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Review: Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter – Convenient and flexible wireless solution

Explore our detailed review on the compact, user-friendly MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter... Read more

Review of Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Table of Contents

Test of Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

4.2/5 - (7689 votes)

Cena: $84.99


  • Compact, easy to tuck away
  • Quick setup without companion app
  • Pairs with multiple phones
  • Freedom to use wireless charger
  • Efficient for short and quick trips
  • Useful for rental cars


  • Requires Android 11 or newer
  • Short built-in cable length
  • Lack of customization options
  • No firmware update ability
  • Unclear power consumption impacts
  • No app for additional controls
  • Initial pairing issues

“As a user who relishes simplicity without compromising functionality, the Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter has its charms. While it certainly has some limitations, like the lack of a companion app and a slightly short built-in cable, in my opinion, the scale tips towards the advantages of convenience and flexibility it offers. Overall, for someone needing a handy, wireless solution for enabling Android Auto, especially during quick drives, the MA1 emerges as a strong contender for consideration in my book.”

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Brand Motorola Sound
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, USB
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.06 x 1.22 x 0.12 inches
Item Weight 31 Grams
Color Black

Introduction: Delving into the Review on MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter

Welcome to a thorough exploration of the MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter. It’s a product designed to make your on-road experience more convenient by wirelessly connecting your Android phone to your car’s Android Auto enabled head unit. No more fussing around with plugging and unplugging your phone. Just seamless connectivity, designed to enrich your drive time.

A Little About MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter

Before we dive into the review, it’s crucial to understand what the MA1 Adapter is and what it brings to the table. The MA1 is a wireless solution for Android Auto. Priced at 90 USD on Amazon, it has a built-in cable and a Bluetooth pairing button to aid in easy wireless connectivity without needing to plug your phone in. Do note that the device operates with Android phones running Android 11 or newer, supporting five gigahertz wireless connections.

What This Review Aims To Do?

In this review, we aim to provide an unbiased, comprehensive overview of the MA1 Adapter, covering its features, user experience, ease of use, and overall value for money. We will address the pros and cons, potential concerns on matters like battery drainage, and the convenience factor associated with the device. The goal is to offer a detailed perspective that can help prospective buyers like you make an informed decision.


This is earthed in our experience with the product and does not include personal bias or preference.

Survey of Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Unboxing the MA1 adapter: What Comes in the Box?

  • MA1 adapter and manual are included in packaging
  • Size of adapter may impact functionality
  • Manual contains sticky pad for securing adapter

As first glance, the packaging of the MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter comes across as professional and compact. The contents of the box include two significant parts which are essential to get started with the MA1 adapter.

The MA1 Adapter

Firstly, the star of the box, the MA1 adapter itself grabs your attention in the box. The compact size of the adapter immediately stands out, and it is evident that this could be an advantage for easy stowing away in your car, But it’s equally important to assess whether the size compromise affects functionality and practicality, which we will delve into further in the next sections.

The All-Inclusive Manual

Moving forward from the adapter, the box also includes a manual, packed with detailed step-by-step instructions to guide new users through the setup process. For those wondering about installation and usage, this manual is very thorough but be prepared for a bit of technical jargon. Surprisingly, nestled within the manual was a sticky gel pad. Upon reading further, it appears this pad offers an additional way to secure the adapter – a thoughtful addition indeed.

Overall, the unboxing experience leaves a positive first impression . However, from what I can see, there exist some challenges tied into the small sizing of the adapter, particularly the short length of the built-in cable. In the next sections, we will further scrutinize the physical aspects of the MA1 and its possible implications on usability.

Weighing Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Physical Aspects of MA1: A Closer Look at The Adapter

  • MA1 Android adapter has compact, sleek design
  • Embedded cable length is only 1.1 meters
  • Compact size lacks companion app

The MA1 wireless android auto USB adapter, with its compact figure and sleek design, naturally sparked my interest from the get-go. Made for mobile devices running on Android 11 or newer, its promise to connect your phone to your head unit wirelessly definitely induced a great deal of curiosity.

Built-in Cable: A Double-Edged Sword

One of the most striking elements of the MA1 is its embedded cable. Enveloped within the adapter’s body, the cable, unfortunately, measures up to a scanty 1.1 meters. As usable as it is and serving its purpose well, the length put me in a bit of a quandary.

While the cable’s shorter side came in handy during trips when I didn’t want a chunk of wires filling up the car space, it somewhat restricted the hiding and positioning of the adapter. The shorter cable caused the adapter to hang off the USB port, applying a noticeable amount of stress on my car’s USB slot. An elongated cable could have arguably mitigated this issue.

The Compact Size: A Mixed Bag of Pros and Cons

An appealing quality of the MA1 is its petite size. Barely bigger than a US quarter, it’s a nifty piece of tech gear, especially favorable for those looking to tuck it away discreetly in their vehicles. But I found the space economy a somewhat mixed blessing.

While compact, the size did come at the expense of an absence of a companion app. I felt this omission limited the scope for customization and deprived users of the chance to update the firmware if needed. However, this isn’t a significant drawback if you’re just looking for a simple plug-and-play device.

The MA1’s size is quite impressive, and it’s indeed a standout feature. It represents a thoughtful effort in the direction of convenience and effortless operation. Nevertheless, the modification ought to be slightly adjusted to accommodate a possible companion app, without increasing its footprint enormously.

As a final note, the physical aspects of the MA1 serve as an apt example of how something as fundamental as design can impact the user experience, for better or worse. The smaller size and integrated cable seem to be both a blessing and a curse, depending on specific usage situations.

Highlight: Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

MA1 Functioning: The User Interface or Lack Thereof

  • MA1 lacks a companion app for customization
  • Simplicity in setup and use due to absent app
  • Power consumption consideration is critical for MA1

When you first encounter the MA1, one of the most notable features, or perhaps, the lack of it, is the absence of a companion app. This means that once you’ve plugged in the adapter, there’s no specific interface to navigate through, no settings to tweak, or additional customization to finetune your user experience.

Is the Lack of Companion App a Benefit?

Upon my initial use, I found that the lack of a companion app made the setup process quite straightforward. Just plug in, pair over Bluetooth, and off you go. This simplicity can be a plus point for someone who’s looking for a plug-and-play solution, wanting to avoid the hassle of dealing with software learning curves or frequent updates.

From a critical point of view, however, I did find myself longing for a bit more control over my user experience. The ease of setup notwithstanding, the absence of an app does limit the scope of customization. A few adjustable settings, particularly around user preferences, would have enriched the overall experience.

The Power Consumption Question

A question every potential MA1 user might have, including myself, is about the adapter’s impact on their car’s battery life. Unlike other devices that have an interface allowing you more control over its functioning, the ever-connected MA1 could potentially put a drain on your car’s battery over time, depending on the power management of your car’s USB port.

This is not an issue that I’ve faced personally, yet, but it’s a critical point to mull over for potential buyers, particularly those who are unsure about their vehicle’s USB power handling. Sufficient research about your car’s power management policy would be an important step before settling for the MA1.

A lack of app does limit the possibility of future firmware updates addressing this issue, which would have been an added assurance for those concerned about uncompromised battery life.

To conclude, while an absent companion app does make for simplicity in initial setup and use, the lack of customization and control could be significant downsides for discerning users. The issue of power consumption, while vehicle-specific, is an essential factor to consider for any prospective MA1 buyer.

Assessment of Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Setting up the MA1: A Step by Step Guide

  • Motorola MA1 setup requires compatible Android and car unit
  • Pairing involves plugging into USB and Bluetooth connection
  • Initial setup takes up to 26 seconds

Getting the Motorola MA1 up and running is a straightforward process, albeit with a few nuanced steps that might take one by surprise. So, here’s a critique and walkthrough of the setup process that you can follow:

Preparing for Setup

First off, ensure your phone runs on Android 11 or newer, supports 5GHz wireless, and your car has a head unit that’s compatible with wired Android Auto.

Initiating the Setup

With your car switched on, plug the adapter into the USB port and wait. A blinking blue LED on the adapter indicates that it’s ready for pairing.

Connect Your Phone

Go into the Bluetooth settings on your phone. Here’s where you should see a new device starting with the name ‘Android Auto’. This is the MA1 adapter. Pair your phone with the adapter. After this initial connection, the adapter should instantly trigger the auto setup through your car’s screen.

Setting Up Android Auto

The first-time setup can take a few minutes. You’ll know everything’s good to go when you can visually see Android Auto on your vehicle’s display system. It’s noteworthy that upon subsequent connections, the linking process happens pretty swiftly.

Setting Up: The Timed Challenge:

To demonstrate the time efficiency, a stopwatch can be used. This revealed that MA1 took about 26 seconds to present Android Auto as an available option from a “power switched on” state. The time to connect felt fairly reasonable. However, some might argue that it should be quicker considering it’s a product designed for convenience.

Handling Multiple Bluetooth Pairings

  • Press and hold the side button on the MA1 until it flashes blue.
  • Release the button and move to the new phone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Pair the new phone with the MA1.
  • To switch between phones thereafter, a quick single button push will do the trick.

It’s not perfect. In testing, it seems the first phone paired always takes precedence. So, if you intend to connect multiple phones, make sure to pair the ‘primary’ one first.

Verdict on the Setup

Setting up the MA1 is a simple and user-friendly process. It walks the user through with minimal confusion and even caters to those who need to switch between multiple phones. However, the waiting period of up to 26 seconds for the initial Android Auto display might be slightly off-putting for some motorists. Otherwise, it’s a fairly smooth sail.

Review of Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Potential Concerns with MA1: Should you worry about MA1 being Connected All the time?

  • MA1 connected may drain car’s battery based on USB power
  • Applying a turn-off feature to MA1 currently unavailable
  • Consider usage scenarios and device limitations before using MA1

When considering a plug-in device for your car such as the MA1 adapter, one major concern that might spring up is power consumption. Specifically, you might wonder, “Would leaving the MA1 connected drain my car’s battery?”

Learning How your Car Manages its USB Port Power

This concern is actually dependent on the way your car manages its USB port power. In my personal experience, my car leaves the power on for the USB port for about five minutes after locking the doors. It then resumes supplying power once the doors are unlocked. This convenient functionality means most times, I hop into my car and find my phone automatically connected to the MA1, with Android Auto running before I even get buckled in.

However, this might not be the case for all cars. Some vehicles may continually supply power to the USB port, which might potentially drain your battery if the MA1 is left plugged in for extended periods. It’s worth mentioning at this point that the MA1 does not seem to draw substantial power, so instances of significant battery drain should be rare. Yet, if you’re going to leave your car and the MA1 unattended for a week or two, it’s better to unplug the adapter.

Can you Apply a Turn-off Feature to MA1?

Another thought that might cross your mind is whether there’s a way to manually turn off the device to save power. Unfortunately, due to the lack of a companion app for the MA1, it seems there isn’t an option to do this currently. Perhaps a future update could address this issue, but till then, the power management is left largely up to your car’s USB port.

To check how your car handles USB port power, you could use your phone as a test object. Plug your phone into the car USB port and have Android Auto running. After doing so, open and close your car door, then lock and unlock your vehicle. If your phone stops charging after a short while, that means your car USB port power is managed intelligently and you needn’t worry about continuous power supply. If, however, your phone keeps charging even after 20-30 minutes, your car likely doesn’t turn off the USB port supply and that might inform your decision on whether a device like the MA1 is right for you.

In conclusion, while the MA1 is indeed a convenient device, it’s advisable to consider your particular usage scenarios, your car’s specific aspects, and understand the device’s limitations before adopting it. After all, the key to making an informed decision lies in weighing the pros against the cons.

Inspection of Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Convenience Factor: Keeping The MA1 out of Sight

  • MA1 adapter’s compact size allows ‘hideaway’ options
  • The adapter can be secured using various fixing materials
  • Proper placement enhances longevity and organizes vehicle space

Often, we want our devices to do their job without being a distraction, and with the MA1 adapter, this is indeed feasible. Its compact size naturally accommodates this demand by allowing for various ‘hideaway’ options. The question is, how and where can you keep your MA1 out of sight effectively?

Different Ways to Hide the MA1 in Your Car

Thanks to MA1’s small design, you can easily attach it to something in your car. You can experiment with a variety of fixing materials such as velcro, command strips or even a non-damaging adhesive like museum putty which is easy to remove.

Pro tip: You can make use of the gel sticky pad provided in the MA1 car kit. Not only does it help secure the adapter, but it also allows easy removal when necessary.

My Method

In my experience, the goal was not just hiding the device but also ensuring it’s reachable for those rare instances when I had to intervene. Therefore, I preferred to keep my MA1 tucked away above the storage cubby. This location provided both discretion and accessibility.

The ambition is to allow the device to do its work while keeping the aesthetic of your car’s interior undisturbed. The choice of where to keep the MA1 will be heavily influenced by the configuration of your car’s cabin. Therefore, careful thought should be given to find a suitable spot that does not interfere with other critical components, especially while driving.

Keeping your MA1 out of sight has advantages beyond the aesthetic aspect. It keeps your gadget away from inadvertent mishandling or damage. This aids in enhancing the longevity of the gadget. Overall, it caters to a cleaner and more organized vehicle space, which for me, adds to the overall driving experience.

Judgement: Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter

Why Choose MA1 over Normal Plug-ins? Understanding the Appeal

  • MA1 enhances convenience and safety during short drives
  • MA1 facilitates seamless curbside pickups
  • MA1 simplifies rental car experience

It’s worth delving into the reasons why someone might prefer the MA1 wireless adapter over the usual cable plug-in method. From personal convenience to the functionality, there are several aspects to consider.

The Scenario of Short Trips Explained

Firstly, for anyone frequently making short trips, let’s say of 10 minutes or less, the MA1 can be incredibly handy. The rules of the road and personal safety dictate that fumbling around with your phone and a charging cord while driving is not advisable or even safe. With the MA1, your Android Auto is up and running faster than you can buckle your safety belt — and all this takes place automatically without any need for manual plug-ins. This spares you any unnecessary wear and tear on the USB port or distraction from the road.

Tackling the Scenario of Curbside Pickups

Secondly, the idea of unplugging your phone every time you make a curbside pickup might seem minor, yet it’s another inconvenience the MA1 efficiently deals with. This is particularly noticeable if your car has a shorter USB cable, which makes it impossible to show your phone without disrupting your Android Auto session. The MA1 allows your phone to stay connected to Android Auto wirelessly, making curbside pickups a tad less complex.

Simplifying Rental Car Experience with MA1

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably suffered from the annoyance of pairing your phone with different rental vehicles repeatedly. Having the MA1 adapter eliminates that trouble. Once you set up your phone with it, this small device can accompany you to new cars, entirely bypassing the need to make new pairings.

To conclude , while the typical plug-in tactic leaves you juggling with cables, the MA1 presents you with a seamless user experience, more convenience and less cable clutter. The concept of wireless Android Auto integration is quite appealing, providing useful features that make the MA1 a worthy addition to a user’s tech arsenal. Although the choice between the MA1 and classic plug-ins is ultimately down to personal preferences and specific usage scenarios, it’s safe to say that in terms of providing added convenience and enhancing the user experience, MA1 does have a slight upper hand.

Useful Tech-tips for Using MA1: A Must-read For New MA1 Owners

  • Enable ‘Auto Launch’ for automatic Android Auto takeover
  • MA1 can easily switch between multiple phones
  • First paired phone takes precedence on power up

Transitioning to a wireless Android Auto USB adapter like the MA1 can appear challenging at first. However, the use of device becomes incredibly simple when you’re handy with these tech tips, ensuring far greater convenience and optimizing user experience. Let’s get into it shall we?

Enabling Automatic Android Auto Takeover

The first tip that played a significant role in enhancing my user experience is the option of enabling android auto to automatically take over your car screen when it starts. You might think this would be a standard setting, but in reality, it’s a setting within Android Auto that needs to be switched on for the best possible utilization of the MA1 adapter.

  • Firstly, navigate into the settings from the Android Auto screen in your car
  • Next, look for ‘Auto Launch’ and ensure it is enabled

With this simple adjustment, your Android Auto services will take main stage on your car screen as soon as your MA1 device is connected. Seems like a small step, but trust me, the difference it makes to the user experience is evident.

Using MA1 with Multiple Phones

Now, let’s take a look at another scenario. What if you have more than one phone and you want to use the MA1 adapter with it? You needn’t fret my friends, the MA1 has you covered!

  1. To pair an additional phone, firstly hold the side button of the MA1 down until it flashes blue.
  2. Once the flashing starts, let go of the button
  3. Next up, on your additional phone navigate to the Bluetooth settings and pair your phone to the MA1 adapter

And there you have it! Now you can switch between phones by simply pushing the side button on the MA1 once. I found the process of switching between phones pretty seamless and quick, enhancing my MA1 experience further.

How Well Does Switching Between Phones Work?

Well, during my extensive testing, I discovered that the first phone paired with the MA1 seems to take precedence on power up, regardless of which phone was the last one connected. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it does require strategic planning if you intend to use MA1 with multiple devices predominantly. Should you find yourself in this scenario, make sure you pair the most frequently used device first for a smoother experience.

Remember, a large part of enjoying any device or gadget lies in truly understanding its workings, it’s quirks and finding ways to personalize the experience. I hope you find these tips as helpful as they have been for me. Happy cruising with your MA1!

Final Thoughts: Wrapping up my Experience with MA1

Reaching the end of my journey with the Motorola MA1, I’ve found it to be quite an interesting gadget. It certainly changed certain aspects of my driving experience and gave me room to assess the impact of such technologies in modern vehicles.

Is the Motorola MA1 a Value For Money Product?

Weighing in at 90 USD might make you question if it is worth the cost. The answer to this question varies depending on your type of use. If you’re someone who takes short, frequent drives or requires an Android Auto in rental cars often, MA1 could fit right into your life. Additionally, the convenience of cordless operation, fast setup and less wear and tear on your car’s USB port are undoubtedly significant perks.

On the flip side, if you’re not frequently using your car or your car rides are more extended and less frequent, the MA1 might not provide you with the functionality worth its price tag. The presence of a built-in cable, albeit short, could be viewed as a drawback in such cases.

Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down: My Verdict on MA1

From my experience, the Motorola MA1 succeeds in its primary purpose of providing a wireless Android Auto connection with ease and speed. However, there are certain areas where improvements could make this product even better. A longer inbuilt cable, a companion app for more customizability, and a way to update the firmware would enhance the user experience and the product’s overall versatility.

Future of MA1: Firmware Updates and App Launch Predictions

The adaptation of technology is a constant process, and looking at the current setup, the MA1 does have room for improvement. A companion app can offer a significant qualitative leap. Even though the usage becomes slightly more complex, the trade-off with enhanced customizability may be more appealing to tech-savvy users. Similarly, introducing a way to update the firmware would keep the adapter at pace with the fast-evolving tech world.

CTA: Engaging with the Audience and Encouraging Feedback

While my experience explored various aspects of the MA1 adapter, it’s important to understand that everyone’s experience may be different and nuanced in its own way. If you’ve used the MA1 or similar products, feel free to share your insights and findings. This can help in creating a comprehensive understanding of the product and its various scopes of application.

Should you buy the Motorola MA1 Wireless Android Auto Car Adapter?

Buy it if…

You are frequently on the move

The MA1 is great for individuals frequently traveling in different rental cars. Instead of pairing your phone with multiple vehicles, you just need to take your adapter with you.

You want a hassle-free android auto connection

The MA1 allows you to avoid the inconvenience of constantly plugging and unplugging your device. It is especially beneficial for those making short trips where the time to plug in the phone exceeds the duration of the journey itself.

You desire less wear and tear on USB port

The wireless android auto connection through MA1 allows you to freely use your wireless charging pad, avoiding unnecessary strain on your phone’s USB port.

Don’t buy it if…

Your car doesn’t support the wireless technology

The MA1 requires specific vehicle specifications, including a car that supports wired android auto and a phone that supports five gigahertz wireless. Make sure your vehicle meets these specifics before purchasing.

You prefer devices with companion apps

The MA1 has no companion app, and thus no customization or updates are available through an app. If this kind of product interaction is important to you, consider other options.

Your car’s USB port supplies continuous power

If your car supplies continuous power to the USB port, it may result in battery drainage if the MA1 remains plugged in for a very long period. Although it doesn’t consume a lot of power, you should ensure you understand how your car manages its USB port power.


What devices are compatible with the MA1 adapter?
The MA1 adapter is compatible with Android phones running the Android 11 version or newer, which support 5GHz wireless. You must have a car with a head unit that supports wired Android Auto.
Where can I purchase an MA1 Wireless Android Auto USB Adapter?
The MA1 adapter can be purchased on Amazon.
How do I set up my MA1 adapter?
Plug in the adapter, wait for the LED to flash blue, then pair a new Bluetooth device on your phone.
Will the MA1 drain my car battery?
The MA1 adapter does not use a lot of power, so it shouldn’t drain your car’s battery under normal conditions. However, it primarily depends on how your car manages power to the USB port.
Can I use the MA1 with multiple phones?
Yes, the MA1 adapter supports having multiple phones, although only one can be active at a time. Pairing an additional phone and switching between phones can be executed by pressing the side button on the adapter.
How long does it take to connect the MA1 to my car?
It takes about 26 seconds for the car to present Android Auto as an option from the time power is applied to the adapter.
Can I hide the MA1 adapter in my car?
The MA1 adapter is small enough to be tucked away out of sight. It can also be attached using velcro, command strips, or the included sticky gel pad.
What are the benefits of having an MA1 adapter?
The MA1 adapter allows for comfortable short trips without needing to plug your phone in often. It supports wireless charging and provides added convenience during curbside pickup scenarios. For frequent travellers, it helps avoid pairing your phone to multiple rental cars.

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