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Review: Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3 – Innovative, durable, and practical camera accessory

Review of the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip, a solution to ease camera carrying discomfort... Read more

Review of Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Test of Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

4.7/5 - (7668 votes)

Cena: $74.95


  • Well-made, sturdy design
  • Universal quarter inch screw
  • Smooth release mechanism
  • Extremely portable and light
  • Simplifies carrying a camera
  • Comfortable when attached to belt
  • Ideal for hiking or outdoor photography


  • Relatively expensive at $70
  • Not comfortable when attached to backpack
  • Release button’s placement could be improved
  • Doesn’t work with extra grip on Sony A7
  • Can’t use a coin to tighten plate
  • Needs time to master release mechanism

“After thoroughly testing the Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design, I can say it’s an innovative product with impressive design and build quality. The clip is undeniably reliable and offers a unique solution for carrying cameras. However, the ease of operation could be improved, especially for amateur users who may struggle initially before getting accustomed to the latch-and-release system. And while it’s quite an investment at $70, I believe it may be worthwhile for individuals willing to pay for durability and practicality in their camera gear accessories.”

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Brand Peak Design
Color Black
Compatible Devices Cameras
Mounting Type Tripod
Special Feature Lightweight Design


Have you ever been in the middle of capturing a picturesque landscape or a candid moment only to find yourself juggling your camera uncomfortably? Or maybe you’ve experienced that nagging fear of dropping your expensive gadget while trying to get that perfect shot?

If your answer is yes, then this review for the Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design is tailored just for you.

Before we dive into the details, let me clear one thing. This isn’t a paid advert or a sales pitch. I procured the capture camera clip myself, curious to explore its proclaimed solutions. Considering its price tag of $70, a pressing question naturally pops up, “Is it worth all those bucks?”

I encountered the Peak Design Clip in the heart of Banff, Canada, where a fellow hiker sported it effortlessly. Intrigued and a little jealous, I decided to get one for myself. To help you understand better, I’ll compare my experiences with some other cheaper options as well such as the MUB Bobo Toe belt clip from Amazon.

Read on as I narrate my honest, unfiltered experience about each step from unboxing to testing.

Examining Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

First Impressions

  • Peak Design’s Clip: unique first impressions, high price tag.
  • Alternative clips often compromise on construction and user experience.
  • Impressive packaging, quality construction and real-world application.

Setting out on this journey to solve camera woes, my experiences with the Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip started out with unique first impressions, both towards its price tag as well as its initial presentation.

Surprising Jealousy: A Hiker in Banff, Canada

Walking the scenic trails of Banff, Canada with my usual side bag of gear, I couldn’t help but notice a fellow hiker. It wasn’t the man himself but rather, his camera positioning that caught my attention. With his camera clipped effortlessly onto his backpack strap using the Peak Design clip, he maneuvered with ease – camera by his side yet no bothersome bag in sight. This moment sparked my interest in the product and eventually led me to purchase it on my own, in hopes that it would enhance my own photographic expeditions.

Cheaper Options: The MUB Bobo Toe from Amazon

Like any wise shopper, it’s good to hunt around for alternate options before making a purchase. In my search, I stumbled upon lower-priced belt clips like the MUB Bobo Toe on Amazon. They work, but with these budget options, compromises are usually made. For example, they often came with poorly crafted plates which detracted from user experience.

Unboxing Joy: Pleasant Surprises from Packaging to Plate

I’m a stickler for good packaging and the Peak Design clip impressed me immediately with its thoughtful and user-friendly presentation. The unboxing experience was delightful – no fuss, no mess. Everything was neatly placed, complete with a carrying case, bolts, and multi-tool. The attention detail with this product was obvious and incredibly appreciated.

In conclusion, my first impressions of the Capture Camera Clip were largely positive, with the exception of a few trade-offs related to price and competition. However, its thoughtful design, quality construction, and successful real-world application provided a strong introduction to this innovative product.

Considering Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Close Examination of Features

  • Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip is robust and functional
  • Features full metal jacket for quality and durability
  • Universal quarter-inch screw and 4-way system offer flexibility

I have to say, initially, I was pretty drawn in by the robust design and the overall appeal of the Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design. It not only looked sturdy, but it seemed to promise quite a bit of functionality as well.

Product Design: Well-Made with Full Metal Jacket

Upon a closer look, I can tell that this product is extremely well-constructed. As soon as the packaging was off, it screamed ‘I mean business’. The full metal jacket, an apparent highlight, makes this camera clip high on quality and durability. However, let’s not rush into conclusions based on looks alone, let’s delve a bit deeper.

Easy Release System: How Smooth is the Mechanism?

In an attempt to gauge its functionality, I tried the release system. There’s a small button that promises to release the camera smoothly when pushed. And it did seem to slide easily at first glance. But, the real test of this system would be in the field when I actually try it with the camera hanging on to it. So, while it looks promising, I’m still uncertain if it meets the ease-of-use expectation.

Nifty Features: Universal Quarter Inch Screw and 4-Way System

As I inspect further, I notice a universal quarter-inch screw, which is a pretty handy feature enabling compatibility with various cameras. But it didn’t stop surprising me there, it also has a four-way system that allows you to attach the camera in any direction. Initial thoughts – it’s a cool feature but how practical would it be in real-life scenarios? I suppose I won’t know until I try it out fully.

Every good aspect considered, I am also keenly aware that the true test of this clip lies in its functionality. So, let’s move on to the next phase and test the clip.

Audit of Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Testing the Clip

  • Clip testing faced challenges with backpack and camera alignment
  • Tested with Canon 5D Mark Four and Sony A7 3
  • Usability issues encountered with both tested cameras

As the essence of any product review lies in its practical usage, the “Capture Camera Clip” from Peak Design also needed to pass through rigorous in-field testing.

Challenge with Backpack Test:

My initial idea was to test the clip with my backpack. Attached it to the strap securely, but, unfortunately, the camera didn’t align quite right. The camera hung downward which was an unusual sight with a pancake lens. It could be a hassle if I needed to capture quick shots in my travels. Clearly, I wasn’t a fan of this setup. Maybe it was my backpack’s streamlined design, or perhaps I had set it too high. More usage might lead to a smoother experience, but at this point, I wasn’t too impressed.

Testing on Different Cameras: Canon 5D Mark Four & Sony A7 3

Undeterred by the initial setback, I tried the Capture Clip with multiple cameras. First off, Canon 5D Mark Four, it was quite a heavyweight, something I usually avoid for vacations. Finding the correct position to attach the clip was a bit of trial and error process. The reach-around button was a challenge, especially with the camera’s heftiness.

Next up, I tested the clip with Sony’s A7 3 – another popular model among photography enthusiasts. The issue here came with the additional grip that had on the camera. This grip bumped into the clip’s button making it impossible to attach comfortably. These were the limitations I didn’t expect with a camera gear rated at $70.

But fair to say, these are my initial thoughts, and everyday usage might yield a different result, and flexibility is inherent in learning to use new gear.

Study of Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Belt Test: The Redemption

  • Clip was comfortable and stable on belt
  • Release button positioning improved ease of use
  • Clip’s material is sturdy and durable

After the rather unsatisfying experience of trying to make the clip work with a backpack, I decided to give the belt a whirl. Surely enough, the clip found its redemption with the belt test.

Initial Experience with the Belt Test

My first discovery was that the clip felt more comfortable when worn on the belt as compared to the backpack. The device snugly fit onto the belt and didn’t require a hefty amount of fidgeting around. I felt an immediate sense of relief as the belt, unlike the backpack, didn’t allow for a lot of unwanted movement or oscillation. The placement also felt natural and easy to work with.

Operation of the Release Button

The positioning of the release button on top was a significant contributor to this newfound ease. Now, sliding out the camera became a seamless process without the need to twist or turn my hand in an unnatural way. It felt intuitive to have the camera slide sideways and within moments, the camera was at my disposal — perfect for a swift, bird spotting moment.

Comfort and Adjustments

Wearing the clip for a longer period didn’t introduce any discomfort, which was a plus. Even the frustrations felt with the backpack were replaced by a more satisfying user experience. But of course, like any other device, the clip isn’t without its minor issues, which are hardly dealbreakers.

Material and Durability

In terms of material, the clip seemed to be made of titanium steel, possibly a blend of adamantium and vibranium—simply put, it’s sturdy and well built. Its durability gives the impression that it’s worth the money spent if cared for and used correctly.

Final Thoughts on the Belt Test

All in all, the clip passed the belt test with flying colors. Whether it’s comfort, ease of use, or the smooth operation of its features, the clip on the belt felt right. The belt test made me reconsider the initial skepticism fostered during the backpack test. It felt like the perfect companion for an adventurous hike—convenient and easily accessible.

View of Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Quality & Pricing of Peak Design Products

  • Peak Design products notable for robustness and practicality
  • Capture Camera Clip praised for quality and convenience
  • High cost of products justified by long-term value

One of the recurring themes in _my experience with Peak Design products, including the capture camera clip, is their unquestionable quality. From the robustness of the design to the practicality of the features, these products are given noticeable attention to detail.

However, all this brilliance comes with its fair share of costs. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had your eyebrows raised at the price tag more often than not.

The Quality:

The Capture Camera Clip is a testament to _Peak Design_’s commitment to quality. When I say it’s a well-made product, I mean it. It’s solid, feels premium and certainly gives off the impression that it’ll serve you well. The mechanism is smooth, the universal quarter inch screw is sturdy, and the ability to slide your camera off quickly is super convenient.

The Price:

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room–the price. If you’ve looked at Peak Design products, you’ve probably noticed they’re a bit on the higher side. This is where my frugal side kicks in and starts weighing the cost against the benefits. Can this pricey capture clip equate to its value in convenience and utility?

The Capture Camera Clip comes at a hefty $70. While this initially threw me off, considering I found other options on Amazon for less money, I had to consider the factors. Were these other options as durable, efficient and handy as the Peak Design clip? Not so much.

The cheaper alternatives, like the MUB Bobo toe, were fine but they also came with their own set of problems— like ungodly clip plates that were annoying to use. So, here the extra dollars you’re paying for a Peak Design product goes into ensuring a smoother user experience, better design and robust build quality.

So, is it worth the extra bucks? If we’re talking long-term use and reliance, I would sway towards yes. The quality of this camera clip does justify its price, although it might still make your wallet feel lighter than it’d like.

Survey of Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

Concluding Thoughts & Final Test

As we round off this exploration of the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip, it’s important to take a step back and look at the broader perspective. Outlining the hits and misses, while emphasizing practical insights, helps to give a balanced view.

Is the Capture Camera Clip worth $70? A Confession

Let’s get to one of the most burning questions, “Is the Capture Camera Clip worth its $70 price tag?” Having spent my own funds on less superior products costing around $30 – $40, I’d tilt towards ‘yes’ if you’re intending to purchase just one clip. The solid build, the well-thought-out design and the relative ease of releasing and clipping in your camera, once you get used to the motion, justify its cost to a reasonable extent.

Final Test with the Sony A7: How it Feels and Works

For the final test, I tried it on a Sony A7. Once I took off the extra grip on the camera, the Capture Camera Clip connected smoothly. I was able to clip it on and release just as easily as demonstrated in the instructions, and it caugh my attention how snugly the camera sat in the belt with its lens pointing downwards.

Concluding Verdict: A New, Convenient way to Carry Your Camera?

The Final Words: Based on my personal usage and testing, the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip presents a fascinating alternative for carrying your camera conveniently. Though not all camera models fit perfectly as evidenced by my experience with the Sony A7 3, upon removing the extra grip, the overall performance was impressive. However, user preferences may differ, and while I preferred the belt experience over a backpack, others may find the latter more suitable. It does require a bit of getting used to and testing with different cameras for optimal use. But once that is done, it could very well add a new level of convenience to your camera usage.

Should you buy the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3?

Buy it if…

You’re tired of uncomfortable camera carrying methods

The Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip is a great solution if you often find yourself in situations where traditional methods of carrying your camera are too cumbersome, uncomfortable, or impractical.

You value high-quality construction

This product is very well-made, which echoes the high quality associated with Peak Design products.

You’re often on the go, hiking or travelling

This product’s belt-clip functionality makes it a great fit for hikers, travellers or photographers who are constantly moving and need an easily accessible carrying solution.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a budget and only need basic functionality

The Capture Camera Clip is on the expensive side, especially compared to other cheaper clips, so it might not be the best choice for those who are budget-conscious and don’t need all the extra features.

You’re not a fan of one-handed release

You may not find this product suitable if you don’t like a one-handed release, because the design could take some getting used to.

You have a Sony camera with an extra grip

The extra grip on certain Sony cameras may interfere with the Capture Camera Clip, making it difficult to use.


How much does the Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip cost?
The cost of the Capture Camera Clip from Peak Design is approximately $70.
What are the main features of the Capture Camera Clip?
The main features of this clip include its well-made metal design, its easy release system, and its four-way system that allows you to put the plate in any direction.
Can the Capture Camera Clip be used with any camera?
During the review, various cameras were tested including Canon 5D Mark Four, Sony A7 3, and Fuji XT2. However, the clip may not be compatible with all camera and lens combinations. It’s best to check with the manufacturer for compatibility enquiries.
What other ways were tested to use the Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip apart from attaching it to a backpack?
The clip was also tested on a belt, which provided a more comfortable and convenient experience than using with a backpack.
Is the Peak Design’s Capture Camera Clip worth the cost?
Based on the review, it seems like the clip’s high-quality construction and convenient features can justify the cost, especially given that it outperforms cheaper alternatives. However, the perceived value may vary between users.
Can the position of the camera be adjusted when using the Capture Camera Clip?
Yes, the clip has a universal quarter inch screw and a 4-way system which allows you to position the camera in any direction.

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