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Review: NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer – Durable and offers variety in label size.

Unbox, install, and create labels with the Nimbot D101; a detailed review... Read more

Review of NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

Table of Contents

Test of NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

4.5/5 - (234 votes)

Cena: $45.99


  • Versatile: Works with both large and small labels
  • Special feature: Equipped with a USB-C
  • Good software compatibility: Works with Nimbot and Neem
  • Highly Customizable: Variety of templates to choose from
  • Durable Labels: Labels are waterproof and resistant
  • Convenient labeling solution: Good for varied home needs
  • Availability: Available on multiple platforms like AliExpress, Amazon


  • Installation: Tape placement can be tricky
  • Pairing: Initial pairing with devices may be confusing
  • Size: The printer is somewhat large and hefty
  • Options Overload: Navigating the software can be overwhelming
  • Printing Error Prompts: Occasionally unclear responses
  • Micro USB: Smaller model comes with a micro USB

“In my honest opinion, the Nimbot D101 brings its own unique mix of pros and cons. I appreciate its durability and the variety it offers in terms of label size, plus the USB-C feature is a modern touch I truly value. However, it’s not the most user-friendly device I’ve encountered, specifically during the installation and software navigation process. The size is a little hefty for my liking, but that doesn’t overshadow its practical usage. Therefore, if you’re patient with the initial learning curve and favor functionality over compact design, the Nimbot D101 could indeed be a valuable addition to your workspace.”

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Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Portable,Wireless
Color White Pro
Model Name D101
Printer Output Monochrome
Max Printspeed Monochrome 40 ppm
Item Weight 0.24 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 1.8″D x 3.1″W x 5.2″H

Introducing the Nimbot D101 Labeler: A Journey of Unboxing

In today’s digital era, where everything is labeled and organized, having a reliable label printer like the Nimbot D101 can make life easier. However, is this gadget as promising as it sounds, or is it just another hyped-up product? In this journey of unboxing, let’s find every nook and cranny of this device and see if it’s worth your wallet.

The Eye-catching Unboxing of the Nimbot D101

The first thing that got my attention during the unboxing was the product packaging. Nimbot did a decent job ensuring the D101 arrived in a sturdy, aesthetically pleasing box. It was pretty straightforward to unpack. A plus point for those who get a buzz from good packaging practices!

Why the USB-C Feature Captured My Attention

Inside the box, along with the machine, was the true star of this unboxing show – a USB-C cable for connection. The inclusion of a USB-C instead of a micro USB definitely merits applause. It projects a sense of modern design aesthetics and commitment to keeping up-to-date with technology. If like me, you are all about that ‘updated tech life’, then this feature will indeed peak your interest.

Is this the Overall Solution for Labeling? A Detailed Look at Its Versatility

The Nimbot D101 promises versatility that caters to different labeling needs, from small labels to big ones. That’s an adventurous promise. Because, while being a jack of all trades is good, I believe being a master of one is even better. The next few stages of our in-depth review will tell us whether the Nimbot D101 successfully provides this desired versatility or falls short of expectations.

To sum up, the unboxing of the Nimbot D101 is an experience that marries anticipation, curiosity, and satisfaction. Its attractive packaging and modern USB-C feature give a promising first impression. That said, our critical and unbiased reviewer’s journey has only just begun. Let’s move onto the details of the Nimbot D101 Labeler’s installation process.

Highlight: NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

Let’s Get into the Details: The Installation Process

  • Installation of Nimbot D101 labeler is complex.
  • Instructions are unclear and can be frustrating.
  • Nimbot could improve user’s initial impression with better guidance.

The process of installing the Nimbot D101 labeler had a few layers to it. Starting off, it required a bit of patience and caution. I must say, the real excitement begins when you start unboxing and trying out a new gadget for the first time.

The Installation Hiccups

To begin with, the task of installation embarked with loading the tape. This was somewhat a puzzle due to the package’s lack of clear instructions. The tape needed to be loaded in a specific way which wasn’t immediately clear, a bit of a challenge that added to the suspense of getting this printed up and running.

Powering Up

Moving on from the initial tape hurdle, the next step was to power it up. Once again, the instructions provided could have been more clear. It took me some time to figure it out on my own – about ten minutes just tinkering around, but the thrill of figuring how a new product works was of course, part of the adventure.

Setting Up the Labeler

Once powered up, I knew I had to ensure the printer was correctly positioned. This turned out to be a delicate process as the location where the labeler had to be placed was not immediately evident. After a bit of adjustment, I managed to get it where it was supposed to go. It was a trial and error process, pushing not just my patience, but also my analytical thinking.

Critical Thoughts

In retrospect, while the process was a bit complicated, it was still manageable. However, for someone less tech-savvy, the process could easily become frustrating. Nimbot could definitely improve their user’s initial impression by simplifying the installation process and making instructions more user-friendly for an overall seamless experience.

In summary, the installation can be described as a bit of a tech puzzle but ultimately – it was a journey worth embarking.

Judgement: NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

Understanding the Technical Aspects: Connecting to the Nimbot App

  • Connecting to Nimbot D101 Labeler can be confusing
  • Nimbot and Neem apps lack clear differentiation
  • More user-centric guidance needed for setup process

In the mysterious realm of tech products, having to navigate through the connection and setup process can sometimes be as daunting as climbing Mount Everest. Yet, with a spark of excitement and the thirst to conquer, we set off on a journey to connect the Nimbot D101 Labeler to its designated apps– Nimbot and Neem.

Attempting the Pairing Process: How Seamless was it?

Connecting new devices can often be a make-it-or-break-it factor for consumers. No one enjoys technical hiccups, leaving us yearning for a seamless and straightforward connection process.

Heading to the Bluetooth settings , I was ready for what I hoped would be a quick and stress-free endeavor. The D101 was recognized swiftly, yet here’s where things took a slight dip in the ease-of-use factor. Two identical versions of the D101 appeared in my device list, an unexpected sight. Choosing the first one seemed the logical step, but a bit of clarity on this aspect from the manufacturer wouldn’t go astray. A connection was finally established, albeit with some confusion.

Examining Software Compatibility: Nimbot vs Neem

The Nimbot ecosystem offers two apps, Nimbot and Neem. To a first-time user like me, the difference between the two was not clearly laid out, presenting another bump on the path to efficient labeling.

I decided to move forward with the Nimbot app, which seemed to be the designed match for my new gadget. However, I would suggest the brand make the purpose and differing features of the two apps clearer in their instructions or in-app guides.

In summary , while the new-age feel of the product did thrill me, it was mildly challenging to navigate the initial setup features in this exploration. A more user-centric approach in guiding first-time users can significantly enhance one’s initial experience and device impressions. Can I say the process was entirely smooth sailing? No. But it did add an intriguing layer of adventure to my Nimbot journey.

Observation of NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

Creating My First Label: The Emotional Rollercoaster

  • Creating first label on Nimbot D101 is daunting
  • Software options were overwhelming and confusing
  • Felt triumphant after creating ‘Subscribe’ label

Now let’s dive into the heart of the matter: creating the very first label on the Nimbot D101 labeler, a task initially more daunting than one could imagine.

Setting Up the Perfect Label: A Struggle or a Piece of Cake?

The adventure began with figuring out my label’s correct type. This was a bit of a labyrinth, with multiple options including 12, 140, and 160 to choose from. The intuitive user would probably appreciate this diversity; however, the lack of clear instructions initially made this a challenge. While eventually, I did select the correct option, labeling it as straightforward would be a clear-cut overstatement. It felt like shooting in the dark and then finally hitting the target.

Lost in the Options: Trying to Navigate the Software

Next came the part of dealing with the software. I must confess, the plethora of software options was slightly overwhelming. Double-clicking to edit the text, choosing the right option among D12…2, 12 on 40, 140, and 160, left me in the ‘trial and error’ zone. Unfortunately, my first attempt with D12…2 proved to be futile, causing a moment of frustration. However, after some serious searching, I did stumble upon the white label option, a sigh of relief indeed.

Overcoming the Setbacks: My Triumph in Creating the ‘Subscribe’ Label

Upon figuring out the correct settings, I typed out my first label—”Subscribe”. At this point, I can’t deny a sense of accomplishment. However, the process felt more like a sweet victory following a rather hard-fought battle rather than a smooth sail. There was definitely a learning curve involved, and the application’s user-friendliness could do with a bit of improvement. But, and it’s a big but, there is, as they say, light at the end of the tunnel!

In conclusion, creating my first label on the Nimbot D101 labeler proved an emotion-filled rollercoasterride. Overcoming the initial bumps, it left me feeling triumphant and ready to create more labels fitting my needs. While there’s a bit of a learning curve initially, the flexibility of the device still speaks volumes of its potential.

Reflection on NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

Printing with Nimbot D101: A Real-Time Experience

  • Nimbot D101 has initial setup inconsistency issues
  • Configurable print density for customization
  • Delivers good quality prints despite hiccups

It was time for the moment of truth – printing my first label with the Nimbot D101. Now, this part of the process was rather critical, it would determine a major part of my verdict on this label printer.

Confronting Initial Worry and Overcoming It

The first moment that got me rather concerned happened when I was ready to print my first label. A message popped up indicating inconsistencies with the label paper type, which honestly, was unexpected. The issue was with label paper t140, recognized by the printer as my current label type. I thought I was set up properly, but apparently the machine had other ideas.

However, entirely to my surprise, this seemingly daunting predicament was rather easy to overcome. I simply decided to heed the printer’s suggestion, replacing the mentioned label paper and voila! The problem was resolved. A sigh of relief indeed, but I was left wondering, shouldn’t the setup process be a little more seamless?

Configuring the Printing Settings

Next up, came the print settings. It was a straightforward task – choosing the print density. The machine offered a range of settings to regulate the darkness of print, which in my view, was a plus. Everyone loves a bit of customization, don’t they?

The Final Reveal: The Unveiling of the ‘Subscribe’ Label

Finally, it was time to welcome the fruit of my labor – the ‘Subscribe’ label! I hit the print button and watched the label slowly emerged from the machine. It was a sight to behold.

The quality of the print was decent and it retained the design that was crafted via the app. The machine had held its own pretty well, at least in terms of the quality of the print, the accuracy and the speed.

It was a journey filled with a bit of a roller-coaster – problems cropped up, they were tackled but certain questions were left lingering in my head. The most puzzling of them all – Shouldn’t the technological interface of such devices be more fail-proof?

Overall, the printing process, once understood, was straightforward and yielded good results, is potentially powerful for users who will print a variety of labels. The printer itself, despite a few hiccups, did its job reasonably well. Quick, easy and efficient – that’s how I’d sum up my real-time experience with the Nimbot D101.

View of NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

The Final Verdict: Is the Nimbot D101 Labeler Worth it?

  • Nimbot D101 labels are durable and reliable
  • Size and design may deter potential buyers
  • Overall, it’s a practical, efficient label maker

After spending a considerable amount of time with the Nimbot D101 Labeler, it’s time to weigh in with the final verdict. Is the device everything it promised to be? Let’s dissect the pros and cons of this label maker and determine whether it’s worth the investment.

Practicality Checked: The Durability of the Labels

In terms of practicality, the Nimbot D101 scores some significant points. The durability of the labels is impressive. The ‘Subscribe’ label I created maintained its quality after some significant handling, which is a positive indication of the long-term durability of the labels that the device prints. This alone can be a deciding factor for most people, especially those who need labels for items exposed to regular wear and tear.

A Critical Look: Debating the Size and Design of the Printer

However, despite its many positives, the device comes with its own set of drawbacks. One critical aspect that may deter potential buyers is the size and design of the machine . Compared to other label makers in the market, Nimbot D101 might not score high when it comes to compactness and portability. Particularly, those after a device with a minimalistic design might find the D101 a bit bulky. Still, this is more of a personal preference and might not impact other users as much.

Making the Decision: Would I Recommend the Nimbot D101 Labeler?

Based on my personal experience with the Nimbot D101, I can conclude that it is a practical, efficient, and durable label maker . The initial challenges with installation and software use significantly improved over time, turning into an easy process with subsequent uses. While the size might be a drawback for some, the impressive features and usability of the D101 make it a contender in the market. For those in search of a durable and reliable label maker, the Nimbot D101 is definitely worth considering.

Summary: NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer

Wrapping Up: The Final Thoughts On My Nimbot D101 Experience

Now that we’ve journeyed through the entire process of unboxing, setting up, and using the Nimbot D101, I’d like to share some of my final thoughts on using this device, both its strengths and weaknesses.

The Nimbot D101 in Everyday Life

Since using the Nimbot D101, I’ve found many practical uses for it. From labeling batteries to lens caps, this device offers a handy solution for keeping organized. However, while the size of the printer might be slightly on the hefty side compared to other variants, it is still compact enough for a desktop and light enough for mobility.

Sticking Around for More

So, would I recommend the Nimbot D101 to others? Indeed, I found it to be a reliable device that fulfills its basic promise – providing customizable, durable labels with relatively easy setup and use. But on the downside, the initial process of connecting to the app and software interface could be a bit more user-friendly. For those with little tech experience, this might be a slightly daunting obstacle.

Additionally, I’d have liked to see a more detailed manual or comprehensive online support, as deciphering some of the steps in the process became a bit of guesswork, especially when selecting the label type. However, the feeling of accomplishment that came with successfully creating and printing the first label almost made up for this.

Shopping Efficiently

For those who wish to embark on the Nimbot D101 experience, the printer is readily available on numerous e-commerce platforms. Keep in mind the printer’s features when comparing with other models in the market. Look out for the USB-C compatibility, a rare feature that proves useful for those seeking to limit the different types of cables cluttering their work desk. But do your research and ensure it fulfills your specific labeling needs before making a purchase.

Wrapping up, the Nimbot D101, with a few minor tweaks, could have the potential to be a must-have item for the organized individual. Despite a few hurdles, my experience was overall positive, with the final product – a durable, professional-quality label – making up for any initial confusion.

Should you buy the NIIMBOT Label Maker Machine D101 Label Printer?

Buy it if…

You favor connectivity

The Nimbot D101 offers seamless pairing with mobile apps that simplify your label creation and printing process.

You prefer versatility

The Nimbot D101 can handle both larger and smaller labels, providing a wide range of use for your labeling needs.

You seek a modern touch

The Nimbot D101 is a printer equipped with a USB-C, making it more compatible with current devices in market.

Don’t buy it if…

You need an intuitive interface

The process of selecting the right labels and navigating the software can be quite complex, making it potentially challenging for first-time users.

You’re searching for a compact device

The Nimbot D101 is not very small, which could be a disadvantage if you have a compact space or wish for something more portable.

You don’t have persistence

Dealing with the initial setup and learning to use the app might require some patience. If you’re looking for something easy to get started with right out of the box, this might not be it.


What makes the Nimbot D101 Labeler distinct?
The Nimbot D101 Labeler stands out because of its versatility to work with both larger and smaller labels, and its unique USB-C feature. Its sophisticated pairing process with its smartphone application also sets it apart.
How hard is it to install the tape on the Nimbot D101 Labeler?
Installing the tape might appear a little tricky at first glance, but with careful reading of the instructions and a little practice, it becomes easier to manage.
Does the Nimbot D101 Labeler connect with a phone?
Yes, the Nimbot D101 Labeler can be connected to a smartphone through its dedicated applications – nimbot or neem. You need to pair the devices via Bluetooth settings.
How do I create a label using the Nimbot D101 Labeler?
Within the Nimbot application, you can customize your label by selecting from a variety of templates or you can create your unique design. Once your design is ready, you can print it out using the ‘print’ function.
What are the print settings you need to check before printing a label on the Nimbot D101?
Before printing, ensure to check your printer’s connection and print density. When choosing the type of label paper, the software recognizes the size automatically.
How durable are the labels printed from the Nimbot D101?
The labels produced by Nimbot D101 are resistant and should be fairly waterproof, making them suitable for a range of applications.
Where can I buy the Nimbot D101 printer?
The Nimbot D101 printer is available for purchase online on platforms like AliExpress and Amazon. More details and links can be found in the product review description.

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