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Review: Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount – highly adaptable with strong magnetic hold

In-depth review of Limicol’s Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount offering universal adaptability and robust phone security... Read more

Review of Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

Table of Contents

Test of Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

4.4/5 - (2875 votes)

Cena: $14.99


  • Magsafe compatible with magnetic phone features
  • Also works with non-magnetic devices
  • Clear instructions, user-friendly booklets provided
  • Comes with extras (stickers, magnetic rings, wipes)
  • Flexible adjusting for comfortable viewing
  • Easily attaches to car air vent
  • Strong, reliable magnetic grip


  • Doesn’t function as a charger
  • Adjustments may be needed for optimal viewing
  • May require external magnetic ring for some devices

“After personally testing the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol, I found it highly adaptable and user-friendly, making it a suitable choice for any phone user, regardless of device or case. Its magnetic hold is impressively strong and the flexible adjustments provide an ideal viewing angle while driving. Remarkably, it proved to be exceptionally effective not just with iPhones, but also with other brands, living up to its promise of universal compatibility. Although it’s just a holder and not a charger, its ability to securely hold and offer easy access to my phone during transit made my driving experience smooth and undistracted. Its simplicity, combined with its effectiveness, is definitely worth recommending.”

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Brand Lamicall
Color 1-Black
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Compatible Phone Models All other phone models, iPhone with MagSafe cases, iPhone 15, 15 Pro, 15 Pro Max, 15 Plus, iPhone 14, 14 Pro, 14 Pro Max, 14 Plus, iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 13 Mini, iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 Mini
Mounting Type ✅MagSafe✅20 Magnets

Introduction: Unboxing the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol

Hello, everyone! Today, I am here to talk about a pretty fascinating product that landed on my desk recently: the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol. Let’s get straight into the exciting process of unboxing and checking out what this product has in store for us.

The Magsafe Promise: More Than Just a Regular Phone Holder

The first thing I noticed about this car mount is that it comes with the mention of ‘Magsafe’ – a feature that signifies compatibility with phones that have a built-in magnetic feature.

Beyond the Magsafe: Don’t Have a Magnetic Phone? No Problem!

Well, what about those who don’t own a phone with a built-in magnet? Don’t worry! The Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount comes with extra gear to make it work. Essentially, it means it is compatible with pretty much any cell phone or case, flexibly adjusting to suit different magnetic phone holders.

My first impression of the product: It certainly stands out with its user-friendly approach to catering to a wide range of customers. Be it the one with a phone with a Magsafe feature or one without, this product promises a solution for all. As of now, one thing is clear: versatility seems to be a significant driver for this product. However, let us take a closer look to truly understand its claims and capabilities.

Critique of Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

What’s in the Box: Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount Components

  • Max Safe Car Mounts include instructional booklets
  • Packaging also contains stickers, magnetic rings and wipes
  • Car mount has easy-to-use air vent bracket

With the excitement bubbling over, let’s get the ball rolling by seeing what this box of the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol has to offer. After getting past all the packaging, you’ll find quite a few components, each seeming integral to the operation of this device.

Instruction Booklets: User-Friendly Guides to Your New Phone Holder

Initial impressions matter, and I’ve got to say, it seems like Limicol is nailing it. To start off, there are two booklets, both packing a wealth of information. One, a handy guide – it cuts out the guesswork and holds your hand through the setup and usage process. The other is an instructions booklet, a tad more technical and detailed, but nonetheless useful for getting to know your new gadget.

Unleashing the Extras: Stickers, Magnetic Rings and Wipes

Moving on, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with accessorizing goodies that Limicol has thoughtfully packed. There are protective stickers, which are neat add-ons if you’re worried about scratches or damage to your phone – a thoughtful touch indeed! The magnetic ring, an essential part of the package, comes with an adhesive on one side and is the very heart of the whole mag-safe operation. Also, let’s not skip over the wipes for cleaning your phone before installing the device – simple yet crucial for a securely installed phone holder.

The Main Event: Detailed Overview of the Car Mounts Magnetic Holder

  • The Bracket: This holder employs an air vent mounting system. The bracket has a simple latch mechanism that attaches to the air vent, and honestly, it’s user-friendliness at its finest.
  • The Magnetic Ring Component: Once attached, the bracket sports the magnetic ring component. Let me tell you, it’s not just stuck there – you can actually adjust it, giving you the flexibility to find that perfect viewing angle.

Overall, it’s quite a comprehensive package that gives off the impression of a product designed with not just utility, but user satisfaction in mind. It’s heartening to see how much thought has gone into shaping the user experience, starting right from the unboxing.

Testing Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

The Power on a Magnet: Installing the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Holder

  • Max Safe Mounts installation is straightforward
  • Package includes necessary components
  • Holder’s versatility and adjustability are key benefits

In this part of our hands-on experience with the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Holder, we are going to explore the process of setting it up. The magnet holds considerable promise here, offering functionality and utility. Let’s delve in.

Attaching the Mag-safe Component: A Step-by-Step Process

Installing the magnetic component was relatively straightforward. You get all necessary components within the package – the statistic cling sticker , the magnetic ring , and the installation ring . Clean your phone first using the included wipes to ensure a dust-free surface. Then, use the sticker to protect your phone’s back and place the magnet on it. Following the instructions was relatively easy, but a bit more clarity could make the process less intimidating for first-time users.

Adjusting for Comfort: The Flexibility of Your New Holder

The true power of the magnetic holder manifests in its versatility. The holder goes into an air vent in your car, fitting into either vertical or horizontal types. Once installed, you get a sturdy attachment that just needs the accompaniment of the magnetic ring. The ability to move the holding structure around while it’s fastened gives an edge, particularly if you have passengers who may want to peek at the screen or if the sun’s direction causes a glare on the screen. The rotation mechanism, however, could use a bit of improvement, as it might feel a bit stiff for some users.

  • Pros: Overall, it’s a neat design, simple-to-use, and offers a hassle-free installation process. The magnetic feature provides significant convenience.
  • Cons: A little more detail in the instructions would be beneficial, and there’s room for improvement in the rotational aspect of the design.

To sum it up, our installation experience was generally positive. It was a straightforward process that most individuals can carry out with ease. Even so, it is always a good idea to thoroughly read through the instructions before starting the process.

Scanning Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

Test Time: Trying out the Different Compatibility Options

  • Max Safe Car Mount tests show high compatibility
  • Mount adjusts well to iPhones and Android devices
  • Effective with or without a case

It’s time to put this car mount to the test. For a product that prides itself on its magnetic features, how well does the Max Safe Car Mount live up to its claims? I’ll be testing this holder with a few different phone models and cases to demonstrate its flexibility and versatility. Strap in; you’re about to see this mount put to the test!

The iPhone Test: Proving the Magsafe’s Claim

My first device of choice is the iPhone which, as you already know, has the inherent Magsafe feature. After attaching the magnetic ring to my phone and aligning it on the mount, I noticed an immediate and strong connection. There was no struggle at all – it snapped on almost instinctively. The holder held my iPhone pretty solidly, no wobbling or risk of slipping off.

Bet on the Case: When Your iPhone is Cloaked in a Limicol Case

Next, I tried using the holder with my iPhone that was housed in a Limicol case that also featured the Mag ring. Just like my previous test, the phone snapped on effortlessly and felt very secure. This illustrates that if you already have a Mag ring built into your case, you don’t necessarily need the additional magnetic ring that comes with the holder – a smart design feature that I greatly appreciate.

Thinking Outside the Apple Box: Going Beyond iPhones

Though iPhones undoubtedly have a huge market share, there are more smartphone users worldwide. So, what about those who own a Samsung or another Android device? I tested the holder with an Android phone that didn’t have any built-in magnetic features. After applying the provided magnetic ring to the phone, it worked just as effectively as it did with the iPhones. Users of non-Apple devices, rest assured, this holder proves that there’s no need to switch to an iPhone to enjoy the practical features of the Max Safe Car Mount.

Takeaway: Though marketed primarily to Magsafe-compatible iPhone users, the Max Safe Car Mount certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to compatibility. Whether you own an iPhone or Android phone, with or without a case, Max Safe Car Mount appears to adjust to your needs perfectly. It’s a holder for all phones.

View of Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

In Real Life: Road-testing the Magnetic Car Mount

  • Magnetic mount easily installs, suits various air vents
  • Allows quick, convenient phone attachment and removal
  • Magnetic mount provides strong, secure phone grip

Let’s get down to the business end of things – using the magnetic car mount in real-life situations. I’m sure you’re as curious as I was to see how this contraption fares amidst a myriad of road conditions, twists and turns, not to mention the occasional sudden brake. So, I popped it in the car, strapped on my phone, and hit the road.

View from the Dashboard: Experiencing the Ease of the Magnetic Holder

I’ve used a fair share of phone holders in my time and struggled with many of them. With the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Holder, I let out a sigh of relife. The mount was easy to install and attach to the air vent, leaving my windshield free of obstructions. One thing to appreciate was the attention to detail; this fits both vertical and horizontal air vents with finesse.

It was the ease of snapping your phone on and off that caught my eye . Within seconds, you can have your phone perfectly perched at just the right angle, ready to guide you through city streets or unfamiliar territory. It’s as easy as it gets.

The Strength Test: A Robust Grip for your Device

I must admit, I had my doubts about the staying power of a magnetic mount. But to my surprise, this product passed with flying colors . My phone stayed firmly attached through every turn, stop, and acceleration. The magnetic grip is strong and secure, leaving me impressed with its performance.

However, it’s worth noting that certain devices or cases may yield different results. Although it is marketed as universally adaptable, results might vary depending on your phone’s weight, case thickness, and whether it has built-in MagSafe.

In conclusion, my time with the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Holder was largely positive. The product delivered on its promises, providing a sturdy, efficient, and versatile solution for hands-free mobile use in the car. While the finer elements may take a bit of tweaking to suit your personal preference, it’s a reliable pick for most users in the market for a magnetic car mount.

Audit of Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount

Conclusion: Making the Choice for a Magnetic Phone Holder

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable, versatile, and easy-to-use phone holder, the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol is certainly worth considering. Let’s break this down:

Amazing Adaptability: The Holder that Suits All Phones

Truly, one of the standout features of this Magnetic Car Mounts is its inclusive design. Regardless of which phone you use, even if your device lacks built-in MagSafe technology, you’re taken care of. The package comes with all necessary accessories to make it work, making it a versatile choice for users of both iPhones and other brands like Androids, Samsungs, etc. That’s what I call thinking for the customer!

Beyond the Magnet: A Dependable Support for Your Device

The Max Safe Car Mounts magnetic holder does not double up as a charger, but do we really need that in a car phone holder? Is the core function not to provide a secure and handy placement for our phones while driving? This product certainly delivers on that front.

Its powerful magnetic grip ensures your device stays put, even when you’re on the move. Plus, its installation process is a breeze – it’s quick, easy and you don’t need a mechanic. The product comes with brackets to attach to both vertical and horizontal air vents, adding to its user-friendly nature.

Now, however, there is one possible downside to the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount – the holder is limited to air vents installation only. Should you wish to mount your phone on the dashboard or windshield, this may not be the right fit for you. But then again, remember that mounting your phone on air vents has its own benefits, such as easy access and better visibility without obstructing your view.

All in all, the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount does a commendable job at what it’s designed to do – securely hold your device in place while you’re driving. Its adaptability for different models and the ease of use make it a strong contender in the market. So if you’re looking for a reliable holder that’s easy to install and use, this could be the right pick among the many magnetic car phone holders available today.

Should you buy the Lamicall Fits MagSafe Car Mount?

Buy it if…

You frequently navigate with your mobile

The magnetic car mount offers a convenient and sturdy way to keep your phone at view for navigational purposes.

You appreciate adaptability

Max Safe Car Mount has a versatile design to accommodate most smartphones, with or without the Magsafe feature.

You’re after quality

The magnetic car holder grips securely to your car vent and firmly to your device, ensuring safe and wobbly-free navigation.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer wireless charging mount

This car mount does not double as a charger, so those wanting a 2-in-1 solution might want to look elsewhere.

You dislike dashboard mounts

The phone holder is designed to grip onto the car’s air vent. If you prefer a dashboard or windshield mount, this product may not meet your needs.

Your car vents are not standard

The air vent mount is built to fit common vent designs. If your car vents are uniquely designed or positioned, the holder might not be a perfect fit.


Does the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol work with all types of phones?
Yes, it can work with any phone. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in magnetic feature, the car mount package includes a magnetic ring that you can attach to your phone.
How does the magnetic mount attach to the car?
The mount attaches via a bracket that hooks into the air vent of your car. It can accommodate both vertical and horizontal air vent types.
Will this magnetic mount also charge my phone?
No, the Max Safe Car Mounts Magnetic Car Mount by Limicol is only a holder, not a charger.
What is the purpose of the static cling sticker included in the packaging?
The sticker is meant to attach to the back of your phone, allowing you to stick the magnet to it. This provides protection to your phone and allows for easier removal.
How does the phone stick to the car mount?
Your phone will stick to the car mount through the use of a built-in magnet in your phone (like on iPhone models), or by using the included magnetic ring for non-magnetic phones.
Can I adjust the position of my phone once it’s attached to the magnetic car mount?
Yes, by loosening up the mount, you can adjust and move your phone into your preferred position.
Will the magnet cause any interference with my phone’s operation?
No, magnets in phone mounts like the Max Safe one are designed not to interfere with the operation of your phone.

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