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Review: OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black – decent value with substantial sound quality

Unbiased review of the affordable, water-resistant Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker with impressive battery and sound quality... Read more

Review of OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Table of Contents

Test of OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

4.6/5 - (510 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Impressive 14-hour battery life
  • Affordable pricing for offered features
  • Good sound quality for price range
  • Comes with USB-C to USB Cable
  • Water-resistant build


  • Not entirely waterproof
  • Limited volume output
  • No wall charger included
  • Bass output could be better
  • Design might feel basic to some

“Drawing on my personal experience and rigorous testing, I genuinely believe the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker offers decent value for its price. Its solid build, good battery life, and substantial sound quality are commendable, especially for a mid-ranged speaker. While it may not provide the premium audio experience of more costly alternatives, it holds up well amongst competition within its range. It’s worth considering, especially if you’re in search of a budget-friendly, reliable speaker that delivers good performance without breaking the bank.”

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Brand Cambridge Soundworks
Model Name Portable
Speaker Type Computer
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Special Feature Portable

Unboxing the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker: First Impressions

As soon as the package arrived, I could feel a wave of excitement. My fingers couldn’t wait to tear into the box that held the much talked about Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker. The packaging, though minimalist, left a satisfying impression. Not too flashy, but definitely hinting at the quality that could be expected inside.

Pulling the speaker from its box, the physical design of the Angle 3 immediately caught my eye. It doesn’t try to flaunt with a complicated design, but rather sports a modest and utilitarian aesthetic, which, though nothing out of the ordinary, doesn’t disappoint either.

Initial Observations

The speaker, a greyish block that confidently claims its presence, was the first thing to greet my eyes. Apart from the speaker, the only other item included in the box was a USB-C to USB cable; no accompanying wall charger included.

At a glance, the design seemed robust with a good weight balance — not too heavy to compromise its portability, yet not so light as to question its durability. I could easily picture myself carrying this speaker around for a day out at the beach or a friendly get-together in the park. However, it’s important to note that the lack of a flashy design might not appeal to all tastes.

Speaker Front

The speaker front is where things get interesting. Inside the speaker housing, upon closer inspection, I managed to spot two sets of speakers, hinting at a 10-watt total speaker output. Of course, the proof of this is in the audio, which will be discussed further in the review.

Speaker Rear

Moving on to the back of the speaker, there are a couple of practical features. Namely, a power button — which might initially be mistaken for a sticker — and a neat little flip-up section that houses a USB-C port and an auxiliary output. The inclusion of the aux output is a nice touch for those devices that don’t feature Bluetooth compatibility.

  • First impressions: Encouraging, but yet to truly impress.
  • Physical Design: Modest and practical.
  • Build Quality: Sturdy and durable.
  • Functionality: Initial observation hints at great potential.

While this initial evaluation of appearance and physical features does give a sense of what the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker might offer, it’s important to remember that the real test lies in its usage and performance. And that’s exactly what we’re about to dive into next.

Probe of OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Highlight: Features and Specifications of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker has 14-hour battery life
  • Offers a 100 feet Bluetooth range
  • Features built-in 10-watt speakers and is water-resistant

One of the key attractions of any product is its features and specifications, giving a glimpse into what the product offers, its capability and usability. And this is not an exception with Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker designed with a robust set of features capable of catching one’s attention.

Integral Features

The Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is not just an ordinary speaker; it’s a versatile device packed with an impressive series of features.

  • Firstly and quite notably, the Battery life . It claims an impressive 14 hours of playback time, which if accurate, is a decent offering considering the speaker’s size and price.
  • The speaker also boasts of a considerable Bluetooth Range , claiming a 100 feet reception. Now, this is a feature one might want to test out because if valid, it offers quite some flexibility in use.
  • Another prominent feature of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is the built-in 10-watt speakers . Now, that promises some significant decibels, but it’s worth testing out to check if the speaker lives up to this promise.
  • The speaker is also Water-Resistant . However, this feature shouldn’t be mistaken for waterproof. It’s resistance to water splashes and light rain, but one should refrain from dunking it into a pool.

Usability & Portability

The Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is reasonably compact, making it easily portable , suitable for on-the-go entertainment. This speaker seems like a decent companion for outings to the beach or park, given that it won’t suffer from a light splash or drizzle.

From the information at a glance, Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker seems reasonably well-equipped. Although it’s moderately priced, it’s packed with features that put it at par with some of the more expensive counterparts on the market. However, it’s essential to recognize that these features need to be tested to ascertain their authenticity, and that’s precisely what would be discussed as we delve deeper into this review.

Verdict: OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

A Deep Dive into the Speaker’s Build and Structure

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker has 10-watt total output
  • Includes power button, USB-C input and aux cable out
  • Designed for performance and practicality

Let’s roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in the physical landscape of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker. From an initial glance, it might seem like your standard Bluetooth speaker, but let’s explore beyond the surface and see if any surprises await us.

An In-depth Look at the Front View

On the face of it, the Angle 3 takes on a simple design with an unpretentious greyish block stance. Looking closely under the right light reveals two sets of speakers, completing its 10-watt total speaker output. The design intention here seems to navigate towards delivering functionally over flaunting aesthetics.

Navigating the Back Portion Features

Flipping over to the back, it reveals a power button – a feature that at times can be overlooked but not in this review. Additional ports include a USB-C input and an aux cable out. This caters to those with non-Bluetooth devices, assuring that no one is left behind in the audio experience. A friendly reminder to note is that the device does come with a USB-C to USB cable to charge it, hence ensuring you are not left stranded right after purchase.

Explaining the inclusion of USB-C to USB Cable

Now, while the lack of a wall charger might seem like a bummer to some, it’s important to consider the growing shift in device charging habits. Most of us have power strips with USB ports or portable chargers, and it’s becoming quite standard to leverage these mediums for charging. Their decision to include only a USB-C to USB cable aligns with what seems to be an industry consensus.

The unassuming form factor of the Angle 3 makes it an easy carry-on for outdoor commutes. Designed with suitable grips at the bottom, the speaker won’t be skating around your desk or picnic table. Overall, the Angle 3 shies away from the flashy and maintains a poised focus on performance and practicality.

Evaluating OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Critically Evaluating the Price Point: Affordable or Overpriced?

  • Angle 3 offers good features and promising performance
  • Has competitive balance of price and quality
  • Provides solid value for its price point

As someone who believes in the value of money, I find it essential to drill down on the cost aspect when considering a new product. In the case of the Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker, its price is hovering around the mid to lower mid-range bracket in the vast world of Bluetooth speakers. Now, you might be thinking, is it worth the cost? Let’s dig into that a bit more.

Considering the Features

For starters, the speaker promises a good number of enticing features such as a sturdy 14-hours battery life, a range reception expanding to as much as 100 feet, and a 10 watt set of speakers built in. There’s no doubt you’re getting a substantial amount of features for the price. But features aren’t everything. It’s how they perform that really counts.

Competitor Comparison

There’s a vast range of options on the market, from more upscale options to cheaper alternatives. Some of these alternatives might offer the same features as the Angle 3 at a lower price, while others at a higher price tag could offer additional features.

However, my experience with the Angle 3 leads me to believe that the balance between the price and features offered sits on the better side. Yes, other speakers might be a bit cheaper or offer more, but few seem to match the rounded combination of price, durability, and performance found in the Angle 3.

Value for Money

Overall, the Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker appears to offer solid value for the price point. Considering its performance and the quality build, it doesn’t feel like you’re paying for something that’s going to break down on you in a few months.

That being said, for anyone in the market looking for a balance between affordability and quality, the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker comes across as a worthy consideration. Always remember though, that what offers great value for one person might not hold true for another. It’s always about finding that balance that suits you and your specific needs.

Overview of OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Does its Water-Resistance Claim hold Water?

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker can withstand light water exposure
  • Manufacturer advises against subjecting it to large water volumes
  • Speaker is water-resistant but not waterproof

If there’s one thing the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker boldly professes, it’s the capability to withstand some level of water exposure. This chunky little device tells us it was built to resist light rain or the occasional splash by the pool, but does it really hold up to these claims?

The manufacturer clearly states that it’s not fully waterproof, meaning it can’t survive complete submersion in water or heavy bouts of precipitation. With that in mind, it is important to be cautious about interpreting the term ‘water-resistance’ here. This feature is more about occasional spill protection than being actively resistant to substantial water volumes, or even the minor splatter from a nearby water fight.

Testing the Water Resistance

I decided to put this water-resistance claim to a reasonable test. After setting up the speaker next to the pool during a kids’ party, it encountered the splash and spray you’d typically expect. Turns out, the speaker emerged victorious, shrugging off the moderate water attack without any signs of stress or failure.

But remember, it’s advised to avoid pushing the borderlines of what can be classified as “resistant.” Greater amounts of water, deliberate water jets, or submerging the speaker completely go beyond its designed capacity and I wouldn’t recommend trying that. Don’t expect this device to serenade you with your favorite tunes while it’s swimming with the fishes.

Bottom line, the Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker does live up to its water resistance claims , but it doesn’t encourage you to take a leap of faith into the deep-end. Remember, ‘resistant’ doesn’t imply ‘proof’, so treat your speaker with due respect to prolong its lifespan.

Observation of OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Testing the Battery Life: How long will it really last?

  • Angle 3’s battery lasts 8-10 hours at full blast
  • Averages around 12 hours at moderate volume
  • Achieves almost promised 14 hours at low volume

Whilst embarking on this review, I remained somewhat intrigued and perhaps even skeptical about the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker’s advertised battery life. At a full charge, the product boasts an aroma of confidence with a striking 14-hour battery lifespan. But how does this really hold up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

Putting the Angle 3’s Battery to the Test

In my meticulous examination, I deemed it vitally important to put this aspect of the Bluetooth speaker under the microscope. I gave the product a thorough analysis, using it at various levels of volume, and the results were quite interesting.

How I Conducted the Test

Over a testing period, I used the Bluetooth speaker at different volume levels – ranging from background music level, moderate listening, up to full-blast audio blasts. My usage also varied, from short 2-hour usage periods to non-stop audio play all day.

  • At Full Blast: When pushed to the limit, the Angle 3’s battery life lasts approximately 8 to 10 hours. This might seem less than the advertised 14, but given the intensity of usage, it’s a feat that’s still quite commendable.
  • At Moderate Volume: For mid-level volume – perhaps analogous to a lively dinner party – I averaged around 12 hours. The power is less drained in this mode, providing longevity even if it falls a bit short of the 14-hour advert.
  • At Low Volume: When used at a low volume or less intensive periods, the Angle 3 came amazingly close to the promised 14 hours, achieving 13.5 hours for a full-blast.

Final Verdict

In the final analysis, there’s a direct correlation between the volume and the battery life of the Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker. However, when compared to other Bluetooth speakers at this price point, the Angle 3 surely holds its own. In spite of the somewhat overstated 14-hour lifespan claim, it does show remarkable battery life and I reckon many users would find the overall longevity befitting for their needs. Expectations should be managed accordingly and the journey of your audio enjoyment would nonetheless be a pleasant one.

Scanning OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Sound Quality: Worth the Price or Overhyped?

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker delivers clear, room-filling sound
  • Practical, budget-friendly device for everyday use
  • Sound quality surpasses budget-friendly speaker expectations

In the realm of music and audio gadgets, the true test of an excellent Bluetooth speaker lies in its sound performance. While the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker boasts a 10 watts set of speakers, it begs the question: Is the sound quality worthy of its price or is it just a lot of hype?

Test Drive: The Live Sound Experience

Determined to get first-hand information on the audio performance, I ran a unique kind of test – I played a podcast episode from ReviewBra. Granted, this isn’t your typical high-bass, pulsating music that most folks might crank up on their speakers, but it gave me an honest sense of the power this compact device holds.

The speakers produced remarkably clear sound, which impressively managed to fill the room despite its compact size. The strength of the speakers was undeniable, a feature that was genuinely surprising and pleasing for a device of this size and at this price point.

Practicality in Various Settings

But here’s what I think is the kicker: The Angle 3 Bluetooth speaker is not designed to compete with high-end sound systems that will cost you a fortune. In fact, it’s not even trying to. It’s a budget-friendly device designed for practical everyday uses like trips to the beach, park outings, or simply a chill session in your room.

For these purposes, the audio quality is more than satisfactory. It’s loud enough for you to enjoy your favorite tracks, but not so blasting that it would annoy other people around you. As a budget-friendly speaker, it surpasses expectations, providing a quality that seems to be a cut above the rest.

A Critical Evaluation

But let us be fair here, it’s not all sunshine and roses. The Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker doesn’t quite hit the mark where deep, earth-shaking bass is expected. And truly, you shouldn’t expect that from this device. If you’re an audiophile desiring the rich, heavy, and intricately balanced sound, you might need to look elsewhere, likely into a higher price bracket. But if you appreciate a solid, clear, and crisp sound on a budget, the sound quality of the Angle 3 is much more than just hype, and definitely worth the price.

Reflection on OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Where Does the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker Stand in the Competitive Market?

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker has affordable, good quality
  • Impressive battery life, superior weather resistance
  • Offers clear, powerful audio quality

There’s an extensive range of Bluetooth speakers out there that cater to various price points and preferences. But, what makes Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker truly interesting is its niche appeal that hits the sweet spot for those prioritizing both affordability and reasonable quality. So, how does it really stack up against its contemporaries? Let’s compare.

Power and Battery Life

Some key factors to evaluate in any Bluetooth speaker is its power and battery life. The Angle 3 boasts a battery life of up to 14 hours. Based on personal use and testing, I’ve found that this speaker tends to perform relatively well when it comes to the battery life, although perhaps not reaching its advertised maximum unless playing at moderate volumes.

Compared to similar Bluetooth speakers within its price range, the Angle 3 holds up reasonably well, often outdoing others with its impressive battery life. That said, it’s worth bearing in mind that battery longevity can significantly vary depending on use, especially when the speaker is being played at louder volumes.

Weather Resistance

In terms of weather resistance, Angle 3 positions itself as a sturdy and reliable companion that won’t be disturbed by a bit of rain or a light splash here and there. While it’s not claiming to be completely waterproof, it’s noteworthy that it’s capable of handling moisture better than some competitors which make similar claims. Whether it’s a gentle drizzle or the occasional splash, the Angle 3 manages keep its cool without compromising functionality.

Audio Quality and Value

As for the audio quality, it’s important to remember that we’re not judging against high-end speakers which cost several times more. However, considering its affordability, the Angle 3 does quite well for itself. It’s clear and powerful, offering an enjoyable listening experience that adequately fills a moderately sized room. Certainly, there are options out there with superior audio capabilities, but considering its price point, it’s doing more than just a fair job.

In summary , the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker competes strongly within its segment. While it may not lead the pack in every aspect, its robust battery life, respectable resistance to the elements, and pleasing audio output make it a stand-out in its price point.

Examination of OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black

Value for Money: Are you getting Enough Bang for your Buck?

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker delivers cost-quality harmony
  • Battery life lasting 8-10 hours
  • Water-resistance feature best for minor splashes

When we talk about products that offer good value for money, our expectations revolve around getting a performance that justifies the price. In the case of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker, the answer isn’t as straightforward as we’d like.

Solid Audio Performance

Firstly, let’s talk about the sound quality. The 10-watt speakers do a good job of producing clear, crisp sound. It’s certainly not anything that could rival high-end audio systems, but the speaker packs enough punch to fill a medium-sized room or a small outdoor area comfortably. This audio performance offers a nice harmony of cost and quality, especially considering the price bracket of the product.

Battery Life and Durability

The advertised battery life is impressive at 14 hours. However, during tests, it fell a bit short. Close to 8 to 10 hours of playtime depending on the volume seemed more realistic. Is this a deal breaker? Not entirely. It’s still certainly good mileage, especially when you compare it with other speakers within the price range.

The water-resistance feature also makes for an interesting selling point. While it can withstand minor water accidental splashes, it certainly is not intended for immersion, contrary to what the ‘water resistant’ tag might lead one to believe. Perhaps renaming it as ‘sprinkle or splash resistant’ might be a more accurate description. Alternatively, one could consider investing a bit more for the waterproof variant if plans include poolside parties or beach outings.

Value Conclusions

For me, the Angle 3 offers a decent value for its asking price . It executes its core purpose, producing a satisfactory sound output with an acceptable durability for its cost. While you are not getting a premium Bluetooth speaker, you are not paying a premium price either. Certainly, more expensive speakers may offer superior features, but if you’re in the market for an affordable, portable and moderately durable speaker that delivers medium output, it might be just what you need.

As always, it’s important to weigh what attributes matter most to you as a buyer. If a moderate boost in audio performance, battery life, and increased water resistance matter to you and you don’t mind paying a little extra, you might want to consider other options. But for budget-conscious buyers, the Angle 3 hits a lot of the right notes.

Closing Remarks: Would I recommend the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker?

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker offers impressive sound quality
  • Affordable and offers decent features
  • It’s user-friendly and compact in size

Wrapping up everything, let’s focus on the final thoughts and verdict about this product.

Quality Assessment

The sound quality of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker is quite impressive, especially for its price category. While it may not produce the high-definition audio output that a far more expensive speaker might, it met my expectations of an efficient, affordable device. Specifically for those less bothered about the finesse of sound and more about the practicality of the device.

Value for Money

The affordability of this device is one of its key selling points. Considering the array of features it offers within its price category such as decent battery life, and an adequate level of water resistance, this Bluetooth speaker presents a fair deal. However, surely there are higher-tier devices that offer more advanced features, but in a different price zone altogether.


I found the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker quite user-friendly. With easy-to-use buttons, a seamless process to connect to Bluetooth devices, and a compact size making it easy to carry around, it gets good scores on the usability front.


After a comprehensive examination of what this speaker has to offer, I can say it certainly managed to hold its own. It is a solid pick for those looking for a budget-friendly speaker that can perform basic functions efficiently. However, if you’re an audiophile, seeking superlative sound details, this may not be the most suitable device for you. As always, the purchasing decision will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and budget.


A review is merely an opinion based on personal usage, and the experiences can vary from individual to individual. It is always recommended to try out a device personally before finalizing a purchase.

Where to Purchase the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker

  • Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker available on Amazon
  • Also available in other online marketplaces and local stores
  • Make informed decisions considering features, cost-effectiveness, reviews

Interested in getting your hands on the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker? Here’s how you can do it based on my experience.

Finding the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker Online

In the digital age, shopping for electronics has never been easier. For those who prefer online shopping, the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker can be found on Amazon. The speaker’s page on Amazon has detailed product descriptions, specifications, and customer reviews that will give you a comprehensive understanding of what you’re buying. To ensure the best experience, ensure that you are purchasing from a reliable, authorized seller.

Considering Other Marketplaces

While Amazon is the go-to for many, the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker could also be available in other online marketplaces, too. Remember to always check and compare prices, return policies, and shipping options before making your purchase.

Buying In-store

If you’re more of a traditional shopper and prefer to make tech purchases in-store, the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker could also be found in local electronics retailers. Take note, retail prices may vary due to potential in-store promos or discounts, so it’s always beneficial to check online prices as well to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Remember, when shopping for electronics, it’s crucial to understand the product’s features, consider its cost-effectiveness, and take note of other customers’ reviews. This way, you’ll be making an informed decision while choosing the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker or any other device.

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Should you buy the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker with Official Carry Case, Black?

Buy it if…

In Need of a Durable, Budget-Friendly Bluetooth Speaker

The Angle 3 gets its job done without breaking the bank. It offers great value for its price and can hold up to light weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use.

Looking for Long Battery Life

Advertised to last up to 14 hours, daily usage won’t be an issue. It’s perfect for a full day out at the park or beach, or simply enjoying music at home without worrying about recharging.

You Want Sufficiently Loud, Quality Audio

With a 10-watt, full-range two speaker system, it delivers clear and powerful sound that can fill an average-sized room or a small outdoor space.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need a Fully Waterproof Speaker

Though it’s water-resistant, the Angle 3 is not completely waterproof, meaning it might not survive being submerged or heavy rain.

You Expect Audio Quality Similar to Premium Brands

Although it delivers good sound quality for its price, it might not meet the expectations of audiophiles used to Bose or Sonos audio quality.

You Need a Wall Charger Included

The Angle 3 comes with a USB-C to USB cable but no wall charger, so you’ll need an existing power source to charge it.


Is the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker waterproof?
No, it’s advertised as being water-resistant or weather-resistant, not waterproof. It can handle a light drizzle or splash, but it’s not meant to be submerged in water.
Is there a waterproof version of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker?
Yes, there’s a slightly more expensive version that is advertised as being waterproof.
How long does the battery last?
While it’s advertised as having a 14-hour lifespan, most people seem to get around 8 to 10 hours of use. The lifespan can vary depending on the volume.
What’s included in the box?
The box contains the speaker itself and a USB-C to USB charging cable. Note that a wall charger is not included.
What’s the price range of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker?
The speaker is moderately priced and falls within the lower mid-range category. However, prices can change frequently, so it’s recommended to check the current cost online.
Is the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker good for outdoor use?
Yes, its water-resistant feature, stable grips and good battery life make it suitable for outdoor usages like beach or park outings.
Is the sound quality of the Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker good?
Yes, for its price point, the audio quality is quite good. It’s equipped with two sets of speakers that provide 10 watts of output. However, remember it’s not comparable to more expensive, high-end speakers.

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