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Review: Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3) – Offers simplicity, adaptability and remarkable durability

Reviewing Peak Design’s Leash Camera Strap: versatile use, ingenious design, and minor flaws... Read more

Review of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

Table of Contents

Test of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

4.8/5 - (5163 votes)

Cena: $44.95


  • Excellent, durable design
  • Choice of colors – ash and black
  • Updated, robust anchor connectors
  • Easily removable camera strap
  • Adjustable and wearable in multiple styles
  • Compact and pocket-friendly size
  • Reasonably priced


  • Requires a hex wrench for anchor mount
  • Unsecured mount may lead to misplacement
  • Risk of lens crashing into things

“After spending quality time with the Peak Design’s Leash Camera Strap, I can say with confidence that it’s a notably innovative product. It’s well-crafted, thoroughly designed, remarkably durable, and allows for remarkable flexibility in usage. Granted, there are areas for improvement, like the reliance on the separate hex wrench, leaving room for the possibility of misplacing it. Yet, the pros certainly outweigh the cons in my book. If you value simplicity, adaptability, and durability in a camera strap, the Leash is definitely worth looking into. It may not be perfect, but in my experience, it’s a stellar upgrade from the standard straps on the market.”

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The Unveiling: Initial Impressions of the Peak Design’s Leash Camera Strap

Every user experience starts with an unboxing moment, and it’s no different with the Leash Camera strap by Peak Design. An initial assessment based on the product’s external packaging can give a pretty clear first impression, and with the Leash Strap, one word instantly popped into my mind – gorgeous.

Falling in Love with the Packaging: Unpacking the Leash Strap

One couldn’t help but admire the minimalist yet eye-catching design of the box. Its compact size gives off an impression of convenience, indicating that the product is not bulky or cumbersome. Opening the box reveals a neat arrangement of components, all looking crisp, fresh, and prepared to impress. But it’s much more than the overall pleasing aesthetics – the sturdy packaging also promises a product crafted with attention to detail and quality.

Color Variations: How “Ash” Beats “Black” in the Leash Camera Strap’s Choice of Colors

Between the available color options: ash and black, the ash-colored version was the chosen one for this review. The color “ash” speaks intuitively to a kind of refined sophistication, suiting those who fancy muted yet stylish hues. That said, having variety is a plus, meaning the black version could equally appeal to users who prefer classic and versatile shades. It’s always a positive trait for a product to offer color variations, especially to cater to users’ varied preferences.

Estimate of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

The Past vs The Present: Comparing the Old and New Version of the Leash Camera Strap

  • New leash strap offers improved adjustability and quick release anchors
  • New strap version has fewer color options
  • Updated anchor connectors can hold up to 200 pounds

For many loyalists of the brand, the change in any product often sparks intrigue and curiosity. I was no different when I held the new version of the Leash camera strap by Peak Design. Here, I shall take you through my observations comparing the older and the newer version of this wonderful piece of apparatus.

Out with the Old, In with the New: A Comprehensive Comparison

The moment you hold the new leash strap, you instantly feel the amendments that have been made. The company claims to have re-engineered the camera strap, and decided to give it a try.

The older version, while practical, did not offer the ease of adjustability and quick release anchors. Now, with the new version, the anchors are a neat touch! Unlike the older version, these are 25% thinner and the new angled shape truly simplifies the process of snapping it onto the leash. This definitely feels more user-oriented.

However, it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t highlight a tiny disappointment. The older version offered more color options as compared to the new one which only comes in ash or black. As trivial as it may sound, color options do play a vital role for many photography enthusiasts including myself.

Opening Up a Whole New World: Exploring the Updated Anchor Connectors

And oh, the newly updated anchor connectors! Each one capable of holding up to 200 pounds; now that’s something you didn’t get with the older version!

The new anchor connectors are undeniably stronger and more convenient. The versatility that comes with these is second to none. Seeing the red inner core in the tethers warns you when replacement is necessary. Now, that’s thoughtful design!

The older version of the leash, while adequate, simply doesn’t hold up when compared to the usability of these new anchor connectors! It does make me rethink my initial inclination towards the older version.

However, I would like to mention that the learning curve to master these connectors could be a bit steep for beginners. This is not to scare you away, but rather a friendly heads-up that the updated anchor connectors, while versatile, might need you to spend a little extra time understanding and getting familiar with them.

To sum up, the newer version of the Leash from Peak Design has significantly improved from its predecessor, an aspect I wouldn’t have acknowledged had I not experienced it first-hand. The changes are a testament to Peak Design’s commitment to upping their game in camera accessories.

Analysis of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

The Leash Strap Examined: Looking into the Details

  • Leash Strap upgraded for increased durability, robustness
  • Strap made from nylon and low-profile aluminum hypalon
  • Features intuitive, removable anchor connectors supporting 200 pounds

While unboxing the Leash camera strap, I found myself noticing the impressive outlining details of this photography gear. Built with simplistic design yet spectacular functionality, it is nothing short of a piece of craftsmanship that Peak Designs has brought to us.

A New Level of Durability: Examining the Newly Designed Leash Strap

The Leash Strap has been upgraded with increased durability to withstand the physical demands of professional photography. Though I never had the previous version in hand, just giving this one a slight twist and bend reassures me of its robust nature. Gone are the days when you worry about the strap snapping under the weight of your camera gear. This one feels solid and hard-wearing.

The strap is made out of nylon that gives it an ultra-smooth touch, ensuring no friction that could snag your clothing.

Smooth, Reliable, and Removable: Understanding The Material And Design Elements of the Leash Strap

What made me nod in approval was the innovative provision of “anchor connectors” and “adjusters”. I found a unique selling point here; the adjusters are made with low profile aluminum hypalon . This makes them intuitively easy to manipulate while ensuring a robust backbone to uphold the camera’s weight. Plus, the strap can be smoothly adjusted – shortened for a close grip or extended for a laid-back hang.

The inclusion of these anchor connectors, claimed to hold up to 200 pounds , is very convincing. Plus, their angled shape makes it quite effortless to snap them onto the leash. The design of these connectors is intended to be 25% thinner than previous versions, which, to be honest, I find very thoughtful, given the need to reduce clutter and weight while handling camera equipment.

Now, if you’re like me, frequently switching between gear or wanting to free your camera from the bounds of a strap, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to snap off the Leash Strap when not in use.

Overall, I find the design elements of the Leash Camera Strap both practical and user-friendly but not compromising on the integral safety and durability aspects. Now, onto putting it to real-life use!

Overview of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

Kiss the Old Goodbye: Why I Chose The New Leash Camera Strap Over The Panasonic gh4 Default Strap

  • Panasonic gh4 default strap was obstructive
  • Leash Camera Strap is easily removable
  • New anchor design offers flexibility

Just as with any change, letting go of my Panasonic gh4’s default strap was a bit of a nostalgic moment. However, after acquiring the Leash strap from Peak Design, I can’t help but share my reasons for the switch.

The Burden of the Default: How My Old Strap Hindered My Filming Experience

The Panasonic gh4 default strap was far from being lackluster – it served its purpose. But as time went by, I realized it wasn’t just cutting it for my filming demands. Picture this: You’re in the thick of capturing those cinematic shots, and then you find the strap constantly getting in the way . It becomes a hindrance rather than a helping hand—quite an irony considering that its primary function is to streamline my filming experience.

Freedom at Your Fingertips: Removing the Leash Camera Strap with Ease

This is where the Leash Camera Strap shines through. One of its top features that won me over is its easy removability . If you’re a person who juggles between filming and photography–just like I do – then you’d relate with me when I say that a camera strap can be a blessing for photography but a rather annoying attachment when filming. The Leash Camera strap from Peak Design offers the right kind of flexibility where you could easily take it off when it’s not needed. Talk about convenience being a strap away!

Its new anchor mount design means you can attach the camera strap in different ways and remove it just as quickly whenever you want. Simply put, it has made my life so much easier.

Bottom line? The Leash Camera strap is a real game-changer for my filming and photography processes–a perfect companion that neither gets in the way nor trifles with convenience. It’s a change, and in my books, it’s a change for the better.

Comments on Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

How To: Guiding You Through The Setup Process

  • Each anchor connector holds 200 pounds
  • Red core on tethers signals replacement need
  • Leash Strap attachment can be single-handed

Stepping into the practical side of things, it’s time to dive into the setup process of the Leash Camera Strap from Peak Design. Is it as user-friendly as it looks or does it come with hidden complications? Let’s find out.

The Installation: Transitioning from Unpacking to Using The Leash Camera Strap

Starting off, you’d need to connect the tether straps to your camera. It’s a straightforward process, thanks in large part to the inclusion of the anchor connectors. Each anchor connector is designed to hold an impressive 200 pounds , which gave me reassured confidence in the security of my camera. But remember, before you start, take a peek at the small card that comes in the package – you’ll find customer service and warranty information on it, which are always good to know. Once that’s done, you simply attach the tethers to the shoulder strap eyelets on the camera, using the hex wrench provided.

What to Do When the Red Shows: A Safety Advice on When to Replace the Tethers

An important detail, that shouldn’t be overlooked, resides in the anchor connectors. If you see a red inner core showing on any one of the tethers, it’s an indication that you need to replace them. This is based on my interpretation of the label included with the connectors. While this might seem like an extra effort, I believe it’s a wisely added feature designed to prevent unforeseen accidents with potentially expensive camera gear .

The process of snapping on the Leash Strap to the previously mentioned tethers is pretty breezy. You can manage it single-handedly , which is a nice touch on practicality front. Overall, the setup process is reassuringly simple and intuitive. But remember, it’s always good to keep a close eye on the red warning on the tethers.

View of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

Flexibility Personified: Exploring the Different Ways to Wear the Leash Strap

  • Leash Strap offers multiple wearing styles.
  • Strap’s adjustability impacts lens positioning.
  • Designed for personalization, adaptability and comfort.

Now here’s where the fun really starts. Little did I know that this camera strap wasn’t just a ‘one size fits all’ but rather a ‘wear it whichever way suits you best’ type of gadget.

Wear It Your Way: From Traditional Neck Strap to Shoulder Strap

Around the neck, over the shoulder, or even sling style – the choice is yours. The Leash Strap has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate all your needs. Using the adjustable, low-profile aluminium hypalon adjusters, I could reconfigure the length of the strap with ease, suiting my preferred carrying style.

Swing or Sling: The Impact on Your Lens

Though the Leash Strap offers flexibility, it is worth noting that the way you choose to wear it may affect how your lens hangs. Wearing it sling style with the tethers attached to either side of the camera may result in the lens pointing outward. This could potentially lead to unwanted contact with various objects as you move around. As someone who cherishes their devices, the thought of my precious lens crashing into something is slightly unnerving.

But fear not, Peak Design seems to have thought of everything. A quick adjustment to attach the strap to the bottom of the anchor mount renders the lens pointing downward. This simple switch alleviated my concerns about any potential damage to the lens, allowing me to continue navigating my surroundings carefree.

To sum up, the Leash Strap is not just about looks and durability but also about personalization and adaptability. It caters to different comfort levels and usage scenarios with its impressive flexibility in wearing styles. This adds a unique touch to the whole camera experience. But as with any device, it does require a certain level of attention and care in use, such as being mindful of how one’s lens hangs depending on the wearing style.

Overview of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

The Best Feature: Why the Leash Strap’s Small Form Factor Stands Out

  • Leash Strap’s small form factor enhances portability
  • easily storable, provides the same functionality as traditional straps
  • Promises robustness without bulkiness

If there’s one thing that really won me over about the Peak Design’s Leash Strap, it’s its incredibly compact design. Now, I’ve handled quite a few camera straps in my time, but this one, with its small form factor and excellent portability, is a genuine game-changer.

Portable and Pocket-Friendly

One of the significant deterrents of the typical camera straps is their size. While they must be sturdy and durable to safely hold the camera, their bulky nature often makes them a burden to carry around. Not so with the Leash Strap.

This extraordinarily designed strap ensures that strength doesn’t have to compromise portability. The standout feature of the Leash Strap, at least from my experience, is how easily you can store it. It not only rolls up into a pleasingly tight configuration, but is also small enough to fit comfortably into even tiny pockets. Yes, even women’s jean pockets, notoriously renowned for their cramped quarters!

I noted how advantageous this was during shoots where I moved frequently between locations. I wasn’t burdened with a clunky strap. Instead, I carried the Leash Strap in my pocket without any obstruction to my movement.

Comparative advantage

It’s worthwhile here to make a relative comparison. A traditional neck strap often feels like a bulky, heavy noose around your neck and is practically impossible to stow away or forget about. The Leash Strap, on the other hand, gives you all the functionality minus the bulk. Its lightweight, compact form, naturally, begs the question – why isn’t this the norm across camera straps?!

However, as much as the portability factor is a clear winner, some could argue that the small size might make it easy to misplace or lose. But ultimately, this comes down to individual use and attention to detail. It would be unfair to deem it a downside as such.

In conclusion, the small form factor indeed stands out in the Leash Strap, delivering all the robustness of a standard camera strap minus the cumbersome nature. It’s this feature that, in most likelihood, has convinced plenty of photographers, like myself, to consider this a worthy purchase.

Evaluating Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Bringing Up Constructive Criticism on the Leash Strap

  • Leash Strap requires a separate hex tool for attachment
  • Anchor mount is not attached to the leash strap

Just as every rose has its thorn, even the most perfect of products have their imperfections. Dealing with a few minor irritations, I’ve gathered my thoughts to present some constructive criticism on the Leash Strap. Here are a couple of aspects that I feel could benefit from a bit of tweaking.

The Anchor Mount’s Hex Wrench: Is it Essential or a Hurdle?

The first thorn in the side, so to speak, is the necessity of a separate tool to attach the anchor mount onto the camera. Yes, the hex wrench, or allen key as it’s also known, does a fantastic job at it, but there’s potential for trouble.

Here’s the problem:

If the hex is misplaced, the process comes to a standstill until a replacement is found. Contrastingly, other products like a Joby Gorillapod offer mounts that latch onto the camera quickly sans any supplementary tools. In the chaotic universe of photography with countless little components, keeping track of an extra piece can be quite daunting. Am I right?

Imagining an Alternative: Could the Anchor Mount Be Part of the Strap Itself?

Moving on, another minor hiccup in this otherwise flawless design comes in the form of the anchor mount. Don’t get me wrong, the anchor mount is brilliant, but its lack of attachment to the strap itself feels a tad inconvenient. Question is, couldn’t it be part of the leash strap itself when not being used?

Picture this:

An accessible anchor mount that resides on the leash strap, maybe using the adjuster’s square, while not in use. Imagine not having to delve into the depths of your camera bag to fish out the pouch containing the anchor mount every time you need it. Convenient, isn’t it?

These are minor improvements in the grand scheme. Regardless of these, Peak Design has outdone themselves, and their leash strap stands a cut above the rest. The combination of innovative design elements, superior craftsmanship, and an affordable price tag make it a product worth considering for each and every photography enthusiast.

Survey of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

The Verdict: Is the Leash Camera Strap Worth Your Money?

  • Leash Camera Strap offers unique adjustability and design
  • Potential improvement: easier anchor link installation
  • Quality camera accessory, but not a necessity

There’s no denying that the Leash Camera Strap by Peak Design is eye-catching. It effortlessly marries style with functionality and certainly feels like a premium product. But the question is – is it worth your money?

The Wrap-Up: My Overall Thoughts on the Leash Camera Strap

The leash camera strap shines in many aspects. The adjustability, compactness, and design aspects are top-notch. It’s not just a camera strap, but a thoughtfully designed piece of useful equipment that caters to different users’ needs. The variety it provides in terms of wearing styles – neck, cross-body, or shoulder – offers flexibility that’s rarely seen in regular camera straps. Plus, the design enhances quick strap attachment and detachment, which saves you time during those high-pressure photography moments.

The anchor links, while impressive in quality and concept, would be more beneficial if they were easier to install. Dealing with a hex wrench isn’t ideal, and this could be something Peak Design could improve in the future. Perhaps a tool-less design? That would be a dream!

Is It A Go? Determining If The Leash Strap Could Be THE Camera Accessory You Need

At around $39.95, the Leash Camera Strap isn’t the cheapest option on the market – but it’s a case of ‘you get you pay for’ . The quality, durability, and innovation in design are hard to beat. If you’re a regular photographer, whether professional or hobbyist, this could be an investment worth making.

However, if you’re someone who just uses their camera once in a blue moon and is happy with the standard straps that come included with most cameras, this strap could be a luxurious upgrade but not a necessity.

In conclusion, the Leash Camera Strap thrives in its segment with unique adjustability features and potential to enhance your camera’s handling. It’s undoubtedly a strong contender when it comes to camera straps vying for your hard-earned money.

Check of Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)

Play on Words: Fun In The Conclusion

A Final Quip: Finding Humor In The Brand Name.

In my journey of evaluating products, I have come across many names. But very few managed to tickle the funny bone and add an extra dimension to their branding. Peak Design, in the context of this review, is one of those rare names which ironically brings a smile when you play with the phrase. In case you’re wondering, just decide to take a ‘peak’ at the ‘Leash Strap’, and there, you see the pun. It’s the little things.

Join Me For More Reviews: An Invitation for Future Engagements.

As an unbiased reviewer, my responsibility is to deliver in-depth, honest, and non-promotional insights into products which could add value to photographers and videographers. But let me tell you, this journey is more enriching with you, the users in tow. A shared experience is a wholesome knowledge and the joy of discovery is quite unparalleled. Therefore, consider this as an invitation to join me for more comprehensive product evaluations. Your feedback and experiences matter and the virtual platform is a great space to exchange views. So, let’s continue this exploration.

Should you buy the Peak Design Leash Camera Strap (L-BL-3)?

Buy it if…

You Need Versatility

With three different ways to wear – traditional neck strap, sling style, or on the shoulder, the Leash Camera Strap offers flexibility based on your shooting conditions and personal comfort.

You Value Durability and Quality

Made from durable material, smooth design and promising super well-made quality, the Leash Camera Strap can withstand rugged use over time.

You Desire Convenience

The Leash Camera Strap is designed for easy installation and removal, allowing you to switch between filming and photography swiftly. Also, its smart compact design makes it easy to carry around and can fit even in a small pocket.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer Strapless

If you usually remove the camera strap while filming, this strap may not justify its value for you.

You’re Allergic to Additional Tools

Setting up the anchor mount requires a small hex wrench, this might be an inconvenience if you prefer not to carry around an extra tool or worry about losing it.

You’re On a Tight Budget

With a price around $39.95, there are other less expensive straps available. If cost is a major factor, you may wish to explore more affordable options.


What is the Leash camera strap from Peak Design?
The Leash camera strap from Peak Design is a camera strap designed for flexibility, portability, and comfort. It features updated anchor connectors, low-profile aluminum hypalon adjusters, and is made from smooth, durable nylon that won’t catch on your clothing.
Does the Leash Strap come in different colors?
Yes, the Leash Strap comes in two colors: ash and black.
What are the new features of the updated version of Leash Strap?
The new version of the Leash Strap comes with updated anchor connectors which are 25% thinner for ease of use, new low-profile aluminum hypalon adjusters for easy length alteration, and increased durability compared to the previous version.
Is the Leash strap easily removable?
Yes, the Leash Strap is designed to be easily removable, allowing you to configure it in various ways and remove it when you find it unnecessary or obstructive.
How do you set up the Leash Strap on your camera?
The setup process involves attaching an anchor mount to the bottom of your camera using a given hex wrench, attaching the anchor connectors to the eyelets on either side of the camera, and then easily snapping on the leash strap.
How do I know when to replace tethers?
The tethers come with a color-coded safety alert. If the red inner core begins showing on any of the tethers, it’s a signal that they should be replaced.
Can I wear the Leash strap in different ways?
Yes, the Leash strap can be worn in three different ways: as a traditional neck strap, sling style, or on the shoulder.
What are the criticisms of the Leash Strap?
The main criticisms of the Leash Strap involve the need for a separate hex wrench to attach the anchor mount to the camera, which might be easy to lose, and the lack of built-in storage for the little anchor mount.
Where can I buy the Leash Strap?
You can purchase the Leash Strap at Peak Design’s official website or authorized retailers. The price is around $39.95 depending on where you buy it.

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