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Review: Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop – Black – Adequate audio, impressive comfort and adjustment features

Unpacking, examining and testing the Logitech Headset H 390’s comfort, design, and audio quality... Read more

Review of Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

Table of Contents

Test of Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop – Black

4.4/5 - (56083 votes)

Cena: $59.99


  • Easy-to-use volume control
  • Very comfortable synthetic padding
  • Convenient mute option
  • Acceptable sound quality
  • Adjustable size
  • Durable construction
  • Plug and play USB


  • Boom mic not rotatable
  • Packaging hard to open
  • Extremely long cable
  • Overlong USB connector
  • Noise pickup issues
  • Sound quality not exceptional
  • Mic doesn’t cancel noise effectively

“After thorough examination and testing, I find the Logitech H390 headset to be a decent mid-range piece of equipment. Its design and functionality are generally good, especially at its price point. While the audio quality may not be top-notch, it remains fairly adequate. The comfort and adjustability features are impressive, but the earmuffs may not be ideal for long term use. Similarly, the microphone functions well but falls short when it comes to noise cancellation. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a headset with good features and you’re on a budget, then Logitech H390 could be a suitable option. But if superior audio quality and long-term use are your priorities, you might want to explore higher-end alternatives.”

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Brand Logitech
Color Black
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired

Introduction: My Encounter with Logitech headset H 390

Just when I thought I had seen it all in the world of computer peripherals, along came the Logitech headset H 390. It arrived in a pleasantly compact package, proudly advertising a multitude of intriguing features. At first glance, it promised a user-friendly experience, setting high expectations for efficient and superior performance.

Conquering the Packaging: Not as Easy as Advertised

For enthusiasts who appreciate well-designed packaging, opening the box of a newly acquired gadget can be an experience in itself. Logitech headset H 390 claimed a quick-opening box, but it proved to be a bit of a challenge. The packaging wasn’t exactly user-friendly, posing an unexpected hurdle. While not incredibly difficult, the struggle was a slight damper on the unboxing excitement.

First Impressions of the Logitech headset H 390

Finally, the hard plastic shell relented and the headset was revealed. First impressions, as we know, count for quite a bit. The Logitech headset H 390 was neatly packed with the lengthy wire bundled against a piece of cardboard – a sensible arrangement. However, the first impression was that of muted surprise mixed with apprehension. The device did not look too complicated but its design did provoke a nagging question – did it sacrifice any practicality for aesthetic impressions? Only time and a thorough examination could tell.

Analyzing Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

A Closer Look: Deconstructing the Design

  • Boom mic on Logitech H 390 is non-rotatable
  • Headset offers adjustability for different head sizes
  • Leather detail is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable

The Boom Mic: Left-Sided, Non-Rotable

Upon first glance, the standout feature of the Logitech headset H 390 is the boom mic, nestled on the left-hand side. On the surface, this appears an odd design choice as the static position might prove inconvenient for some users. Shockingly, the all-important feature of rotation to the right-hand side is completely missing. This raises concerns over potential functional limitations for some users who might prefer the mic on the right.

Comfort & Adjustability: Size Matters

Comfort and adjustability can make or break a good headset. When it comes to the H 390, it undeniably offers some degree of flexibility. For those concerned about the fit, don’t worry – the headset has adjustable settings that can accommodate any head size, large or small. It’s a reassuring feature, but I do wonder about its real-world utility and comfort over long periods of use.

Comfort & Material: Synthetic, Shiny, and Soft

The aesthetics of the headset don’t disappoint – the synthetic leather detail catches the eye and, more importantly, feels soft to the touch. The material is cushy and indeed comforts your ears, promising a degree of comfort during use. But it’s not just about the material of the earcups – they also rock and adjust according to movements. On the downside, the glossiness of the design might not appeal to all. While subjective, it is worth considering before making a purchase decision.

The Build: Is Sturdy Always Better?

Looks can be deceiving, and although the headset might appear sturdy, my experience wasn’t altogether positive. The biggest issue I faced was wrangling the seemingly impenetrable packaging, a subtle hint that the design prioritized durability over user-friendliness. Moreover, the attached cable is encased in cardboard, an addition that seemed unnecessary, adding to the difficulties faced during the initial unboxing.

While the sturdy design might lend a sense of security, we can’t ignore how it could impact ease of use. This complex mixture of novel design elements combined with traditional elements, raises questions about user-centric design and requires critical assessment to determine how these would play out in day-to-day usage.

Synopsis: Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

The Build: Is Sturdy Always Better?

  • Logitech headset H 390’s length may concern some for manageability
  • Its overlong USB connector is vulnerable to accidental damage
  • Sturdy build and design choices are equally important

In our quest for the perfect tech gear, durability always grabs a priority seat. A sturdy build implies a promise of longevity, but can it sometimes be a double-edged sword? Let’s find out with our experience of the Logitech headset H 390.

The Cable: Unearthing the Length and Possible Problems

Equipped with a cable that appears to be at least six feet in length, the Logitech headset H 390 ensures you have enough space to move around while using it. This generous length might come in handy for those who prefer a certain degree of movement while they’re plugged in. However , the convenience of the cable length might also have a downside – manageability of such a long cable could be a concern for some.

A Weak Point?: The Overlong USB Connector

The headset comes with a USB connector of approximately two to three inches long which right off the bat seems like an unusual design choice. While it consistently delivers seamless digital audio output, a potential issue emerges when we consider the potential for accidental damage. The length seems enough to cause worry about its vulnerability to being knocked against and possibly breaking. An unfortunate mishap looms, especially when you’re plugged into a crowded USB port panel where it could easily be hit by something.

In conclusion, while the overall build of the Logitech headset H 390 encourages a solid and durable impression, certain aspects may invite doubts regarding the overall design. This raises a question – is sturdy always better, or could better design choices enhance both the durability and the user experience? Always a point to ponder when assessing the worth of any tech gadget.

Comments on Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

Features & Functionality: More Than Meets the Eye

  • Logitech H 390 headset has integrated volume control
  • Mute button positioned oddly, but provides convenience
  • Headset offers clear audio, but lacks noise cancellation

With any headphone, it’s not just about the aesthetics. You want to know how well it performs, don’t you? So did I. I decided to delve into the features and functionality of the Logitech headset H 390 to see if it’s more than just a good-looking gadget.

Innovative Volume Control: A Quick Overview

The inclusion of volume control on the headset itself is a noteworthy feature. However, the design was a bit questionable for me. The buttons are integrated into the back of the volume control, which I found to be a bit flimsy. They allowed to adjust the volume level of the headset pretty effortlessly though.

The Mute Option: Convenient or Complicated?

Now, let’s talk about that mute option. With a simple press, you can mute the mic—which is pretty convenient for when you’re having a quick snack mid-call. However, the button positioning—right at the centre of volume control did seem a bit odd. Someone in a hurry might end up pressing the wrong button. So, while the feature had its perks, it’s usability could definitely be improved.

Audio Tests: Setting Expectations vs. Reality

Finally, let’s discuss the audio quality. I decided to run some sound tests to see if the Logitech H 390 lived up to its promises. And well, the results were somewhat mixed. The headset did provide clear audio, as promised, but it picked up quite a lot of outside noise. This was especially noticeable during long listening sessions, which was a little disconcerting.

Note: It’s essential for any well-performing headset to have good noise cancellation, and unfortunately, in the case of the Logitech H 390, it seemed to be lacking. However, the sound quality was decent overall and should be satisfactory for casual Skype calls or for some light gaming.

So, in conclusion, the Logitech H 390 does offer a set of useful features and functionalities, but they don’t necessarily meet all the expectations. However, considering the price point, it is not a bad deal overall.

Investigation of Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

Getting Personal: The Panda Perspective

  • Panda served as stand-in for universal testing
  • Logitech H390 headset provides comfortable wearing experience
  • Depth in synthetic leather adds to comfort

In my quest to understand the nature of this product completely, I decided to get a second opinion. Not from a person, but from a Panda bear – a stuffed one, mind you. A little unconventional, but bear with me.

Sound and Comfort: A Coursery Look

The panda, though inanimate, in this exercise, takes the role of a user. With the headset perched comfortably on the panda’s ears, we attempted to gauge just how it felt. The panda served as a great stand-in for someone with smaller ears, you can think of it as a universal testing subject. While I cannot decipher the panda’s comfort level, visually, the positioning of the headset seemed just right.

Switching Over: The True Test for Logitech H 390

Committing fully to this panda-centric review, I switched from the Blue Yeti that I had been using to the Logitech h3 90. A shift in audio hardware like this provides a real direct comparison.

The leather-padded ear cups of the headset felt surprisingly cushy, contributing to a very comfortable wearing experience. Despite the headset’s shiny exterior and synthetic materials, it seems that comfort was not compromised.

Checking Out the Earpads: A Close-Up Reveals More

Upon close inspection, there’s a noticeable depth to this synthetic leather. Its cushy structure, please note, is designed to be worn with comfort for long periods. You can feel the thoughtfulness that went into choosing the materials and designing the product for user comfort with these pads. However, remember, this doesn’t make up for the headset’s other shortcomings.


Despite the playful tone of this section, it’s been written with the sole aim to provide detailed critique on the Logitech h3 90 in an unbiased and informative manner. We should remember that perfect balance of comfort and performance is what users look for in products like these.

Overview of Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

The Verdict: The Final Analysis

  • Logitech H390 headset struggles with ambient noise
  • Comfort questionable for long-term use
  • Microphone quality and noise filter are average

So after spending considerable time using the Logitech headset H 390, it’s finally time for the final verdict; the all-important analysis.

Clarity vs Noise: A Rigorous Examination

Let’s start with the sound. The promotional materials boast about the headset’s clear audio, and to some extent, that holds true. Conversations come through distinctly, but there’s a catch. It continually picks up a lot of ambient noise, making the listening experience less than ideal if you’re in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours of use, the audio quality noticeably drops, which can be a bit of a downer.

Comfort for Long Term Use: A Doubtful Proposition

Next up, let’s talk about comfort. Initially, the synthetic leather, with its cushy feel, creates an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately, wearing it for longer durations reveals an oversight in the headset’s design. I found the headset tight, and the synthetic leather warm after prolonged use. If you’re looking for a headset for marathon sessions, you might want to consider other options.

Microphone Efficiency: Good Enough but Could Be Better

Moving on, the headset’s microphone performance is subpar. While it does an adequate job for basic communication, it fails to filter background noise effectively, which affects the overall sound quality it delivers. If you’re expecting the microphone to offer you a Blue Yeti-like experience, you’re not going to find it here.

Overall Value for Money: A Fair Buy for the Budget-Conscious Buyer

Lastly, let’s discuss value for money. If you’re after a budget headset for basic tasks such as Skype calls or casual gaming sessions, the Logitech headset H 390 might just hit the spot. The build quality and audio performance are decent enough for its price point. Priced at less than $35, it offers a reasonable return on investment for those on a budget.

However, the headset does have its limitations – namely, the audio quality and comfort level for longer usage, and a rather average microphone. All in all, the Logitech headset H 390 fills the gap in the market for a reasonably priced headset, but with a few compromises that potential buyers should consider.

Scanning Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop - Black

The Epilogue: ‘Til The Next Product Review!

And there you have it! My impartial and practical journey through the world of the Logitech headset H390. It was an intriguing product to delve into, revealing its strengths and weaknesses along the way, with a luminous emphasis on value for money.

Final Judgment

While this headset may not be a perfect choice for an individual invested in professional-grade audio quality, I found it to be an affordable solution for those requiring basic functionality. The comfort of the synthetic leather earpads, the adjustability factors, and the mute control are all highlights that enhance its usability.


Critical aspects to consider would be the non-rotatable mic, only adjustable to the left, and the awkwardly long USB connector which may pose a durability concern. The audio quality, although acceptable, does not stand out, particularly in terms of noise reduction.

In Conclusion

For less than 35 bucks, the Logitech H390 could be a good catch for budget-conscious folks who prioritize comfort and functionality, as long as they aren’t too particular about pro-grade sound clarity.

Until Next Time…

Each product provides a unique journey, delivering valuable insights and practical experiences. So, until the next review, remember – every product has its own tale to tell. Stay tuned for more unbiased and critical reviews.

Should you buy the Logitech H390 Wired Headset for PC/Laptop – Black?

Buy it if…

You Value Comfort for Short-Term Use

The Logitech headset H 390 has cushy synthetic leather earpads that provide ample comfort for sporadic or short-term use.

You Need Cost-Effective Communication Tools

If you often use communication platforms like Skype or engage in low-end games, this headset offers decent sound quality for its price range.

You Prefer Wired Over Wireless

With an extremely long cable, Logitech H 390 is a suitable choice for those who don’t want to worry about battery life or signal strength provided by wireless options.

Don’t buy it if…

You Need Exceptional Sound Quality

Logitech headset H 390 has acceptable sound quality, but its noise pickup and capacity to sustain clear sound for a prolonged period may not meet high standard audio requirements.

You Prefer Right-Sided Microphone

The boom mic on this headset is fixed on the left and does not rotate, which could be inconvenient if you prefer a right-sided microphone.

You Have a Tight Budget

Despite its decent features, the cost may not be justified if you’re on a tight budget and don’t require a headset with a boom mic or a long cable.


Is the Logitech H 390 headset comfortable to use for a long duration?
According to the review, while the headset is comfortable initially due to the cushy, synthetic leather earpads, it may not be as comfortable for long-term use especially in terms of prolonged sound quality.
Can I use the boom mic on the right hand side?
No, the boom mic on this headset is located on the left-hand side and does not rotate fully, therefore it can only be used on the left.
How long is the cable on the Logitech H 390 headset?
The cable is not specified in the review, but its length is mentioned as being very long, stated to be at least approximately six feet, if not more.
Does the USB connector seem durable?
The review mentions that the USB connector, due to its length of about two and a half to three inches, can easily be knocked against once it’s inserted into a port and possibly be broken.
What are the functions of the volume controls on this headset?
The headset has a volume control attached to the cable, with a plus and minus button to adjust the headset volume. It also features a central button to mute the microphone, which can be reactivated by pressing the button again.
How is the sound quality of the headset perceived in this review?
The sound quality is described as acceptable but not great due to the noise it picks up, therefore, it may not be comfortable to listen to for long periods.
Is the Logitech H 390 headset good value for money?
The review concludes that for a headset with a boom mic that’s priced under $35, it’s a decent deal, particularly for uses like Skype or some lower-end games.

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