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Review: Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine – Easy to use, environmentally friendly beverage alternative

Evaluating the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker’s features, user insights, and environmental and health benefits... Read more

Review of Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

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Test of Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

4.3/5 - (1642 votes)

Cena: $54.39


  • Battery- and cord-free operation
  • Transforms drinks from boring to bubbly
  • Environmentally friendly solution
  • Effective for a variety of beverages
  • Possibly saves numerous plastic bottles from disposal
  • Easy to control fizziness
  • Encourages creative flavor experimentation


  • Potential difficulty for users with mobility issues
  • Bottle cap gasket may fall out
  • Extra cap may be needed
  • Manufacturer recommends usage with water only

“After several uses and thorough consideration, here’s my candid take on the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker. Impartially speaking, I have found it easy to use, environmentally friendly, and indeed a healthier alternative to canned drinks. Its features like being cordless and battery-less are impressive. However, it might pose some minor difficulties to people with mobility issues or poor wrist strength. Overall, it earned a 5-star rating from me, no regrets and indeed a worthy investment for a bubbly drink enthusiast.”

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Color A Stainless Steel-White
Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 5.51 x 16.54 x 9.45 inches
Item Volume 1 Liters

Intro: Life Without Bubbles – A Depressing Thought

Ever thought about a life minus the delightful fizz? Sounds monotonous, right? Picture this – a lovely summer afternoon, your favorite book in hand, and a glass of…flat, tasteless, still water! Not exactly the refreshment you’d been picturing, is it? That’s how life would feel without some sparkling bubbles to lift our spirits.

Brief: Delve into my Experience with the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker

In the quest for adding a bit of excitement to life (or shall we say, water), we recently tested the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker. You might wonder why it piqued our interest. Well, apart from its promise to transform boring beverages to effervescent elixirs, the aspect of home convenience and environmental benefits associated with it simply couldn’t be ignored.

Fun Fact: Overcharging in Soda and Sparkling Water Market

Fun fact: While a refreshing bottle of sparkling water or soda seems irresistible, have you ever stopped to think about how it’s priced? Did you know that producing a bottle of soda costs manufacturers less than 10 cents? Shocking, isn’t it? Yet, we consumers end up shelling out a few bucks for the same bottle. Going from this, it’s clear that we’re paying a lot more than we should for sparkling drinks.

A Shocker: Canned Water Concerns

Attention: There’s more than just the price to worry about when it comes to canned or bottled drinks. Have you ever wondered what’s inside those shiny aluminum cans, apart from your favorite drink? Yep, you guessed it right – Plastic! Every aluminum can is lined with plastic, possibly exposing us to harmful Xenoestrogens. Don’t just take our word for it, renowned expert Dr. Paul Saladino has talked about it. So, think carefully next time you reach out for a canned drink!

Reflection on Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker: Is It As Good As It Sounds?

  • Go Zero doesn’t require batteries or power cords
  • Transforms ordinary drinks to bubbly ones instantaneously
  • Eco-friendly, potentially reducing plastic bottle waste

Well, it’s time to delve into the nitty-gritty of this dynamic product – the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker. Is it really worth it? Does it deliver on its promise of turning ordinary drinks into a bubbly delight in a jiffy? Let’s dive in.

Specifications and Features: No Batteries, No Power Cords

The Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker truly stands out. First thing you’ll notice straight out of the box is that there’s no hassle of batteries or power cords. You simply insert a full 14.5 ounce CO2 canister into the slick stainless steel base, twist it clockwise and voila! You’re all set. It’s all very user-friendly and I found the simplicity quite refreshing.

The Makeover: From Boring to Bubbly Drinks

Once you’re set up, the real fun begins. Fill the accompanying 1-liter BPA free PET bottle with your beverage of choice, attach it to the soda maker and it’s transformation time. A simple press and instantaneously, your ordinary drink is sparkling and bubbly. The ease of use and the immediate transformation does add an element of exhilaration.

Our Verdict: An Environmentally Friendly and Healthy Solution

This product goes beyond just offering a fun drink experience. There’s a certain satisfaction in knowing each canister could potentially eliminate 120 plastic bottles from littering nature or contributing to landfills. This eco-friendly aspect is something I really appreciate about the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker. It also eliminates concerns of possible xenoestrogens from canned beverages, which is a valuable health consideration.

Unbiased Conclusion

From my personal experience, this product truly lives up to its claims. However, it is essential to bear in mind that everyone’s experience might be slightly different based on individual preferences and needs. In terms of functional use, environmental considerations, and health benefits, it’s a thumbs up from me.

Observation of Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

The Pitfalls of the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker: A Critical Review

  • Twist-on bottle might challenge those with mobility issues
  • Gasket of bottle cap prone to falling out
  • Always weigh potential issues against the pros

Undoubtedly, the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker has some amazing features that set it apart. Yet, I believe, it’s crucial to shed light on some potential issues I encountered in order to provide a balanced and unbiased review.

A Potential Issue: Struggles for People with Mobility Issues

One of the features that the Philips Go Zero boasts is the twist-on bottle. While I found it relatively easy, I can imagine this process might not be as straightforward for someone with mobility issues or poor wrist strength. The need to screw the bottle on and off can be challenging, especially if this is a daily task. Albeit, the learning curve seemed manageable during my usage period.

User Reviews: Inspector Gadget’s Bottle Cap Problem

Speaking of other users’ experiences, an interesting issue pointed out by user “Inspector Gadget” caught my attention about the bottle cap assembly. The gasket of the bottle cap appeared to be prone to falling out. Being a long-term user, this could raise potential concerns on durability and might be a deal-breaker for some.


While these drawbacks are noteworthy, it’s essential to remember they are derived from a very small sample size. The majority of users (including myself) had an overall positive experience with the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker. That said, potential buyers should still keep these considerations in mind.

Final Thoughts

In the spirit of providing a fair assessment, I feel it’s vital to stress that every product has its early struggles and the Philips Go Zero is no exception. However, these drawbacks should not overshadow the overall benefits and joy this product offers. Always weigh the potential issues against the pros before making your purchase, ensuring an informed decision.

View of Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

Pros & Cons: What do People Say about the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker?

  • Philips Go Zero: convenient, eco-friendly SodaStream alternative
  • Enables creation of customized bubbly drinks
  • Issue mentioned: problematic bottle cap design

With the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker turning heads in numerous households, it’s important to take a glimpse at what users, like you and I, have to say about their experience with the product. Contributing to product understanding through their unique experiences, accurate observations, these independent user reviews are worth delving into!

Review Point 1: A Perfect Alternative to SodaStream

One reviewer has praised the Philips Go Zero as a convenient, eco-friendly solution to their sparkling water needs. They have expressed gratitude for the easy operation of the water maker. Without the necessity of electricity or continually purchasing canned water, they’ve described it as the perfect alternative to SodaStream.

Review Point 2: Customizing Bubbly Drinks with Fresh Fruit and Flavorings

Another user emphasized their joy in the ability to get creative with their drinks. Opting for fresh fruits, herbs and flavorings, the Philips Go Zero allowed them to create their own customized bubbly drinks – without the extra cost or unnecessary plastic waste of store-bought flavored sparkling water.

Review Point 3: The Issue with the Bottle Cap

However, one aspect that emerged as a common concern among a number of users was the design of the bottle cap. One reviewer highlighted that the gasket of the bottle cap kept falling out. While it was easy to overlook this minor flaw given the product’s overall quality, improvements in the cap design could certainly contribute to a more seamless user experience.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the Philips Go Zero seems to be well-received by a majority of users. The critiques, while relevant, were scarcely mentioned in comparison to the copious gasconades. However, bearing these user-review insights in mind can aid in making an informed purchase decision.

After all, weighing the pros and cons through real users’ perspectives brings to light the practicality, usability and functionality of the Philips Go Zero in diverse household settings.

Survey of Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

Final Verdict: We’re Sold on the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker

  • Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker is cordless
  • Product helps reduce plastic waste
  • Also effective for carbonating juices, sodas and wine

The Impressive Features

The Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker packs robust features in a compact unit. The big selling point for me is indeed the simplicity. The fact that there are no batteries or cords is a big relief. It’s nice not to have to worry about replacing batteries or finding an outlet. Plus, inserting the CO2 canister is a breeze – just twist it into the base.

The Environmental Factor

What struck me was the particular environmental aspect the Philips Go Zero brings to the table . Each canister is good for around 120 uses which means that many plastic bottles are saved from going into the landfills. We all want to reduce our plastic usage and this product is a sure-fire way to do just that.

The Versatility

Philips markets this solely as a sparkling water maker. But, in truth, it’s a lot more versatile than that. You can use it to fizz up fruit juices, sodas, and even wine. Considering the fact that many of us like some bubbly alternatives, this versatility comes in handy.

An Afterthought

  • The one issue would be for people who might have mobility issues or weak wrist strength. We have found that such individuals might struggle a bit with attaching and detaching the bottle. Nevertheless, this was not a major issue in our general testing.

The Unbiased Scorecard

After taking into account all these aspects, it’s hard not to be sold on this product. Granted, it has one or two areas that could be improved, but overall? It’s pretty darn impressive. Given all its pros (and the few, minor cons), the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker gets a full rating of 5 out of 5 stars from us.

The Giveaway – An Added Bonus!

We took the product for a spin and now it’s your turn. We usually give away reviewed products so that users can experience first hand the acclaimed features we mention.

Synopsis: Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine

Outro: Wrapping It Up

So there it is, folks. A firsthand experience and thorough review of the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker. We navigated through the pros, the cons, and all the bumps in between. It’s all out there, the good and otherwise, with nothing left to guesswork.

Reflection on the Experience

I initially had my doubts, like anyone would when trying out a new product. But the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker proved to be more than just a fancy addition to my kitchen. It revolutionized the way I consume my drinks, making each one an exciting and fizzy delight.

There was, however, a struggle that some individuals might encounter with the appliance. The need for adequate wrist strength to pull off the screwing on and off of the bottle may pose a bit of a challenge to some users, but it’s something that can be addressed with time and usage.

In Conclusion

Overall, the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker displayed impressive standards of environmental efficiency and health benefits – undoubtedly a stellar quality in a world where every bit of plastic saved matters.


As will always be the practice, transparency is at the core of each review. That said, be reminded that not every product will soar high in everyone’s book, and the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker will have its share of differing opinions. Always consider individual needs and preferences when gauging whether this product would be a fit for your home.

So, keep your eyes open, your minds explorative, and your choices open-ended. Happy bubbling!

Should you buy the Philips Stainless Sparkling Water Maker Soda Maker Machine?

Buy it if…

You are an eco-conscious consumer

Using this product helps reduce plastic waste by eliminating the need to buy pre-packaged seltzers or fizzy drinks. Plus, it’s a one-time purchase, meaning less waste overall.

You enjoy flavored, fizzy drinks

The Philips Go Zero allows you to make not just sparkling water, but fizzy fruit juices, sodas, and even sparkling wines. It also allows you to add your own natural flavors.

You don’t want synthetic chemicals in your drinks

Canned drinks often have synthetic chemicals in their lining. By making your drinks at home, you can avoid these potentially harmful substances.

Don’t buy it if…

You struggle with hand strength or mobility

The bottle requires screwing on and off, which could be challenging for individuals with limited wrist strength or mobility issues.

You drink limited amounts of soda or sparkling water

If you don’t often drink fizzy drinks, the machine might not justify its cost.

You’re not interested in maintenance

The product requires changing the CO2 canister after around 120 uses, which may be tedious for some.


Does the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker need electricity to operate?
No, the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker does not require electricity to operate.
Can I use the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker to make fizzy fruit juices, sodas, or sparkling wines?
Yes, despite Philips marketing it as a sparkling water maker, the product can be used to make fizzy fruit juices, sodas, or even sparkling wines.
How many uses can I get from one CO2 canister?
Each CO2 canister is good for around 120 uses.
Is the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker environmentally friendly?
Yes, the product can help you save many plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill or our oceans.
Is it easy to attach the bottle to the soda maker?
While some users with mobility issues or poor wrist strength might struggle with screwing the bottle on and off, it’s generally easy to attach the bottle to the soda maker.
Is the Philips Go Zero a good alternative to SodaStream?
According to one reviewer named Core, the Philips Go Zero is super easy to use and a perfect alternative to SodaStream.
How can I win the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker?
To be in the drawing to win the Philips Go Zero Sparkling Water Maker, make sure you subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment in the video with a secret hashtag from the review.

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