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Review: Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android – Attractive and effective tool with impressive functionality.

Explore the retro, practical MAKE ID Q1 HD Mini Thermal Printer for an innovative printing solution... Read more

Review of Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Table of Contents

Test of Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

4.7/5 - (425 votes)

Cena: Check


  • Cute, retro design with mechanical keys
  • Affordable and competitive price
  • Wireless and handy
  • Easy setup with companion app
  • Versatile label templates
  • Smudge-proof and water-resistant printouts
  • Comes with editing and customization functionalities


  • Small print size, less versatile
  • Requires specific thermal paper
  • Translucent tape can be difficult to see
  • App user interface could be improved

“The MAKE ID Q1 HD Mini Thermal Printer, with its retro design, is a joy to use and offers impressive functionality in a small package. As a copywriter who values organization, the multitude of templates and customization options are welcome features. The print quality and instantaneous dry-smudge-proof labels add to the convenience while the option for colored thermal paper is a nice touch. I do wish for a slightly larger size for better versatility in image printing. However, overall, it is an attractive, effective, and competitively priced tool for anyone looking for a personal or business related labeling solution.”

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Brand Makeid
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Portable & Vintage
Color Beige
Model Name Q1
Printer Output Monochrome
Max Printspeed Monochrome 25 ppm
Operating System Android
Item Weight 249 Grams

Introduction to the MAKE ID Q1 HD

Hello, folks! Today, we are diving into an exciting gadget that boosts your productivity with a touch of retro charm – the MAKE ID Q1 HD. It’s a breath of fresh air in the world of mini thermal printers.

Exploring the Aesthetic Appeal: A Mini Thermal Printer with a Retro Twist

Right off the bat, the MAKE ID Q1 HD catches the eyes with its cute and retro-inspired design. It’s modeled after a vintage typewriter, complete with mechanical keys. But that’s just the surface. This nifty device combines the charm of an antique gadget with modern technology – it’s a thermal printer that doesn’t need any ink and works wirelessly via Bluetooth. Let’s just say it’s not your ordinary label maker.

A Quick Breakdown of Price and Market Competition

It’s reasonably priced at about $55. In comparison to other mini thermal printers in the market like the B21 from Faux Memo, this pricing is quite competitive. A quick glance at the product already tells you they aren’t skimping on the aesthetics. But the real question is, can its performance hold up to its competition?

Well, there’s only one way to find out – by putting it to the test. So, let’s delve deeper into what the MAKE ID Q1 HD has to offer.

Report: Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Unboxing the Product

  • MAKE ID Q1 HD has delightful, sturdy design
  • Includes user-friendly guide and effective charging cable

Let’s dive in and see what the unboxing experience of the MAKE ID Q1 HD holds for us, shall we?

Initial Impressions of the Hardware: From Design to Mechanical Keys

Off the bat, I have to admit, the design is rather delightful. There’s an undeniable cute factor at play with a mini thermal printer styled like a retro typewriter, complete with mechanical keys on the top. It’s a refreshing departure from the run-of-the-mill printer designs we’re used to.

But aesthetics aside, the printer feels significantly sturdy and well-built. You can tell it’s a gadget that’s designed to last, extending beyond just being a novelty addition to your desk setup. There’s something undeniably satisfying about the tactile response of the mechanical keys that adds a certain charm to the overall user experience.

Exploring the Accessories: User Guide to Charging Cable

  • User Guide: The user guide is fairly straightforward, offering clear instructions on how to cool down the thermal paper inside, making it simple for even the most non-tech savvy users to get started. However, providing more troubleshooting tips would definitely be a valuable addition.
  • Charging Cable: The printer comes coupled with a standard USB type-C cable for charging. It’s compact, convenient, and my initial tests showed no compatibility issues or errors. Nevertheless, an indicator for full charge would have personally eased my concern about overcharging.

In summary, unboxing the MAKE ID Q1 HD leaves a good first impression. The build quality invokes trust, the design triggers intrigue, and included accessories allow you to hit the ground running. Watch out for my feedback on the printer’s performance and features in the next section.

Synopsis: Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Diving Deeper into the Product Specification

  • Q1 HD printer uses heat-activated paper, no ink needed
  • Installation is straightforward, download companion app via QR code
  • Features USB type-c port for charging

Let’s dive deeper into this rather intriguing piece of tech, the MAKE ID Q1 HD: a mini thermal printer with a retro twist. A few noteworthy aspects caught my attention right away.

The Intricate Functionality of Thermal Printers: An Ink-less Operation

Climate-conscious and practically convenient, one of the primary selling points of the Q1 HD is its use of heat-activated paper, eliminating the need for ink cartridges. It not only gives the printer a compact and lightweight feel but also ups the convenience factor considerably. However, while the thermal paper works well for label-making, printing pictures or more detailed graphics can be a bit disappointing, due to the grayscale limits and the relatively low resolution. So if you prioritize color printing capabilities, this printer might not meet your expectations.

Setting it Up: Installing the Thermal Paper and Downloading the Companion App

I found the setup process to be straightforward. It involves popping open the printer’s top cover to insert the thermal paper roll. There’s a quick user guide included in the box, which guides you through these initial steps. However, an improved transparency of the cover would be beneficial for users to see if there is enough tape inside. Don’t forget to download the companion app, accessible for both iOS and Android users via a QR code provided.

Keep in mind the narrower print width of Q1 HD compared to some of its market competitors. If you primarily need to print wider labels, this could be a minor issue. However, it’s perfect for those looking to primarily print narrow, text-based labels for organization purposes.

Lastly, the addition of a standard USB type-c port for charging is a noteworthy design choice which simplifies integrating the printer with your existing tech setup.

Examining Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

The User Experience: Plotting the Path from Unboxing to Usage

  • Retro design and tactile keys enhance user experience
  • Companion app ease-of-use, offering various printing templates
  • Lightweight, portable printer with versatile functionality

As we dive into unboxing and using the MAKE ID Q1 HD mini thermal printer, my unbiased, critical review focuses mainly on the overall experience. From unwrapping the cutely styled printer to pairing it with the companion app in my phone, every little detail mattered in this evaluation.

Unboxing the Printer

After unboxing the printer, what struck me first was the retro design and mechanical keys. Though it might seem like a novelty appeal, they add a tactile and responsive element to the experience. For a moment, I felt like I was using an old typewriter, only more sophisticated and technologically advanced. An adorable LED status light comes to life as you power on the printer, further enhancing the user experience.

Connecting to the Companion App

After setting up the mini thermal printer, I quickly moved onto installing the companion app. Fortunately, a quick guide that came with the package, along with a QR code, ensured a smooth and fast installation process. The transition of the printer being recognized by the app was nearly instantaneous. Once I was in, the user interface was quite user-friendly, allowing immediate access to various printing templates.

The Printing Process

Now, let’s talk about the actual printing experience. The movable keys on the top of the printer bring a fun twist to label printing. The app offers a multitude of templates to choose from, perfect for labeling things at home, organizing your cables, printing black and white images, and much more.

I was particularly drawn to the date key, which prints the current date instantly. This can prove useful for small sellers looking to time-stamp their products. The label printing in itself is a straightforward process, all you need to do is choose your template, adjust any specifics like font size and number of copies, and voila! Your label is ready to be printed. An interesting feature I noticed was the key function to slice the print out, which I found neat and well-thought-out.

Critiquing the Printer

While the experience has been predominantly positive, I do have a few critiques. The narrow print could be a downside if you’re looking to print wider images. And although the printer’s small size definitely contributes to its portability, a larger size could do justice to wider prints and result in better utilization of the thermal paper.

That said, the functionality and design of this mini printer make it a compelling purchase for someone seeking a lightweight, portable, and versatile printer. As I continue my journey with the Q1 HD, conveniently organizing my stuff with custom labels, it’s safe to say that the user experience has been a pleasant one so far.

Summary: Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Critiquing the Label Quality: Smudge Proof, Water Resistent and Instantly Dry

  • Labels are legible, smudge-proof, and water-resistant
  • Labels are instantly dry upon printing
  • Printer’s labels have satisfactory stickiness

Now, let’s touch upon something that truly can make or break any thermal printer’s reputation: label quality. An important factor to take into consideration is how the print manages against smudging, water spills, and how quickly it dries once printed. Let’s delve deeper into my firsthand observations about the label quality.

Overall Experience

First impressions? The labels produced by the MAKE ID Q1 HD are legible, smudge-proof, and water-resistant . It held up remarkably well against the occasional water spill, confidently living up to its ‘water-resistant’ claim.

The speed at which the labels dry is also quite impressive. Just as soon as the labels pop out of the printer, they’re instantly dry to the touch. This serves as a huge plus for anyone requiring speedy label production without the panic of smearing wet ink.

Label Resolution

For a mini thermal printer in its price range, the resolution was pleasantly satisfying. I was able to easily read the text and make out smaller details on the labels. Although, if you’re hoping for intricate images or complex graphics, you might be left a tad bit disappointed. Remember, the printer’s key purpose is to produce functional text labels rather than highly detailed images.

Stickiness Test

Let’s talk about stickiness now. The labels are easy to apply and hold on firmly once pasted. The printer comes with a thermal paper roll that has an adhesive back, so all your labels will have a sticky base.

The ‘adhesive strength’ may vary when you choose to experiment with different thermal paper. It must also be noted that the stickiness of the labels can’t be compared with heavy-duty adhesive tapes. They’re designed reasonably to cater to regular household or small businesses labeling needs.

In conclusion, the MAKE ID Q1 HD performs well in terms of label quality. For a mini thermal printer at its price point, it offers reliable smudge-proof and water-resistant features that can meet most small-scale printing needs, complemented with instant drying and satisfactory stickiness.

Reflection on Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Exploring the Versatility of Q1 HD: The Template Variety

  • MAKE ID Q1 HD offers diverse template variety
  • Includes “life,” “mother and baby,” “holiday” themed templates
  • Supports color printing for enhanced visibility

The versatility of the MAKE ID Q1 HD truly shines when diving into its template variety. This mini thermal printer offers an extensive range of categories to cater to diverse printing needs.

Favorite Categories for Different Occasions: Life, Holiday and Mother & Baby

The range spans “life,” “mother and baby,” and even “holiday” themed templates. Under the “life” category, you find labels for everyday objects, anything from pens to diverse household appliances. For the “mother and baby” category, you have a selection of labels fit for organizing baby products. For times of celebration, the “holiday” section offers decorative stickers – ideal for sealing envelopes or just giving your labels a festive twist.

Experimenting with Color: Green Colored Thermal Paper for a Pop of Variety

To add even more versatility, the Q1 HD isn’t limited to monochrome printing. I decided to experiment a bit by putting in green colored thermal paper. The green stickers added another layer of functionality, enhancing visibility and adding a pop of color to the mix.

The green thermal paper performed just as well as the standard white, delivering a subtle but noticeable variety to the mix. These colored templates showcased high contrast and legibility, became another useful facet of the Q1’s versatility.

Note: The design trend towards templates that allow for colored printing adds an unexpected, but welcome, burst of creativity to otherwise mundane labeling tasks.

On the flip side, you need to be careful with the installation process of the colored thermal. The colored part of the paper should face outwards to obtain the desired results. But once you get that right, the prints turn out cute and clear.

With its extensive template variety and color printing capabilities, the MAKE ID Q1 HD extends its utility beyond mere labeling. It becomes a nifty tool for personalizing your workspace or home and even stands out for marking special occasions.

Scrutiny of Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Customization and Control: A Closer Look at Editing Functionality

  • Q1 HD printer offers extensive label customization
  • Layout editing includes positioning and rearranging elements
  • Customization includes emojis, icon packs, and images

Customization is a central part of the user experience with the Q1 HD. The ability to personalize the text you want displayed on your labels while having the flexibility to manipulate various elements is what makes this mini thermal printer stand out.

Control Over Text and Layout: An Overview of the Options

Flicking through the editing functionality, you’ll find an abundance of options that allow you to dictate the respective text and position of other elements on your labels. This ensures that each label you print is truly bespoke to your needs. Want to have your text more to the left of the label? You can easily do this. Need it centered? That’s not an issue either. What’s truly impressive is the fact you’re also able to amend the order of your elements on the label which may seem like a small touch, but it does allow for a level of intricacy that other competitors on the market fall short of.

Personalizing with Emojis, Doodles and Images: How to make it Your Own

Context and personal touch are hand-in-hand when it comes to making your labels truly stand out. With the Q1 HD printer, you can easily insert custom emojis, icon packs, and even little doodles that make your labels more engaging and personal. If you’ve got a particularly important image that you’d like to adorn your label with, you can do so by cropping images from your gallery or album. Do bear in mind though, the image would be in black-and-white and would need higher contrast for the best print quality.

Overall, the MAKE ID Q1 HD affords its users a commendable level of control over their label designs. But, it’s crucial to note that precise variance in customization controls, intriguing as they are, can be both a boon and a bane for users who might favor a simpler, less complicated printing process.

Assessment of Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

A Deeper Dive into Printing Specialties: QR Codes, Barcodes and URL Generation

  • Q1 HD printer can print QR codes, barcodes, URLs
  • Offers QR, barcode, URL generation functionality
  • Only prints in monochromatic black and white

Now let’s venture a bit further into the printer’s ability to handle more complex functions. The MAKE ID Q1 HD doesn’t limit you to just printing labels or text, it also allows you to generate and print QR codes, Barcodes, and URLs, which is an incredibly useful feature for small businesses or anyone in need of efficient organization methodologies.

QR Code Generation

The QR code generation functionality of the Q1 HD mini thermal printer offers an impressive level of convenience. Let’s say you need a QR code that directs to a specific URL, all you need to do is enter the URL, and voila, the printer generates a QR code which can then be printed out.

Print Barcode

Similar to the QR code generation, the Barcode functionality of the Q1 HD is as simple as it is helpful. You can directly generate a barcode within the app, and then proceed to print. It’s a straightforward process, and the resulting barcode is quite legible and robust.

URL Generation

Lastly, the Q1 HD also offers URL generation. This feature becomes especially handy if you want to share a web address or any online resource swiftly. You can generate the URL in the app, and the printer will then convert it into the code format. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the legibility of your print, as it remains quite clear and readable.

One point to be critical upon , while these functionalities indeed augment the versatility of the Q1 HD , keep in mind that it still prints everything in black and white. This might be a drawback if you want your QR code or barcodes to be a bit more aesthetically engaging. However, for its primary purpose, which is organization and labeling, it does its job pretty well.


Overall, despite the simplicity of a mini thermal printer, the diversity in printing options that Q1 HD offers is quite commendable. An ability to generate and print QR codes, barcodes, and URLs on a whim, definitely adds significant value to what otherwise is a standard labeling device. However, being restricted only to the monochromatic prints might be a slight downside for those, who might want a touch of color in their prints.

Remarks on Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Hotkey Function: A Review of Instant Prints and Custom Stamps

  • Hotkey feature offers easy access and customization
  • Outputs can be personalized with Q1 HD’s companion app
  • Date stamping hotkey improves productivity and efficiency

In the wide expanse of the Q1 HD’s functionality, the hotkey feature stands out as a defining characteristic of its ease of use and customization. This feature allows the user to assign specific presets for instant printing, shifting the experience from cumbersome to hassle-free. Not only does this allow for quick access but also brings in a personal touch to your Q1 HD experience.

Personalizing Your Experience: How to Customize Hotkey Prints and Date Stamps

Q1 HD’s companion app is your playground when it comes to personalizing the printer’s outputs. One of the first things I tried out was customizing the C key to print a specific text. This function worked like a charm. I saved a custom logo text, and each time I hit the C key, the Q1 HD printer flawlessly churned out an OS review sticker. A cute, yet report to its functionality, and reminded me how creatively diverse this device can be.

But where this feature really shines is with the date stamping – a game-changer for business owners and hobbyist sellers. The D key serves as a date stamp in an instant, proving to be a valuable asset for date-specific tasks. Instead of manually typing out the date each time, having a dedicated button saved a lot of time and manual work. The app allows you to customize the date layout according to your preference, adding to the convenience. This could, in my opinion, greatly improve productivity at work, and efficiency at home labeling tasks.

Critical Evaluation

Even though the hotkey feature serves its purpose well and makes using the Q1 HD a breeze, there’s a part of me that wishes each hotkey was programmable with more customization options. This could provide users with more flexibility and would be a true game-changer for productivity. On the whole, though, the feature performs smoothly and without glitches, making it a decisive high point of this product.

The size of the hotkey buttons, however, leaves room for improvement. They feel solid and tactile but appear a tad bit small, especially for larger fingers. On the other hand, their mechanical and retro vibe adds a delightful touch to the entire experience – a rare find in today’s digital age.

In conclusion, the hotkey function – with the instant prints and custom stamps, strikes as a positive addition to this printer. It services well to those intending to use the Q1 HD for organizational tasks, and its potential lies in the balance between aesthetics, functionality, and convenience.

Verdict: Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android

Conclusions on the MAKE ID Q1 HD

Having spent a considerable amount of time exploring, experimenting, and experiencing the MAKE ID Q1 HD, it’s time to reflect on how this mini thermal printer stands up to my expectations and claims.

The Positives

  • Design Aesthetics: Right off the bat, I was significantly impressed by the styling of the printer. The retro aspect not only fosters a sense of nostalgia but also gives the product a unique personality. The mechanical keys add a tactile, interactive element, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Versatility: The variety of templates and customization options significantly enhances its utility across a range of situations and needs. Whether you’re organizing stuff at home, running a small enterprise, or simply want a cool tool for crafts, the MAKE ID Q1 HD proves itself quite able.
  • Quality and Durability: The prints were of good quality – the details were legible, the labels were resistant to smudges and water, and the adhesive decently strong. Additionally, the mini thermal printer itself feels solidly built.

Room for Improvement

  • Print Width: One potential shortcoming could be the relatively narrow print width. For those seeking to print larger labels or images, this limitation might pose a challenge.
  • Design Adjustment: A minor design tweak to make the paper compartment more transparent could enhance practical usability. Being able to conveniently check the tape quantity could be worth considering for future iterations.

Overall, the MAKE ID Q1 HD does an excellent job in its category. It offers an attractive blend of functionality, aesthetic appeal, and ease of use with a slightly steep learning curve. There are certain points that leave room for improvement, but none are deal-breakers. In conclusion, if your needs lie in the domain of what this mini thermal printer offers, it’s definitely a product worth considering.

Should you buy the Makeid Q1 Label Maker Machine with Tape HD(300dpi), ONE-Click Printing Bluetooth Label Makers for Home Office, Compatible with iOS & Android?

Buy it if…

You need a compact, wireless printing solution

The MAKE ID Q1 HD is a mini thermal printer which is wireless and perfect for small scale organizations and sellers.

You require instant smudge proof and water resistant labels

The printer outputs instantly dry, smudge-proof, and water-resistant labels that can withstand various conditions.

You appreciate personalized, creative customizability

The companion app comes with a vast variety of templates, as well as editing tools for personal customization of fonts, doodles, QR codes and emojis.

Don’t buy it if…

You need to print larger labels or images

The printer is designed for smaller, organizational labels, and it produces quite narrow prints compared to other competitors.

You require transparency when checking label tapes

The viewing window of the printer isn’t fully transparent, making it a bit tricky to know if there’s any tape left.

You want to print images in colors

The printer can only print black and white images, and the image size is quite small, similar to a thumbnail.


What is the MAKE ID Q1 HD?
The MAKE ID Q1 HD is a mini thermal printer which is wireless using Bluetooth, styled like a retro typewriter and has mechanical keys.
Does MAKE ID Q1 HD use an ink cartridge?
No, the MAKE ID Q1 HD uses no ink. The ink is located in the paper itself, which is activated by heat.
What is the pricing of MAKE ID Q1 HD?
This unit in particular sells for around 55 bucks.
Can I download the companion app on Android?
Yes, the companion app is available for both iOS and Android.
Is the paper cut out smudge-proof?
Yes, the print is smudge proof and water resistant.
What can I print using MAKE ID Q1 HD?
You can print labels for organizing things or even thumbnail size black and white images, QR codes and barcodes.
Can I customize the prints?
Yes, you can customize what text you want to have displayed and reposition the elements.
Can I print in color?
The printer uses thermal paper which comes in different colors.
What are the hotkey functions?
There are hotkeys for power, printing out the date and a custom preset. These can be customized on the companion app.
What are the editor’s functionality?
The editor is quite versatile, allowing you to insert things like additional stickers, emojis, images, and doodles.

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