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Review: OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones – Unrivaled sound quality at an unbeatable price

Experience unbeatable comfort and premium sound with One Odio Monitor 60 headphones, without breaking the bank... Read more

Review of OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Table of Contents

Test of OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

4.4/5 - (812 votes)

Cena: $119.97


  • Affordable price, doesn’t break the bank
  • Features exceptional sound quality
  • Comes with a free, functional stand
  • Plush cushioning offers superior comfort
  • Adjustable with little metal notches
  • Versatile use with diverse music types
  • Lightweight and durable build


  • Overly large size
  • Build quality is acceptable but not exceptional
  • Cushioning might be too soft for some
  • May produce noticeable shaking with heavy bass

“Overall, my experience with the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones was overwhelmingly positive. They offered unrivaled sound quality, plush comfort, and a wealth of features at an unbeatable price. Yes, they might be on the larger side, but they’re undeniably an excellent fit for anyone seeking a dependable pair of monitoring headphones. The three adapters increase versatility, making these headphones suitable for various uses. Though the packaged stand wasn’t the most lavish addition, the fact that it was included for free genuinely impressed me. The only hold back might be the build quality – it’s good but not exceptional. Nevertheless, for their price, these headphones are truly hard to beat.”

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Brand OneOdio
Model Name MONITOR 60
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired
Special Feature Studio headphone for recording, monitor, mixing, Smoother clear sound, Soft artificial leather ear cotton

Exciting Unboxing and First Impressions of One Odio Monitor 60 Headphones

Upon receiving the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones, I was instantly struck by the simplistic yet tastefully-crafted packaging. The box sported the company’s distinct branding – understated, but making a strong statement.

Priced Impressively Without Breaking the Bank

One element worth mentioning right off the bat is the cost. The headphones are advertised on One Odeo’s official site for only $79.99. This competitive pricing comes as a pleasant surprise, positioning the product as a professional-grade headphones that won’t bust your budget.

Exploring the Box: A Glimpse into the Features

The unboxing experience was exciting – anticipation building with each unraveling layer. Along with the headphones themselves, the box contained a slew of cables, making it apparent that this product was designed around versatility and adaptability.

Stunning Surprise: The Unexpected Stand

The standout inclusion was unquestionably the headphone stand. The addition of such a useful accessory – totally free of charge – is pretty much unheard of, and definitely adds value to the overall package. Not of the highest quality perhaps, but certainly functional and a thoughtful addition to the package.

Wrapping up the unboxing experience, it’s clear that the One Odeo Monitor 60 headphones aim to deliver on promise of high-quality audio, accompanied by a sincere appreciation towards user convenience and value.

Analyzing OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

The Deep Dive into One Odio Monitor 60 Headphone Experience

  • One Odio Monitor 60 headphones feature impressive design
  • Ultra-comfortable cushioning included for enhanced comfort
  • Headphones come with a sturdy, functional free stand

Unboxing new tech gear is a moment of unparalleled excitement, especially when the product is as eye-catching as the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones. I dove right in to get that in-depth experience.

Size and Aesthetics: Massive but Impressive

It was hard not to be taken aback by the sheer size of these headphones. They were enormous! Here I was, holding this impressively large piece of audio technology that couldn’t even fit into the frame of my camera. It was quite the sight. However, the robust size didn’t deter me. If anything, it made me more intrigued about the immersive audio experience it promised.

Testing Out the Stand: Functional and Free

Coming across the stand was an unexpected delight. I’ve reviewed numerous headphone sets, yet this was the first time a stand was included. It wasn’t a high-end accessory – the metal and plastic construction didn’t scream luxury – but it wasn’t below par either. It seemed durable, functional, and, best of all, it came free with the headphones.

The Cushioning: A Plush Comfort Experience

Now about the comfort factor. The brand One Odio seemed to have put ample thought into the cushioning. It felt plush, soft, and luxurious. The ear cups were so comfortable that I could envision hours of audio playback sessions without the typical discomfort that ordinary headphones bring about.

Adjustability of the One Odio Monitor 60

The headphones had small metal notches that allowed adjusting the size, making them suitable for a wider range of head sizes. And speaking of convenience, there was something intriguingly practical about their fold-up design. For traveling or for safekeeping, this design added a layer of convenient portability.

Initial Verdict

The One Odio Monitor 60 Professional Monitor Wired Headphones for Hi-Res audio made an interesting case for themselves right off the bat. The design was impressive. The build was sturdy. The ultra-comfortable cushioning was a huge plus. And the bonus stand added an unexpected but welcome touch to the entire package. Overall, my initial impressions were positive and I was keen on diving deeper into the actual performance of these headphones.

Examination of OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Getting a Closer Look: Details Worth Highlighting

  • Metal notches for headphone size adjustment
  • One Odeo logo for brand recognition
  • Assortment of cables for versatility

Alright, now it’s time to focus on the details that make these headphones stand out. Let’s go in for a closer look, shall we?

Notice the Little Metal Notches

First things first, we notice the little metal notches. These represent a simple yet effective feature for adjusting the size of the headphones. It’s always nice when a product offers this level of customization to enhance user comfort.

The One Odeo Branding: Make a Statement

Then there’s the branding. The One Odeo logo stamped right atop gives these headphones a sleek and polished look. Not too flashy, but definitely well placed. It’s always a good sign when a brand is proud enough to place their name on their product. It suggests they stand by its quality.

Examining Myriad Cables: For Various Utility

These headphones also comes with an assortment of cables, which is a thoughtful addition. Diverse cables mean that these headphones can plug into various devices. It’s clear that they are designed to be versatile and meet differing user needs for high-res audio across multiple platforms. This can be seen:

  • One seemingly for the TV
  • One presumably for daily usage
  • One that suggests it’s for professional monitoring

Word of Caution: While this seems useful, it’s a bit unclear as there are no instructions included. It can be a bit confusing to figure out which cable is meant for what use.

We’ve dived deep into the details and highlighted a few critical points that stand out at first glance. Now, let’s see how these headphones perform when we get down to the real test – the sound quality.

Highlight: OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Test Drive: Trying the Sound Quality of One Odio Monitor 60

  • One Odio Monitor 60 showcases clean, remarkable audio
  • Headphones provide unmatched comfort with large ear cups
  • Excellent for monitoring audio due to balanced sound

Striving for neutrality, it’s time to put the One Odio Monitor 60 to the test. Focusing on sound quality, let’s see how these headphones transcend through different audio experiences.

The Initial Experience

The first thing you notice when putting on these headphones is how incredibly clean the audio is. It’s important to note that these forceful audio spectacles did not disappoint but exceeded expectations. Even though wired headphones generally provide better audio quality, One Odio Monitor 60 distinctly stood out with its remarkable sound.

The Comfort Element

But it wasn’t the excellent audio that stole the show; it’s the undeniably plush comfort. The large ear cups fit cozily around the ears, providing comfort that is unparalleled to other headphones. They assured a surprisingly comfortable experience, making it enjoyable to keep them on for an extended period.

Testing Across Diverse Music

  • Bass Handling: The very first test revolved around blasting bass-heavy music. Interestingly, the headphones did not just passively deliver the sounds but shook slightly giving an engaging and satisfying experience. However, it’s crucial to mention that this effect only set in during high bass, providing a balanced sound output otherwise.
  • Vocals Heavy: Switching to vocals-heavy songs, the headphones adequately highlighted the details, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Only Vocals: Testing straight vocals also showcased the balance and clarity of the sound these headphones can deliver, making them quite suitable for monitoring audio.

Based on these tests, for their reasonable price range, One Odio Monitor 60 revolutionises the art of audio monitoring. Their incredibly balanced tonal capabilities make them the protagonist of this category, cementing their status as a top recommendation.

Reflection on OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Judging from a Monitor’s Perspective: Audio Clarity

  • One Odio Monitor 60 delivers exceptional audio clarity
  • Offers balanced sound for all music types
  • Highly affordable with excellent performance

As a prospective buyer, the prime performance factor to consider in a pair of monitoring headphones lies in its sound output. With One Odio Monitor 60, the audio monitoring experience went beyond my initial expectations. Let me give you some fair insights on the audio clarity.

Exceptional Audio Monitoring Experience at Reasonable Price

A lot of times, hearing premium is synonymous with paying premium. The One Odio Monitor 60, however, is a delightful exception. This pair of headphones surprisingly held an excellent audio output at a price point that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. What made them stand out was the consistency in audio clarity. The sound produced was sharp, crisp, and, most importantly, without any distortion, providing an immersive experience that is hard to find at this price range.

Agreeably Balanced Sound for All Music Types

Jumping between various genres of music including bass-heavy, vocals-heavy and even plain vocals, I noticed an admirable balance in the sound output. Unlike conventional headphones that often lean heavily on enhancing certain aspects of the music, the One Odio Monitor 60 maintains an even-keeled output. When I cranked up the music to its maximum on a bass-heavy song, the headphones just slightly shook, providing a thrilling experience without overpowering the overall sound.

Note: Please remember that these headphones are meant for monitoring, so they prioritize a balanced sound over enhancing specific type of sounds like bass or treble. That’s part of the reason why the bass, vocals, and trebles are super clear but at equilibrium, which makes them perfect for professionals looking to create or adjust sounds in their work.

In conclusion, the One Odio Monitor 60 does an excellent job of delivering high-quality sound alongside a comfortable fit. A balanced audio profile coupled with comfort and affordability makes them an excellent choice for sound accuracy. Overall, these headphones perfectly blend performance and value, and definitely are a top-notch player in the market.

Weighing OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Build Quality: Light and Durable

  • One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are lightweight and robust
  • Headband is soft leather, ear cups are durable plastic
  • Build quality is adequate, not luxurious or high-end

In the seemingly limitless world of headphones, one aspect that can’t be overlooked is the build quality. Let’s not wander off and get straight to the point – the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are lightweight yet ruggedly robust .

Mixing of Materials: Soft Touch Leather and Plastic

From the get-go, what strikes you about these headphones is the combination of different materials used in its construction. The headband boasts a soft touch leather , providing a comfort that any audiophile can appreciate during long hours of use. This is brilliantly juxtaposed against the durable plastic used to craft the ear cups . It’s almost as if the makers took into account the need for both comfort and durability while designing these headphones.

Acceptable but Not Outstanding Build Quality

However, being honest and unbiased, the build quality, while running parallel with its cost, doesn’t quite reach the zenith of perfection. To clarify, it’s not that the build quality is poor or substandard, rather it’s just adequate . While they seem resilient to everyday wear and tear, I wouldn’t go as far as to say they possess a luxurious or high-end feel. That said, their lightweight structure may serve a comfort advantage for extended wear.

So, in terms of their build quality, expectations need to be tempered. The One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are indeed lightweight and durable, but if you’re after a premium feel and a luxurious texture, these may not hit those sensory heights. Nonetheless, given the price tag and the solid construction, they aptly balance comfort with practicality.

Testing OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Wearability: Bigger Size but Comfortable Fit

  • One Odio Monitor 60 provides solid, immersive audio.
  • Headphones deliver comfort, perfect for long-term use.
  • Ideal for studio use due to sound and comfort.

When it comes to headphones, the fit and comfort level are significant considerations. The One Odio Monitor 60 is noticeably larger than average; this is something you’ll notice straight away. They cover your ears entirely – a plus point when it comes to solid, immersive audio experience.

A Word of Caution: Expect a Sizeable Appearance

Although these headphones deliver on sound quality and comfort, they’re noticeable when you wear them. They are larger than usual, which might make for an odd reflection in the mirror. Some may find this a bit off-putting in social or public situations. So, it’s essential to mention this as some buyers might prefer a more subtle look.

Ideal for Studio Use: Create Hits without Compromising Comfort

  • Fit: The One Odio Monitor 60 fits perfectly on the head, thanks to their adjustable features. The plush cushion padding offers excellent comfort, making it possible to wear them for extended periods without discomfort.
  • Comfort: The earcups are soft and plush, perfectly designed to be worn for hours with minimal disturbance. They hug your ears just right, not too tight that it hurts, and not too loose that it falls off.
  • Use: Owing to comfort and excellent audio delivery, these headphones are perfect for studio use. Whether you’re mixing the latest tracks or engrossed in intensive listening, these headphones promise a satisfying experience.

To sum up, the One Odio Monitor 60’s size might be a bit large, but they let you embrace the music, offering a comfortable fit for long-term use. The size is a minor setback when compared with the top-notch sound quality and comfort these headphones provide.

Thoughts on OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones

Multi-purpose One Odeo Monitor 60: Perfect for YouTubers Too

  • One Odio Monitor 60 perfect for YouTubers
  • Offers zero latency for accurate audio editing
  • Headphones balance comfort and professional look

Finding the right equipment is a crucial step for content creators, a category that continues to expand virtually. In this regard, the One Odio Monitor 60 doesn’t disappoint and fills the role seamlessly, ‘perfect for YouTubers too’, as one might say.

Why Ideal for YouTubers?

The major highlight that makes One Odio Monitor 60 appealing for YouTubers is its wired nature that ensures zero latency . We often face the challenge of unnecessarily stretched time while editing because of the latency associated with wireless headphones. The Monitor 60, designed with a wired connection, brings real-time and instantaneous audio, making editing a breeze.

Power-Packed Performance

The performance aspect doesn’t falter either. The clear, balanced audio performance of these headphones is quite remarkable, making them ideal for monitoring your own vocals. Listening back to your clips without any distortion or excess bass can be a game-changer in post-production and editing.

Comfortable Yet Professional

The One Odio Monitor 60 strikes a great balance between a comfortable fit and a professional look, another significant plus point for video creators. Irrespective of the long hours that you may have to put into work, its plush comfort ensures that the user experience doesn’t get hindered.

A Cautious Note

However, it is important to be noted that these headphones are large. Despite their comfortable feel, they might appear quite substantial when worn. If you are someone who prefers a more unassuming and subtle look, you may need to take this factor into account.

With all aspects considered, the One Odio Monitor 60 emerges as a strong contender when it comes to the ideal headphones for YouTubers and video creators prioritizing comfort and quality in equal measure.

Verdict: One Odio Monitor 60, a Solid Win with Three Adapters

After a comprehensive test and review, the One Odio Monitor 60 has proven to be quite an impressive unit, especially considering its price point.

An Impressive Audio Experience

The standout characteristic was undoubtedly the quality of the sound it produced. As someone with significant experience in testing headphones, it is safe to say that the One Odio Monitor 60 rendered an exceptionally clean and balanced sound. Regardless of the genre of music, from bass-heavy tunes to vocal-centric tracks, these headphones delivered a consistently impressive performance.

Comfort and Functionality

The comfort afforded by these headphones is worth a special mention. The plush ear cups are generously cushioned and provide a snug fit around the ears, making prolonged use very comfortable. As for functionality, One Odio has included three different adapters. This thoughtful inclusion allows the headphones to be versatile, catering to different user needs, and enhancing its value considerably.

Build Quality

Now, when it comes to the build quality, while the headphones do not appear particularly glamorous or premium built, the use of simple materials like plastic and soft-touch leather allows them to remain lightweight. This enhances the comfort factor especially during long periods of use. Overall, the build feels solid and likely to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Size and Appearance

A word of caution, however: these are substantial headphones. The size might seem a bit ungainly when worn and may not be to everyone’s aesthetic tastes. Nevertheless, for studio use where functionality outranks fashion, these headphones certainly do the job.

Overall Satisfaction

Summing up, the One Odio Monitor 60 exceeded expectations and certainly highlights their focus on delivering high-performance audio products at an affordable price. With its surprisingly high-quality audio, comfortable fit, and functional design, this product feels like a remarkable win.

So, if you’re looking for a set of headphones primarily for monitoring, and value great sound and comfort, the One Odio Monitor 60 might just be worth considering.

Should you buy the OneOdio Monitor 60 Professional Studio Headphones?

Buy it if…

You’re seeking professional-grade audio quality

The One Odio Monitor 60 headphones deliver impressively clean, detailed, and balanced sound that’s ideal for audio monitoring and music appreciation.

You value comfort and build quality

These headphones come with a plush comfortable cushioning and are built to last with durable materials. The adjustable size makes it suitable for various head sizes.

You want wired headphones for latency-free listening

Perfect for tasks that require accurate audio playback such as video editing or music production where latency can be a critical issue.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer lightweight, compact headphones

Despite the comfortable cushioning, these headphones are notably large and might give a bulky feel on the head.

You’re looking for premium build materials

While the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are built to last, their construction uses more plastic rather than high-end materials.

You favour headphones with active noise cancellation

These headphones are designed for balanced, accurate audio reproduction and do not offer active noise-cancelling functionality.


What is the price of One Odio Monitor 60 headphones?
The One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are priced at $79.99 on the One Odio website.
Does the One Odio Monitor 60 come with a stand?
Yes, the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones include a free stand.
Are the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones comfortable?
According to our review, the headphones are comfortable. They are cushioned and have features to adjust their size.
Do the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones offer a good sound quality?
Yes, in our experience the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones offer a clean, balanced sound suitable for different types of music.
What type of headphones are the One Odio Monitor 60?
They are wired monitor headphones.
What materials are the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones made from?
The One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are made from soft touch leather and plastic.
Do the headphones come with cables?
Yes, the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones come with various cables included.
What is the size of the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones?
The One Odio Monitor 60 headphones are larger than average headphones. They can fit around the entire ear.
Can the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones be used for editing videos?
Yes. Thanks to the wired design, the headphones display no latency which makes them suitable for editing videos.
Are the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones available on Amazon?
Yes, the One Odio Monitor 60 headphones may be available on Amazon, possibly at a lesser price than their website.

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