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Review: Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite – Reliable, user-friendly, and affordably priced

Discover the truth about the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flashlight’s performance and versatility... Read more

Review of Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

Test of Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

4.5/5 - (11866 votes)

Cena: $69.99


  • Easy to use and set-up
  • Includes protective bag and nice set of adapter
  • Flexible swivel mechanism for various angles
  • Offers good lighting control
  • Includes diffuser for soft light option
  • Compatible with any kind of cameras
  • Affordable but still capable


  • Batteries for operation not included
  • All-plastic make, although durable
  • Does not have TTL (Through The Lens) metering
  • Operational learning curve required
  • Fewer options compared to other brands like Yongnuo
  • Has to try different settings to get good effect
  • Slave modes S1 and S2 untested

“After thoroughly using and assessing the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight, I found it to be a reliable and easy-to-use flash unit. Its simplicity and straightforward controls make it user-friendly, even for a beginner. While it might not offer the extensive options like the Yongnuo does, its affordability and consistent performance make it a worthy purchase. Therefore, I have no hesitation in giving it a 5 out of 5 stars rating. It’s important to remember that every photographer’s needs can vary, but for what it offers at its price point, the Neewer TT 560 certainly does not disappoint! “

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Brand Neewer
Compatible Mountings Canon
Camera Flash Hotshoe
Included Components New Tt560 Speedlite
Product Dimensions 2.95″D x 7.48″W x 2.17″H


Unboxing the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flashlight

Alright guys, here we are with a fresh-out-of-the-box Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flashlight from Amazon. It has been with me for a few weeks now, and I am excited to share my hands-on experience with this product.

First Impressions: My Initial Thoughts on the Neewer TT 560

I opened the package with a sense of anticipation and was greeted by some neat packaging. The information provided on the box was straightforward and gave me a brief understanding of how to use the speedlight. My first impression: a robust, no-nonsense device. Looks were not all, though. It needed to perform and deliver, as good as any other professional flash out there. So, was it up to the mark? Keep reading to find out!

Observation of Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

The Package Contents

  • Neewer TT 560 package includes warranty card and manual
  • Comes with a protective bag for the flash unit
  • Package doesn’t include batteries

Let’s explore what you get when you unpack a brand new Neewer TT 560. As the familiar Amazon box arrived a few weeks back, I must admit, there was a certain level of excitement to see the Neewer in all its glory.

What’s Inside: Warranty Information and the Manual

Opening up the box, I was greeted with a couple of standard elements. The package included a warranty card and a user-friendly, basic manual. Honestly, the manual seems a bit underwhelming for such a sophisticated device as the Neewer TT 560. It was fairly straightforward but lacked depth about more complex functionality of the speedlight. Perhaps a more comprehensive guide could have been useful for beginners to flash photography.

Keeping My New Toy Safe: The Protective Bag

Next up was this protective bag, quite delightfully velvety to the touch. It’s evident that Neewer has put some thought into making sure your speedlight stays safe and secure. The bag seems to provide adequate protection and could withstand a potential drop, thereby protecting the flash unit inside.

The Flash Unit: An Up-close Examination

Let’s not forget the star of the show – the Neewer TT 560 speedlight. On first glance, this flashlight looks pretty standard, similar to other speedlights on the market. It also came packaged with a handy adapter for those of us who might not always have a light stand ready. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with batteries. You will need to invest in four standard double-A batteries before you can start snapping away.

Despite some minor misses, Neewer manages to deliver a comprehensive packaging for the TT 560. It lacks nothing major that could deter you from having a great first experience with your new speedlight.

Check of Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

The Neewer TT 560: An Up-Close Examination

  • Neewer TT 560 speed light is sturdy, solid plastic.
  • Includes adapter for upright stand, with simple controls.
  • Compatible with any camera using standard hot shoe adapter.

An In-depth Look at the Flash unit

Well, there it is folks. The Neewer TT 560 speed light in all its glory. The first thing you’ll note about this flash unit is its pretty standard appearance. It doesn’t look much different from most speedlights out there. But you’ve all heard the saying, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”. And that’s really what I’m here to assess for you today.

The construction of this thing is mainly plastic. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Plastic? Isn’t that a bit cheap?” Well put those preconceptions to rest. This is sturdy, solid plastic, which doesn’t give off that fragile or breakable vibe. It’s evident that it is designed to withstand the rigours of a photographer’s life.

The Adapter

Let’s move onto this nice little attachment that the TT 560 comes with. This is an adapter that allows the speed light to stand upright. It’s a handy addition for those photographers who don’t currently own a light stand. What’s more, it’s easy to fix onto the bottom of the unit. Simple and convenient, just the way I like it.

A Glance at the Controls

Now, as we flip it around to the back of the speedlight, we find the controls. They are astonishingly simple and intuitive. A big plus for the user experience. You have your standard on/off button, coupled with several LED light indicators that help you adjust the power level of the speed light. The functionality is straightforward, and I found it to be user-friendly even for a speed light novice.

Now, I would advise anyone not familiar with speed lights to have a go, test it out, play around with the settings. These devices have a bit of a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy the versatility of this tool.


Before wrapping this up, let’s talk compatibility. No need to worry, Nikon or Canon users! The TT 560 works with any camera that uses a standard hot shoe adapter. That means it is not specific to any camera brand, which increases its appeal to a wider pool of photographers.

Overall, for its price range, the Newer TT 560 speed light offers considerable value. Whether you’re new to photography or just looking to upgrade, this might just be the speed light for you.

Rating: Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

The Main Event: Trying Out the Flash Unit

  • Neewer TT 560 has simple functionality and power levels
  • Initial test flashes were impressive, bright, and snappy
  • Manual mode in Neewer TT 560 works effectively

Stepping into the spotlight, it was time to put the Neewer TT 560 to the test.

Playing with Power Levels: My Trial-and-Error Experience with the Neewer TT 560

First off, I dove right into exploring the different power levels. Right off the bat, it’s safe to say that the functionality is simple. There’s an easy-to-use power on and off switch, dialing through various power levels is a piece of cake with the LED lights indicator showing you the way. However, true to any good flash unit, it’s a bit of trial-and-error to see what works in different environments. Let’s say you’re shooting indoors – a medium level seemed to work well, but if you find your shots a tad underexposed, you could nudge the power level up a bit. The opposite would apply if your shots felt a little overexposed.

Testing the Waters: My First Flashes with the Neewer

Once the power levels were fine-tuned, it was time to see the flash in action. A small yet handy test button found its way under my fingers, showing me that the TT 560 is completely functional. The initial test flashes were impressive, bright, and snappy .

Stick to Manual: Exploring the Shoot Modes

Scrolling through the shooting modes, I landed on the Manual (“M”) mode. And that’s where it stayed throughout the testing process. Because the Neewer TT 560 is a manual speedlight, there wasn’t much necessity to browse through other modes. However, note that there are a couple of Slave Modes (“S1” and “S2”) that I didn’t get around to trying yet. As per my experience, the manual mode works like a charm – you might not find yourself wandering off to the other settings too much either.

Overall, from power levels to shooting modes, the Neewer TT 560 proved itself up to the task, offering me a firsthand experience of great quality and versatility.

Review of Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

A Look at the Features

  • Flexible strobe allows control of light direction
  • On-flash diffuser provides even light spread
  • Compatible with different types of modifiers
In this section, I will delve into the significant features that the Neewer TT 560 speedlight has to offer. It’s my sincere approach to provide a comprehensive yet concise overview, keeping my focus on the most important aspects while providing a few specific examples of application to aid your understanding.

How to Control the Direction of Light: The Swivel Mechanism

The initial thing that must be observed while examining this speed light unit is its functionality. One of the reasons why I found Neewer TT 560 a valuable addition to my photographic gear is its flexible strobe or swivel mechanism. This ‘direction control feature’ allows me to bend the head of the unit in various directions, a crucial component in creating an interesting play of light and shadows in my photographs. The hard plastic construct reassures me of its durability, yet its ability to control the light direction feels quite convenient, especially while shooting indoors.

Going the Extra Distance: The On-Flash Diffuser

The Neewer TT 560 does not disappoint when it comes to making our lives easier on a photography set. An interesting add-on with this unit is the ‘on-flash diffuser’ that comes bundled within the package. The usage of this diffuser definitely adds an edge to any indoor shoots, enabling you to achieve a soft, even spread of light across the frame – giving you that perfect shot you might be after. Moreover, the compatibility of this speed light with different types of modifiers offers some degree of customizability, making it a versatile tool for photographers who wish to experiment with their lighting setup. However, be aware that the unit does not come with any additional modifiers, and they have to be purchased separately.

Regarding the overall build and the features available, the Neewer TT 560 is a worthy contender in the speed light market. In my experience, these features, when utilized effectively, can bring about a noticeable difference in the quality of your shots.

Rundown: Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite

Comparing Speedlights: Neewer TT 560 vs. Yongnuo’s Flash Unit

  • Neewer TT 560 offers simplicity, Yongnuo more features
  • Size and weight similar for both units
  • Yongnuo is more expensive than Neewer

Up to now, we’ve mainly focused on the Neewer TT 560. But how does it stack up against its rivals, particularly the well-known Yongnuo’s flash unit? To answer that question, I’ve decided to put these two flash units head to head.

A Peek inside the Yongnuo’s Bag: Initial Thoughts

Just as I did with the Neewer, I unpacked the Yongnuo flash unit from its standard bag. Unlike the Neewer bag, the Yongnuo flash unit has a bit more feature – visually striking off the bat. However, don’t let the visuals sway you, as we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Flash Unit Fight: The Neewer vs. the Yongnuo

On the surface, the Yongnuo unit does seem to offer a bit more features . However, while these extra options may be helpful to more experienced photographers, they might seem a bit overwhelming to newbies. However, the Neewer’s simplicity is its strength, particularly for those looking for a plug-and-play solution.

Size and Features: The Main Differences Between the Two Units

  • Size: In terms of size and weight, both units are very similar. There’s barely any difference to affect your shooting experience.
  • Features: As earlier mentioned, the Yongnuo unit does offer more settings when it comes to the flash itself – a potential advantage for the creative and seasoned photographer.
  • Price: Yongnuo is a bit on the expensive side compared to the Neewer. But depending on your budget and needs, both units present good value.

In a nutshell, the Neewer TT 560 and the Yongnuo’s flash unit are both good options for different individuals. If you’re looking for something simple for regular shoots, the Neewer should serve you well. But if you desire more advanced settings and don’t mind spending a bit more, the Yongnuo flash unit might be your best bet.

Scrutiny of Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite


In wrapping up, my experience with the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight has been quite the journey. As stated initially, this is not a promotional review, but an authentic experience I hope other potential users can benefit from.

My Final Thoughts: Rating the Neewer TT 560

Overall, I found the Neewer TT 560 to be a reliable, high-quality speedlight. It checks off all the right boxes, with its straightforward design, generous number of features, and excellent value for money. Despite its essentially plastic construction, it doesn’t feel cheap, and I am confident that it can endure the rigors of regular use.

The ease of use is another aspect worth dwelling on. Even first-time users will be able to get a handle on its functions quickly, due to the simplicity of the controls and the informative manual. The addition of the adapter and protective bag also adds to the overall appeal of the product; it both extends the device’s lifespan and increases its functionality.

I did notice, however, that between the Neewer TT 560 and the Yongnuo Flash Unit, the Yongnuo does provide more settings for flash control. That said, for those seeking a straightforward, no-fuss speedlight solution, the Neewer TT 560 definitely holds its ground.

Considering my experiences and comparisons, I feel comfortable giving the Neewer TT 560 a full 5 out of 5 stars. It’s manageable, convenient, and most importantly, performs where it counts.

Showing You Some Sample Images and Saying Goodbye

Note that your experience with the Neewer TT 560, like any product, might differ from mine depending on your needs and usage. I encourage you to try it out for yourself. I will include some sample images below that I shot using the Neewer TT 560 so you can see what it’s capable of.

Remember, this review isn’t meant to sway you in one direction or another. Instead, it’s meant as a resource to help you make the most informed decision possible. Best of luck in your speedlight ventures!

Should you buy the Neewer TT560 Flash Speedlite?

Buy it if…

You Favor Simplicity

The Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flash is straightforward and user-friendly. There’s no need to worry about complicated settings or features.

You’re on a Budget

Compared to similar flash units like the Yongnuo, Neewer TT 560 Speedlight is less expensive without compromising on quality.

You Need Flexibility

The directional flexibility of the flash head makes it suitable for various shooting environments, thereby enhancing your photography experiences.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need Advanced Features

If you are a professional photographer looking for advanced configuration options, you might find the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight limiting.

You Prefer TTL Flash Units

The Neewer TT 560 Speedlight is a manual flashlight and doesn’t have TTL (Through The Lens) metering.

You Don’t Want to Purchase Batteries Separately

The Neewer TT 560 Speedlight doesn’t come with batteries. If this is a hassle for you, consider other options.


Is the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flashlight easy to set up?
Yes, the Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flashlight is easy to set up. The controls are simple, with an on and off button and LED light indicators to show you what power level you are using.
What power source does the Neewer TT 560 use?
The Neewer TT 560 Speedlight Flashlight uses four double-A batteries. The batteries are not included with the purchase.
Is the device durable?
The Neewer TT 560 is made from hard plastic. Although it feels lightweight, it doesn’t seem like it would break easily.
Can the Neewer TT 560 be used with any type of camera?
Yes, the Neewer TT 560 comes with a standard hot shoe adapter. It is a universal device, not specific to any camera brand.
Can the power level of the Neewer TT 560’s flash be adjusted?
Yes, the power level of the Neewer TT 560’s flash can be adjusted. This device features multiple LED light indicators for adjusting the power level according to your needs.
Does the Neewer TT 560 come with any additional features?
Yes, the Neewer TT 560 features a directional swivel mechanism and an on-flash diffuser.
How does the Neewer TT 560 compare to other speedlights?
The Neewer TT 560 is comparable to other speedlights such as the Yongnuo Flash Unit. However, the Neewer is simpler and more suitable for indoor shoots or for users who prefer a straightforward plug and play device.
What is the writer’s final opinion on the Neewer TT 560?
The writer is highly impressed with the Neewer TT 560 and gives it a 5 out of 5 stars rating.
Does the Neewer TT 560 come with a diffuser?
Yes, the Neewer TT 560 comes with a diffuser. However, the reviewer mentioned that other kinds of modifiers can also be used with it.

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