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Review: LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine – Superb sound quality with convenient USB connectivity.

Reviewing the Electro Fan White Noise Machine’s charm, user-friendly interface, sound options, and value for money... Read more

Review of LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

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Test of LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

4.6/5 - (28934 votes)

Cena: $31.99


  • Striking heptagonal shape and superb build quality
  • User-interface is simple and minimalistic
  • Variety of sound options available
  • Excellent quality of sound
  • Portable with USB connectivity


  • Lacks in-built or optional battery
  • Misses out on Bluetooth feature
  • Cable placement is a bit odd
  • Only one timer option available
  • Not fully portable without battery pack

“After thoroughly examining the Electro Fan White Noise Machine, my verdict is mostly positive. The design definitely wins points for its modern, sleek aesthetic and the variety of sound options adds tremendous value. The sound quality is superb and the USB connectivity feature adds a layer of convenience. However, it’s not without its shortcomings. The lack of in-built battery restricts its portability, and the absent Bluetooth feature could be a potentially missed opportunity. Regardless, for the price point, it offers a commendable array of features that could make it an excellent choice for many in search of a good night’s sleep.”

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Color White
Brand Adaptive Sound Technologies
Power Source AC Power Adapter
Model Name LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine
Music Tracks 20 Non-Looping Sounds


Welcome to the sneak peek of an innovative bedroom gadget that I’ve recently tested – The Electro Fan White Noise Machine! Have you been looking for just the right gadget to help you sleep better after long, bustling days? Well, you might just be in for a treat.

Showcasing The Electro Fan White Noise Machine: A Sophisticated Addition to Home Decor

I got my hands on this unique piece in both its available choices – crisp white and sleek black. Personally, I have a soft spot for neutrals and minimalistic designs, and let me tell you, both these variants fit seamlessly into the decor, whether it’s your bedside table or your office desk. The design of this device does not scream “I’m complex tech” but settles beautifully as an ornament, all while serving its purpose.

Unboxing: White vs. Black Option and its Cost

Upon unboxing, you get a neat package finished off well, indicating good attention to detail. Available for around $50, this device might seem a bit pricey, but as we delve further into my experience with it, you’ll understand why it’s worth considering.

Disclaimer: As with all product overviews, this review is based entirely on my personal experience with the product and is completely unbiased. I have tested the product in various settings and circumstances for a comprehensive understanding. Specific personal preferences may vary and the following details should be considered simply as guidelines.

Breakdown of LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine

The Pros: Detailed Examination

  • Electro Fan has heptagonal shape and great build quality
  • Features very user-friendly interface
  • Offers 10 different fan sounds and white noise variants
  • Sound maintains clarity and richness even at louder volumes
  • Comes with USB connectivity for portability

As I interacted with the Electro Fan White Noise Machine, quite a few aspects caught my attention. Here’s a deep dive into the various factors that set this gadget apart from its counterparts.

Indulging in Design: Striking Heptagonal Shape and Great Build Quality

The very first thing that hits your senses about this white noise machine is the design . I am quite taken by the heptagonal shape – it has an offbeat charm about it. Besides standing out visually, it seamlessly blends with any home decor setup. On top of that, it doesn’t scream technology. Pulling off a sort of understated elegance, the build quality impresses with its simplicity and minimalistic user interface. It’s probably the nicest looking white noise machine that I’ve reviewed so far.

The User Interface: Simple and Minimalistic Makes it a Perfect Pick

The user interface, as I mentioned earlier, is devoid of any complexities. It comprises a power button, a 60-minute timer button, a couple of volume control buttons, and dedicated buttons to cycle between the white noise and fan sounds. The simplicity makes it very user-friendly .

Multiplicity of Sound Options: A Treasure Trove of White Noises and Fan Sounds

One standout feature that genuinely won me over is the variety of sound options it presents to the user. With 10 different fan sounds and 10 variants of white noise , you’re spoiled for choice. As a fan of the lower, more bassy white noise, I found this an excellent addition to my sleep routine.

Quality of Sound: Bass Beats and High Pitches – Your Nights are Set

The large built-in speaker doesn’t let you down in terms of sound quality. Even at louder volumes, the sound maintained its clarity and richness , which is remarkable. I believe the quality of sound is instrumental in triggering the soothing effect of white noise, and this product nails it.

Portability with USB Connectivity: Boosting Points in Favour

This white noise machine comes with USB connectivity . You can connect it to your portable USB power packs, making it quite travel-friendly, despite a chunky design. This convenience is a big plus in my books.

Testing the Variety of Sounds

  • Device offers extraordinary variety of sounds
  • Distinctive fan sounds enhance listening experience
  • White noise frequencies offer wholesome auditory experience

As I ventured into exploring this intriguing little device, one thing that particularly grabbed my attention was its extraordinary variety of sounds. One might wonder, why so many fan and white noise options? Well, truth be told, the variety serves as a distinctive edge, giving you the freedom to experiment and eventually land on your perfect sleep-inducing sound.

Fan Sounds: Discovering A Cycle of Varying Frequencies

Initially, I was a little skeptical about the need for as many as ten different fan sounds. I mean, one or two should be enough, right? But, as I toggled through the various sounds and let them wash over me, I realised that it wasn’t just about adding more options. Each fan sound was distinctly different, and I couldn’t help but appreciate this detail. I must alert you though, if you aren’t a fan-noise enthusiast, the differentiation might get lost on you. However, I found it an exciting feature for those who relish the calming hum of a fan.

White Noise Decoded: From Low to High Pitch, Let’s Hear It All

Moving on to the white noise sounds, a whopping selection of ten options again! As with the fan sounds, the delineation ranged from low, bassy white noise to higher-pitched white noise, giving you a wholesome auditory experience. Personally, I favored the bass-low white noise. It proved to be the perfect companion for a calm sleep, offering a soothing consistency that helped clear my mind.

Critical Note: Compared to many other noise machines in the market that limit your choice to pre-recorded relaxation sounds, this machine indeed stands out with its cornucopia of white noise options. However, while the range is refreshing, not all might appreciate or even notice the subtle nuances between different white noise frequencies. You must consider this factor before investing in this machine.

Clinching Points to Consider: The Cons

  • Electro Fan lacks a built-in battery
  • Device doesn’t feature Bluetooth
  • Cable placement is unconventional

There’s no such thing as a perfect gadget, and the Electro Fan White Noise Machine is no exception. While its highlights outshine most of its competitors, it does have some areas where I believe could be improved or added to enhance user’s experience.

Battery Limitations: How It Could Have Been More Portable

Starting off with portability, one of the chief inconveniences I encountered was the lack of a built-in battery. While it’s understandable that every design choice has a reason, I can’t help but think of the freedom and flexibility a built-in battery would offer. Owning the ability to carry it around without worrying about power source would surely enhance its portability edge. External USB battery pack compatibility is appreciated but built-in or the option for battery slots like double A’s would have been a significant improvement.

Missing The Bluetooth Feature: A Potential Deal-Breaker

In this era of wireless connections, not having Bluetooth could be a letdown for some. It struck me odd that a device with such an impressive speaker did not have Bluetooth capability. A machine of this quality could double up as a speaker for phones or iPods. Given Electro Fan’s smaller, more portable models include this feature, it would make a noticeable difference if added in this unit. It’s not a massive downside but certainly, an area for improvement.

Cable Placement: Minor Hitch or Significant Concern?

Lastly, believe it or not, the cable placement on this device felt a bit odd. Not anything that majorly hinders the device operation but is unusual enough to mention. The cable plugs into the front and routes to the back, which seemed an unconventional placement. It would have been more aesthetically pleasing if the plug point was in the back right off the bat. However, it’s not a deal-breaker, but a little nitpick from an otherwise impressive machine.

In conclusion, while these downsides might not rob the Electro Fan White Noise Machine of its efficiency, users expecting these features might find them to be detrimental.

Real Time Testing: The Sound Challenge

  • Electro Fan has wide volume range
  • Boasting realistic fan sounds and diverse white noise

In this section, we move on to hands-on testing phase of the Electro Fan White Noise Machine. Real time testing is where it gets really interesting. Let’s see how it fares on the sound front.

Loud vs Silent: Testing the Volume Ranges

One thing that immediately stands out with the Electro Fan machine is its wide volume range. It goes from one extreme to the other quite easily, enabling you to choose the volume level that best suits your needs. You can tone it down to a nearly silent whisper if you prefer a more subtle background noise to lull you to sleep. The quiet setting is so low, you could easily forget it’s there, creating a perfectly calming ambiance.

On the loud end of the spectrum, this machine can be surprisingly booming. Probably far more than you’d ever need for a typical night’s sleep. I’d go as far to say it reaches a level that could cater to more commercial settings. Unexpectedly loud. While this isn’t necessarily a drawback, it does make one question the need for such high volume in a standard home set-up.

My Experience

When I turned the volume up on this gadget, I was taken aback. It’s almost too powerful . There are times when a louder white noise might be necessary, but it’s definitely an unexpected feature in such an unassuming piece of equipment. Yet, it also serves as a testament to the quality of sound this machine is built to deliver. It’s evidence of the machine’s aptitude in offering a wide array of sound options.

Exploring Fan Sounds and White Noise

Moving on to fan sounds and white noise, I was met with a whole host of options, each distinct from the others. Each time a sound cycle ends, there is an audio cue that lets you know you’ve gone through all sounds once.

  • Fan Sounds: These felt realistic, and there was a nice diversity in the sound profiles.
  • White Noise: The different pitches offered extensive versatility, covering both ends of the spectrum from low to high.

In the end, the rich fan sounds and extensive white noise options really stood out, proving this machine to be a viable contender in the realm of sleep-aid sound machines. What I gathered from this testing is that it absolutely delivers on its promise of sound diversity and volume flexibility. However, it’s worth mentioning that practical usage of some features, like the very loud volume setting, might be limited.

This concludes the hands-on testing and sampling of the Electro Fan’s sound aspects. The real-time sound challenge threw up some surprising results, leading to a deeper understanding of what sets this machine apart from others in the market.


In wrapping, having tested the Electro Fan White Noise Machine on multiple aspects, some elements worked like a charm, enveloping my convenience and aesthetic taste, while a few areas could have been tweaked a bit for boosted value. Here’s my fair take:

Final Thoughts on the Electro Fan White Noise Machine

The Electro Fan White Noise Machine scored well when evaluating design and sound quality. The sleek, seamless, and heptagonal design makes it a discreet addiction to your room, not overwhelming your space by screaming “technology”. On another hand, what caught my interest was the assortment of sound choices. With ten different fan sounds and meticulously curated pitches of white noise, this machine came off as quite versatile.

A major plus was the portability factor, compliments to its USB connectivity. However, if it included a built-in battery or options for external batteries, it could boost its portability index further. Having this feature would make it an ideal companion for those weekend trips or work-cations, where every pound in the luggage matters.

In terms of sound, it is laudable how the product doesn’t compromise on the quality even at high volumes, which are loud enough to pervade a large room. Yet, the lack of Bluetooth functionality holds it back. It would massively upgrade its utility level, turning the product from a dedicated noise machine into a multifunctional speaker.

How to Purchase

Interested sleep enthusiasts and noise-therapy seekers can find the Electro Fan White Noise Machine in two suave colors – White and Black. It is moderately priced around $50. A sweet deal, right?

Signing off with Wishes for Great Slumbers

I genuinely appreciate your time spent reading this review. I hope the insights provide you with clarity and support your decision-making process. Remember – whatever product you choose, may you be blessed with peaceful slumbers. Happy Shopping!

Should you buy the LectroFan High Fidelity White Noise Machine?

Buy it if…

You appreciate a clean, modern design

The heptagonal shape, metal grille, and minimalist user interface all contribute to a look that is likely to fit in well with most home decor.

You need a wide variety of white noise options

The Electro Fan White Noise Machine offers 10 distinct white noise sounds, ranging from low, bassy noise to higher-pitched sounds. This is more variety than is typical with most white noise machines.

Sound quality is important to you

The Electro Fan White Noise Machine has been commended for its excellent sound quality, even at high volumes. Additionally, the sounds it produces have been described as rich and full, thanks to a larger-than-average speaker.

Don’t buy it if…

You need something with a built-in battery

This machine must be powered via a USB cable. It could potentially be less convenient for those who like to move their machine around regularly or use it in places where a power source is not readily available.

You want something with Bluetooth functionality

This model does not come with Bluetooth capabilities. So if you’re looking to connect your noise machine to your phone or use it as a Bluetooth speaker, you might want to consider other options.

Odd cable placement bothers you

The placement of the power cable on this machine is slightly odd, plugging in at the front and running underneath to the back. So, if aesthetics and design matter to you a lot, you might find this design choice off-putting.


What are the color options available for the Electro Fan White Noise Machine?
The Electro Fan White Noise Machine is available in black and white.
What is the cost of the Electro Fan White Noise Machine?
The Electro Fan White Noise Machine goes for about $50.
Does the machine have different sound options?
Yes, the machine offers a variety of sounds. It has 10 distinct fan sounds and 10 unique white noise sounds, ranging from low, bassy white noise to higher-pitched white noise.
How is the quality of the sound produced by the machine?
The sound quality of the machine is excellent. It produces sound cleanly even at very loud volumes.
Can the Electro Fan White Noise Machine be connected to an external USB battery pack?
Yes, the machine has a USB plug that can conveniently be connected to a portable USB power pack.
Does the machine feature a built-in battery or alternative battery input method?
No, the machine does not have a built-in battery or allow for batteries to be inserted.
Does it have Bluetooth functionality?
No, the Electro Fan White Noise Machine is not Bluetooth enabled.
Where does the cable connect to the device?
The cable plugs into the front of the device, then runs underneath and towards the back.
Does the machine have an adjustable volume?
Yes, the machine features a volume up and down button, offering a range from very low to very high volumes.
Where can I purchase the Electro Fan White Noise Machine?
The Electro Fan White Noise Machine can be purchased through the link below the video.

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