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Review: Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker – Decent tracking abilities with room for enhancements

Testing and reviewing the Optimus Tracker 3’s GPS accuracy and unique features... Read more

Review of Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker

Table of Contents

Test of Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker

4.4/5 - (877 votes)

Cena: $39.95


  • Easy set-up and intuitive operation
  • Battery & network indicators are easy to read
  • Geo Fence setting useful, triggers efficiently
  • GPS accuracy impressive when parked
  • App seems to function well despite mixed reviews
  • Can accurately locate the tracker indoors


  • LED indicators can be confusing initially
  • Delayed event notification (10 minutes)
  • Inaccurate tracking at high speeds/ changing directions
  • GPS function could be sensitive to movement

“After spending quality time with the Optimus Tracker 3, I can say it’s a product with its strengths and areas for improvement. Its tracking abilities are good when the device is stationary, with an impressive meter’s accuracy I experienced firsthand. However, the course tracking while moving can be a tad inaccurate due to its timing in capturing GPS positions. The device’s LED indicators may take some time to interpret, but once you get the hang of it, it’s straightforward. The user app worked fine for me, defying some less-than-impressive ratings it received on google play. While the 10-minute wait time for event notification can be improved, it’s manageable. In sum, the Optimus Tracker 3 is a decent product, with room for enhancements.”

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Brand Optimus
Special Feature Portable
Connectivity Technology Cellular
Supported Application GPS
Item Weight 0.23 Kilograms

Introduction: My Firsthand Adventure with the Unreviewed Optimus Tracker 3

Picture this: I discovered a product that has seemingly slipped under the radar – the Optimus Tracker 3. No reviews, no guidance, just a dash of adventurous spirit and a GPS tracker waiting to be deciphered. In my hands, I held the power to share an unbiased, comprehensive review for potential future buyers. So, I thought, challenge accepted.

Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Right off the bat, the Optimus Tracker 3 resembled any other standard GPS device. Basic, fit in pocket easily, no fuss. However, a closer look revealed a cryptic set of blinking LEDs. At this point, I realized that uncovering the tricks of this tracker was going to be more fascinating than I initially thought.

Journey Begins: Setting up my Optimus Tracker 3

Getting started with a device when you have zero guides to support you can be overwhelming, even for experienced users like myself. However, the absence of reviews left me undeterred. I was determined to decipher and hopefully master this mysterious piece of technology.

The Optimus Tracker 3 doesn’t come with a flashy manual, but a bit of proactive technology exploration never hurts anybody, right? I consider it the starting point of every tech enthusiast’s adventure. Coming across difficulties and finding solutions by their own is the rightful initiation ceremony in the tech world.

Up next on the agenda was deciphering those LED lights, but I will save that exciting story for next segment.


It’s important to maintain a critical and unbiased approach throughout this process. This ensures I provide the most honest and insightful advice for those considering the Optimus Tracker 3. Fasten your seatbelts, folks, we’re just getting started…

Expose on Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker

Demystifying the Indicator LEDs

  • Battery LED is a constant working indicator
  • GPS and network lights follow a connectivity pattern
  • GPS LED flashes on device movement

Once I had my hands on the Optimus Tracker 3, the first thing that reported for duty was a series of intriguing blinking lights. But deciphering what they meant wasn’t as straightforward as I’d expected. So let’s break it down together.

What the Constantly Blinking Battery Symbol Really Means

Wondering about that mysterious battery symbol on your device? You’re not alone. When I first kicked off this challenge, it puzzled me to see the battery LED blinking away, regardless of whether it was charging, needed charging, or was fully charged. It soon struck me as a constant indicator, reliably showing when the device was working, rather than informing me about battery status.

How to Interpret the GPS, Network, and Battery Lights

I discovered that the GPS and network lights followed a similar pattern. They blinked faster as they sought their respective connectivity – GPS for satellites and network for mobile data – and slowed down once they’d found them. The lights went out completely when the device was idle. Simple enough to comprehend, once you crack the pattern.

Weird Features: The GPS that Blinks on Movement

What intrigued me was how the GPS LED started flashing as soon as the device moved. It took a bit of testing and observing to understand that this was part of its ‘wake-up’ protocol. When stationary, to save battery life, the tracker goes into a non-transmitting mode of sorts. Move it, and it ‘wakes up’, sparking the GPS back into action.

However, I must clarify, it’s an assumption on my part based on my observation — haven’t found any official statement saying as much. This feature could be beneficial in prolonging battery life. The only caveat? Remembering what these indicator lights actually mean can take a little getting used to.

Evaluating Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker

Getting Started: Operating the Optimus Tracker 3

  • Optimus Tracker 3 requires registration for network connection
  • Starting device involves firm push of small button
  • Show of blinking lights indicates seeking network and GPS

Now we come to the fun part, actually getting this gizmo started. And let me tell you, it’s not exactly rocket science, but it does require a bit of keen attention.

Understanding the Registration Process

First, we need to talk about the registration process. Now, this is important – A casual glance at the device might fool you. You see the SIM card keeping the network light blinking fast, and it might make you think it’s desperately trying to find a network. But here’s the catch – unless the device is registered, you won’t get a cell connection. So make sure to go through the registration process before using it.

The Start-Up Journey: Let’s Push that Little Button Together

So, how exactly do you turn it on? Simple, there’s a tiny button. It requires a solid, firm push to get things rolling. A gentle push won’t cut it – remember, this is no tender touch-sensitive device. It’s hardy.

After a good push, it displayed a well-coordinated light show – the battery light came on and then went out quickly (clear sign it’s fully charged), followed by the GPS light and the network light both taking their turns blinking, essentially seeking out their respective connections.

The network light soon found its desired connection and calmed down to a slower blinking rhythm, but the GPS light, however, decided to hold its own. It continued with its blinking saga (it could be tricky finding GPS satellites indoors).

Eventually, the GPS light did stop, but only after I gave it the freedom to roam outdoors, where a clear sky paved its way to locking onto those elusive satellites. So keep this in mind, while the device does find its cell network inside, you might need to step outdoors to ensure your GPS is up and running.

In conclusion , operating the Optimus Tracker 3 is pretty straightforward once you get the knack of interpreting its shimmering lights and give it the outdoor freedom it needs to locate satellites. The processing of it all might take a few extra moments, but once it’s up, it stays solid and ready to function!

Reflection on Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker

The Inside Track: Taking the Optimus Tracker 3 for a Spin

  • Geofencing responsiveness needs improvement
  • Event notification delay could be problematic in critical situations
  • Journey tracking struggles to accurately track during motion

It’s time to break free from the confines of my home and truly put the Optimus Tracker 3 to the test. Armed with enthusiasm and a hearty dash of skepticism, I decided to trial run the tracker on the road. My first challenge? Geofencing.

Testing Geo Fence Setting: My Quarter Mile Detection

The concept of setting up a “geo-fence” around my neighborhood was intriguing. But, to my surprise, the tracker didn’t trigger an event until I was a solid quarter mile outside of the established “geo fence.” Frankly, this was a tad disappointing and makes me wonder about its efficacy in certain critical situations. However, it does achieve the basic objective—after all, a quarter-mile deviation isn’t horrendous.

Event Notification: Is 10 Minutes Too Long a Wait?

Following this, I noted how long it took for an event notification to trigger. It was around 10 minutes. Now, I know some might argue that this isn’t a big deal. However, in real-time scenarios, especially in theft cases—for example—you’d want your tracker to alert you immediately when your object leaves the designated zone. The 10-minute lag is undeniably an area where there is room for improvement.

Journey Tracking: The Good, the Bad, and the Inaccurate

Moving on to journey tracking, I observed an odd inconsistency. On one hand, it accurately recorded the time I stopped and started. On the other, let’s say the actual route tracking left much to be desired. The tracker seemed to follow a point-to-point strategy, drawing a straight line between tracked positions at certain time intervals. This resulted in a distorted route representation, which was neither fluid nor reflective of the drive’s exact GPS history. However, this issue seemed to resolve itself when the vehicle was stationary—the parked positions were meter-precise.

Key takeaways:
  • Geofencing could be more responsive to enhance user experience.
  • The delay in event notification can be inconvenient in critical scenarios.
  • Journey tracking showed promise in stationary conditions, but struggled during motion

All in all, the road test was a mixed bag of well-executed and sub-par features. This is one for the books, or perhaps, back to the developers’ drawing board. The Optimus Tracker 3 isn’t perfect, but it does offer functionality that potentially justifies its cost.

View of Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker

Testing GPS Accuracy: The Quest for Precision

  • Optimus Tracker 3 shows high accuracy when stationary
  • Features useful in-house GPS detection
  • Accuracy dips during high-speed movement with turns

The accuracy of the GPS is one of the crucial factors to consider when reviewing a device like Optimus Tracker 3 – and I had to put it to a worthwhile test. Mind you, my experiences were a bit of a mixed bag. While the tracker did well in certain situations, it left me wishing for more in others.

Triumph of the Parked Position: Hitting a Meter’s Accuracy!

While testing, I discovered that the Optimus Tracker 3 was surprisingly accurate when stationary or “parked.” For instance, when the device was inside my house, it delivered superb precision – recognizing my location accurately and aligning perfectly with its actual location. It showed similar results even when I moved it out to the driveway.

This level of accuracy was quite impressive and speaks volumes about the potential capabilities of this lesser-known device. However, knowing that it worked immaculately while stationary intrigued me to test its precision in motion.

In-house GPS Detection: Yes, it saw Me at Home too!

Another fascinating feature was the in-house GPS detection. When I moved the device around the house, it eminently indicated the changes. I found this extremely useful as this feature stands out from many other GPS tracking devices I’ve used before.

It helps maintain the element of security the device provides. But my investigation has to go beyond the confines of my home.

The Accuracy Challenge: GPS in Motion

Making Sharp Turns at High Speed

On the other hand, the accuracy seemed to stagger a bit when I was driving around town especially while taking sharp turns at high speed. A possible explanation for the same could be that the device only reports GPS position at certain intervals. So, for instance, if you are moving fast and change directions, the device shows that you went straight from point A to point B and neglects the exact route and turns you made in between.

Essentially, at high speeds, the tracker instead of following the exact path, ended up drawing a straight line from one point to another. The GPS accuracy seemed to slightly dip due to time intervals especially when my driving involved multiple turns.

While every piece of technology has its highs and lows, this one aspect of Optimus Tracker 3 makes me think there’s scope for even more accuracy when in motion. All in all, if you can overlook this minor hiccup, Optimus Tracker 3 provides satisfactory GPS accuracy to get through most of your tasks.

Putting the App to the Test: My Personal Experiences

  • Optimus Tracker 3 app was reliable and user-friendly
  • App successfully tracked past vehicle movements

To truly understand the capabilities of a GPS tracker, you need to explore its accompanying mobile app. So, after I grilled the Optimus Tracker 3 hardware, it was time to wrestle with the software.

Defying Google Play’s Rating: My Initial App Experience

When I first downloaded the Optimus Tracker 3’s companion app, my expectations were admittedly quite low, as the app didn’t have the best reviews on Google Play. But contrary to popular sentiment, I didn’t discover any significant issues. It proved functional on my phone and I didn’t experience the problems others seemed to have come across.

At first glance, the app seemed fairly straightforward; it was easy to navigate and the controls were easy to understand. I had no noticeable issues with the app’s performance or reliability during my early stages of testing.

To Live Track or Not: Exploring the App’s Full Potential

The one area where I found myself fumbling a bit was live tracking. Truthfully, it was more because I didn’t have a proper phone holder in my car than an actual flaw in the app.

I could not perform live tracking while driving, so I couldn’t validate its efficiency in real-time scenarios. However, I was able to track the vehicle’s past movements with relative ease on my computer when required. This was certainly a plus for me.

My Overall Experience:

  1. Reliability: It seems to consistently update location information, and I observed no crashes.
  2. Interface: Simple and user-friendly. I found it easy to access the features I needed.
  3. Accuracy: Although I couldn’t test live tracking, the app did a great job in tracking past movements.

From my limited experience, I’d say the Optimus Tracker 3 app is a functional, no-frills tool that gets the job done, despite initial apprehensions due to its non-stellar ratings on Google Play. It’s possible that other users had a more complicated journey than I did, but I found it met my expectations in a satisfactory manner.

Conclusion: Wrapping Up My Optimus Tracker 3 Review

As I draw my review of the Optimus Tracker 3 to a close, it’s now time to take a moment to reflect on my overall experience.

My Final Verdict: Is the Optimus Tracker 3 worth it?

The Optimus Tracker 3 demonstrated a capable performance in my tests. Its reliable functionalities guarantee tracking and notification, whilst the app, in spite of the varying ratings, performed well on my device. It offered useful, if inconsistent, real-time tracking data. I appreciate the functionality to set a Geo Fence and the prompt, though not instantaneous, notifications received when crossing these boundaries.

Just as important to note, however, are its quirks. The indicator LEDs left me a little bewildered at first, taking some time to understand. The device’s movement activated GPS wakes up upon being moved, which can be either an advantage or a hindrance depending on individual needs.

Moreover, the GPS accuracy whilst en route was a bit of a disappointment – it reported a simpler, straight-lined path rather than the actual turns and changes in my direction. But then, the accuracy when the unit was stationary was top-notch, giving precise location data.

Things I Wish Were Different: A Constructive Critique

With every device comes room for improvement. Ideal modifications would be improving the real-time tracking feature to log accurate movement, not just the linear approximation, and to deliver notifications more promptly.

Perhaps a clearer user guide could eliminate initial confusion on the functioning of the indicator LEDs. Also, a better battery symbol indication would offer a user-friendly experience, avoiding unnecessary ambiguity.

All in all, the Optimus Tracker 3 stands as a competent device, capable in function, with a few quirks that, once interpreted, don’t hinder its overall usability. For its functionality, I can conclude that it gives you a justifiable return on your investment.

Remember, this conclusion derives from a personal, hands-on experience. I encourage all to base their purchase decision on a variety of reviews and conduct due diligence to ensure the chosen product suits their specific needs and expectations.

Should you buy the Optimus 3.0 GPS Tracker?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for Accurate Stationary Tracking

When parked or located in-house, the Optimus Tracker 3 reportedly offers accuracy up to a meter which could be highly valuable for theft prevention or personal asset tracking.

You Want to Set Geo fences

The Optimus Tracker 3 allows you to set up geo fencing. This can be useful for monitoring if a vehicle or person leaves a specific area, despite some delays in notification.

If You’re Fine with Regular App Check-ins

If you don’t mind checking the app while out driving or having to tether it to your phone to ensure live tracking, the tracker can serve its purpose.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need Instantaneous Notifications

Although the Tracker 3 does send event updates, there can be a delay of as much as 10 minutes, which might not be suitable for all uses.

You Expect Highly Accurate Movement Tracking

If your path includes many turns and direction changes, the tracking can become inaccurate due to the unit only reporting GPS position intermittently.

You’re not Tech Savvy

If you struggle with technology, you may find the product’s learning curve, from the somewhat complicated LED indicators to syncing with your phone, initially challenging.


Do the LEDs on the Optimus Tracker 3 change?
No, the symbols displayed by the LEDs do not change, they blink at different speeds to indicate various states of operation for battery charge, GPS, and network connectivity.
Should the GPS always blink?
The GPS light blinks until it finds the satellites, then it stops. It starts blinking again if the device moves, suggesting it is waking up.
What does the speed of the network light indicate?
The network light will blink fast until it locates the network and then will blink slower.
Why doesn’t the system alert me immediately when the geo fence boundary is breached?
There may be a lag in notification, which could be due to email service or routing. In this review, it took about 10 minutes to receive a breach notification.
Why was the track recording inaccurate?
The tracker records the GPS position every few seconds or minutes. If you’re changing direction or speed in between these intervals, it may create a straight-line representation of your route instead of the exact path.
Is the GPS accurate when the device is stationary?
In this review, the device showed accurate GPS positioning when stationary, predicting the location to within a meter.
Does the Optimus Tracker 3 app work well?
Based on the reviewer’s experience, the app seemed to work well despite lower ratings on Google Play. However, experiences may vary from user to user.
Does the live tracking feature work properly?
The reviewer couldn’t test the live tracking feature while driving, but based on the performance of other features, they assumed it would work decently.

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