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Review: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset – Impressive audio quality for its budget price

Explore Logitech’s budget headphones G435’s diverse features and eco-friendly approach... Read more

Review of Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

Test of Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

4.4/5 - (139 votes)

Cena: $44.94


  • Affordable price point
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Lightweight and somewhat comfortable
  • Decent audio quality for the price
  • Environmentally conscious packaging
  • 18 hour battery life
  • Fun, colorful aesthetics


  • Microphone quality lacks
  • Over emphasized mid-bass
  • Non-existent sound isolation
  • Barely adjustable fitting
  • Comfort diminishes with prolonged use
  • No aux cable, just wireless
  • Lack of padding on top

“After extensive testing, my verdict on the Logitech G435 headset is that it offers impressive audio quality for its budget price. The design may not appeal to everyone, and the comfort level isn’t stellar, but it delivers on functionalities such as wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, and LIGHTSPEED. The microphone performance falls short of the mark, but if you’re not planning on heavy microphone usage, it’s a steal for the price point. For users prioritizing audio experience over long-term comfort or mic quality, this headset is undoubtedly worth considering.”

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Brand Logitech
Model Name Logitech G435
Color Black
Form Factor Over Ear
Connectivity Technology Wired


Oh, Logitech! A name that resonates with gamers and technophiles alike when it comes to state-of-the-art peripherals. It’s quite an undisputed champ when we talk about top-drawer mice in the gaming realm. But headphones? Not so much. So you can imagine my curiosity when I got my hands on the latest Logitech G435 Headset.

Logitech: A Titan in the world of Gaming Peripherals

In the buzzing world of esports, Logitech has always managed to etch its name as a reliable gaming peripheral brand. From high-precision mice to responsive keyboards, they’ve got us gamers covered. But, ventured into the headphone market? Now that’s a fresh pitch.

An Unexpected Challenger: Logitech G435 Headset

Enter the Logitech G435 – an underdog trying to break into the budget tier of gaming headphones. Quite a gamut they’re running, and I am excited to see how they fair. So, are they ready to reign as sovereigns in the headphone industry as they do in the realm of gaming mice? It’s time to dive into details and find out.

Note: Throughout this review, my endeavor remains to give you an accurate and unbiased perspective so you can make an informed decision if you’re considering buying these headphones. This is my interpretive review based on my experience with the product. Let’s dive in.

Rating: Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

Initial Impressions

  • Logitech G435 Gaming Headset is light and sustainable
  • Offers wireless connectivity, Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED
  • Designed for versatility with multiple device compatibility

Right off the bat, the Logitech G435 Gaming Headset announces itself as a potential game-changer in the budget range headsets. Unboxing it inaugurates an amusing gamut of anticipation.

Unboxing the Logitech G435 Headset

Packaging can tell you a lot about how a company values its product, and in this case, Logitech appears to hit the mark. One of the compelling aspects of it is the eco-friendly packaging. Everything was snugly in place with zero plastic, a noticeable and applaudable deviation from the norm.

First Look: Aesthetics, Specifications, and Features

The moment of truth arrived when I clapped eyes on the Logitech G435 headset for the first time. It’s bold , it’s retro , and it’s unabashedly vibrant . Drenched in a delightful triad of purple, pink, and blue, the playful color scheme is truly a feast for the eyes. However, the black and neon variant would be more up my alley as they hide marks of frequent use better. The lilac off-white version also caught my eye.

Then I picked it up – the headset is light, almost unbelievingly so. Not sure if it’s indicative of the product’s quality or not, but it still feels substantial and well-built. The ear cups and padding felt rather comfortable at first touch, while the top of the headset revealed plain plastic with no padding.

Packed with an array of features including wireless connectivity, a USB-A dongle, Bluetooth, and even LIGHTSPEED, this unit is designed for versatility and ease of use. The fact that it can connect to multiple devices like a PC, PlayStation, and mobile phones, adds to the adaptability factor.

Interestingly, Logitech boasts about this being the first budget wireless headset that supports both Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED. That’s quite the selling point, if true.

The built-in microphones instead of a boom arm, the familiar type C charging port, and the promised 18-hour battery life round out the impressive spec sheet.

However, what really got me hooked was the commitment to sustainability. This line of headsets is designed to be carbon-neutral, with components constituted out of at least 22% recycled plastics. Definitely a fresh and responsible take in this product category.

Although this preliminary inspection was largely positive, only a thorough use-case testing would be the real test. Would this aesthetic device hold up under rigors of sustained gaming sessions? Let’s dive deeper and find out.

Estimate of Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

In-Depth Assessment

  • Logitech G435 headset has lightweight, comfortable design
  • Offers straightforward connectivity and setup
  • Good audio quality but less impressive microphone

As a seasoned reviewer, I know that initial impressions can often be deceiving. To truly understand a product’s quality and performance, a more detailed assessment is crucial. Now, let’s dive deeper into the Logitech G435 headset and look at its comfort, design, audio and microphone quality.

Comfort and Design Evaluation

The first thing that struck me was the headset’s lightweight design. At 165 grams, the Logitech G435 is winning the weight war. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder: is this lightweight design indicative of lower quality? Surprisingly, while the padding on the cups and headband seems minimal and rests directly onto plastic, thanks to its lightness, it wasn’t uncomfortable to wear.

Design-wise , the headset boasts a playful and retro aesthetic, the kind that would appeal to a young, trendy crowd. With its bright, attractive colors and neat small cables, the G435 has an undeniable charm. However, its neon colors might not suit everyone’s taste.

Connectivity and Setup: A Simplicity Test

The setup process was refreshingly straightforward. Equipped with a standard USB-A dongle, the headset can also connect wirelessly to your PC, PlayStation and phone through Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED. The simplicity of just plugging in the dongle, hitting the power button, and having it connect instantly really impressed me.

Audio and Microphone Quality: A Critical Listen

As much as the G435 is cute and lightweight, I couldn’t overlook the headset’s audio and microphone quality – arguably, its most important features. And, while the audio was crisp and clear, providing a surprisingly good gaming experience, the microphone was a bit of a letdown. There was some audible digitalization glitching, which, while not an entire deal-breaker, was a notable downside.

However, it’s worth noting that the advertised Dolby Atmos and Tempest compatibility doesn’t add much to the audio quality, as it’s more of a computational-side feature rather than a headphone-side one. In this respect, the G435 headset was just as good as any for enjoying the benefits of Dolby Atmos and Tempest audio processing.

But as most cheap headphones go, there was a slightly excessive bass; not enough to ruin the audio experience but enough to muddle the sound and result in lost clarity, specifically when gaming amidst a myriad of different sounds.

Throughout this in-depth assessment , my objective judgement allowed me to discern that while the Logitech G435 headset offers a decent quality for a budget product, it’s far from perfect. Its most significant selling points are its lightweight design, simplicity of use, and good audio quality. However, the less-than-impressive microphone, plastic components and slightly excessive bass may not appeal to everyone.

Examination of Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

Versatility Test: Gaming and Beyond

  • Logitech G435 offers impressively versatile performance
  • Audio quality is commendable for its price
  • Not optimized for professional gaming or dedicated music listening

In testing the versatility of the Logitech G435, I delved deep into both gaming and non-gaming applications. The aim here is simple – to put the headset through its paces and see how it handles different scenarios.

Gaming Experience with the G435 Headset

First off, I tested it while playing some of my favorite games. The most noticeable aspect was the audio quality which felt impressive for its price tag. It effortlessly picked up low, mid, and high frequency sounds. That said, a slight imbalance in the audio was noticeable particularly in high-intensity gaming situations, with the bass sometimes overpowering the rest of the audio. But considering the price-point this headset lies in, it still did a commendable job overall for gaming.

Exploring Other Uses: Videos, Music, and Phone Calls

Moving away from the realm of video games I decided to test this headset with other forms of multimedia. Here’s where things took an interesting turn.

The headset performed rather well with casual music listening and video playback. The tonal inaccuracies that exhibited during high-paced gaming dissipated when I switched to more relaxed audio content. The bass was surprisingly well-presented and didn’t drown out the mids or highs.

As for phone calls, the G435 proved to be more than capable. While the audio quality wasn’t professional-grade, it was more than adequate for casual hands-free conversations. The lack of noise cancellation was noticeable in noisy environments, but this is reasonably expected for a budget-focused device.

From casual gaming to multimedia entertainment and even phone calls, the Logitech G435 came out as an all-rounder. It should be reminded that this headset is not optimized for any specific scenario, and for its price point, it maintains a reasonable level of performance across multiple scenarios. Yet, it wouldn’t be my first recommendation for dedicated music listeners or professional gamers, but for those on a budget looking for an everyday, versatile headset, the Logitech G435 definitely ticks a lot of the right boxes.

Probe of Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

Comparisons and Competitors

  • G435 contends with SteelSeries Arctis and HyperX Cloud II
  • Logitech’s G435 lacks in premium headset features
  • G435, despite limitations, delivers essential features affordably

In a market flooded with a multitude of options, it’s crucial to consider how Logitech’s G435 headset stands up against its competitors. As a consumer, knowing and comparing the alternatives is a vital part of making an informed decision. So, let’s dive into it.

Comparing the G435 with Other Budget Headsets

The most direct competitors in the similar price range include the SteelSeries Arctis series and the HyperX Cloud II. Starting with the SteelSeries Arctis , these headsets are generally acclaimed for their strong build quality, audio performance, and comfort, even after hours of usage. However, the sleek aesthetic and wireless connectivity of the G435 offers an edge in these departments.

Moving onto the HyperX Cloud II , superior audio and microphone quality are its major selling points. While the G435 provides worthy competition in audio, the microphone quality is where it lacks behind slightly. However, the G435’s ecologically friendly build and the feather-light weight can be the deciding factors for some customers.

Evaluating Industry Standards

If we elevate our comparison a notch higher, the G435, while exceptional in its own right, lags behind in terms of high-grade features found in premium market headsets. It’s noticeable that the more costly counterparts offer enhanced comfort, superior audio balance, increased adjustability, and higher-quality microphones. In the budget segment, it’s natural for some trade-offs to be made. However, the Logitech G435 headset does put up a strong fight, delivering the essentials without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, while Logitech’s endeavor in this sector isn’t perfect, it does get many things right, putting it on the map in a crowded and competitive market.

Remarks on Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

Summary and Final Verdict

  • G435 offers refreshing design but lacks comfort
  • Delivers decent audio, poor microphone quality
  • Good value for money, but with compromises

After several hours spent testing the Logitech G435, it’s time to nurture the seeds of our final thoughts and see where they take us. Essentially, this headset is a mixed bag, both breaking and conforming to expectations in different areas. Let’s dive into a more detailed verdict.

Design and Comfort

The G435 offers a unique, playful aesthetic with its vibrant color options, which I found refreshing in the rather monochrome world of gaming peripherals. However, when it comes to comfort, the headset falls short. Despite the initial intrigue of its lightweight, its firm earcup padding and non-adjustable headband led to a decline in comfort during extended periods of use.

Audio and Microphone Quality

The audio quality is arguably the G435’s most commendable feature. For a budget headset, it delivered a thoroughly satisfying sound experience during gameplay, despite a slight bias towards the lower frequencies. That being said, the microphone quality left a lot to be desired, with my voice coming across a bit distorted at times. I’d only recommend this for casual gaming sessions with friends, but not for professional or streaming purposes.

Value for Money

Coming in at $80, the Logitech G435 nests comfortably in the budget-tier of gaming headsets. Considering its audio quality, I’d say it offers good value for money if you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind compromising on comfort and microphone clarity.

The Verdict

On balance, the Logitech G435 has redeeming qualities. It brings something different to the table in terms of design and excels in delivering decent audio quality for its price range. However, it’s important to take into account that comfort and a high-quality microphone are significant casualties of its budget-friendly nature.

In conclusion , if you’re a casual gamer with a small head — or a fan of Logitech looking for a budget-tier solution — the G435 could be a viable option. But for those intending to have marathon gaming sessions or needing a top-notch microphone, you might want to consider investing a little more for a well-rounded headset.

Highlight: Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset

Closing Thoughts and Call to Action

As with any product, the Logitech G435 headset is not without its strengths and weaknesses. The comfort could be improved, especially for those of us with larger heads. The microphone performance left much to be desired. However, the audio quality proved to be much better than expected, especially in the budget range. The headset’s playful, somewhat retro aesthetics, as well as the simplicity of connectivity, certainly add to its overall appeal.

The G435, in my opinion, is a solid entry in the budget headphones market. However, it is essential to consider one’s individual needs and preferences before committing to a purchase. There might be better options available if microphone quality or a premium comfort experience is a top priority for you. Nonetheless, if you’re after good audio quality without breaking the bank, the G435 might be worth giving a shot.

Let’s Hear from You:

So, dear reader, what are your thoughts on the Logitech G435? Have you tried it out yet? How does it measure up to your current headset? Or maybe you’re still deciding whether it’s the right one for you?

We invite you to delve deeper into the world of budget headsets and check out the product for yourself. To make an informed decision, assess it against your specific needs and preferences. Check out customer reviews, compare it with other products, and, if possible, try it out before you buy.

Remember, the value of a product lies not just in its specs or price tag, but in how well it suits you, improves your overall experience, and meets your needs. Happy shopping!

Should you buy the Hlavní název produktu: Logitech G435 Lightspeed and Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headset?

Buy it if…

You want a budget-friendly gaming headset

The Logitech G435 headset is only $80, making it a wallet-friendly option in the gaming headset market.

You need versatile connectivity

The G435 can connect to your PC, PlayStation, and phone, with Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED connections.

You prefer lightweight peripherals

The G435 is notable for its light weight, providing comfort during extended usage.

Don’t buy it if…

You need excellent microphone quality

The G435’s dual beam-forming microphones received an average to below-average rating in the review.

You have a larger head or wear earrings

The review mentions potential comfort issues for individuals with larger heads or those who wear earrings due to the design and padding of the headset.

You want wired connectivity option

The G435 only offers wireless connection, which may not be suitable for those who prefer a wired headset.


What is the price of the Logitech G435 Headset?
The Logitech G435 Headset comes at $80 US.
Is the Logitech G435 Headset wireless?
Yes, the Logitech G435 Headset is wireless and it comes with a USB-A dongle.
What devices can the Logitech G435 Headset connect to?
The Logitech G435 Headset can connect to your PC, PlayStation, and phone through Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED.
What is the weight of the Logitech G435 Headset?
The Logitech G435 Headset weighs approximately 165 grams.
How long is the battery life of the Logitech G435 Headset?
The Logitech G435 Headset is said to have approximately 18 hours of battery life.
Does the Logitech G435 Headset have a boom arm microphone?
No, the Logitech G435 headset features dual beamforming microphones instead of a boom arm microphone.
Are there other color options for the Logitech G435 Headset?
Yes, the Logitech G435 Headset is available in different colors including purple/pink/blue, off-white lilac, and black/neon.
How is the comfort of the Logitech G435 Headset?
The padding in the headset feels comfortable. However, it may not be suitable for extended periods of use as it might cause discomfort over time.
What audio features does the Logitech G435 Headset have?
The Logitech G435 Headset boasts Dolby Atmos and Tempest compatibility and has a response range of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz.
Does the Logitech G435 Headset have an aux cable?
No, the Logitech G435 Headset does not come with an aux cable. It is designed to be wireless.

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