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Review: Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light – Transforms lighting for photos and videos.

Unbox, test, and explore the versatile MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light’s innovative features... Read more

Review of Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light

Test of Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light

4.7/5 - (9116 votes)

Cena: $35.99


  • Multi-purpose: suitable for selfies and streaming
  • Comes with a convenient clip-on feature
  • Rechargeable and portable
  • Offers different light intensities and tones
  • Can be used on various devices
  • Clip includes a helpful status indicator
  • Impressive image quality improvement


  • May not be as effective with existing bright light
  • The clip could be considered bulky
  • Best results in dark rooms only

“Upon reflection, the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light has impressed me with its ability to truly transform the lighting in my photos and videos. It’s convenient, adaptable, and easy to use on various devices. However, while it’s undeniably effective, there are instances where other light sources proved equally valuable. Therefore, it’s best to consider your specific needs before committing to this product. It’s a great tool, but might not be essential for everyone.”

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Brand Newmowa
Battery Life 135 minutes
Connectivity Technology Selfie Partner
Hardware Interface USB
Has Self-Timer No

An Honest Unboxing: The New MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light

Today, I’d love to share my unbiased and honest review of a product that’s caught my attention recently – the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light.

Product Packaging

The product arrived in a compact and sturdy box. The packaging doesn’t just deliver in aesthetics but also plays its part in securing the product during shipment. It’s clear that the brand has forwarded a fair share of thoughtfulness in this regard.

Out of the Box

Upon unboxing, I found the MOA LED Clip Light, snugly surrounded by a layer of foam for tight-fitting protection. It truly gave a premium feel as I took it out.

First Impressions

My initial impression? It’s smaller than I pictured it based on the product images online. However, the size is perfect for its intended use. It comes off as something that’s portable and easy to fit into my gearbag without eating up too much space.

Design and Build

Even though it isn’t incredibly large or hefty, the high-power clip light doesn’t compromise on quality. The overall design of the MOA LED Light is wearable yet sleek, and the build quality is solid. The positioning and feel of the buttons contribute to a nice user experience, showing the meticulous detail the makers have put into this device.

Initial Functionality Check

The flex head of the light can rotate and adjust, providing a wide range of angles for the optimum lighting setup. Plus, from initial testing, both charging and changing light settings seem straightforward and easy.

  • Begin testing with lower light settings and gradually proceed to brighter options. It helps you assess the range of the product’s lighting capabilities. Remember; it’s better not to be dazzled unexpectedly!

In conclusion, the unboxing experience and first impressions of the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light have been very promising. All the aspects of a good-quality product, from packaging to design, seem to be in place. But the real test is in its performance, which we will delve into next.

Check of Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light

Real-Life Testing: Brighter Images and Live Streaming

  • MOA Light enhances clarity, detail, and colors in images
  • Light provides natural daylight, improves facial details
  • High intensities can be harsh, diffusing option needed

In this detailed review, I aimed to test the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light under real-life conditions. It holds a promising premise of brighter images and an elevated live streaming experience. As a critical appraiser, I felt it was necessary to see just how much difference this clip light could make to my images and videos.

Comparing Image Quality with and Without The MOA Light

Initially, I took a series of pictures and videos with my current setup, without the MOA light. The images were clear enough but lacked a certain ‘pop’. I then attached the MOA light to my camera and took the same pictures and videos. To my surprise, the difference was palpable. The additional light brought forward better clarity and sharper details. Even the colors seemed more pronounced. The images taken with the light immediately had a more professional quality to them as compared to those taken without the light.

MOA Light vs Monitor Light: A Surprising Battle

Further, I compared the lighting from the MOA and my monitor. With just the monitor light, my face was washed out, losing a lot of detail. However, when I switched on the MOA clip light, it felt like stepping into natural daylight. The wash-out issue was no more. My face was well-lit, and the details were clearly visible; a significant improvement indeed.

However, it must be noted that at higher intensities, the light can be slightly harsh. It would be beneficial if the manufacturer incorporated a diffusing option for softer lighting scenarios. Apart from this minor inconvenience, the product certainly lived up to its claims in a live environment.

Expose on Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light

Adjusting to Your Needs: The Multipurpose Light

  • MOA clip light offers three different light tones
  • Features variable light intensities for different situations
  • Highly flexible, cater to variety of scenarios

Now let’s talk about the part that intrigued me the most, the actual lighting options this device offers. One of the features that stood out to me while experimenting with the new MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light is its sheer versatility.

Exploring MOA’s Three Different Tones: From Cold to Warm

The product has three distinct light tones – a colder tone, a neutral middle ground, and a really warm one. The colder tone resembles daylight and gives off a fresh feeling, ideal for outdoorsy shots or to create a vibrant impression. The middle tone strikes a balance between warm and cold, providing just the right light needed for neutral settings. Lastly, the warm tone brings out warmer hues, excellent for a cozy, comfortable atmosphere.

Experimenting with Various Light Intensities: Perfect Lighting for Any Situation

Now, this is where it gets really fun, adjusting the light intensities. Let’s face it, not every situation needs a full-powered glare. Sometimes we need softer, more subtle light. Catering to various needs, the MOA clip light offers variable light intensities, which envision every imaginable lighting scenario. This feature sure upped the game, giving the end user a ton of control over the kind of lighting to be used in an intended situation.

  • The three unique tones are designed with a wide range of lighting scenarios in mind, allowing you to tailor the light to any situation.
  • The variable intensities give users a high level of control, which fosters an environment for more creative freedom.
  • It would have been better if there were instructions on when to use each tone optimally, particularly for inexperienced users.
  • The transition between different intensities could be smoother.

Overall, the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light succeeds in offering a highly flexible multi-use product that can adjust to an incredible variety of scenarios. But does this translate to a better end result? Make sure to keep reading to uncover more insights and comparisons of the product’s performance.

Reflection on Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light

Easy to Install, Easier to Use: The MOA Light on Different Devices

  • MOA light easy to install across multiple devices
  • Clip-on feature securely fits, shows status indicator
  • Versatile usage – on laptop, as backlight, tripod mountable

One of the true tests of any tech gadget or accessory is its ease of installation and usage. I found this clip-on light to be both really easy to install and great to use across a variety of devices. Whether it was my smartphone, my laptop or even attached to a tripod, the MOA light proved to be a quite versatile companion.

The Clip-On Feature: More Than Meets the Eye

It’s one thing to have a clip-on feature but how well does it function? I was genuinely surprised at how secure the clip held onto different surfaces. Whether it was my chunky laptop monitor or the slim edge of my phone, the clip seemed to snugly hold on, all without causing any damage or leaving any marks.

But one thing that truly caught my interest was the status indicator behind the clip. It’s a small thing but it made a significant difference. After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than a gadget that runs out of battery without warning, isn’t it?

Multifunctional and Truly Versatile

Another aspect I gauged was how flexible was this clip light when it came to its usage. I found that not only can it be mounted on your phone, but it can also be attached to different spots on my laptop—something I found to be quite useful for video calls or live streaming.

The clip-on design also allowed me to use it as a backlight. This is great for those who frequently shoot videos and need a steady and potent source of light at varying angles. Plus, the provision to attach it to a tripod? A real added bonus.

The Verdict for Section 4.0?

In terms of installation and ease of use, the MOA light is clearly designed to cater to a wide range of devices, from phones to laptops. The clip-on feature is robust enough to guarantee a secure fit, and the status indicator is a thoughtful add-on that aids in better usage. Overall, it’s an accessory that’s as versatile as it is convenient, promising good value for your investment.

Weighing Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light

The Final Verdict: Is The MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light Worth It?

After a thorough hands-on experience with the MOA 60 LED rechargeable clip light, it’s time for the final verdict. First, let’s break things down into specifics.


The light’s performance has been, in a word, impressive. Between its high-power emission and the ability to switch between different colors and intensities, it certainly delivers on its promise of versatile, quality lighting. It effectively brightened up my surroundings, markedly improving the quality of images and videos. Additionally, it’s rechargeable, a plus for those on the go and longer shoots.


The small and lightweight design proved useful, making the clip light portable and easy to handle. The clip did an excellent job securing the light onto different devices and surfaces, and adjusting the light’s position was relatively straightforward and easy.


The light’s different tones and intensities promise, and deliver, a customization level that caters to most, if not all, lighting needs. This plug-and-play device enhances photos and videos, regardless of the initial lighting situation. The status indicator was a boon, effectively announcing battery levels – a feature many lights lack.


Is it all rainbows and unicorns, though? Not entirely. In a heavily lit environment like directly in front of a monitor, the impact of the MOA light was not as remarkable. However, it is worth noting that this situation may not be a common use case for most purchasers.

Value for Money

In terms of value for money, considering the features, overall performance, and the robust construction, the MOA 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Light seems a worthy purchase. It is not often that one encounters a product that does its job as advertised, but this light seems to break that mold.

Final Analysis

For those seeking an easily adjustable, versatile, and dependable light source for photo or video purposes, the MOA light stands tall. It offers high-quality lighting, hassle-free adjustment options, and the option to clip it onto virtually any device. Despite a few minor drawbacks, it offers excellent value for money, making it a product worth considering for your lighting needs.

Should you buy the Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Clip Fill Video Conference Light?

Buy it if…

You’re seeking to improve your selfies or social media footage

The MOA 60 LED high power rechargeable clip light offers a great chance to amp up your images with better, adjusted light.

You require versatile lighting solutions

The MOA light’s three different tones and varying intensities make it perfect for different situations, helping you find the right light setting that complements you.

You’re after a multipurpose light source

Apart from your phone, this device can be clipped onto your computer, various tripods for use as backlights, and even doubles up as a replacement flashlight.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a budget

While versatile and of high quality, the MOA light might not be the best option if you’re trying to cut your expenses.

You usually operate in well-lit spaces

The comprehensive light settings might go underutilized if you are often surrounded by sufficient lighting.

You have a simple smartphone usage

If you do not plan to use your phone for photography, video streaming or are not fond of utilizing its camera, then the MOA light might be surplus to requirements.


How is the initial impression of the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light?
The initial impression is positive. The light seems sturdy and promises multiple features, including clip-on, rechargeable, and different lighting tones.
What is the lighting quality difference when using the MOA Light?
With the MOA Light, the lighting quality appears significantly improved. The illumination is brighter and clearer compared without the light.
Does the MOA Light come with different lighting tones?
Yes, the MOA Light offers three different tones- cold, warm, and another which could be adjusted as per your requirement.
Can the MOA Light be installed on different devices?
Yes, the MOA Light’s clip-on feature allows it to be installed on various devices including smartphones, computers, tripods and it can also be used as a backlight.
What is the status indicator feature on the MOA Light?
The status indicator feature allows you to know the battery life of the light, so you don’t have to guess if it has enough charge or not.
What is the final verdict about the MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light?
The MOA 60 LED High-Power Rechargeable Clip Light seems to be a versatile and worth-it product. With its various light tones and intensities, its use on multiple gadgets, and a clear difference in lighting quality, it seems to be a great addition to your kit.

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