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Review: Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking – Unbeatable in terms of convenience and user-friendliness.

Reviewing the convenience and unique features of the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner... Read more

Review of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

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Test of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

2.8/5 - (61 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Cordless design for easy maneuverability
  • Dual motor for effective cleaning
  • Auto-parking feature adds convenience
  • Comes with easy setup instructions
  • Includes additional accessories for convenience
  • LED indicators provide ongoing status
  • Collects observable pool debris


  • May not be ideal for irregularly shaped pools
  • Challenging to set wheel adjustments
  • Tricky to understand LED indicators
  • Requires frequent charging
  • Not suitable for pools with uneven floors

“After a thorough review, I conclude that the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner has its merits. The cordless design is unbeatable in terms of convenience and user-friendliness. However, for my pool, which has uneven zones, its performance was a bit less satisfactory. Yet, I genuinely believe that for above-ground, flat-bottomed pools, this cleaner could be an excellent investment. While it might not be the ideal match for my specific needs, I can see it being particularly effective others. The final choice, of course, will always depend on individual pool configurations and cleaning requirements.”

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Brand Moolan
Model Name S1
Color White
Power Source Battery Powered
Item Weight 9.11 Pounds


Welcome everyone! Our exploration today revolves around the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, a device that promises to redefine our pool cleaning experience. Let’s delve into its features, set-up process, and real-time performance.

“Home Reviews: Unwrapping and Testing the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner”

From first glance, the Mulan S1 comes in an efficiently packaged box with everything securely stored. Every single item has its place. Now, that’s a good start already, isn’t it? Let’s hope the product lives up to its initial impressive packaging.

Cleaning a pool can be a hassle, especially when dealing with tangled hoses and cumbersome pool pumps. The Mulan S1 aims to eradicate this problem through its cordless design. As great of a feature as this sounds, stay tuned as we evaluate its effectiveness and validate these claims through a thorough examination.

Moreover, the Mulan S1 is tailored especially for above-ground pool cleaning. Not only this, but it also boasts a unique dual motor feature, as well as an auto-parking functionality for when the battery gets low. The makers have assured that this gadget has been built with user convenience in mind. Are these claims too good to be true, or does the Mulan S1 truly deliver an effortless pool cleaning experience? Here, we put these claims to review candidly and critically.

To be thorough, we won’t just look at the external features; we’ll investigate what the Mulan S1 Robotic Pool Cleaner has on the inside, checking everything from its assembly to its performance during our in-depth review.

Let’s jump right in, dissecting the highlights, addressing the lowlights, and furnishing you with an undisguised and balanced review of our experience. Buckle up; it’s going to be an interesting ride!

Synopsis: Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

Advantages of Cordless

  • Cordless design of Mulan S1 provides convenient cleaning
  • Greater reach and less trip hazards due to cordlessness
  • Has a maximum battery life of two hours

If you have experience with traditional pool cleaning, you know too well the hassle of dealing with trailing cords around the water’s edge. There’s always this nagging worry that the cord might get entangled or that it may not reach all areas of your pool. So when I got to test the Mulan S1- a cordless robotic pool cleaner, the first noticeable advantage was the utter convenience the cordless design offered.

The Blessings of Being Cordless: Mulan S1’s User-Friendly Design

I must say, the freedom that comes with Mulan S1’s cordless design is game-changing. You don’t have to worry about cords becoming a trip hazard, getting tangled, or limiting the cleaner’s reach within your pool. The whole cleaning process becomes smoother and less stressful. This leap from traditional, cord-bound cleaners to the cordless S1 robot manifests a significant technological breakthrough and a practical feature worth shouting about.

Breaking the Boundaries with Cordless Freedom: The Ultimate Convenience

With the S1, you simply drop it in the pool and let it go to work. There’s no more messing around with pool pumps, filters, and lengths of hose, which to be honest, can be quite frustrating at times. So, I found this cordless feature to be a key selling point for anyone in search of a hassle-free cleaning experience. But remember, always ensure that the wheel clamps and the debris filter are securely attached before you let it off into the pool.

As positive as the cordless convenience is, bear in mind that cordless also means battery-driven. The S1’s battery life stands at maximum of two hours . So, if you have a larger pool or one that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you may have to recharge and restart the cleaning process. It’s a small setback, but certainly worth noting.

View of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

Features and Design

  • S1 robotic pool cleaner features a dual motor system
  • Possesses an auto-parking function for low battery scenarios
  • Product’s design considers practicality and different pool types

As I unboxed the Mulan S1 cordless robotic pool cleaner, I was immediately drawn to its sleek and compact construction, ideal for my pool cleaning needs. I appreciate the thoughtful design and how it adds value to the product significantly.

Mulan S1’s Unique Features

One thing I soon drew me into this cleaner was its enticing features. The S1 is cordless – meaning no more battling with tangled cords! Besides, it features a dual motor system designed to provide robust cleaning with minimal effort. Furthermore, it comes with an auto-parking function that prompts the cleaner to park near the wall when the battery is low. This is an undeniably convenient addition that makes retrieving the cleaner a breeze.

Designed for Practicality

Mulan clearly had practicality in mind when designing the S1. Although it’s tailored for above-ground pool floor cleaning, it performs admirably, even in pools that aren’t entirely flat. Its versatility adds to its appeal, providing a good value proposition for users with various pool types.

The Unboxing Experience

As I pulled out the cleaner from the box, I was happy to see its overall build. The product came neatly packaged with all necessary items, including a charger, hook, brushes, wheels, and a detailed instruction manual. It appears Mulan did not skimp on the essentials during product packaging.

However, I noticed some room for improvement. While the brushes and wheels are easy to affix, distinguishing between them could initially confuse new users. A more prominently marked differentiation between the parts could make the setup even simpler.

Overall, the features and design of the Mulan S1 cordless robotic pool cleaner show a thoughtful balance between innovation and practicality. The cleaner’s cordless nature and dual motor system indeed set the stage for an efficient and effortless pool cleaning experience, allowing it to stand out in the crowded pool cleaner market.

Critique of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

Getting Started

  • Assembly involves attaching four different wheels
  • Correct assembly leads to effective cleaning
  • Setup is straightforward and intuitive

First Impression: How to Assemble and Operate the Mulan S1

Assembling and operating the Mulan S1 was a relatively straightforward task. I was pleased to see that the pool cleaner was accompanied by a clear and detailed instruction manual. The machine itself appeared to be well made when unboxing, although there was notably excessive use of tape and foam padding that added unnecessary waste to the packaging.

Assembly involved attaching four wheels to the cleaner. It is crucial here to distinguish between the thicker and thinner wheels, as they are designed specifically for either the left and right or front and back of the machine. After some careful scrutinizing of the quick guide, I correctly positioned and secured each wheel.

Setting Up: Detailed Steps to Get Your Pool Cleaner Ready

  1. Firstly, remove the filter from the machine and rinse it throughly.
  2. Proceed with attaching the wheels, ensuring that they are placed correctly according to their thickness
  3. Next, secure the brushes to the bottom of the machine until they snap into place. Two spare brushes were included, presumably for future replacements.
  4. Lastly, ensure the machine is fully charged before its first use. A cover on the bottom of the machine can be removed to reveal the charging port.

Once assembled and charged, I found that getting the machine operating was intuitive. Pressing the power button which results in a flashing green light indicates the machine is ready for use. I appreciated this straightforward, efficient start-up process.

The Importance of Setting Up Correctly

The assembly and setup process of the Mulan S1 provided valuable insight into how the cleaner would likely perform. It was obvious from the outset that careful assembly would likely result in more effective cleaning. This included ensuring the correct placement of wheels and brushes. The detailed instruction manual played an invaluable role in ensuring correct assembly, a testament to the company’s consideration for user experience.

So far, the ease and clarity of setup speak well for the Mulan S1 and allowed me to develop good expectations for its performance. However, these are only first impressions and the ultimate test is still to come: letting the Mulan S1 loose in my pool.

Survey of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

In-depth Review

  • Mulan S1 struggles with cleaning uneven pool surfaces
  • LED indicators provide easy way to check cleaner’s status
  • Battery life and charging duration are as advertised

When taking a deeper look at the Mulan S1 cordless robotic pool cleaner, I took time to understand its features and performance. From its assembly to operation, this part of the review aims to provide nuanced insights and unbiased analysis.

Evaluating the Mulan S1’s Performance in Action

The experience of using this cordless pool cleaner was pretty straightforward. The process of dropping it into the pool was hassle-free, and the cleaner took off on its own unaided. Operating it was just a matter of turning it on and letting it do its job. However, there’s something worthy of note. Will it work equally as good in pools that have irregular bottoms compared to flat-bottomed ones? This is a question I had right from the start.

A Handy LED Indicator Guide: Deciphering the Mulan S1’s Signals

A part of the tool’s design that I ended up appreciating was the LED indicator lights. They’re quite practical and provided an easy way to check the cleaner’s status at a glance. The cleaner showcases three working indicators. From a green light showing normal operation to other signals indicating different stages of working and power status. The only issue is, it might take you a bit to understand what each light indicates. It isn’t a huge deal, but I reckon it’s something worth mentioning.

Performance Analysis

  1. Cleaning Performance: While the Mulan S1 performed quite well in cleaning the flat area of my pool, it struggled somewhat with the sides and hilly contours. However, the debris collection was satisfactory.
  2. Battery Life: The battery life was as described in the product specifications – around two hours of cleaning time per charge. This is perfect for small to mid-sized pools.
  3. Charging Time: The charging process clocks around 2 to 3 hours as advertised. Pair this with the 2-hour coverage time and you have considerable uptime on your hands.

Overall, the Mulan S1 is functional and gets the job done, but it does leave room for improvement. Its performance on uneven pool surfaces, in particular, is something the manufacturer could improve upon in future models.

Check of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

Test Results

  • Mulan S1 effectively picked up pool floor debris
  • Performance was mostly adequate, less effective on uneven surfaces
  • Best suited for above-ground pools with flat floors

After spending a considerable amount of time examining the Mulan S1, it was time to retrieve it from the pool and inspect the results. The backdrop was a calm, serene pool, the floral scent of nearby gardens filling the air, but it was time to scrutinize the real works of Mulan S1.

After Two Hours: Checking What the Mulan S1 Picked Up

With my trusty pole and hook in hand, the moment of truth arrived – retrieving the S1. The indicator lights flashing red on the bottom drew my attention. Once lifted gently from the water and powered off, I noticed it had done a decent job. It managed to pick up a fair amount of debris from the pool floor . On a closer look, it seemed the debris ranged from fine grit to slightly larger leaves and twigs swept in by the wind.

Analyzing Pick-Up Performance: Did the Mulan S1 Meet Expectations?

While S1 did manage to clean effectively, it must be said that its performance was mostly adequate rather than exceptional. The pool I used wasn’t incredibly dirty, just a few spots here and there. S1 did pick up other stuff from the floor, which was a good sign.

But here’s the kicker, the performance seemed better on flat surfaces. The robot seemed to struggle a bit over uneven pool geometry, including navigating up and down the sides. On a completely flat pool bottom, I believe S1 might deliver more consistent results, but my test didn’t allow for such an ideal situation.

In all fairness, though, the Mulan S1 is marketed for above-ground pools with flat floors , not specifically the one I used for testing. For the right user with the right kind of pool – essentially an above-ground unit that’s round or rectangular – the Mulan S1 could possibly be a more rewarding investment.

Analysis of Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking

Final Thoughts

  • Mulan S1 best for flat-surface, above-ground pools
  • Struggles to navigate varying depths and slopes
  • Impressive battery life, cordless design convenient

As our time with the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner draws to an end, it’s time for some thoughtful reflections on the experience. Like always, it’s important to have a candid, unbiased, and well-balanced discussion about the product’s pros and cons. Each product has its strengths and weaknesses, and this pool cleaner is no different.

Who Should Buy the Mulan S1: Assessing Its Ideal User Base

Based on my experience with the Mulan S1, it’s apparent that this robotic cleaner shines best when used in above-ground pools with a relatively flat surface. Its design and mechanics work well for a pool layout like this one. If your pool meets this description, this cleaner could be an efficient option for you. Its cordless design, user-friendly operations, dual-motor system, and auto-parking feature will undoubtedly reduce the hassle of pool cleaning.

However, if you own a pool with varying depth levels, slopes, or an unusual layout, this might not be the best cleaner for you. In my trials, I noticed it struggling to navigate different levels and slopes effectively. Therefore, for such pools, it would be more useful to consider a different model that could better handle these types of terrain.

The Verdict: Giving a Fair and Balanced Evaluation of the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

All things considered, the Mulan S1 did perform reasonably well. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and requires limited user intervention once released into the pool. The battery life is impressive, and the cordless design makes it convenient to use.

Nevertheless, there’s room for improvement. I’d love to see a more efficient method of handling pool slopes and varied depth levels. In addition, the instruction manual could be a little more detailed about the wheel and brush setup for first-time users.

In conclusion, the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a practical cleaning solution for specific types of pools. With some enhancements in its navigation abilities, it could be ideal for a broader range of pool styles. If you’re interested in checking the product, feel free to do your research. Remember, the perfect pool cleaner for you largely depends on your pool design, cleaning requirements, and personal preferences.


With a thorough evaluation of the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, it’s clear that this product boasts a variety of advantages that would undoubtedly appeal to a certain user base. Its cordless design, combined with innovative features such as a dual motor and auto-parking, make this robotic pool cleaner a device that’s user-friendly and easy to manage.

Product Performance

The Mulan S1’s performance in the pool was notable. Despite my pool not being a completely flat surface where the cleaner tends to perform best, the S1 did a competent job at clearing some stuff off the pool floor. The Machine has shown a decent level of efficiency, especially for a pool cleaner in its price range. However, be aware that it may struggle with navigating more complex pool shapes and structures.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros: User-friendly setup, the convenience provided by cordless design, and great features like auto-parking and dual suction.
  • Cons: Battery life may be less than advertised for treatments requiring more than two hours and may struggle on uneven surfaces.

Final Verdict

Considering its features, functionality, and price, I can say the Mulan S1 does offer good value for money. However, like any product, it’s not one-size-fits-all. For flat-surfaced, above-ground pools, this pool cleaner should be a top contender. But if your pool has significant curvature or hills, you may want to explore other options. Remember to assess your specific needs and the features that matter most to you before making a purchase.

Overall, Mulan has managed over time to bridge the gap between affordability and functionality, offering quality and innovation without breaking the bank. And the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, despite its limitations, holds up that reputation!

Finding the Mulan S1

If this review sparked your interest in the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, a simple online search is your first step in getting more information or making a purchase. Whether you think this might be the right tool for you or you’re still exploring, it never hurts to have a look.

Should you buy the Moolan Cordless Pool Vacuum Cleaner, Robotic Pool Cleaner, Dual-Motor, Self-Parking?

Buy it if…

You have a flat-bottomed pool

The Mulan S1 is specifically designed for above ground pool floor cleaning and performs exceptionally well in flat-bottomed pools.

You want a cordless pool cleaner

The Mulan S1 pool cleaner removes the hassle of dealing with hoses and pool pumps, making it a convenient choice for those wanting a cordless cleaner.

You value easy retrieval

The Auto-Parking feature allows the cleaner to park near the wall when the battery gets low, making it easier to retrieve.

Don’t buy it if…

Your pool has a variety of depth gradients or is not flat

The Mulan S1 struggled slightly in cleaning the sides and depth variations of the pool, suggesting it may not be suitable for pools with non-uniform depths and sides.

Your pool is larger than 800 square feet or deeper than 8.2 feet

The maximum coverage and water depth of Mulan S1 is 800 square feet and 8.2 feet respectively, which may not be sufficient for larger or deeper pools.

You don’t want to assemble the device

The Mulan S1 requires assembly before usage, which may deter those looking for an immediately usable pool cleaner.


What are the unique features of the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner?
The Mulan S1 has a dual motor for efficient cleaning. It is cordless, eliminating the need for hoses and pump setups. It also features a unique auto-parking feature to park near the wall when its battery gets low.
Is the Mulan S1 suitable for all types of pools?
The Mulan S1 is specifically designed for above-ground pools with flat floors. It might not perform as efficiently in pools with inclined surfaces.
What is included in the Mulan S1 package?
The package includes the robotic pool cleaner, a charger, a hook for retrieval, and brushes and wheels that need to be attached before use.
How do I assemble the Mulan S1?
Detailed instructions are provided in the manual, including how to differentiate between wheels and how to correct placements for them, as well as how to install the brushes.
How long does the Mulan S1 run on a single charge?
The Mulan S1 can work for a maximum of two hours on a single charge.
What does the LED indicator on the Mulan S1 signify?
The LED indicators display working status and power levels. A normal working indicator is a flashing green light.
What is the maximum coverage and water depth the Mulan S1 can handle?
The Mulan S1 can cover a maximum area of 800 square feet and work in water depths up to 8.2 feet.
Where can I purchase the Mulan S1 Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner?
Links to purchase the Mulan S1 from Amazon will be provided below the video.

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