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Review: Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard – Blast Yellow – Melds retro aesthetics with modern functionality

Explore the vibrant, retro-inspired world of the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard... Read more

Review of Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

Test of Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard – Blast Yellow

4.6/5 - (1642 votes)

Cena: $68.83


  • Modernized typewriter design
  • Dazzling retro yellow color
  • Satisfying key click sounds
  • Programmable & customizable emoji keys
  • Multi-device connectivity via Bluetooth
  • USB receiver storage
  • Long battery life (up to 3 years)


  • Lack of backlit keys
  • Difficult to discern darker keys in low light
  • Potentially noisy for some users

“Having spent significant time with the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard, I must say that it is indeed an intriguing piece of technology. It successfully melds retro aesthetics with modern functionality, offering a satisfying user experience, particularly with the resounding click of its keys. However, the lack of backlit keys can pose a challenge in low light conditions. Overall, if you are someone who values design flair, and unique features like customizable emojis, this keyboard just might pique your interest. Despite a few drawbacks, I would still give it a solid 4 out of 5 rating for its overall performance and appeal.”

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Brand Logitech
Compatible Devices Laptop, PC, Tablet
Connectivity Technology HDMI
Keyboard Description Mechanical
Recommended Uses For Product Gaming
Special Feature Hotkeys and Media Keys
Color Blast Yellow
Operating System Windows 10, 11 or later, Chrome OS, macOS 10.15 or later, iOS 11 or later (+no software support legal footnote), iPadOS 13.4 or later (+no software support legal footnote), Android 8 or later
Number of Keys 104
Keyboard backlighting color support Single Color

Embarking on a Technicolor Journey: A Review of the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard

Imagine typing away at a keyboard that whisks you back to the days when the clatter of typewriter keys was the soundtrack to productivity. That nostalgia, crafted with a modern flair, is what you get from the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard.

Today, we’ll peel back the layers of what makes this keyboard a delightful addition on your desk—with its loud, distinctive “click-clack” that mirrors the throwback feel of jamming on a typewriter and the radiant yellow hue that’s hard to miss.

We won’t shy away from the critical points too—because behind the vibrant color and the catchy round keys, there are aspects of the keyboard that might stump you in certain lighting conditions.

Kick back and journey with us through the crevices of the Logitech Pop Keyboard.

But first, let’s take a moment to discuss how we approach these reviews.

Analyzing Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

Get Ready to Pop: An Overview of the Logitech Pop Keyboard

  • Logitech Pop Keyboard has programmable, customizable emoji keys
  • Connects to three devices using Bluetooth or Logi Bolt
  • Boasts retro design and satisfying keystroke sounds

Stepping into the world of Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard is like stepping into a vibrant technicolor fiesta. From its visually stunning retro yellow color scheme to its emoticon-filled capabilities, there’s something about this keyboard that exuberantly pops! But how does it really fare when it comes to actual use?

More Than Meets the Eye: Logitech Pop’s Specs and Features

The Logitech Pop Keyboard presents itself as a modernized typewriter, with stylish rounded keys that make typing enjoyable. But make no mistake – this is no ordinary keyboard. Its programmable function keys and customizable emoji keys located at the right-hand side allow users to breathe a touch of personality into their work. The ability to swap between eight different emojis depending on your mood gives chatting and typing a more interactive and fun spin.

Moreover, the keyboard is equipped with F1 to F3 controls that govern connectivity to three different devices, all manageable via Bluetooth or, for a more concrete connection, the supplied Logi Bolt USB receiver. Let’s not forget the impressive three-year battery life, thanks to the two AAA batteries needed to power up the keyboard.

Living in Color: The Alluring Aesthetics and Retro Vibes

With its vibrant yellow color and arcade aesthetics, the Logitech Pop Keyboard is not just a typing device, but an interesting conversation piece. Its appearance alone draws attention and curiosity, eliciting enthusiastic comments from onlookers and passers-by. But more than its aesthetics, it’s the retroactive feeling it provides that makes the experience worthwhile, harking back to the days of vintage typewriters and the purity of mechanical typing.

Clickity Clack: A Symphony of Sounds with Each Keystroke

Perhaps one of the most surprising features of the keyboard is the distinctive sound it makes with each keystroke. Each press of the key gives off a satisfying click, which one might assume would be annoying, but instead, turns out to be oddly satisfying. There’s a touch of nostalgia that hits you with every click-clack sound, making the typing experience more immersive.

Analyzing Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

Falling for the Pop: My Favorite Features of the Logitech Pop Keyboard

  • Logitech Pop Keyboard is sturdy and premium
  • Provides rhythmic typing with click-clack sound
  • Enables seamless connectivity with three devices

To the untrained eye, this may just be another keyboard, but for a tech connoisseur like myself, the Logitech Pop Keyboard proved to be a delightful surprise. Let me take you through some of its high points.

Heft and sturdiness

First things first, at 27 ounces, this keyboard had a surprising heft to it. But, rather than coming off as cumbersome, the weight contributed a certain ruggedness, reinforcing that it was built to last. You know when you hold a product in your hands, and it just ‘feels’ premium? That’s precisely the sensation you get with this one.

Sound of the keys

The sound. You wouldn’t believe how satisfying it is! Each keystroke on the Logitech Pop keyboard has a click-clack sound – a throwback to the noise of traditional typewriters. If you’re thinking that might be annoying, well, I thought the same initially. But, as the review unfolded, I found that the mechanical sounds provided a strangely rhythmic typing experience. It’s one of those ‘you have to experience it to understand it’ things.

Multi-Device Connectivity

Another phenomenal feature was its connectivity. With designated F1 to F3 keys, this keyboard enables seamless switching between three different devices. Whether you’re a multitasker handling several devices at once or someone who simply enjoys the freedom of non-restricted gadget interaction, this feature is a game-changer.

But, just like life, no product is perfect and without fault. While there was a lot I appreciated about the Logitech Pop Keyboard, certain aspects could have been improved upon, which I’ll discuss in the following section.

Dissection of Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

But Wait, There’s More: Dealing with Logitech Pop’s Drawbacks

  • Logitech Pop keyboard lacks backlit keys
  • Keypad produces relatively loud clicks

Despite its many charisms, I did encounter a few gripes with the Logitech Pop keyboard. It’s important to believe that every product has room for improvement, and this one is no exception.

Lack of Backlit Keys

Let me paint the picture: you’re blissfully typing away on your new Logitech Pop in the dim light of your living room, the only sources of light being the flicker of the TV screen and the smatterings of city lights through your window. Then you realize – the keys aren’t backlit. The closer you look at the keyboard, the more difficult it becomes to make out what each key is.

One evening while working late, I found myself straining to distinguish some of the keys in the dim ambient light. Unfortunately, in these low light conditions, mistakes were far too easy to make and that was a bit of a downer. So, a little bit of a fail, Logitech! You might want to consider backlit keys for the next model, especially for us night owls.

A Warning for the Quiet-Loving Users
  • For those who prefer a soft, silent keypad, this might not be the pick for you. Each keypress does produce a relatively loud ‘click’ akin to the sound of a typewriter. I found this to be a satisfying aspect, but I can see how it might be a drawback for some people who value silence while typing.

However, these are minor details and, despite these criticisms, the Logitech Pop still remains a solid pick for a mechanical wireless keyboard. But as always, it’s important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks to see if this keyboard suits your specific needs.

Review of Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

From Nails to Numeral Fetish: What Other Users Think

  • Logitech Pop Keyboard compatible with long nails.
  • Ideal for users who frequently chat or forum
  • Lacks backlight but offers easy emoji access.

As with all products, it’s always enlightening to hear from other users. And in the spirit of multiple perspectives, we’ve sought out a couple of unique takes on the Logitech Pop Keyboard.

Tip Miller: Breaking the Keys with Beautiful Nails

Tip Miller presented an interesting concern before trying out the keyboard. Keen on keeping her nails stylishly long, she was initially worried about the round keys and the spaces between them. However, she was pleasantly surprised. According to her, not only is the keyboard cute and heavy (which apparently feels better than other wireless keyboards), but also handles well with long nails. She did mention that the keyboard is somewhat loud – a trait she attributes to its mechanical nature and typewriter style – but overall, she seems to have found a new favorite tool for her oft-typed texts.

Corndog: Baring His Keyboard and Mouse Fetish

Corndog , on the other hand, declares himself something of an eclectic collector, owning numerous keyboard and mouse setups. He opined that the Pop Keyboard seems to be geared towards a niche market – specifically users who chat a lot or frequent forums. He also highlighted the ease of access to emojis, a feature he apparently appreciates. Noting the absence of backlight and the flat keys, Corndog still found the keyboard to his liking and would recommend it to those who share his preferences.

These two contrasting yet positive views suggest that there’s something for everyone in this keyboard, catering for different typing needs and personal styles. Whether you’re a manicurist with a penchant for heavy keyboards, or an enthusiast with a thing for forums and emojis, the Logitech Pop Keyboard appears to accommodate a wide user spectrum.

Study of Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

Verdict: Dropping the Star Hammer on Logitech Pop

  • Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard is reliable and engaging.
  • Fashion-forward charm with practical, satisfying keystrokes.
  • Allows connection to three different devices simultaneously.

If we’re distilling this entire keyboard experience down to a simple verdict, here’s the tea: the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard is a reliable, engaging, and trend-setting piece of tech. But don’t take it from me – let’s dive into the specifics.

A Fashionable Statement Piece

From its retro aesthetics to the unique blend of modern functionality, the Pop keyboard showcases an appealing fashion-forward charm. It’s not just another grey box in a sea of monotonous tech. It stands out, it pops, and it truly lives up to its name.

Practicality with Satisfying Keystrokes

It checks the box in a significant area that matters to every typist: the keystroke satisfaction. There’s something about the click-clack of the keys. It could almost be called… addictive. Transporting users back to a time of nostalgic typewriters, it adds a sprinkle of joy to an otherwise mundane task.

Three-Piece Multitasking Mastery

The ability to connect to three different devices and switch seamlessly between them? That’s not just practical, that’s borderline genius. In an age of multitasking, the Pop keyboard is your trusty assistant, handling transitions with deftness and ease.

The Downside: Illumination is Gold

All said and done, this keyboard isn’t without its drawbacks. Notably, the absence of backlit keys can be a hiccup for the nocturnal typists among us. With the wrong lighting conditions, finding the right keys could turn into a game of hide-and-seek. It’s a minor inconvenience, yet worth noting.

So, how does the Pop fare? If the flamboyant looks combined with hard-hitting practicality ring your bell, it’s all systems go. Overall, it’s bagging a respect-worthy 4 out of 5 stars on my board. It’s a keyboard that’s here, not just to play the game, but to change it.

Perspective: Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard - Blast Yellow

Signing Off – Until Our Next Review Adventure

Well, that wraps up our colorful journey with the Logitech Pop Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard. This keyboard certainly made for an interesting adventure, didn’t it? Packed with attractive aesthetics, modern function keys, and a nostalgic feel it left a lasting impression for sure. But, before we part ways, let’s quickly recap:

High Points

We enjoyed the solid build and heft of the keyboard; it was unexpectedly gratifying. The stylish, bright design was certainly a stand-out feature, giving a retro spin to modern tech. And let’s not forget the benefits of easy connectivity with up to three devices.

Low Points

While the keyboard had many strong points, it was not without its flaws. The absence of backlit keys may make the keyboard less user-friendly in low light settings. Despite this, we managed to navigate our way around without sending any inappropriate messages. That’s a plus, isn’t it?

We also got to hear from a couple of other users, Tip Miller and Corndog, and their experiences with the Logitech Pop. Their insights added more depth to our review process.

With all factors taken into consideration, we arrived at our point rating of 4 out of 5 stars. We believe this keyboard has a lot to offer tech enthusiasts and lovers of all things retro alike. It adds a pop of color and interest to your work or gaming station, while delivering reliable functionality.

Stay Tuned for More

It’s been a pleasure sharing this review with you. We hope you found it informative and useful in your tech journey. But this isn’t farewell, it’s just see you later. We’ll be back soon for our next adventure in reviewing the latest and greatest products.

Until then, keep exploring and stay curious!

Should you buy the Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard – Blast Yellow?

Buy it if…

You’re into Vibrant Retro Vibes

The keyboard’s dazzling retro aesthetics, complete with the arcade-like yellow color and rounded buttons, give it a uniquely stylish look that can add some flair to your workspace.

You’re fond of Customizable Functionality

The keyboard offers programmable function keys and customizable emoji keys, allowing for an element of personalization. You can swap emojis out depending on your mood and frequently-used expressions.

You Frequently Switch Between Devices

This keyboard can connect to and easily switch between three different devices, which can be very useful if your work or lifestyle requires you to often move between a computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Don’t buy it if…

You Frequently Work or Write in Low Light Conditions

Without backlit keys, this keyboard is less ideal for those who often work or play after dark, as it might be hard to see some of the darker keys.

You Prefer Quiet Keyboards

While some find the click-clack sound satisfying, those who prefer a quieter typing experience may be put off.

You Have Lightweight Preferences

At 27 ounces, some might find the keyboard a little too heavy for their liking, especially if they prefer lighter, more portable options.


What type of keys does the Logitech Pop keyboard use?
The Logitech Pop keyboard uses mechanical keys that provide a satisfying click with each press.
Does the Logitech Pop keyboard have backlit keys?
No, this keyboard does not have backlit keys. This might make it slightly difficult to make out some keys in a low light setting.
What is unique about the Logitech Pop keyboard’s design?
The Logitech Pop keyboard has a vibrant retro design with a blast yellow color. Its look closely resembles a typewriter with its rounded keys.
What are the connectivity capabilities of the Logitech Pop keyboard?
You can connect the Logitech Pop keyboard to three different devices and switch between them. Connection can be either via Bluetooth or through a supplied low g bolt USB receiver.
What powers the Logitech Pop keyboard and how long is the battery life?
The Logitech Pop keyboard needs two AAA batteries to function. According to Logitech, these can power the keyboard for up to three years.
Does the Logitech Pop keyboard allow emojis?
Yes, the keyboard has up to eight different emojis that can be customized, adding fun to your typing experience.
How can I win the Logitech Pop keyboard?
To have a chance at winning the Logitech Pop keyboard, you need to subscribe to the ‘Review to You’ channel, like the review video, and leave a comment on the video with the secret hashtag mentioned in the review.

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