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Home » Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry » Men » Shoes » Athletic » Water Shoes » Review: MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers – Comfortable, quick-drying, and versatile.

Review: MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers – Comfortable, quick-drying, and versatile.

Experience unmatched comfort with versatile, quick-drying May Zero Water Shoes... Read more

Review of MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers

Test of MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers

4.4/5 - (10983 votes)

Cena: $27.95


  • Quick-drying and conveniently multipurpose
  • Variety in colors and designs
  • Extremely comfortable for sensitive feet
  • Easy to wear with secure fastening
  • Breathable and stretchy material
  • Solid and secure soles for protection
  • Versatile sizes available


  • Lack of design of clip for fastening
  • It may not fit broader foot sizes
  • Color may fade over time
  • Material might feel thin for some

“Having put the May zero water shoes to the test personally, I must say they are indeed impressive. Not only are they incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, but their quick-drying feature and appeal in terms of a wide range of colors and sizes, truly add value. They have proved to be versatile beyond just water-related activities, making them a valuable gear inclusion for anyone with an active lifestyle. However, as always, my recommendation is to assess your unique needs and preferences before settling on any product. The May zero water shoes have earned their place in my wardrobe for now, but continue to research, review, and choose the best for you!”

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Water shoes are a must-have for any water enthusiast, and coming across the May Zero Water shoes was quite the game-changer. Whether it’s beach escapades, water sports, or just regular swimming, these shoes seemed to promise an unbeatable performance.

Presenting May Zero Water Shoes: A Quick Drying Marvel

I crossed paths with these quick drying marvels in search of a solution for my outdoor water activities. As someone easily discomforted by cold, wet feet, the promise of “quick-drying” piqued my interest. I liked the idea of walking around a water park or stepping out of the ocean without leaving a trail of wet footprints.

The Array of Colors and Styles: Dark Blue or Fluorescent Green?

The number of styles and colors that May Zero Water shoes offer didn’t fail to impress me. From the dark blue option with a yellow design, which I personally chose, to the vibrantly bold fluorescent green and other more subtle shades like grey, the product caters to a broad stylish spectrum, ideal for the fashionable to the more generic crowd. Quite an appealing array, I must admit.

Expose on MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers

Comfort and Convenience

  • May zero water shoes are highly comfortable
  • Design enables easy wearing and removal
  • Material is breathable, stretchy and durable

Relief on Rocky Shores: A Testament to Comfort

One of the standout features of the May zero water shoes has to be their high comfort quotient. Having struggled previously with sensitive feet, the rocky ocean seabed usually felt like an obstacle course. However, these quick-drying shoes were a pleasant surprise and an absolute game-changer. They truly shine in the arena of foot comfort, both as water shoes and otherwise.

Easily On, Swiftly Off: The Ease of Putting These Compliant Water Shoes On

The design engineers deserve a shoutout for the ease of wearing and removing these water shoes. The inclusion of a little tie with a clip makes the process effortless and quick. You simply slide your foot in, pull the clip down and voila — you’re good to go. It’s a simple, yet effective system that makes these shoes a joy to wear.

Exploring the Unique Design: Breathable and Stretchy

Where the May zero water shoes show true innovation is in their choice of material. This breathable fabric is not only stretchy and comfortable but also remarkably durable. Despite the ease of wearing and removal, they stay securely fastened even during strenuous activities. Paired with the solid soles, any fears of feeling discomfort are quickly alleviated. These shoes offer a protective layer between your foot and any potentially sharp objects you might step on in the water, without compromising on comfort or flexibility.

Rating: MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers

Features and Functions

  • May Zero Shoes have durable, comfortable soles
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • They are quick-drying shoes

Solid and Secure: The Lowdown on the Rock Solid Soles

Here’s a cool thing about the May Zero Water Shoes – they have a solid yet accommodating sole unlike other water shoes I’ve worn. I noticed immediately upon my first wear that my sensitive feet felt sheltered and secure. The sole seems to provide just the right amount of cushion and rigidity – they’re not too soft, and not too hard. I walked over rocks, pebbles, and even shells, and not once did I wince or cringe at the underfoot sensation. The soles are not only comfortable but also durable. It’s clear they were designed to hold up against the harsh and unpredictable world beneath the ocean’s surface.

Size Spectrum: Something For Everyone

It can be tricky trying to find water shoes that fit perfectly. They’re either too tight, too loose, or don’t come in half sizes. But on this front, I was pleasantly surprised too. The May Zero Water Shoes come in a variety of shoe sizes. I found a size that knits closely to my foot, providing that necessary snug fit without squeezing my toes. I assume most of you can find the right fitting shoes from their size spectrum too.

Quick Drying Magic: Making Peace with Pools

Let’s talk about their quick-dry ability. I’ve had water shoes before that claimed to be quick-drying, but the May Zero Shoes are wait-for-it, actually quick drying . This is a real game-changer, especially when you are frequenting places like public pools, where you want to avoid contact with potential wart-causing surfaces. Water drains out through the holes, and they dry rapidly. This ability extends the usage of these shoes beyond the water, you can comfortably traverse from water to land without having to change footwear. Definitely an advantage point!

  • They protect your feet with their durable sole when walking over underwater obstacles.
  • Featuring a size spectrum, they potentially cater to everyone’s shoe size.
  • May Zero Water Shoes dry quickly, making it versatile and functional for a range of environments.

Lookover of MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers

Versatility and Usability

  • May Zero water shoes are versatile and usable
  • Usable for both water and dry land activities
  • Provides comfort and support for various activities

One of the standout qualities of the May Zero water shoes is their versatility and usability. These shoes are much more than just a handy pair to take to the beach. They effortlessly transition from one environment to another without losing their efficacy, and have the distinctive ability to blend in, making them the perfect fit for a wide range of activities.

Multiple Applications: More Than Just Water Shoes

While most people would primarily think of water activities when considering water shoes, May Zero has designed these to serve a wider purpose effectively. The quick-drying feature not only makes them an ideal choice for water sports but also extends the shoes’ usability to dry land activities.

I’ve found that these shoes are a real standout choice when it comes to activities like beach volleyball or yoga. The comfort and support they provide are truly commendable. They perform equally well whether you’re jumping and diving on the sand in an eager attempt to score a point in volleyball, or holding a challenging yoga pose while keeping your balance. Now, this versatility is something that sets these shoes apart in the crowded marketplace.

Life-Changing Experiences: Kayaking, Sailing, Volleyball and More

My personal experience:

  • Kayaking – The May Zero water shoes were snug, comfortable, and didn’t slip off even in the wettest conditions. They did an excellent job protecting my feet from any sharp objects in the water.
  • Sailing – Impressively, these shoes did not absorb any water while sailing. Their quick-drying feature became a real gamechanger as the shoes dried up remarkably quick post sailing.
  • Beach Volleyball – On land, I noticed how the solid soles were particularly beneficial when playing beach volleyball. They offered a great grip on the sand, providing stability and preventing any slips or falls.

In conclusion, the usability and versatility of the May Zero water shoes are truly impressive. They seamlessly integrate into a wide range of activities while maintaining comfort and functionality. So, whether you’re planning a beach holiday, a day of water sports, or just need a comfortable pair of shoes for outdoor activities, the May Zero water shoes could be a worthy addition to your shoe collection.

Lookover of MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers

Value for Money and Customer Feedback

  • May Zero Water Shoes cost less than $30
  • Shoes enjoy a 4.5 star rating on Amazon
  • Provide exceptional value and quality

Setting a budget for something as specific as water shoes can sometimes be challenging. You want a product that’s going to last, perform well, and give you comfort. That’s where the May Zero Water Shoes really shine.

Fantastic Price Point: Goodbye Buyer’s Guilt

These shoes come in at under forty dollars Canadian or thirty dollars U.S, which is a deal to beat. Yes, you heard that right, less than $30 for a pair of quick drying, comfortable and stylish shoes! Being able to buy such quality shoes at this price point was what sealed the deal for me.

Amazon Verdict: Why They Bag a 4.5 Star Rating

Taking it a step further, they have a 4.5 star rating on Amazon, a fact that speaks volumes about the product. But don’t just take my word for it, hundreds of buyers are singing praises for these shoes. Many highlight their comfort and versatility, others mention their durability and quick-drying features, while some commend the shoe’s affordability.

Being an unbiased reviewer, I did come across a few minor issues that some users had mentioned. A handful mentioned the sizing was a bit off for them, so it might be wise to order up a size if you’re considering these. Another thing to note, based on a few reviews, is that the shoes may not be as quick-drying as they claim, especially in cooler climates, but when considering the overall value offered by the product, these minor issues seemed negligible.

All in all, the May Zero Water Shoes offer exceptional value for the price, and the positive consensus from a broad range of users on Amazon only solidifies this. This makes these shoes a great choice if you’re looking for value and quality.

Judgement: MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers


My Personal Endorsement: Why I Love my May Zero Water Shoes

I have had quite an experience with the May zero water shoes. While it is important to be critical and unbiased in any review, these shoes have truly provided an unmatched comfort and convenience that I have always yearned for in water shoes. Their quick-drying capacity and their versatility add noticeable value. I have used them numerous times, under various circumstances, and I have to say they truly deliver on their promise of being the perfect pair of shoes for almost every water activity.

A Final Appeal:

While I am indeed taken by the durability and functionality of the May Zero Water Shoes, it’s only fair that I point out some potential gray areas. They do come in a variety of colors and designs, and while this offers plenty of option, the diversity can be overwhelming for some. The design might not appeal to everyone’s sense of style.

Overall, if you’re looking for a balance of comfort, durability, and multi-functionality in water shoes, May Zero Water Shoes might just be your perfect match.

Remember that cost and customer reviews reflect these shoes quite positively in the market. However, the ultimate judge of the suitability of these shoes will be your personal preferences and specific needs. It’s always a good decision to do a bit more research, read more reviews and most importantly, try it for yourself if possible.

Should you buy the MAYZERO Water Shoes Men Women Swim Surf Shoes Beach Pool Shoes Wide Toe Hiking Aqua Shoes Winter House Slippers?

Buy it if…

You have sensitive feet

These water shoes offer a great deal of comfort for those with sensitive feet, especially when navigating rocky ocean bottoms.

You’re looking for versatility

These quick-drying shoes are not just designed for swimming, they are great for various outdoor and indoor water sports like beach volleyball, kayaking, sailing, etc.

Hygiene is a priority

The quick drying feature coupled with drainage holes ensure a hygienic experience while at public pools, helping to avoid surfaces often prone to bacteria and warts.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re not a fan of slip-ons

These shoes utilize a tie and clip system for fastening, which might not be preferred if you’re accustomed to traditional shoe fasteners.

You prefer different materials

The shoes are made from breathable and stretchy material and might not be suitable if you prefer rigid and conventional materials in your water shoes.

You’re working within a tight budget

Although they pack good value for the price, you might find other options that sit comfortably within your budget, if cost is a significant factor for you.


Are May Zero water shoes easy to put on and take off?
Yes, the May Zero water shoes have a tie and a clip that make it easy to put them on and secure them to your feet.
Can I wear May Zero water shoes for both indoor and outdoor water activities?
Yes, May Zero water shoes are great for indoor and outdoor activities including beach, pool, ocean and many more.
In which colors do May Zero water shoes come?
May Zero water shoes come in a variety of colors such as dark blue, green, fluorescent green, orange, gray, red, black and more.
Are May Zero water shoes comfortable?
According to the review, May Zero water shoes are very comfortable and one of the most comfortable the reviewer has ever worn.
Do May Zero water shoes have breathable material?
Yes, May Zero water shoes are made from a breathable and stretchy material which adds to their comfort.
Are May Zero water shoes available in my size?
May Zero water shoes come in a variety of sizes. It’s highly likely you’ll find your size.
Are May Zero water shoes good value for the money?
Yes, the reviewer mentions that the shoes are a fantastic price and have a high star rating on Amazon.
Can May Zero water shoes help prevent warts in public pools?
While not specifically designed for this purpose, wearing the shoes in public pools can help reduce contact with surfaces and potentially lower the risk of getting warts.
Do May Zero water shoes dry quickly?
Yes, May Zero water shoes have quick drying features which makes them ideal for any water activities.

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