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Review: Makeid Label Maker E1 – Versatile gadget offering a wealth of convenience

Explore the advanced features of Maker ID Label Printer E1 for easy organization under $50... Read more

Review of Makeid Label Maker E1

Table of Contents

Test of Makeid Label Maker E1

4.5/5 - (216 votes)

Cena: $39.99


  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • No need for batteries, rechargeable
  • Easy tape loading
  • Clear, backlit display
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • App compatibility


  • A bit bulky
  • Requires initial charge
  • App download required for full features

“Overall, after hands-on testing and a deep dive into the features of the Maker ID Label Printer E1, I believe it’s a well-rounded, versatile gadget that offers a wealth of convenience. Its full QWERTY keyboard, impressive backlit display, and the advanced usability via a smartphone app make label creation a breeze. Coupled with perks like the battery being rechargeable and an easy tape-loading mechanism, it provides solid functionality. However, I recognize that people’s preferences may vary, and some might still prefer a traditional label maker over this tech-heavy alternative. Nonetheless, in my books, it deserves a solid five-star rating.”

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Brand Makeid
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Bluetooth,Portable
Color Black
Model Name E1
Printer Output Monochrome
Item Weight 0.55 Kilograms
Product Dimensions 5.2″D x 5″W x 1.66″H
Controller Type Android

Greetings and Introduction: My Love for Labeling

Hello there! Today, I’m excited to talk about my passion for labels! Yes, you heard it right. To some, it may sound like an obsession; for me, it’s all about organization. You can say that I have a penchant for distinct categorization, for there’s hardly anything in my shop that doesn’t bear a tag with its name on. Be it my parts bin drawers or my antennas, everything’s clearly labeled.

But to do that, you need a functional and dependable device. And that’s where the intriguing world of label printers comes into play. Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with different models and brands of label printers. Though each label maker had something unique to offer, one common drawback for me has been their small, hard-to-navigate keyboards. You see, creating labels isn’t as easy as it may sound. That’s why finding a straightforward, user-friendly label printer is something I’ve always aspired for.

That said, I think I might finally have found a product that could end my perpetual quest for the perfect label printer. Today, I’m going to review another product – the Maker ID Label Printer E1, which from what I’ve gathered so far, seems like a promising arsenal in the realm of labeling.

My one-on-one experience with the product could help those on the lookout for an efficient, easy-to-use label printer. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and see if this label maker lives up to its hype!

Rating: Makeid Label Maker E1

Taking a Closer Look: Examining the Maker ID Label Printer E1

  • Maker ID Label Printer E1 features full QWERTY keyboard
  • E1 is rechargeable, outperforming battery-dependent label printers
  • E1 boasts simple tape loading operation and backlit display

In my quest for a convenient labeling solution, I’ve had the opportunity to scrutinize and experience the features of the Maker ID Label Printer E1. Let’s explore what makes this product unique down to the minutest detail.

The Keyboard Revelation: Goodbye Old Label Maker, Hello Full QWERTY Keyboard

An immediate win for the E1 is its full QWERTY keyboard, a welcome contrast to my previous label maker which had a rather cumbersome keyboard layout. Typing out labels on this device was far more convenient – a definite bonus for those of us who deal with a plethora of labels daily.

However, despite the significant improvement, it’s necessary to mention that the keyboard might still take some getting used to, particularly for those accustomed to traditional computer keyboards. The keys are somewhat smaller and are placed closer together, which may pose a challenge for users with larger hands.

No Batteries, No Worries: The Rechargeable Factor

What’s more, the E1 is rechargeable. This modern convenience instantly sets it miles ahead of label printers relying on disposable batteries. A simple USB cable is all it takes to power up the device, offering high convenience from an environmental and long-term cost perspective. However, the device does not display the battery level, which could lead to unexpected power-offs during work.

Easy Peasy Tape Loading: As Simple as Dropping it In and Shutting the Lid

Moving on to one of the more practical aspects – tape loading – the E1 shines again. The process is startlingly straightforward and can be summed up in two simple steps: drop the tape roll into the slot and pull it around the guide. For someone who values efficiency and ease-of-use, I appreciate this effortless operation. That said, it would have been even more user-friendly if there were graphical instructions on the printer itself for the uninitiated.

Surprise, Surprise: Big Backlit Display and the Joy of Preloaded Power

Upon turning on the device, I was pleasantly greeted by the large, backlit display. Its brightness made it wonderfully readable even in dim environments. Additionally, it came with preloaded power, which means a quick start to your labeling task. Regrettably it should be noted that nowhere in the manual is a specification for how long this preloaded power lasts for the user’s planning purposes.

Overall, the Maker ID Label Printer E1 has several noteworthy features to offer that offer a significant upgrade over traditional label makers. However, a few areas need further enhancement and consideration to make it a top-tier product.

Thoughts on Makeid Label Maker E1

Powering Up And Setting Things Up: First Time User Experience

  • Setting up the Maker ID Label Printer E1 is straightforward
  • Features full QWERTY keyboard and comprehensive customization options
  • Offers easy smartphone integration via user-friendly app

Alright! It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for – powering up and setting up the new Maker ID Label Printer E1. As I stared at the sleek gadget, I could feel a sense of excitement coursing through me. There’s something genuinely thrilling about experimenting with a new piece of tech for the first time, don’t you agree?

Navigating the Print Setup

Turning on the device was a rather straightforward process. It was as simple as holding the power button for a couple of seconds. There was something inherently satisfying about seeing the backlit screen light up, presenting a highly intuitive interface for first time users like me.

After turning the printer on, the first screen directed me to set my language preference. For me, English was the obvious choice. It’s worth noting that the system offers a multitude of language options, making it convenient for users around the globe.

Delving into the Full Keyboard

Flicking through the printer’s options revealed a plethora of unique features. However, what genuinely caught my eye was the device’s full QWERTY keyboard. This layout is much more conducive to easier, faster typing. A massive positive in my book.

The labels could be customized in terms of width, length, and font type – now that’s the kind of flexibility I love in a product! The attention to detail on this machine is impressive. Being able to adjust to such granular levels opens up a world of labeling possibilities.

1 Exploration and Downloading the App

Intrigued by the promise of smartphone integration as mentioned on the box, I was eager to see how the app syncs with the printer. Well, the app was super easy to download.

The connection process proved to be a breeze, thanks to a highly intuitive interface. The only minor speed bump was when I selected the wrong model once but – no major issue. I must confess, the interface is user-friendly, even for tech novices.

And voila! I managed to connect the Maker ID Label Printer E1 to my phone with minimal fuss. I was now all set to dive into the myriad customization options available on the app. Stay tuned for more on that on chapter 4.0 ‘Creating the First Label: Experiencing the Maker ID App’.

In conclusion, the setup process for the Maker ID Label Printer E1 was impressively smooth. It proved to be a user-friendly device, even for a novice user like myself. The keyboard was a delight to use, and the comprehensive customization options truly set this label printer apart from its competition.

Survey of Makeid Label Maker E1

Creating the First Label: Experiencing the Maker ID App

  • Maker ID app offers seamless label creation experience
  • App interface is clean, intuitive, and user-friendly
  • Wide variety of customizable font options available
  • Effortless printing and real-time responsiveness
  • Smartphone integration for convenient label design and storage

Wading into the realm of label creation on this sleek device was a delightful dive into a world of seamless user experience. Powered wiith the Maker ID app installed comfortably on the smartphone, the journey kickstarted with array of text customization possibilities that exceeded expectations from a label maker.

The App Interface: Initial Dabbling

The Maker ID App interface was clean, intuitive and didn’t demand any unnecessary fumbling around. Either by chance or insightful design, the ‘creating a label’ option was right where expected, in a prominent, easy-to-access spot.

Text Customization and Font Options

As if creating text weren’t simple enough, the multiple font options took the customization game to a higher level. The option to download more fonts offered an unexpected layer of personalization. It felt like a step beyond the expected, a feature that prides usability and user preference.

  • Font Variety: For starters, it was a surprising delight to scroll through the various fonts. Each font added a unique touch to the labels, making them not just informational but also visually appealing.
  • Font Downloading: The option to download more fonts struck as an impressive feature. The range of fonts was vast, each contributing to a customized label design experience that felt both fun and professional.

Printing: Smooth Sailing

Next came the actual printing. A few taps was all it took to specify the number of wanted copies and send the print command. The label maker responded almost instantly – a demonstration of real-time responsiveness that left me pleasantly surprised.

Summing Up: First Test-Run

In concluding the creation of the first label, I must say, the Maker ID E1 truly stood up for the modern, tech-friendly consumer. More than just creating labels, playing around with the Maker ID E1 and its dedicated app felt like an interaction. Notably, the use of a smartphone as a remote control for the label maker was a striking blend of modern technologies.

The Convenience Factor

The convenience of finalizing and storing preferred settings, all on the cellphone definitely weighed heavy in favor of the Maker ID E1. To be able to create a label design, save it and replicate it later if needed – all with just a few taps on the smartphone – felt like an absolute blessing in terms of time and energy efficiency.

With the first label creation experience, the Maker ID E1 certainly made a compelling case for itself. The convenience, ease of use, and the delightful blend of traditional labeling with modern-day technology made this initial experience worth remembering.

Lookover of Makeid Label Maker E1

Comparing with an Old Label: Out with the Old, In with the New

  • Maker ID Label Printer E1 boosts print clarity
  • Stark color contrast enhances label visibility
  • Higher resolution offers professional look

It’s almost instinctual to get tentative when replacing an old, trusted tool. So, I’ll admit, even after all the perks, I hesitated before actually printing out my first label from the Maker ID Label Printer E1. The first print was nothing short of a revelation. I was impressed as the label smoothly rolled out, crisp black font against a stark white background.

Notable Differences: Darker, Clearer, Simply Better

  • Clarity: The first thing I couldn’t help but notice was the clarity of print. The sharpness of the new label’s font was definitely a notch higher than the old one. It surely enhances readability.
  • Color contrast: I was also pleasantly surprised by the stark contrast between my text and the label background. This stark color contrast further adds to the visibility of the labels.
  • Resolution: The higher resolution of the Maker ID Label Printer E1 also stood out in this comparison. Each character was defined perfectly without any smudging or fading, delivering a very professional look.

Placing the two labels side by side, the old one from the previous label maker and new one from our Maker ID printer, the difference was evident and substantial. The new label looked professional, crisp, and was significantly superior in all aspects.

Final Verdict: An Impressive Upper Hand Over Other Label Makers

My overall assessment of the Maker ID Label Printer E1 is exceedingly positive. The printer’s performance definitely outmatched the old label maker in terms of clarity, contrast, and resolution. To say that the E1 has an upper hand over other similar products in the market right now would be an understatement. I am looking forward to doing a lot more labeling with my new favorite tool!

Judgement: Makeid Label Maker E1

Key Positives: What Makes Maker ID Label Printer E1 a Winning Choice

When reviewing the Maker ID Label Printer E1, several key positives stand out that make it a game-changer in the world of label-making. Let’s dive in and break them down.

Powering the Pros: Bluetooth Connectivity and Rechargeable Battery

The first thing to bring to the forefront is its Bluetooth connectivity. It’s not every day you stumble upon a label maker that doesn’t only interact with your hands but also connects with your smartphone. With the Maker ID Label Printer E1, I was able to tether it to my phone and pre-format my labels. The process was smooth and saved a ton of time. As for the battery, unlike the traditional battery-powered label makers I’ve used in the past, this model is rechargeable, a clear win for our environment and the device’s longevity.

Aesthetically and Functionally Pleasing: Impressively Clear, Backlit Display

The backlit display brings a significant upgrade to this device by providing clarity and improving visibility. A bonus is its modern, sleek aesthetics that give the label maker a premium look. The clear, backlit display was easy on the eyes. I found it helpful when typing labels in low light conditions. Moreover, it complements the full QWERTY keyboard, making label making a more engaging task.

The Joy of Easy Tape-Loading: Another Major Advantage

The user-friendly approach extends to the tape-loading too. Loading the tape was as easy as dropping it in and pulling it around, and voila – it’s ready to go! I found this to be a massive improvement over the tedious processes offered by other label makers. This feature significantly enhances the user experience, especially if you often find yourself loading and unloading tape.

All in all, the Maker ID Label Printer E1 goes beyond just labelling and offers a satisfying user experience. From its functional integration with smartphones to its easy tape-loading mechanism, it’s a clear winner in my book.

Should you buy the Makeid Label Maker E1?

Buy it if…

You’re tired of fussing with batteries

The Maker ID label printer is a rechargeable unit, saving you the hassle and cost of constantly replacing batteries.

You need a large, clear display

The label printer boasts a large backlit display. This makes navigation and operation easier, particularly in low light situations.

You appreciate a product with versatile connectivity

The ability to tether the label printer to your phone or USB is a feature rarely found in similar products. This allows for pre-formatting of labels, making it more versatile and convenient to use.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re looking for something ultra-compact

The Maker ID label printer is a bit larger than its counterparts. If you’re looking for an ultra-compact label maker, there may be smaller models better suited to your needs.

You don’t need the advanced features

If you only require basic labeling without customization or smartphone tethering, a simpler, cheaper model might suit you better.

You prefer a smaller keyboard

The unit has a full QWERTY keyboard which although it provides ease of typing, may not be suitable for those seeking a smaller keyboard interface.


Does the Maker ID Label Printer E1 require batteries?
No, it does not require batteries. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery.
Is the Maker ID Label Printer E1 Bluetooth compatible?
Yes, it has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to print from your phone.
Can the labels printed with the Maker ID Label Printer E1 be customized?
Yes, you can customize your labels by choosing different font styles and sizes using the mobile app.
Can the Maker ID Label Printer E1 app be used on both iOS and Android?
The review does not specify, but typically these kinds of apps are designed for both iOS and Android. It would be best to check the app store of your device.
Does the Maker ID Label Printer E1 have a backlit display?
Yes, it has a backlit display for easy navigation.
How do you load the tape into the Maker ID Label Printer E1?
Loading the tape is as simple as dropping it in and shutting the lid.
Can I store my label designs with the Maker ID Label Printer E1 app for future use?
Yes, with the app, you can save your label designs for future use.
Does the Maker ID Label Printer E1 have a full keyboard?
Yes, it comes with a full QWERTY keyboard.

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