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Review: Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse – Well-designed with excellent compatibility

Unboxing and reviewing the Microsoft Arc Mouse: innovative design meets unique features and usability... Read more

Review of Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Test of Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

4.6/5 - (18025 votes)

Cena: $164.92


  • Highly compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Portable due to the foldable design
  • Innovative trackpad-like features
  • Smooth velvety texture
  • Automatic Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easily powered on and off


  • Touch sensitivity issues on scrolling
  • Unclear instruction booklet
  • Length of mouse may be uncomfortable
  • Less ergonomic design
  • Left and right movements not activated initially

“In my personal experience, the Microsoft Arc Mouse is a well-designed, versatile piece of technology. It offers excellent compatibility with the Microsoft Surface Pro and its unique foldable design certainly enhances its portability. However, it’s not without its faults. The length of the mouse could use a bit of extension to provide a better grip, making it more ergonomic. But these criticisms are minor in the grand scheme and shouldn’t be deal-breakers. Overall, despite some room for improvement, I have found the Arc Mouse to work smoothly and efficiently. It is a worthy investment for users seeking a compact and functional mouse.”

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Brand Microsoft
Color Ice Blue
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Special Feature Lightweight
Movement Detection Technology Laser


Our product at hand is the ‘Arc Mouse’ by Microsoft, famously touted as ‘Micro and Soft’. As intriguing as it sounds, this mouse claims to pack a whole array of exciting features.The first thing that drew my attention to this product was its unique foldable feature.

Introduction to The ‘Micro and Soft’ Arc Mouse by Microsoft

At first glance, the mouse resembles a sleek, futuristic gadget straight out of a James Bond movie. It’s packed with an elegance that is typical of Microsoft. However, what sets this mouse apart is its commendable effort to combine versatility with style, thereby, raising the bar for contemporaries in the gadget market.

Initial Impressions of The Compatibility between Microsoft Surface Pro and Arc Mouse

  • The product claims to offer seamless compatibility with Microsoft Surface Pro. A critical factor considering ease of usability and device compatibility rates high in user preferences.
  • The expectation is to have a mouse that perfectly syncs with the Pro, giving top-notch performance while eliminating any glitches typically encountered with other non-Microsoft mouses.

Would this mouse live up to its promises in an actual user scenario? I decided to take this for a spin to answer this very question. So, buckle up as we unravel this mouse bit by bit in this detailed review.

Report: Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Unboxing and First Impressions

  • Microsoft’s Arc Mouse has minimalistic, purposeful packaging
  • Mouse is compact, flat, and ergonomically innovative
  • Micro design may compromise ergonomics for larger hands

Upon first glance, the clever packaging of Microsoft’s Arc Mouse immediately grabs the attention. With a minimalistic vibe, the box hosts only what’s essential.

Contents of the Box: A Detailed Look

The simplicity extends from the box to its contents. The mouse comes nested in a minuscule plastic case which is distinctly robust, a clear sign of the uncompromising quality underlying the product. Interestingly, apart from a petite instruction booklet – which conveniently doubles as a quick guide – there isn’t much else. Neither fluff nor frills, only purposeful elements made the cut.

An Objective Description of the Mouse

Onto the mouse itself – at first sight, the quirkiness of Microsoft’s Arc Mouse is hard to ignore. Compact, flat, and markedly distinct from your conventional mouse, it’s a break from the norm in the most delightful way. Shaped to mirror the arc of the human hand, it promises both comfort and innovation.

  • Presentation: Compact and flat, it certainly lives up to its ‘Micro’ tag.
  • Configuration: Boasting a Bluetooth button and plastic slider on the back, it’s refreshingly stripped down when it comes to extra buttons or unnecessary extravagances.
  • Power: Powering up requires a couple of AAA batteries, so do remember to stack up.
  • Texture: Visually impactful with a velvety texture promising a smooth haul across surfaces, it is aesthetically and functionally hand-friendly.

First Touch Experience: Feeling the Mouse

Drilling down into my personal touch-and-feel experience of the mouse, it genuinely embodies the ‘soft’ part of its moniker. Engaging with the surface exudes an overall delicate, luxuriously smooth, and agreeable feel. The front of the mouse hosts a curious little light that indicates power status—always handy to avoid unnecessary battery burnouts.

Despite the exciting first impressions, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention an overlooked detail. It’s worth pointing out that although the micro element adds a dash of novelty to the device, it does beg the question of whether this would hamper the practicality for a larger hand. Indeed, a little more girth would have been welcome. Examining it further, it becomes apparent that the ergonomics seem a little compromised due to the compactness.

Perhaps, therein lies the first trade-off – the oh-so-intriguing micro design against the expected ergonomics. But, as I have just begun to scratch the surface of my experience with this intriguing device, I’ll reserve my full verdict for later.

Rundown: Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

On the Features

  • Arc Mouse features unique foldable, travel-friendly design
  • Includes an integrated trackpad for vertical scrolling
  • Powering up involves bending the mouse

When it comes to buying a mouse, we all know that the distinctive attributes truly make a difference. It’s not just about the clicks or simple navigation, right? Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty of Microsoft’s Arc Mouse, and see what it brings to the table.

Foldable Design: Going Extra-Mile to Enhance Portability

The Arc Mouse certainly stands out with its unique foldable design. This beauty can be bent into a more ergonomic mouse shape that actually feels comfortable. Then, when it’s time to move, just flatten it out, and it becomes quite an optimal travel companion due to its highly compact nature. Cool, isn’t it? However, the effectiveness and durability of this design in the long run might be a concern to some users.

Powering It On: How to Get Started

Powering up the Arc Mouse is a bit unconventional, but in a sort of fun way. You actually press and bend the mouse to turn it on. It’s sort of like a techie bend-and-snap! When bent, the little light comes on and you can move it around, just like any other mouse. The nice feature here is, flattening it turns it off, potentially saving battery and making it easier to transport.

Clicking In-Depth review: The Left and Right Clicks

The good old left and right clicks work just fine on the Arc Mouse too, just as you would expect from a mouse. But because of its flat design, it may take a bit of time to get accustomed to the click feel, which seems slightly restricted compared to more traditional mouses.

The Trackpad: What Makes It Unique

The standout feature of the Arc mouse has got to be its integrated trackpad. It has features like up and down scrolling that work smoothly. But swiping left and right doesn’t seem to be activated right out of the box. Those who prefer a more comprehensive trackpad experience may find this a little bit disappointing. That being said, those wanting a mouse primarily for vertical scrolling would find this device quite appealing.

Having reviewed these features, the Microsoft Arc Mouse seems like it strikes a balance between functionality and innovative design. Yet, some of its unique features serve as a double-edged sword, enhancing certain functions while taking away some classic ones. It’s certainly a tinkerer’s delight, but the average user might need a bit of time to adjust to this little fellow.

Check of Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Using the Mouse

  • Arc Mouse pairs smoothly with Microsoft Surface Pro
  • Mouse sensitivity lacks customization options
  • Arc Mouse doesn’t support horizontal scrolling

In this section, I will delve into my personal experience using this novel piece of technology. But let’s remain unbiased and critical here, as every product has its pros and cons.

Pairing Microsoft Arc Mouse with Microsoft Surface Pro: A Walkthrough

One of the first areas of exploration was pairing the Arc Mouse with Microsoft Surface Pro. To my delight, the process was remarkably smooth. Windows recognized the mouse immediately without needing to fiddle with Bluetooth settings. However, this may not be the case for everyone, so it may be helpful to head into the Bluetooth settings to ensure a successful connection.

Evaluating the Usability: Connectivity and Sensitivity

Once connected, I found the mouse sensitivity to be reliable and responsive. It navigated seamlessly across the Surface Pro screen. However, there’s a potential downside I spotted during this test – the mouse sensitivity settings seem to lack customization options . But other than that minor inconvenience, its performance is flawless.

A closer look at the Scrolling Feature

The scrolling feature was pleasingly intuitive and felt natural. The Arc Mouse’s scrolling mechanism worked as expected for up and down motions, delivering a smooth experience overall. But, I noticed that swiping left or right was not enabled, which might shift the preference for some users. So, Fact-Check : The Microsoft Arc Mouse does not support horizontal scrolling out of the box.

The Clicking Mechanic

As I dug deeper into the using the mouse, I found the clicking mechanism to be a bit shallow. Despite it not being the most satisfying “click” I’ve experienced, it performed its duty without any hiccup. However, a longer mouse could potentially improve the clicking experience, giving the fingers a more comfortable place to rest.

Final Verdict on Usability

Overall, the Microsoft Arc Mouse does offer a pretty smooth user experience once you get past the initial comfort adjustment. It’s an impressive little gadget certainly, but there are areas that could use some refinement. As always, it’s a good idea to keep your specific requirements in mind, as what works for one, might not for another. Till the next section.

Scanning Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Critiquing the Design: Ergonomics And Overall Feel

  • Arc Mouse feels unique due to folding design
  • Its shorter length affects comfort during prolonged usage
  • Ergonomically, Arc Mouse draws mixed reaction

The Feel of the Arc Mouse in the Hand

As soon as I started using the Arc Mouse, I noticed its unique feel. The folding design, enabling it to lay flat or bend to create more of an ergonomic form, is certainly innovative. The material feels slightly velvety, giving it a pleasantly smooth and softer touch compared to other traditional mice.

Taking a Hard Look at the Length of the Mouse

One critical element that caught my eye was the length of the Arc Mouse. Holding and operating it made me realise it was slightly on the shorter side. This shorter length meant that while using, I found my fingers overreaching a touch, which led me to adjust and make it ‘ride under the finger’. This isn’t necessarily a huge drawback, but it does create an impact on comfort during prolonged usage.

The Overall Ergonomics: Balanced or Biased?

Ergonomics is where the Arc Mouse draws a mixed reaction.

  • On one side, the mouse certainly scores brownie points for its fold-flat design which works wonders for portability. The fact that it turns off when flat is an additional plus, showing thoughtful design utility.
  • However, on the flip side, the slight adjustment in hand placement due to its length, while not a deal-breaker, is something that users should be prepared for.
The Arc Mouse’s design stands out as unique, and like all things distinctive, it brings its own set of pros and cons. While the shorter length raises some eyebrows, the general feel and utility manage to balance things out, making it an interesting choice for users who value functionality and innovation balanced with comfort.

Comments on Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse

Final Thoughts

  • Arc Mouse offers efficient automatic connection and navigation
  • Foldable design improves portability and compactness
  • Shape might not fit people with larger hands

After spending some quality time with the Microsoft Arc Mouse, here come my final thoughts. Like with any tech device, there is a blend of pros and cons that you come across once you really dig into the experience.


The Arc Mouse is incredibly user-friendly. The pairing process with the Microsoft Surface Pro was delightfully intuitive and quick. There’s nothing more frustrating than when a product doesn’t connect as it’s supposed to, but fortunately, the Arc Mouse was not one of those products. It functioned smoothly and the mouse sensitivity settings were quite satisfactory. The efficient automatic connection, smooth navigation, and fine-tuned sensitivity make the overall user experience gratifying.

Design and Feel

From a design perspective, the foldable design is innovative and certainly a conversation starter. It makes the mouse incredibly portable and easy to carry around, something that is likely to appeal to those who value mobility and compactness in their devices. However, coming to the ‘feel’ of the mouse, I had initially wondered about the stability of its shape, considering its unique foldable design. To my pleasant surprise, it didn’t collapse under my hand, and the transition from flat to ergo shape was seamless.

A Couple of Downsides

However, as intuitive and innovative as the Microsoft Arc Mouse is, it’s not flawless. Its lack of length was quite noticeable and it would perhaps benefit from being slightly longer. While the Arc Mouse’s unique design is intriguing, for someone with larger hands, this mouse might not fit perfectly. I found that my fingers were a bit too far forward, which was not the most comfortable for scrolling or clicking. Furthermore, the side to side swipe feature was not pre-set, which might have contributed to an even better user experience.

My Verdict

Despite these minor critiques, it’s worth noting that the Microsoft Arc Mouse is indeed a unique offering, delivering a blend of innovative design and satisfactory functionality. The challenges in ergonomics do leave room for improvement, but by no means diminish the mouse’s stand-out features like its smooth trackpad and unique foldable design.

If you’re looking for a compact, easy-to-carry mouse that delivers performance while looking totally unique, the Microsoft Arc Mouse could be a worthy choice. Just keep in mind the quirks I mentioned about the shape and hand-placement – they might take some getting used to.

Perspective: Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse


In wrapping up this review, I can confidently say that the Microsoft Arc Mouse is an impressive piece of technology with a few unique features that make it stand out. The foldable design, smooth trackpad and the automatic on/off feature when bending or unbending it, undoubtedly give this mouse a unique edge.

Purchasing the Microsoft Arc Mouse

For those who are constantly on the go and require a portable but functional mouse, the Microsoft Arc Mouse could certainly be something to consider. You can easily find it in most electronics stores or even purchase it online through reliable ecommerce platforms.

Signing off on the Arc Mouse

However, as we’ve delved into, it does fall short in some areas. The ergonomics of the mouse do seem to be a bit compromised due to its unique folding design. It could have been slightly longer to provide a more comfortable fit for the hand. Also, the lack of horizontal scrolling out of the gate was a bit of a letdown.

At the end of the day, the call to purchase this device becomes a question of your specific needs. If portability and uniqueness in design are at the top of your list, the Microsoft Arc Mouse packs a punch in those areas. But if you’re looking for a mouse to use for long hours of work, it may not provide the most comfortable experience.

Remember, it’s always best to try out a device and see how it fits with your usage patterns before settling on a decision. I hope you found this review helpful in understanding more about what the Microsoft Arc Mouse has to offer.

Should you buy the Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse?

Buy it if…

You need a portable mouse

The unique foldable design makes this mouse extremely portable. Ideal for professionals on the go.

You want higher compatibility with Microsoft devices

The Arc mouse seems to work flawlessly with Microsoft Surface Pro offering enhanced touch sensitivity.

You value sleek design and unique features

Its unique ‘bend to turn on’ feature is sure to turn heads, and the smooth feel and general aesthetics are notably premium.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer traditional mouse ergonomics

The unconventional shape may not be to everyone’s taste and it might feel less ergonomic to some users especially for those preferring a longer mouse.

You rely heavily on sideways scrolling

The mouse does not have left and right scrolling activated out of the box.

You’re on a budget

Higher-end features and Microsoft branding may place this mouse at a price point higher than some other comparable devices.


What does the unboxing of the Microsoft Arc Mouse reveal?
The unboxing of the Arc Mouse reveals a compact, foldable mouse with a plastic case, an instruction booklet, and a guide. There doesn’t seem to be much else in the box.
How does the mouse power on and off?
The Microsoft Arc Mouse powers on when you bend it into an ergonomic shape. It powers off when you flatten it back.
What are the features of the Arc Mouse?
The mouse features a unique foldable design that is flat and easily transportable. It has left and right click buttons, and trackpad-like features, including a scroll wheel feature. The mouse turns on by bending it into an ergonomic shape.
How does the Arc Mouse feel in use?
The Arc Mouse maintains its shape well under the hand and doesn’t collapse during use. However, due to its short length, it may not be the most ergonomic mouse for all users.
Does the Arc Mouse allow for left and right scrolling?
Out of the box, left and right scrolling does not seem to be activated. However, up and down scrolling is seamless.
How easy is it to connect the Arc Mouse to a device?
Connecting the mouse to a device like the Microsoft Surface Pro is relatively straightforward. Windows found and connected to the mouse automatically, without the need for manually going into the Bluetooth settings.
Where can I purchase the Microsoft Arc Mouse?
Information about purchasing the Microsoft Arc Mouse can commonly be found in the description of the product reviews or on the Microsoft official website.

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