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Review: MERACH Exercise Bike, TT – A formidable companion for indoor fitness routines

Review the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick for an exciting fitness experience... Read more

Review of MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

Table of Contents

Test of MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

4.4/5 - (263 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality build
  • Compatible with various tablet sizes
  • Syncs with different fitness apps
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Convenient dial resistance controls
  • Includes water bottle holder


  • Heavy to unpack
  • Tablet holder incompatible with 12.9-inch iPad Pro
  • No mention of warranty
  • Assembly time-consuming
  • Plastic cage pedals
  • Requires two-person for assembly

“After giving the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick a thorough test, I am genuinely impressed. From the purposeful design to the simple assembly process, and the user-friendly controls, it’s apparent that thought and care have been put into the making of this bike. I particularly love the flexibility of its tablet holder and how it syncs up with various fitness apps, including Merrick’s official app. However, the inability to accommodate a larger tablet size may not appeal to everyone. On the whole, I find the Merrick Bike a competent piece of fitness equipment – it’s a formidable companion for both fitness enthusiasts and those new to exercise bikes. It’s both a beneficial investment and a potential game-changer for indoor fitness routines.”

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Special Feature Speed, Foldable, Adjustable Seat
Color Black
Power Source Corded Electric
Recommended Uses For Product Indoor
Item Weight 95 Pounds
Material Alloy Steel
Resistance Mechanism Magnetic
Product Dimensions 43.7″D x 22″W x 45.5″H
Maximum Weight Recommendation 350 Pounds

An Introduction to the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick

Just the other day, I had the chance to test out the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick. Now, this isn’t just another exercise bike review. What makes it special is the comprehensive review process. My experience, your insights, and an in-depth exploration of the product’s key features and functionalities. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

First Impressions and Unboxing

The s09 Auto Resistance Bike arrived neatly packaged. It immediately struck me how heavy it was suggesting a potentially sturdy build. First tip, you might need some assistance to get it unpacked! The packaging was quite user-friendly, and I had little trouble getting everything out. However, a word of caution- be careful when unpacking as some components are heavier than they appear.

Merrick – Setting the Tone for Fitness Equipment?

I got around to exploring more about Merrick before jumping into the assembly. Turns out, Merrick is known for their reliable fitness equipment and they don’t disappoint with the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike. Unbiased as my review intends to be, I must confess that the brand’s reputation did set a positive prelim impression.

What’s Inside the Box?

  • A bike body with wiring attached
  • An adjustable handlebar
  • Two pedals complete with foot cages
  • Stabilizers for each end of the bike

Despite its heavy feel, I found the bike was surprisingly straightforward to assemble. Of course, as a fitness enthusiast, I might be more familiar with the assembly process, which could potentially influence my experience.

To give you an unbiased view from a beginner’s perspective, I would suggest that if it’s your first time putting together an exercise bike, it might take you a little bit more time, but it’s nothing too daunting.

Investigation of MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

A Step-by-Step Assembly Guide for the Merrick Bike

  • Unpacking Merrick Bike can be challenging due to substantial weight
  • Assembly process is intuitive and well detailed in manual
  • Bike setup possible without professional help.

Unboxing the Merrick Bike: What’s Inside?

The unpacking process of the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick was straightforward, albeit slightly challenging due to the product’s substantial weight. Therefore, some of you may find it advisable to have an extra pair of hands to make this part of the process easier. Remember, safety first!

Putting Together the Bike for First Time Use

The assembly process, however, is quite intuitive. Once you get all the components out, you can kick off the assembly by attaching the stabilizers to each end of the bike. The provided manual details this process incredibly well, making it an easy task to follow through.

  1. There’s also a metal piece to remove where the handlebars are to reveal the wiring. You just need to fish that up through the handlebar riser.
  2. Then pop the small black piece to hold it in place and proceed to mount the handlebar.
  3. Connect the wire and tighten it up below with the handle. The simplicity of these steps makes it user-friendly even for those unacquainted with putting together fitness equipment.

Once you get the handlebars all set, the next step are the pedals. The pedals come with threads on the ends. After aligning the threads, you can quickly turn those on and tighten them up using the included tools. The pedals feature a plastic cage on top to hold your foot securely in place during your workouts. There are also adjustments on the sides to ensure that they provide a secure and comfortable fit.

As the last step of assembly, there’s the water bottle holder, which secures in place with two screws right below the seat. Sure, it may seem like an unnecessary detail to some, but stay hydrated during a cycling session is crucial, and close proximity of a water bottle holder is much appreciated.

Finally, plug it in towards the back, and voila! Your Merrick exercise bike is ready to give you a run for your money (figuratively, and perhaps even literally). Given the heft and complexity of this type of fitness equipment, setting it up was a pleasant surprise in terms of ease and speed. While it does take a bit of time, the assembly process is doable without professional help. Plus, it just adds to the excitement of getting ready to break sweat on your brand new equipment.

Audit of MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

Pedal up Your Routine: Exploring the Bike’s Features

  • Unique, easy-setup pedals enhance safety and comfort
  • Built-in water bottle holder for easy hydration
  • Additional features for stability and uncluttered design

Jumping right into the fun, let’s get our workout shoes on and take a closer look at the impressive array of features that come with the Merrick s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike.

Pedals with an Edge

The first thing that caught my eye were the pedals. They have a unique design, with gorgeous threads at the ends. Not only does this make them a standout feature visually, but the construction also enables an easy setup process. You simply have to turn these threaded pedals onto the bike, securing them with the provided tools.

The pedals are capped with plastic cages, ensuring your feet stay firmly in place during your exercise sessions. This addition, while simple, goes a long way to enhance safety and comfort while pedaling, regardless of how intense your workouts get. The adjustable straps on the sides allow for a snug fit, which is a welcome customization feature.

Quench Your Thirst on the Go

Now, what I absolutely adore about this exercise bike is the built-in water bottle holder located right underneath the seat. Keeping yourself hydrated during workouts is a must, and this handy little feature makes it so much simpler. Secured with two screws, this bottle holder is both sturdy and conveniently placed.

What’s in the Extras?

One thing that strikes you about this product is the attention to detail. While it features the standard components of an exercise bike, it also packs in some extras that enhance your workout experience. The presence of stabilizers at each end of the bike is one such feature. This makes for a secure setup, limiting any potential wobble during vigorous exercise sessions.

It’s worth noting the inclusion of a wire connection at the handlebar end, nestled within a small removable metal piece. This might seem minor, but it is a meticulous design element that promises an orderly and uncluttered appearance.

Remember, each feature on the Merrick bike is there to enhance your exercise routine, ensuring not just the intensity of your sessions, but also your safety and comfort. And based on my experience, they certainly seem to deliver on that promise.

Synopsis: MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

The Nest Thermostat-Inspired Dial Controls

  • Merrick bike features a Nest thermostat-inspired dial control
  • Dial control adjusts resistance levels, provides workout stats
  • System’s long-term reliability is yet to be assessed

Emerging as a noteworthy feature on the Merrick bike is the Nest thermostat-inspired dial control system. This feature adds a touch of modernity, all while ensuring functionality doesn’t fall to the wayside.

Dialing Up: A Look at Resistance Controls

In the world of exercise bikes, precision and control are paramount. Luckily, the Merrick bike seems to understand this with its responsive dial control. This feature allows users to easily adjust resistance levels, mirroring much of the precision that we’ve become accustomed to with products such as the Nest Thermostat. By turning the dial left or right, I could smoothly alter the bike’s resistance to match my particular workout intensity.

The Ease of Information Access

One feature I found appealing was the push-to-access information system. Just as you’d push into a Nest system for more details, the same mechanism applies here on the Merrick bike, linking convenience with functionality. When pushed, the control reveals comprehensive workout stats, reducing the need to toggle between screens or apps. This simplicity offers a refreshing approach to tech integration in exercise equipment.

Critical View: While the dial control system brings a potent mix of user-friendliness and precision, the true test of this feature will be over extended use. I’ll look forward to seeing how the system fares in long-term reliability, considering the frequency of its use.

The aim here is not to nitpick, but rather gauge whether the dial control delivers a durable, user-friendly experience consistent over time. Remember, a quality product merges appealing features with lasting performance.

My Verdict

In a nutshell, the dial control gives this bike touchdown in terms of innovation. It successfully blends functionality and modern tech appeal in a market dominated by traditional knob controls. Well done, Merrick!

Scanning MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

Assessing the Performance of the Tablet Holder

  • s09 Exercise Bike has adjustable tablet holder
  • Can’t accommodate 12.9 inch iPad Pro
  • Offers interactive training app with the tablet holder

One of the key features that stood out when observing the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick was the built-in tablet holder. It’s an interesting addition, promising convenience and possibilities of multimedia engagement during workouts. Here, I’ll be sharing my unbiased and critical experience of its performance.

Tablet Compatibility: What Fits and What Doesn’t

The holder is adjustable and can accommodate tablets of varying sizes. I found that it comfortably fitted an iPad Mini 6, and it could adequately support larger tablets up to sizes similar to an iPad Air or an iPad 9. However, take note that the holder won’t be able to accommodate anything as large as a 12.9 inch iPad Pro. The limitations on the size of tablets it can hold are definitely worth bearing in mind.

The Official Merrick Training App Experience

Merrick doesn’t just provide a physical product, but a digital one too – their very own training app. This app adds a whole new dimension to the bike, offering different workout modes, spin classes, and even free training! The app functions well and connects smoothly to the bike. With the tablet holder, you can conveniently access the app while workout out. The combination of the app and the holder definitely enhances the overall user experience.

One noteworthy feature is the Push Dial controls. You can manage your workout stats while keeping entertained with movies or TV shows. This definitively means saying goodbye to constant app-switching, which is a major plus in my books. In conclusion, the performance of the bike’s tablet holder largely exceeded expectations by offering extra utility while ensuring a more engaging workout.

However, bear in mind that these are just my immediate experiences. As with any product feature, it’s best to consider one’s personal preferences and needs. What works for me may not work for everyone. My advice? Approach it with an open mind, give it a try and see how it fits into your exercise routine.

Estimate of MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

How Well does the Bike Sync with Other Fitness Apps?

  • Merrick s09 bike syncs well with various fitness apps
  • Some apps may not utilize all the bike’s data points
  • Own Merrick app offers seamless integration and varied modes

One key aspect of any modern exercise equipment is its compatibility and connectivity with fitness apps. It not only enhances the user experience but also provides a wide range of training and tracking options. Thus, I was eager to see how the Merrick s09 bike fares on this front.

Fitness App Integration: My Experience

Aside from the official Merrick training app, I tried syncing the bike with a couple of popular fitness apps, hoping for a seamless integration. And much to my delight, the bike did manage to sync with them fairly well.

The data tracked by the bike’s onboard systems reflected accurately within these apps, providing useful insights like distance covered, resistance level, calories burned, and more. But here’s your tip: not all data points were available on every app, so keep your expectations realistic.

Fitness App Compatibility: Any Limitations?

While the bike did play well with most apps I tried, it didn’t escape without a few hiccups. For instance, there were slight delays in data transmission with some apps; and in a couple of others, the app wasn’t capable of utilizing all the data points the bike offered.

I would stress, however, these seemed more like app limitations than the bike’s fault. The bike provided data accurately and in real-time—it was the apps that sometimes struggled to keep up.

Is the official Merrick lab App Good Enough?

A quick note on Merrick’s own produced app. It offers a range of different modes, spin-type classes, and free training options. Plus, its seamless integration with the bike gives it a slight edge over third-party apps. However, if the company can add a broader variety of workouts and improve the app’s user interface, it would truly make the package exceptionally comprehensive.


To wrap up this section, the Merrick s09 bike does offer decent compatibility with most popular fitness apps, making it a versatile and advantageous choice for fitness enthusiasts who already use these apps for their workouts. Just remember, your mileage may vary depending on the specific app you use.

Summary: MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

Pedalling Forward and Backward: An Assessment

  • S09 Bike by Merrick offers smooth two-way pedalling
  • Reverse pedalling targets alternative muscle groups
  • Minor improvements needed for more fluidity

Getting on the Bike for the First Spin

The moment I hopped on the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick , I couldn’t wait to test out its two-way pedalling feature. The initial impression was great, but as a copywriter, I’ll tell you that early impressions can be deceiving. So, I decided to delve a bit deeper.

Exploring the Forward Motion

  • The sensation of pedalling forward was as smooth as expected. Merrick clearly put a lot of thought into making the experience as near to riding an actual bicycle as an indoor machine can get. I could feel a satisfying resistance, keeping it from feeling too easy or mechanical.
  • However, while the forward pedalling was impressive, no product is without its hiccups. I feel the resistance could be a smidge more gradual to mimic a real outdoor climbing experience.

Reverse Pedalling: Not Just a Gimmick

  • Reverse pedalling was a feature that aroused my curiosity. Could pedalling backward on a stationary bike be anything more than a gimmick? I was pleasantly surprised.
  • Reverse pedalling isn’t just a fancy feature Merrick added for novelty’s sake. It genuinely delivers a different workout, engaging alternative muscle groups I wouldn’t otherwise target. It’s quite the refreshing change-up from my regular workout routine.
  • Drawbacks? The reverse pedalling could be a little smoother. Sometimes, changing direction felt slightly clunky – nothing that disrupted my exercise, but enough to be noticed.

The Final Verdict

The two-way pedalling feature of the Merrick bike stands as a testament to the brand’s attempt to create an authentic and inclusive workout experience. Yes, there are minor issues that could be ironed out for better fluidity, but they don’t take away from an overall great riding experience. With further improvements, this feature could change the way we think about indoor biking.

Rundown: MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

Comfort and Adjustability: Does the Merrick Bike Stand Out?

  • Merrick Bike offers notable comfort and adjustability
  • Suitable for a range of body types

Exercise bikes can be hit or miss when it comes to comfort and adjustability. Trust me, I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. So, I was really curious to observe how the Merrick Bike fares. And the results? Let’s dive in.

The Seat Positioning and Adjustability

The first thing I noticed is the versatility of this bike from an adjustability standpoint. I honestly appreciate how you can fine-tune everything to create the best setup for your body type.

As a pretty average-size person standing at 6 feet tall, I tinkered around a bit to get the most comfortable configuration. Trust me, proper adjustability makes a world of difference in minimizing post-workout aches and increasing the effectiveness of your workout routine.

Comfort with Long Hours

No matter how swoon-worthy an exercise bike looks, it’s not worth the penny if it leaves you nursing a sore bottom post-workout. Thankfully, Merrick ticks that box as well.

After several miles of both forward and backward pedaling, I walked away…and that’s right, no saddle soreness or discomfort. The seat pad is adequately cushioned, providing support and comfort.

How does it Stack up against Other Models?

Now, I’ve had a ride on a couple of other models, and let’s just say the comfort level was nothing to write home about. But this one? Notably better.

From my time reviewing the Merrick Bike, it definitely feels like a more comfortable experience than some of the other bikes I’ve tested.

However, remember everybody is different and what works well for one person might not for another. Also, while it seems to be an excellent fit for me, it’s just right for those near my height and build. Further testing would indeed be needed for people on either end of the height and build spectrum.

The Verdict

In my unbiased opinion, the Merrick s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike does indeed stand out when it comes to comfort and adjustability. It’s clear there is a thoughtful design process here that intended the bike to be used by a range of body types.

So, is it perfect? Not necessarily. But it’s a pretty darn good start, especially if you’re dipping your toes into the world of spinning for the first time.

Synopsis: MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

A Glimpse into the High-Quality Build of the Bike

  • Merrick s09 bike ensures quality, solidity, and durability
  • Design aesthetics combine functionality and visual appeal
  • Smooth assembly process enhances user experience

When it comes to fitness equipment, it’s crucial not only to look at the features and how it meets your fitness needs, but also at how well it’s built. With the Merrick s09 auto resistance bike, I was intrigued as to whether its build quality would match up to the impressive specifications listed.

Quality of Materials

My first impression was surely positive. The bike possesses solid parts and it’s clear that Merrick takes quality seriously. The weight of the bike upon unpacking added to its overall sturdiness, likely due to robust materials that promise durability. Importantly, the finishing touches were also well-treated – no rough edges or shaky pieces were noted.

Design Aesthetics

At first glance, the Merrick s09 has a sleek design, combining functionality with a visual appeal. The modern look of the bike, especially the dial reminiscent of a Nest Thermostat, adds a touch of sophistication that would easily blend into any home décor.


For many of us, the process of assembly can be an ordeal that might expose potential build issues. Despite the bike’s weight being a bit, the assembly process was smoother than expected. The parts fit together well, an indication of a high-quality build. Moreover, the included tools eased the process reinforcing a well-thought-out user experience.

Test Run

And yes, when I finally took the bike out for a spin, the experience was as solid as the build itself. It seemed to respond well to shifts in resistance and held up sturdily during the workout.


So, after spending ample time assembling and testing the Merrick s09, it’s clear to see this bike doesn’t compromise on build quality. That being said, the real testament to the build quality would come with prolonged use. Only time would tell if the bike stands up to the test of daily wear and tear, so stay tuned to find out more!

Probe of MERACH Exercise Bike, TT

Mobility of the Bike: How Easy is it to Move Around?

Everyone knows that exercise bikes can be quite bulky and, let’s be honest, a bit of a hassle to move around. It’s not exactly the kind of item you can easily toss over your shoulder and relocate. So how does the s09 Merrick auto resistance exercise bike fare in terms of mobility? Let’s dive into that.

The Role of the Front Wheels

Merrick has smartly designed the s09 with your convenience in mind, providing the bike with a set of front wheels. These aren’t just for show – they play a crucial role in the bike’s mobility. Resembling the convenience of luggage wheels, they actually make moving this hefty beast around surprisingly smooth. Just lift from the rear using the inbuilt handles, allow the weight to pivot on the front wheels, and hey presto, you’re ready to roll the bike to a new location.

Effective? Or Simply a Gimmick?

This is a fair question to ask. Are these wheels just added to make the bike seem more user-friendly than it is? Well, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The s09 does admittedly have quite the weightiness to it, which could initially be off-putting. But thank the fitness gods for those wheels! They do help. Even on a hardwood floor or a carpet, they glide effortlessly enough to make repositioning the bike less of an ordeal than you’d anticipate.

A Note on Practicality

Of course, it’s important to add that while the mobility of this exercise bike is a marked advantage, predictably it’s no featherweight. You won’t want to be moving it around multiple times a day – not unless you fancy an extra workout! However, for those occasional shifts when you need to make more room temporarily, or when you’re settling on the perfect place for your bike, this is absolutely a practical feature, and not just a gimmick.


The inclusion of front wheels on the s09 Merrick exercise bike is indeed a useful feature that adds to the product’s overall practicality. But remember, as with any piece of heavy gym equipment, a fair bit of effort is still required when it comes to moving it around.

Should you buy the MERACH Exercise Bike, TT?

Buy it if…

You Want an Easy Assembly Process

The s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick is simple to assemble, even for those without much experience in setting up exercise bikes.

You Need Versatile Workout Options

The bike’s dial controls give you a customizable resistance for varied workouts. The bike also allows you to pedal in both directions for added diversity in your routine.

You Value Integrated Tech Features

The bike comes with a tablet holder compatible with a range of device sizes and it syncs with the official Merrick Training App and other fitness apps.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Looking for a Lightweight Option

While the bike is sturdy, it is on the heavier side, which might make transportation and handling difficult for some.

You Own an iPad Pro 12.9 Inch

Unfortunately, the bike’s tablet holder can’t accommodate an IPad Pro of this size, making it less convenient if this is your primary device.

You Have Limited Space

Due to its sturdy build and stability, the bike itself takes up a fair bit of space, which might not be suitable for people with limited room at home.


Does the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike by Merrick come already assembled?
No, the bike does not come completely assembled. However, the assembly process is straightforward. The bike comes with clear instructions and the necessary tools.
What size of tablets are compatible with the tablet holder on the bike?
The tablet holder can hold devices from the size of an iPad Mini 6 up to around 11 inches. It doesn’t accommodate a 12.9 inch iPad Pro.
Does the bike’s pedals only allow for forward pedaling?
No, this model supports both forward and backward pedaling, adding flexibility to your workout routine.
Are there adjustable features on the bike to ensure comfort?
Yes, the s09 Auto Resistance Exercise Bike offers improved adjustability compared to some other models, enhancing comfort during use.
Can the Merrick bike be easily moved around?
Yes, the bike comes with wheels at the front, so you can tilt it using the handlebars and move it around as necessary.
Does the Merrick bike integrate with fitness apps?
Yes, the bike can connect to the official Merrick training app and is compatible with other fitness apps as well.
How is resistance controlled on the bike?
The bike features push dial controls reminiscent of a Nest Thermostat. You can push it in for more information or turn left or right to decrease or increase resistance.

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