, you’re in for a surprise. It’s time to cast aside the typical and venture into the world of varied shapes and textures.

Changing the Printer Paper

In the spirit of adventure, the time came to try out a different label material – round labels. The process of reloading the new paper into the printer was straightforward, and the app interface made it a breeze to adjust my settings accordingly.

My Initial Issues

While transitioning to round labels, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows initially. As luck would have it, the first set of labels carried a sticky residue that interfered with the printing process. A frustrating hiccup, but nothing an extra bit of patience couldn’t fix.

A Mire Cleaning Miracle

  • Try, Try, Try Again: The old saying rang true in this scenario. After two botched efforts, the third attempt at printing a round label yielded a delightfully clean and professionally-looking output.

Finding Satisfaction in the Final Product

The round labels, in my hands, created a new dimension for my printing projects. Seeing the crisp and well-defined prints on the round labels reminded me that quality is indeed possible. The print quality remained top-notch, reinforcing the idea that the strength of the lines aligns directly with the output quality.

Unleashing My Artistic Flair

And of course, I couldn’t resist putting a personal, creative spin on the whole thing. With alcohol ink markers in one hand and newly printed round labels in the other, I added splashes of color to certain parts of the design

In conclusion, my foray into using different label shapes served as a refreshing challenge for the Phomemo M110, but the printer rose to the occasion, revealing its versatility.

Survey of Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

My Verdict: Pondering Quality vs. Price

  • Phomemo M110 is robust and affordable
  • Struggles with detailed printings
  • Suitable for occasional users or small businesses

After spending ample time experimenting with the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer, I’ve developed an informed perspective about its value proposition. So, let’s cut to the chase. How does this product measure up in terms of quality and cost?

The Quality

What stands out is the robustness of the design – it’s intuitive, compact, and capable of coming up with some sharp, clear labels given the right settings. Unlike some printers I’ve used, this one didn’t buckle under heavy use, which is high praise indeed.

The range of templates available was pretty impressive, with the option for customization giving it the personal touch. Yet, it wasn’t free from limitations. The device struggled with finer details in prints, and the learning process of setting it up correctly could be a little daunting for those not tech-savvy.

The Price

Moving on to pricing, we need to remember – this device won’t break the bank. For the features it brings to the table, the pricing is quite fair. It is significantly lower than high-end label printers, but it clearly comes with some constraints that might not suit those seeking perfection in every print.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a small business owner or someone who needs label creation occasionally, this printer could be a praiseworthy addition. However, if your work involves intricate designs and demands flawless print quality, you may find it coming up short.

In conclusion, playing with the Phomemo M110 has been a bit of a rollercoaster – from the peaks of unravelling its potentials, to the valleys filled with user errors and limited print intricacies. Yet, considering its price, it impresses with what it delivers. Is it a worthy investment? It might just be for the occasional user or a fledgling business getting off the ground.

Inspecting Phomemo Label Maker - M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black

Wrapping Up the Review: A Friendly Goodbye and Personal Recommendations

To sum up, the Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer is a nifty little gadget. Its design is cute, and the array of color options adds a fun element to it. The set-up process, although bumpy at first due to my oversight, was straightforward. The user guide is detailed and useful to get a novice up and running.

However, the printer truly shines when it comes to customization. I found the app experience pleasant. Not only was the size of the template library impressive, but the customizable options provided a satisfactory level of flexibility. This means you can readily personalize your labels to suit your specific needs, which I believe is a strong selling point for entrepreneurs or anyone looking for bespoke labeling solutions.

Getting to the Sticking Points

As much as I admire the Phomemo M110, it comes with its fair share of quirks. The initial print misalignment, although due to my mistake, suggests that the printer may not be the most user-friendly for beginners. The trial and error put into feeding the system just right is likely to deter someone who prefers a straightforward, no-fuss setup.

Print Quality: A Critical Evaluation

Regarding print quality, I discovered the device performs best with bold and thick lines. The prints of images with finer details didn’t turn out as sharp or clear, so it’s worth considering what kinds of prints you’ll be needing most often. If it’s mainly text or thick-lined pictographs, then you’re good to go!

More Than Just a Printer: The Fun Factor

An unexpected fun element was the possibility of taking customization a step further by coloring the prints – this gives room for even more creativity while using the labels.

Wrapping Up with Recommendations

To conclude, the Phomemo M110 does bring something new and exciting to the world of label printing, particularly for creative small business owners. The price may feel a bit steep, but considering the value it delivers, especially in terms of customization, it might be a worthwhile investment for some.

However, if you often need detailed prints or prefer a less complicated setup, you might want to explore other options.

One final note: always read the manual thoroughly. It’s there to ensure you have a smooth experience from the first print.

And with that, I bid you farewell. Until we meet at the next review!

Should you buy the Phomemo Label Maker – M110 Address Label Printer Bluetooth Thermal Printer, Black?

Buy it if…

You’re a small business owner

The Phomemo M110 Portable Label Printer is perfect for creating unique branding labels, catering to small business owners looking to make their packaging stand out.

You appreciate customization

With a library of clip art images, the option to upload custom images, and an easy-to-use app, the printer offers endless possibilities for all your printing needs.

You value portable and handy gadgets

Its lightweight design, strap loop, and portability make it suitable for users who need a label printer on-the-go or those who prefer minimalistic work tools.

Don’t buy it if…

You are budget-conscious

At $52, the Phomemo M110 might seem a bit expensive for some, especially if used solely for personal needs.

You require precise detailing in prints

The Portable Label Printer may not meet your expectations if you’re printing complex, fine-line designs. It works better with stronger, bolder lines.

You need an error-proof device

The initial setup can be tricky and the device is not devoid of minor pitfalls, like the misaligned prints or needing to properly adjust the plastic barrel.


Is the Phomemo M110 easy to set up?
Yes, but make sure to follow the manual for proper configuration. There could be potential user errors, such as improper label alignment, which can be avoided with proper setup.
Is the label print quality good on the Phomemo M110?
Yes, the label print quality is great. However, the print quality might vary based on the boldness and thickness of lines in your design. Bold and thick lines are ideal for better quality.
Can I customize my labels using the Phomemo App?
Absolutely! The app offers a variety of customizable templates and allows you to create labels or select your own images for printing.
Is it possible to use the Phomemo M110 for printing business labels?
Yes, it is an excellent tool for small business owners who need custom labels or organization stickers. You can even print out your business logo on the labels.
Did the Phomemo M110 have any issues with round labels?
There were some initial issues with leftover sticky residue on the round label paper that interfered with printing. However, with a few attempts, the round labels printed out clean and great.
Is the Phomemo M110 good value for money?
Given its features, versatility and the quality of label prints, it is a good investment, especially for small business owners or individuals who need labels for personal or professional use.

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