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Review: Liene 4×6” Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges – Provides vivid, sharp images conveniently

Unbiased review of the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer’s transformative experience and remarkable features... Read more

Review of Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

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Test of Liene 4×6” Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

4.6/5 - (3389 votes)

Cena: $145.67


  • Easy setup and assembly
  • High-quality prints
  • Includes Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Versatile: good for scrapbooking and journaling
  • Linked app offers additional features
  • Affordable ink and paper options


  • Requires manual paper and ink refill
  • Need to manually cut 4×6 picture
  • Potential learning curve for software use

“In my experience, the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer indeed delivered quite an impression. It combined convenience, quality, and versatility splendidly, providing vivid, sharp images from the comfort of my home. Its additional features like the collage maker stand out, adding a unique charm for scrapbooking enthusiasts like myself. However, like any product, it may have its own set of quirks that users need to adapt to, such as the unique paper loading mechanism and initial setup. But overall, it’s a robust home-printing solution that art-lovers might find handy.”

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Brand Liene
Connectivity Technology Wi-Fi, USB
Printing Technology Dye Sublimation
Special Feature Borderless Printing
Color white
Model Name DHP513
Printer Output Color
Maximum Print Speed (Color) 1 ppm
Operating System Windows, iOS, Mac, Android
Item Weight 2.88 Kilograms

Introducing the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer: My Experience

From the moment it arrived, the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer sparked curiosity. I was eager to see if this compact gadget could live up to its expectations. Would it be capable of delivering high-quality prints as easily as some claim? So, I decided to put it to the test and share my experience with you all.

Initial Impressions: The Alien 4×6 Unboxing

Unboxing a new product is always exciting, and the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer was no exception. The package includes everything you’d need to start printing right away- the printer itself, a manual, an ink cartridge, and a pack of 20 sheets of photo paper. All were neatly enclosed and secured. The mini printer retained a sleek and eye-catching design despite its surprisingly compact size.

First Sight: Unveiling the Contents

Out of the box, the mini printer struck me as well-crafted. It’s designed with a slot for the power cord, a power button, an internet connection port, and compartments for inputs—paper and ink. There’s also a convenient cassette for placing the paper inside. The overall design seemed quite user-friendly, and at first sight, it appeared to be a neat piece of equipment that oozes potential convenience and efficacy.

However, the included manual seemed a bit overwhelming at first with an influx of information. A simplified quick start guide or a layout diagram would have been a welcome addition for quicker assembly and ease of understanding, an aspect that manufacturers should consider.


This printer includes a single cartridge for 20 prints. It’s crucial to know this upfront, as you’ll need to buy additional cartridges if you plan to print more, adding to the overall cost. This could have been emphasized more in the product description to provide clarity for potential buyers.

To sum up, my first impression of the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer was generally positive, with a few points noted for improvement. The real test, however, lies in how well it performs, which I’ll delve into in the following sections of this review.

Analysis of Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

Getting Started with the Alien 4×6

  • Unpacking Alien 4×6 mini printer straightforward and efficient
  • Essential supplies included for immediate use
  • Setting up the Alien 4×6 is user-friendly

Unpacking the Alien 4×6 mini printer was quite an experience, one that I found surprisingly straightforward and efficient. The product was packed in a neat, organized manner, which made identifying the different components significantly easier.

Unpacking the Essentials: Manuals, Paper, Cartridges, and More

Right off the bat, the package contained the manual, an essential guide for setting up the printer. The inclusion of the manual goes to show the attention to detail by the manufacturers of the Alien 4×6 printer. Independence in setting up and using the product is valuable, and it’s made more accessible with such assistance.

Other contents of the package were 20 sheets of photo paper and one ink cartridge. I found this inclusion thoughtful – it ensures that you don’t have to go rushing out to buy these supplies once your Alien 4×6 arrives, making it essentially ready to use right out of the box. The cartridge, as the manual explained, is perfect for the 20 photos that come alongside it. A power cord and cassette for paper loading were also part of the package, and they are integral to the printer’s functioning.

Step-By-Step: Assembling the Alien 4×6

Assembling the Alien 4×6 initially seemed intimidating, but in reality, it proved easy and user-friendly. Here’s my experience:

  1. The Cartridge: First, I began with inserting the ink cartridge. The printer’s design made it easy to pop the cartridge in place, followed by a satisfying click that signaled it was correctly positioned. This user-friendly structure is something that I truly appreciated.
  2. Loading the Paper: Afterwards, I proceeded to load the paper. The cassette, where the paper is placed, is designed to be easy to open – a simple pull apart is all it takes. The manual suggests placing the paper with the glossy side up, and holding it from the sides – tips that I found very helpful to prevent smudges or fingerprints. Closing the cassette afterward was also a smooth process.
  3. Attaching the Cassette: Then, it was time to attach the cassette to the printer. This involved opening it up, adjusting it to the front of the printer, and aligning it correctly – after a couple of tries, I managed to get a perfect fit.

Overall, setting up the Alien 4×6 printer could be summed up in three simple words: easy, quick, and user-centered. Everything from the design to the instructions has been thoughtfully executed to make the starting process a breeze for users.

Examination of Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

The Testing Portion: Making the Alien 4×6 Work

  • Hands-on testing reveals product’s true potential
  • Alien 4×6 Mini Printer user-friendly and convenient
  • Printer offers versatile connectivity options

Every product review requires a deep dive into hands-on testing, and the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer is no exception. It’s in the midst of this testing phase that the product’s true potential gets unveiled. So, let’s get started!

The Power-up Process

The first step was to get the printer powered up. By following the user guide, it was quite straightforward – simply connecting the power cord and pressing the power button for three seconds. The Alien 4×6 Mini Printer came to life smoothly, and was ready to print within a short while. The user-friendliness of this process is definitely a plus. But, more real-time usage would reveal if the convenience holds over time.

Connecting to Wi-Fi: Keeping it Handy

Having the option to operate the printer via Wi-Fi instantly amps up its convenience factor. The Alien 4×6 Mini Printer did not disappoint. Connecting the device to Wi-Fi was a breeze – but again, we need more experiences to affirm its reliability across different Wi-Fi networks.

Pairing the Mini Printer: Smartphone Vs. Laptop

The Alien 4×6 Mini Printer can be paired with a smartphone or a laptop which provides versatility to users. In the first trial, connecting it to the iPhone was quick and effortless. Just a few taps on the phone screen, and the printer was ready to accept commands. The laptop pairing was equally simple, much like any other printer setup. While this accessibility is worth mentioning, testing across multiple devices and operating systems would offer a more exhaustive understanding of its compatibility.

Now, this isn’t an endorsement yet – these are just initial findings. The connectivity and ease of setup might seem impressive, but it is only after using the printer over time in various conditions and scenarios that a genuinely unbiased evaluation can be made.

So, stay tuned for the next segment – it’s time to put the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer to work and examine its print quality.

Overview of Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

Print Time: Evaluating the Alien 4×6’s Performance

  • Alien 4×6 mini printer producing high-quality prints
  • Printer offers sharpness, deep ink and good paper quality

The moment of truth has arrived. It’s time to actually get this Alien 4×6 mini printer into action. The setup part was quite simple, but let’s see how it fares when it comes to producing actual prints. Remember, we need to stay unbiased and critical throughout this process. Let’s dive right in!

Sending the Images: How It Works

Pairing the printer with the iPhone was a breeze. The device quickly recognized the printer and, after a few taps here and there, the image was ready to be printed. The process is a common one, similar to working with most other printers. It’s even possible to connect it to a desktop or laptop. Now, let’s get printing!

The Final Product: A Look at the Alien 4×6’s Printing Quality

After the image was sent to the printer, the anticipation grew – the processing noises, the gentle hum of the printer. It’s definitely not a silent gadget, but it’s not overly loud as well. And then the final picture slides out. The initial reaction? Wow.

The quality really is impressive. The image is incredibly sharp, the thickness of the photo paper feels just about right, and the ink seems to offer a generous depth of color. In fact, the quality is reminiscent of professional photo prints. But let’s take a closer look.

  • Sharpness: The focus of the printed image is on par with standard photography standards. The finer details of the image are quite visible and clear.
  • Ink Depth: The colors are vibrant and the black tones are deep. The printer seems to distribute the ink evenly, resulting in an image that comes out looking quite balanced in terms of color distribution.
  • Paper Quality: The photo paper provided with the printer is glossy, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the print. Moreover, the thickness is not flimsy – lending a substantial and professional feel to your prints.

Thus, the Alien 4×6 did serve up pretty satisfactory prints. At this stage, it seems to have punched above its weight. But as we move on, it’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind the overall user experience, cost-effectiveness, and most importantly, the long-term performance. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this neat little gadget!

Highlight: Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

Performance Critique: Assessing the Alien 4×6

  • Alien 4×6 Mini Printer produces high-quality prints
  • Printer offers convenience of home printing

I appreciate the importance of a comprehensive review, so let’s dive into the performance of the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer, in detail.

Inspecting the Print: Sharpness, Ink Quality, and More

Upon examining the photos printed from the Alien 4×6, I was immediately struck by the impressive degree of sharpness. The images were clear and the colors were bold, resulting in high-quality photo prints. The ink from the cartridge delivered in color saturation and resilience. There was no visible blotting or color bleeding, giving the photos a professional feel.

Additionally, the glossy photo paper complimented the color vibrancy, making the images stand out brilliantly. Despite the small size of the printer, it did not compromise on the quality of the prints.

A Look at Convenience: Is Home-Printing Worth It?

Coming to the convenience factor , the Alien 4×6 certainly streamlined the printing process. It was a simple case of send, print, and receive, all from the comfort of my home.

But here comes a factor that could be a double-edged sword: the cost of photo paper and ink cartridges. On one hand, the convenience of printing at home might justify the price. On the other hand, it could be more expensive than using a professional printing service, depending on how prolific a printer you are. So that’s something you should consider when deciding whether this Mini Printer is a worthy investment for you.

Overall, the Alien 4×6 ticks a lot of boxes in terms of performance but some may find the consumables an ongoing cost to be considered.

Weighing Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

Beyond Printing: What Else Can the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer Do?

  • Alien 4×6 Mini Printer features collage printing.
  • Facilitates creative scrapbooking and journaling.
  • Lacks an integrated photo cutter.

With any gadget, there’s always that subtle joy when discovering bonus features – things you didn’t expect, but they’re undeniably practical. Let’s dive into a few surprises the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer Innholds.

Exploring the Collage Feature: Big Prints Made of Small Ones

One quirky and enjoyable experience with Alien 4×6 was when I delved into the specifics of its app. This little device is not just about printing singular 4×6 photos. It has more to offer.

The collage feature. You’re not limited to full-sized photos. Not only does the printer’s app allow you to create collages, but it also facilitates printing in different sizes! Being able to produce two or four pictures on a single 4×6 sheet? That’s some creative flexibility right there.

Scrapbooking and Journaling: The Alien 4×6’s Versatility at Work

  • Scrapbooking? Made easy. Using collages has given a novel dimension to my scrapbooking adventures.
  • Journaling? The different sized pictures you can print makes this printer pretty useful for beautifully decorated journals. You can print four pictures on a page, cut them, and sprinkle them in your journal. Isn’t that just perfect?

The Alien 4×6 Mini Printer, truthfully, does give you quite a bit of creative freedom. It extends beyond simple photo printing – into making memories even more beautiful. But, as fascinating as these features are, they do ask for some manual work – you have to cut the photos for journaling and scrapbooking. Would it be more convenient to have an integrated cutter? Certainly. Does lacking one massively impact your experience with the printer? I’d leave that for you to decide.

Estimate of Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

Getting the Alien 4×6: Ways to Purchase

  • Alien 4×6 mini printer available on Amazon
  • Free shipping and complementary photo paper bundle offered
  • Encourages potential buyers to explore and ask questions

After immersing myself in the experience of using the Alien 4×6 mini printer, I came to the part, which typically draws a lot of interest – how and where you can purchase this product. So, in this section, I’ll be sharing my buying experience with the Alien 4×6.

Amazon Shopping Experience: Free Shipping, Photo Paper Bundles, and More

First and foremost, I want to mention that this product is readily available on Amazon, which I found to be a massive plus. Online shopping is highly convenient in our busy lives, and Amazon is certainly a platform that nearly everyone is comfortable with. My experience with acquiring the Alien 4×6 mini printer was smooth and trouble-free.
Right from browsing the product page to getting it delivered, it was an effortless experience all around. What caught my attention initially is the free shipping component of my purchase, which is always an added benefit.

In addition, when browsing the product page, I noted that a purchase of the Alien 4×6 includes an additional perk. You get a complimentary 40 sheet pack of photo paper with one ink cartridge. For anyone planning to make regular use of their printer, this is a fantastic add-on that gives you a head start.

An Invitation to You: Check Out the Link, Ask Questions, and Explore Further

Intrigued about the Alien 4×6 mini printer’s capabilities? You can check out the product page using the link provided here. I encourage you to explore, scrutinize the product features , and perhaps even compare it with other options on the market. Without bias, my attempt here has been to provide a detailed yet concise review of my engagement with the Alien 4×6.

If any questions cropped up while you were reading this review, or perhaps something wasn’t as clear as you’d have preferred, I encourage you to ask. The purpose of such reviews is not just to share experiences, but also to facilitate informed decision-making.

That’s it for my insights and experiences concerning the process of purchasing the Alien 4×6 mini printer. Make sure to thoroughly review all aspects, and happy shopping!

Study of Liene 4x6'' Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges

Concluding Thoughts: Wrapping up My Alien 4×6 Mini Printer Experience

At this point, it’s safe to say that I’ve thoroughly explored what the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer has to offer. My journey started from the moment I opened the box to when I held the final printed image in my hands.

Features and Functionality

Overall, I found the product to be quite user-friendly. Its assembly process, which initially appeared a tad bit daunting, was rather straightforward, thanks to the detailed manual and additional clues on the printer itself. The device connected to the smart devices smoothly and printing commenced without a hitch – a feature that I find rather commendable.

Print Quality

The quality of images the printer produced was pleasantly surprising. This machine produces sharp images with well captured details & accurate colors, a result usually associated with larger, potentially more expensive, printers. In terms of output, I give the Alien 4×6 top marks.

Value for Money

Considering the costs of having photos printed at a store, I find that the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer pays for itself quite quickly. The supplied photo paper and ink cartridges are affordable, keeping operating costs low. For those fond of DIY projects or crafts, it potentially presents even greater value.

Additional Features

I particularly found the editing and collage features exciting – these open up possibilities for creative photo management. However, it would be even better if future versions of this printer could offer even more editing options, for an enhanced user experience.

Final Thoughts

While my overall experience was largely positive, I feel it’s important to mention that the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer still has room for some improvements. For instance, the cut-lines on the photo paper could be more precise, the power button feedback mechanism could be clearer, making it more responsive eliminating doubts if the printer is on or off.

In conclusion, my experience with the Alien 4×6 has been impressive, but it’s necessary to remind potential users that it’s fundamentally a mini printer. Its small form factor is its strength, making it tacky and user-friendly. It delivers high-quality prints, making it a good fit for personal use or crafting purposes.

Should you buy the Liene 4×6” Photo Printer, Phone Printer 100 Sheets, Portable Instant Photo Printer for iPhone Android, Wi-Fi Picture Printer 100 Papers & 3 Cartridges?

Buy it if…

You Enjoy Home Photography

The Alien 4×6 mini printer is ideal for people interested in printing photos at home. It provides a sharp and high-quality print, giving life to your captured moments.

You’re a Scrapbooking or Journal Enthusiast

It allows flexibility with print sizes – you can create collages or print multiple smaller pictures on a single sheet. It’s perfect for adding personalized photos to your scrapbook or journal.

You’re Looking for Convenience

The printer’s ease of connection to both mobile devices and desktop allows you to quickly print photos without needing to leave your home. It is perfect for last-minute print needs.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re on a Strict Budget

The ongoing costs of photo paper and ink cartridges might be equal to, if not more than, what you would pay at a store. Make sure to consider these in your budget.

You Expect Larger Prints

Despite its many features, the Alien 4×6 only prints photos up to 4×6 size. So if you’re looking for larger prints, this printer might not satisfy your need.

You’re looking for an All-Purpose Printer

This is primarily a photo printer. If you need a printer for documents, essays, or other text-focused printing, this may not be the best fit for you.


What’s included in the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer package?
The package includes the printer, a manual, 20 sheets of photo paper, one ink cartridge, a power cord, and a cassette to hold the paper.
How do I set up and assemble the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer?
The product package comes with an easy-to-follow manual that’ll guide you through the assembly process. You’ll start by loading the printer with the provided cartridge and paper.
How do I connect the printer to my devices?
The printer can be connected either via Wi-Fi or through the traditional method used for any other printer. You can link it to your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.
What’s the quality of the prints?
The Alien 4×6 Mini Printer provides high-quality prints. It delivers sharp images with impressive color saturation and brightness.
Is it convenient to print at home using the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer?
Yes, it’s very convenient. The cost of paper and cartridges are about the same or even less than what you would normally pay at a print shop.
Can I print in different sizes or formats?
Yes, the printer is quite versatile. It allows you to make collages and print in different sizes. It’s particularly useful for scrapbooking and journaling.
Where can I purchase the Alien 4×6 Mini Printer?
You can purchase the printer on Amazon. It comes with free shipping, and each purchase of a 40-sheet photo paper bundle includes one free ink cartridge.

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