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Review: Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White – Convenient and exceptionally portable for on-the-go print needs.

Explore the Paperang P1 Printer’s unboxing, tech specs, connectivity, printing quality, and unbiased verdict... Read more

Review of Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White

Test of Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White

4.3/5 - (32 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Compact and Portable
  • Easy to Connect
  • Decent Printing Speed
  • Variety of Cover Designs
  • Useful QR code Scanning


  • Confusing Paper Dimensions
  • Limited Print Quality
  • Short Charging Cable
  • Limited Instructions in English

“After thoroughly trying out the Paperang P1 Printer, I found it to be quite handy and exceptionally portable. The device’s print quality, though not extraordinarily high resolution, produced rather decent black and white prints for everyday use. The convenience the printer offers, especially with its mobile app integration, is commendable. However, I do believe the product could be improved in terms of providing clearer instructions for first-time users. Overall, it’s an interesting device that gets the job done and is worth considering for those in need of a compact, on-the-go printer. “

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Brand paperang
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Portable
Color White
Model Name P1
Printer Output Monochrome
Max Printspeed Monochrome 15 ppm
Operating System Android,Ios
Item Weight 160 Grams

Introduction: Welcome to My Paperang P1 Printer Review

Picture this: An unopened box from AliExpress arrives at your doorstep. You tear open the package, and there it is – the Paperang P1 printer you’ve been curious about. The journey to discovering a new product is often filled with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. And this review aims to peel back the layers of your curiosity.

I’m handing you an in-depth review of P1 printer inked from my own experiences, all without sugar-coating or bias. Who knows, it could transform the way you look at printing.

Unboxing: Ripping Open the Mysterious Box from AliExpress

Let’s start at the very beginning: Unboxing. We all know that first impressions count, and the presentation of a product is no exception. From the moment the box was in my hands, I could feel the anticipation of discovering what lies within.

  • The Box: Encasing the Paperang printer, the box was standard and unassuming. But don’t be deceived: the printer within held some surprises I couldn’t wait to explore.
  • The Extras: Alongside the main event, the box also held three rolls of thermal paper. These paired perfectly with the printer, foretelling the easy-to-use experience that was to come.

Interacting with the Printer: Paperang Printer’s First Impressions

With the box unloaded, I took my first look at the Paperang P1 printer. The printer itself hosted a clean, minimalistic design that caught my eye. The white finish – although other colors are available if white’s not your style – and compact size offered the very first inkling of the printer’s portability.

I thought it was rather peculiar that the specs on the box listed the paper size as 57 by 30 millimeters. Seemed a bit of an odd size for thermal paper, considering the most common width is 57mm but the length isn’t usually 30mm or 3cm. However, whatever the measurements, the paper fit beautifully in the printer. The potential discrepancy did not affect functionality or the printing process.

Upon reflection, the unboxing experience set the stage for what was shaping up to be a versatile, compact printer that could potentially make on-the-go printing a breeze!

Comments on Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White

Take a Deep Insight: Objectively Assessing the Paperang P1 Printer

  • Paperang P1 Printer includes thermal paper, micro USB, guide
  • Offers aesthetically appealing design and varied printer covers
  • Discrepancies exist in size specifications

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the inkless world of the Paperang P1 Printer. It’s time to meticulously dissect what this clever little device can offer its users, and of course, assess the potential limitations.

Package Essentials: An Accurate Review of The Included Materials

Kickstarting this in-depth review, the Paperang P1 printer comes with a set of essential items that one would expect; the printer itself, a roll of thermal paper, a micro USB cable, and a user guide. Conveniently present inside the box, the extra thermal paper rolls ensure multiple print opportunities for quick-starters.

First Impressions Matters: The Paperang P1 Printer’s Initial Aesthetics

Out of the box, the Paperang P1 Printer holds an attractive appeal due to its sleek, contemporary design. White in color, it captivates minimalistic enthusiasts who enjoy a blend of functionality and style.

Color and Variety: Highlight on the Printer Covers

Furthermore, the added perk of assorted printer covers enables users to pick from an array of colors to match their preferences, thus making the printer not just a tool, but a fashion statement of sorts.

The Dimensions Game: An Unbiased Look at the Paper’s Size

Now, amidst the plethora of its impressive features, the device does exhibit a slight snag pertaining to the paper dimensions claim. The indicated paper size of 57 by 30 millimeters on the box doesn’t seem quite accurate as the length is clearly greater than the suggested 30 millimeters. Not a deal-breaker but a detail that warrants accuracy for informed decisions.

All in all, by objectively scrutinizing the details and the overall functionality of the Paperang P1 Printer, it’s clear this device offers an intriguing combination of sleek design and promising capabilities, with a small hiccup in size specifications.

Scrutiny of Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White

Unplugged: Testing the Output and Functions

  • Paperang app connects to printer via Bluetooth
  • Printer excels in speed and print quality
  • Paperang P1 printer is compact and portable

Now, let’s dive into the exciting part: the performance assessment of the Paperang P1 printer.

Connectivity: Installing and Connecting with the Paperang App on iPhone

Start by downloading the Paperang app from the App Store. The good news is it’s quite lightweight, at 78.2MB, so it shouldn’t consume all your memory. After you install the app, it will request to use Bluetooth to connect with the printer. Just allow it and you’re on the right track. To connect the printer, you need to switch it on (don’t make the rookie mistake of trying to connect too soon) and then select the printer via the app’s plus sign. Alternatively, there is a QR code scanning option which I found quite handy.

Protip: You need to load the printer with paper to print the code. Luckily, each printer comes with paper already installed plus three additional rolls, quite generous if you ask me.

Performance Review: The Paperang P1’s Print Speed and Quality

We’ll get down to test its proficiency over two main areas: speed and quality of the printouts.

1 In Action: Printing Pictures and Word Puzzles

To give a simple yet comprehensive idea of its capabilities, I printed a photo I took of the device itself. Honestly, I was impressed with the speed and smooth operation. Notably, for a black and white print, the clarity was fair. Although, due to the resolution dots per inch, some glossiness was noticeable on the output.

Next, I downloaded and printed an image of a “find the word” puzzle. This took slightly longer than the photo due to the detail but still rolled out at a respectable pace. The text was legible and the dots per inch pretty clear on closer inspection. So, should you need to appease your boredom with some Sudoku or map out a treasure hunt for your kids, this just might be your gadget!

Portability: The Compactness and Mobile-Friendliness of the Printer

Finally, to top it all off, the Paperang P1 printer’s compact size and lightweight build make it super portable. Once fully charged, you can easily carry it in your bag and print on the go.

Judgement: Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White

Conclusion: Final Thoughts on the Paperang P1 Printer

After spending some time with the Paperang P1 printer, it’s clear that it has some worthy attributes. But like most products, it also leaves room for some improvements.

The Positives

  • Compact and Portable: It’s pleasantly surprising how small this device is, making it extremely portable and useful for people always on the go.
  • Print Quality: The black and white printouts are of decent quality. While they won’t match up to professional printer standards, they certainly meet everyday needs for casual users.
  • Connectivity: The seamless connection between the device and the Paperang app was a breeze. Both iOS and Android users will have no problems using this printer.

Room for Improvements

  • Paper Size: The stated dimensions as per the box specification were a bit misleading. A more accurate product description would avoid potential confusion for buyers.
  • USB Cable: The provided cable is a tad short. A longer one would be more useful as flexibility in setting up the printer would greatly enhance user experience.
  • User Guide: The guide starts with Chinese instructions before switching to English, which might initially puzzle or inconvenience some users.

All in all, the Paperang P1 Printer offers a convenient mobile printing solution despite a few lapses. It demonstrates affordability and ease of use. For someone who needs to quickly print out something like a word puzzle, a picture, or a simple note on the go, this printer can be an effective tool.

In conclusion, while it has room for improvements, for its given price tag, the Paperang P1 Printer delivers a satisfactory performance and could potentially be a helpful tool for everyday printing needs. Any interested buyer should consider these factors in making their decision.

Should you buy the Paperang P1 Mini Sticker Printer-Wireless Portable Mobile Thermal Photo Receipt Compatible with iOS+Android Smartphone White?

Buy it if…

You Need a Portable Printer

If you frequently need to print items while on the move, this device offers great portability.

You’re into Cool Gadgets

You might consider getting this product if you enjoy testing out the latest tech gadgets and don’t mind figuring out how to navigate a new app.

You Appreciate User-Friendly Devices

The Paperang printer has a very straightforward setup. Perfect for people who dread complicated user manuals.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need High-Resolution Prints

If premium print quality is a priority for you, this may not be the best bet since the resolution is relatively low.

You’re Not a Fan of Bluetooth Connectivity

Requires connecting via Bluetooth to print. Could be inconvenient if you’re not a fan of wireless interactions.

Black & White Print Only

If you’re wanting to print colorful images, unfortunately, this printer only prints in black and white.


Does the Paperang P1 Printer come with a user manual?
Yes, it comes with a user manual that starts in Chinese and then moves to English.
What is the size of the Paperang mobile app?
The app is 78.2MB in size and won’t take a lot of space on your device.
Can the Paperang P1 Printer print in color?
No, the printer only prints in black and white.
Is the Paperang P1 Printer available in different colors?
Yes, there’s a wide variety of covers to choose from.
How does the mobile app connect to the printer?
You can connect the printer via the plus sign in the app or by scanning a QR code.
What is the print speed of the printer?
The print speed is quite decent for a portable printer.
Does the Paperang P1 Printer need ink?
No, the printer uses thermal paper, so you don’t need to worry about ink.
How portable is the printer?
The printer is quite small and you can easily carry it around with you.

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