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Review: kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8 – Solid, budget-friendly earbuds with good customization options.

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Review of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Table of Contents

Test of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

4.3/5 - (54281 votes)

Cena: $16.99


  • Various color options
  • Extra rubber earbud ends for custom fit
  • Waterproof and swipe proof
  • Touch control feature
  • 32 hours of case time
  • Decent sound quality
  • Lightweight design


  • Simplistic, unremarkable packaging
  • Uncertainty about durability
  • Not high-quality sound output
  • Lightweight design may impact longevity
  • Can improve overall battery life

“After spending considerable time with the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth headphones, I’ve found them to be solid, budget-friendly earbuds. The customization options, such as the variety of colors and extra earbud ends, make it suitable for different user preferences. Its commitment to a lightweight design is commendable, though the longevity this may offer remains to be seen. Sound quality and battery life are decent, meeting general expectations rather than exceeding them. If you’re not on the hunt for top-tier headphones and need something simple and functional, these headphones could well be worth your consideration.”

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Brand kurdene
Model Name Kurdene S8
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Wireless

Introduction: Candid First Impressions on Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with a fresh set of headphones on the block – the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Now, let’s agree, the world of wireless headphones is abundant with options, each claiming to deliver the best sound quality and user experience. It can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when the price range varies so drastically. So the pressing question is, how do these Curtin headphones hold up in this highly competitive market? As an unbiased reviewer, I’ve put these headphones to the ultimate test.

First Glance: Unremarkable Yet Functional

When you first lay your eyes on the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, nothing about them makes your heart race. Taking them out of the box, you are met with a clean, straightforward design. The headphones carry a modest, unassuming vibe that may well appeal to those who favor functionality over flashy aesthetics.

Setting the Pronunciation Record Straight

It’s worth mentioning that I’m not entirely confident in my pronunciation of ‘Curtin’, and I’m certain some folks will find joy in correcting me. But then, headphones are more about how they sound to the ears, not how their name sounds rolling off the tongue, right?

Making the Connection:

Pairing, more often than not, is the first interaction between the user and the device. With Curtin headphones, the Bluetooth connection is a fuss-free process. So check one there for user-friendly interface. However, one must remember this is only the first step in a longer trial.

The Test Run Begins

As for the audio experience, it was rather standard. The sound wasn’t mind-blowing, but it certainly did not disappoint. If you, like me, prefer your music clear and balanced, you’ll find Curtin serves you well. However, a more critical listening revealed the absence of a rich depth in the audio spectrum and a slightly suppressed bass. All in all, the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones kicked off on a decent note.

Investigation of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Unboxing: A Peek Inside the Simplistic Packaging

  • Simplistic, no-fuss packaging of Curtin Bluetooth Headphones
  • Package includes headphones, earbud ends, manual, charging cable
  • Product confidence seen in streamlined, straightforward packaging

Upon receiving the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, the packaging immediately caught my attention. The box doesn’t scream glamour – it’s a simple, no-fuss design. Some might even say it’s plain, but in a world obsessed with over-the-top designs and flashy gimmicks, this struck me as refreshing.

What’s in the Box?

Opening the box, you’re greeted with the essentials that accompany any worthwhile set of headphones. Nothing overly extravagant, just the necessities. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Wireless Bluetooth Headphones: These are the stars of the show. My first impression was noting their sleek design and lightweight quality.
  • Additional Rubber Earbud Ends: Kudos to Curtin for considering different ear sizes. They’ve included extra earbud tips in varying sizes – a thoughtful addition acknowledging that comfort and fit are not one-size-fits-all.
  • Instruction Manual: It’s comprehensive and should answer most of your queries.
  • Charging Cable: Just as you’d expect, a charging cable is included.

First Impressions

At the end of the day, first impressions matter. There’s something to be said about unboxing a product expecting to be overwhelmed and finding the exact opposite. That’s what you’ll experience with the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. The deliberate move to maintain simplicity – to let the actual product doing the talking rather than the packaging – is an interesting take in today’s market.

It’s often felt that companies compensate for a lackluster product with flashy packaging – that’s not the case here. While the unboxing itself may not be a grand spectacle, it leaves all the space to focus on the product itself. It seems that this one doesn’t need the smoke and mirrors of an elaborate package with 3D cutouts and holographic print. The headphones seem confident enough to stand on their own.

Scanning kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Customizing Your Comfort: Extra Rubber Earbud Ends for an Ideal Fit

  • Curtin headphones include extra rubber earbud ends for customization
  • Customization is efficient, allowing for personal preference
  • Size identification for earbud ends could be improved

Nothing’s worse than an ill-fitting pair of earbuds, wouldn’t you agree? Thankfully, the Curtin Bluetooth headphones consider this need and offer a solution. Tucked away in the box, you’ll find a decent variety of extra rubber earbud ends to adjust the fit as per your comfort. It seems they’ve put some thought into ensuring their product can accommodate as many ear shapes and sizes as possible.

A Closer Look at the Additional Rubber Ends

The earbud ends come in various sizes, offering you a fair chance to find your perfect fit. The main advantage here? If the preset earbud ends don’t snugly fit into your ears or feel uncomfortable over time, you simply swap it out with a smaller or larger end. It’s truly an efficient and painless way of customizing per user preference.

Real World Testing: Trying On the Different Sizes

I found the concept to be practically useful. It took a few tries to find my perfect fit, which ended up being a mix-match of two different sizes. Note, you may need to experiment with different sizes for each ear as one size may not cater to both.

The Critical Point: Can They Improve?

One thing I must highlight, though, is that the ends could benefit from having clear size labels. It’s difficult to tell the different sizes apart and having them labeled would simplify the process. Overall, though, a minor hiccup that doesn’t detract too much from the overall appeal of the product.

The Verdict on Customization

Despite the minor size identification problem, it’s evident that the folks at Curtin understand their audience’s needs. The inclusion of extra earbuds definitely leans towards personalization and it’s refreshing to have a one-size-doesn’t-fit-all approach within this price range.

Breakdown of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

The Basics: What you’ll Find in the Box

  • Curtin Bluetooth headphones box contains extra earbud ends.
  • Includes basic instructions manual.
  • Comes with a generic charging cable.

Alright, let’s dive into the meat of this review and start unpacking those merry little surprises inside the box of the Curtin Bluetooth headphones. Remember, folks, we’re keeping it real here – I’ll paint the most honest picture for you, no sugarcoating.

Getting Down to the ‘Unboxing’

The first thing you notice about Curtin’s packaging is its no-frills, straight-to-the-point approach. You won’t find any opulent boxes or flashy illustrations here; the focus seems to be entirely on the product itself, not how it’s presented. I can’t decide if it’s a minimalistic charm or a sign of oversight on their part,

Extra Earbud ends… a nice touch!

Upon opening the box, you are greeted with a generous assortment of extra rubber earbud ends. This can be a game-changer if you often find headphones slipping off or just can’t quite get the right fit. Certainly a plus in my book!

Instructions… Covered!

The box also contains a simple manual that claims to answer “all your questions”. While it does cover the basics pretty well, I think it could have done with a touch more detail – an inclusion of some troubleshooting tips, maybe? Nevertheless, it contains enough to get you up and running with your new headphones.

Always Important, The Charging Cable

Last but not least, let’s not forget the charging cable that comes with it. Strangely though, the cable looks quite generic and not particularly durable. It would have been nice to see a braided or a more robust cable considering the increasing competition in the headphone market.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks. That’s pretty much what you can expect once you pop open the box of these Curtin Bluetooth headphones. While there’s nothing particularly outstanding about the contents, there’s also nothing majorly disappointingly. It’s a solid start, but the real evaluation begins once these headphones are up and running!

Overview of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Vibrant Variety: Choosing from a Spectrum of Headphone Colors

  • Curtin wireless headphones offer varied color options
  • Color choices enhance users’ personal customization experience

One of the first aspects that caught my attention when I unpacked the headphones was the color. We can’t deny that aesthetics play a significant role in our purchasing decisions, right? Often, it’s just as crucial as the technical specs. With these Curtin wireless headphones, you’ll notice that they’ve put in thought to appeal to varied tastes in style.

A Wide Ranging Palette

These headphones are available in a slew of colors. From professional black, sophisticated burgundy, bright red, to cool blue – Curtin offers a decent color pool. While I got the black variant, the fact that you have other options can be a major plus for those who like to reflect their personality in their accessories.

Does Color Matter?

You might ask, does color impact the performance? No, it doesn’t directly. Yet, I believe it’s essential to discuss because the color of a product, especially personal accessories, is often tied to our experience with it. For some folks, a particular color becomes part of their identity, and for others, it signifies their mood or style. So, having a variety certainly expands the appeal for these headphones, and serves a wider range of customers.

Icing on the Cake

The different color options are like cherries on top, enhancing the entire user experience by providing personal customization, which aligns with today’s consumer preference trends.

In sum, the range of colors these headphones offer is impressive. It’s not a make-or-break factor but genuinely adds a slice of variety for potential customers. However, remember that colors are personal preferences, and your choice should ultimately align with how comfortable you’d feel using them regularly.

Remarks on kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

The Lowdown on Features: Waterproof, Touch Control, and More

  • The headphones are waterproof and touch-controlled.
  • Battery life is satisfactory for normal usage.
  • They are a reliable mid-range product.

The Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones come equipped with a handful of fairly standard features, several of which are actually quite noteworthy. Do they really live up to the hype and expectation? Let’s delve deeper.


First up on the list is waterproofing. While I didn’t have a chance to test them in a full-on torrential downpour, they did hold up well against the occasional splash and sweat from my workouts. Remember, though, no tech is 100% waterproof, so refrain from submerging them in deep water or using them in the shower.

Touch Control

Next is the touch control, a feature that has become something of a default expectation for us tech-heads. Conveniently placed on the earbuds themselves, these controls were responsive and easy to use. However, I did notice a slight lag from time to time, specifically when skipping tracks. Granted, it wasn’t a deal-breaker, just something to note.

Battery Life

Arguably one of the most practical features is the battery life. Promising 32 hours from the case and six hours from the earbuds themselves, this is pretty standard for this kind of product. In my experience, these figures seemed fairly accurate, although the earbuds did falter occasionally when used continuously at maximum volume. Still, for normal usage, this battery life is more than satisfactory.

Closing Thoughts

On a final note, it’s pivotal to keep in mind that deluxe features aren’t the be-all and end-all. While the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones do have several solid, reliable features, they still constitute a mid-range product. A discerning tech enthusiast may be left craving for something a bit more advanced, but if you’re just after a reliable set of earbuds for everyday use, they should do just fine.

Overview of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Battery Life: Analyzing the Promised 32 Hours of Case Time

  • Curtin’s Bluetooth headphones offer 32-hour case time.
  • Users report around six hours of listening time.
  • Actual standby time is around 24-28 hours.

As many wireless headphone users might relate, the battery life of the device tends to be an essential factor when choosing the right pair. Curtin claims that their Bluetooth headphones provide a substantial 32 hours of case time. This seems promising, but it’s important to test the veracity of such figures.

Breaking Down the Numbers

First, let’s understand what this 32-hour case time means. In theory, it suggests that once your headphones have been fully charged and stored in the case, they should last you for 32 hours. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean 32 hours of listening time; instead, it refers to the headphones’ standby time while in the case.

User Experience

In my case, I managed to get around six hours of actual listening time on a full charge, which is essentially what the brand claims. This wasn’t too bad , especially compared to some other similar models within the same price range.

  • On Standby: However, I found the 32-hour standby time estimate to be slightly optimistic. In reality, it leaned more towards 24-28 hours. While this discrepancy might not be massive, it’s certainly something to bear in mind.
  • Conflict with Other Usage: One thing I noted was that being connected to Bluetooth did seem to drain the battery somewhat, even when not actively using the headphones.

Final Thoughts on Battery Life

In conclusion, the Curtin wireless Bluetooth headphones offer a decent battery life for everyday usage. While the actual standby time might fall a little short of the promised 32 hours, they still tend to hold their own quite well. So, if you’re someone who uses your headphones sparingly throughout the day, then this device should serve you quite well.

View of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Under the Microscope: Assessing the Quality of Sound Output

  • Curtin’s headphones have good bass, clear highs
  • Mid-range sound feels lacking
  • Adequate volume levels and average noise isolation

Delving into the sound quality of any headphones is an absolute necessity when gauging their value and worth. Our ears are the ultimate judges, after all. With Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, the sound profile was generally good, but with some caveats.

Good Bass, Clear Highs

The bass levels were adequate, not overwhelming, but enough to give a decent thump when listening to bass-heavy tracks. The highs were clear enough to discern various instruments in most of the songs I auditioned. This aspect is generally expected in a standard pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, although they aren’t anything too extraordinary.


The mid-range, on the other hand, felt a bit lacking . Not so much as to completely muffle vocals or guitar strums, but enough to notice when compared to more balanced models. It might impact your experience if you consume lots of talk programs or favor music that is rich in this frequency range.

Volume Levels

The volume capabilities of these headphones were satisfactory. No distortion was experienced even at full volume, which is another plus. But remember, always be mindful of your listening habits to avoid damaging your hearing.

Sound Leakage and Noise Isolation

When it comes to sound leakage and noise isolation, I would say they perform average. If you’re in a noisy environment, you might struggle a bit with the outside sounds. On the plus side, others around you won’t be too disturbed even if you’re enjoying your music relatively loudly.


In a nutshell, the sound output of Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is decent, but not excellent. They might not be the go-to choice for discerning audiophiles, but they definitely check the box for casual listeners who want a reasonably priced, reliable pair of headphones for everyday use.

Rating: kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Design Analysis: The Aim for Super Light Weight

  • Super lightweight design enhances earbuds’ portability
  • Lightweight feature may compromise long-term durability

One significant aspect of the Curtin’s design that caught my attention was the emphasis placed on ensuring the earbuds and their accompanying case were super lightweight. This is one design feature that’ll surely make all the difference for users like me who appreciate portability and ease of use in our gadgets. But, can this design feature also be a possible setback? Let’s weigh in.

The Eagerness for Feather-like Feel

The first time I held these Curtin earbuds in their case, the ultra-lightness was indeed notable . Being able to carry these around without feeling a sting of extra bulk is a huge plus for the on-the-go lifestyle many of us lead. Their feather-light quality makes them almost unnoticeable when they’re in your pockets or your bag.

Lightweight, but at what Cost?

However, the lightweight design did raise some questions in my mind about durability. While these headphones are undeniably light, I had to ask myself, “Could this lightweight construction compromise their long-term resilience?” . It’s a valid concern, considering we all want products that stay around for the long haul.

How Lightweight Design Affects User Experience

  • Portability: For an active person who loves to move around, the lightweight nature of these earbuds and their case is a huge win. Their negligible weight makes it easier to incorporate them into any lifestyle with minimal hindrance.
  • Comfort: Lightweight earbuds can be a relief, especially over longer periods of usage. They’re simply less burdensome on your ears.
  • Durability: Though this might have to be proven over extended periods of usage, one can’t help but wonder whether the lightweight make of these Curtin earbuds might influence durability negatively.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, while the lightweight aspect of the Curtin wireless earbuds is definitely a selling point, users must also consider its implications carefully. It’s a balance of comfort and practicality, with potential durability concerns that may need further evaluation over time.

Evaluating kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Durability: Speculating the Longevity

  • Curtin Bluetooth headphones are lightweight yet durable
  • Headphones’ longevity depends on users’ treatment
  • Lightweight often means comfort and ease of use

Now, as far as durability goes, sometimes lightweight equals less durable, but that’s not always the case. Here’s where it gets interesting with the Curtin Bluetooth headphones. The case, as well as the earbuds, are pretty lightweight, leading me to initially question their long-term durability.

Physical Build

Case and Headphones

The case feels a tad too light, and I’m slightly weary of its capacity to endure the usual wear and tear. Though it has managed to survive daily use thus far without showing any signs of damage, its lightweight nature might be a concern for users who have a knack for accidentally dropping their belongings.

On the other hand, the headphones themselves feel pretty well-built. Despite the feather-light feeling, the headphones are not fragile, and the construction seems solid enough to withstand daily usage.

Longevity Consideration

Lightweight or not, the life of any electronic heavily depends on how its user treats it. In my case, I have found that these headphones can stand up to normal usage including regular jam sessions, hikes, and the occasional unintentional mistreatment.

Still, it is hard to say definitively how these headphones will hold up after extended use of, say, a year or more. However, so far, it’s safe to convey that they seem to be designed with enough consideration for durability.

So, to wrap this up, I would urge potential buyers not to rule these headphones out based on weight alone. Just remember, lightweight can also mean comfort and ease of use, alongside the speculated durability. Happy listening, folks!

Probe of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Comparing Value: Are These Headphones Worth the Price?

  • Curtin Earbuds value for price is solid
  • Designed for convenience, comfort, practicality
  • Good build quality, functionality, and design

When it comes to the value for money of the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, it’s important to weigh up the overall build quality, functionality, and design against the price. After all, a great product is not just about ticking all the boxes, it’s about delivering what you pay for.

Build Quality

Given the price point, the Curtin earbuds seem durable, although the lightweight design does raise some durability concerns. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t last – they might simply be designed to focus more on comfort and practicality. It’s a positive that they also come with extras, such as the different sized rubber earbud ends. This not only boosts their practical value but reinforces their longevity too.


Let’s talk about the features. The Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones promise the full suite of today’s standards – indeed, they’re waterproof and swipe-proof with touch controls and an impressive 32-hour case time. They don’t miss out on any basic functions that you’d expect from Bluetooth headphones. So far as the sound quality goes, it’s decent. Maybe not extraordinary, but then again, if you’re a casual listener and not an audiophile, you would likely be pleased.


Love them or hate them, the array of color options for the headphones could sweeten the deal. It’s a feature that’s more rare than you might think and that lets you express your unique style. Combined with their lightweight design, they offer a user-friendly experience ideal for on-the-go use.

The Verdict

In the end, everything circles back to the price tag. And after weighing everything up, we can say that these headphones offer solid value for the price. It’s worth keeping in mind that they’re not targeted at high-end users looking for the absolute top-tier audio experience. Instead, they’re designed for average users looking for convenience, comfort, and practicality without breaking the bank.

Scrutiny of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Final Verdict: The Good and Bad of Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

  • Comfortable, customizable Bluetooth headphones
  • Appreciable battery life, color variations
  • Concerns about sound quality, durability

After spending a good amount of time with the Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, I’ve picked up on several standout features and a few areas of improvement as well. Let’s dive into my final verdict.

The Good

  • Customizable Comfort: The inclusion of extra rubber earbud ends is a considerate addition, making it easy for users of different sizes to find their perfect fit.
  • Reliable Battery Life: The promised battery life proved true during my usage. 32 hours of case time and six hours of uninterrupted playtime is indeed solid!
  • Color Variations: A variety of color options to choose from is definitely an advantage for those who value individuality.
  • Lightweight Experience: Despite my initial skepticism, the promised lightweight design of both the earbuds and the case turned out to be a plus. The earbuds are comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The Bad

  • Sound Quality: I wouldn’t describe the sound quality as phenomenal, but it’s decent. Remember, these aren’t high-quality headphones, so manage your expectations.
  • Design Longevity: Since it’s concentrated on being lightweight, there is a concern about the toughness of the headphones and their capacity to endure prolonged usage.

But the key question is, do the good aspects outweigh the less impressive ones?

Overall Thoughts

In my opinion, the Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a solid choice, especially if you’re not too picky about sound quality and prefer lightweight earbuds. You’ll get reasonable sound, comfort, appreciable battery life, a variety of color choices, and a pocket-friendly price point. However, if you value sound quality above everything else and durability is a concern, you might want to look elsewhere.

Remember, a pair of headphones should be a reflection of your individual usage habits and preferences. Have a clear idea of what attributes you value the most before making a decision!

Study of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Recommendation: Weighing the Pros and Cons for Potential Buyers

  • Curtin Headphones offer comfortable fit, decent sound
  • Concerns raised about lightweight build, sound quality

As someone who’s had the chance to experience these Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones first-hand, here’s my take on what potential buyers should keep in mind before making the purchase. Remember, this aims to be a balanced review, highlighting both the lights and shadows of these earbuds.


  1. Comfortable Fit: With extra rubber earbud ends that come in different sizes, you’re likely to find the perfect fit. Plus, they help the earbuds stay securely in place, which is great if you’re on the move quite a lot.
  2. Decent Sound: While they might not produce the sound quality of premium, more expensive headphone brands, these earbuds hold their own with decent audio output. It’s definitely satisfactory, particularly for casual listeners.
  3. Solid Battery Life: With their 32-hour case time, coupled with six hours of usage before a recharge is needed, these earbuds have enough power to last you throughout the day.


  1. Lightweight Build: The earbuds and case are remarkably lightweight, which can engender concerns about their durability. While the initial feel is convenient, my worry is whether they’ll stand the test of time, especially with frequent use.
  2. Sound Quality: Though the sound is decent, these earbuds might not satisfy you if you’re a critical listener or a professional musician. The llow and high-end bass is not on-point when compared to high-end headphones.

In summary, if you’re looking for something practical, affordable, and aren’t necessarily an audiophile, these Curtin Wireless Bluetooth Headphones could be your savvy pick. But, if you prioritize durability and superior sound quality over everything, you may want to expand your options and look elsewhere. Remember, your needs and preferences are key in deciding your ideal purchase.

View of kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8

Call to Action: Let’s Continue the Review Journey Together!

In an ocean of options, pinpointing the right pair of headphones can feel like an uphill battle. To make your decision just a tad bit easier, I try my best to bring you honest, comprehensive reviews of products I’ve personally tested. Today’s deep dive into Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth headphones is just one in a line of many more to come.

Remember, every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and what may work for one user may not work for another. That’s why it’s vital to consider all aspects of a product – the good, the bad, and the ugly – before making a purchase decision.

Parting Thoughts

In our exploration of Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth headphones today, we’ve dissected the nuances of the packaging, the fit, the sound quality, and a whole bevy of features. We’ve weighed the pros and cons, trying to present a balanced outlook for you to form your own opinion. They have their high points, surely, with the plethora of colors and customization options, their familiar features, and a battery life that holds its own.

However, I must also bring to your attention the concerns about the overall durability owing to the ambitious lightweight design. This is something to bear in mind especially if you’re in the market for a product that will stand the test of time.

A key takeaway would be to weigh in your personal preferences – what exactly are you seeking? If a lightweight, comfortable fit and basics done right are your need of the hour, Curtin’s Wireless Bluetooth headphones might just hit all the right notes for you!

Keep Exploring

I hope this review has been informative and has helped shape your decision in some way. But remember, knowledge is power. Don’t stop at one review – there are countless other headphone options out there waiting to be explored. Keep digging, keep researching, and you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.

Thank you for joining me on this review journey. Here’s to many more!

Should you buy the kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, S8?

Buy it if…

You’re after a lightweight option

The Curtin wireless Bluetooth headphones are designed with a super lightweight feel, perfect for those who prioritize comfort and ease during use.

You appreciate customization and variety

With a good selection of colors and extra rubber earbud ends for the ideal fit, these headphones can be tailored to your preference.

You seek long-lasting battery life

With 32 hours of case time and six hours of usage before recharging, these earbuds are ideal for long trips or extended listening sessions.

Don’t buy it if…

You expect high-end audio quality

While the sound quality is described as ‘decent’, these headphones may not satisfy audiophiles or those seeking a top-tier audio experience.

You’re uncertain about durability

The reviewer questioned whether the super lightweight feel could potentially impact the longevity of these headphones. If durable, long-lasting headphones are a must, you may want to consider other options.

You prefer visible brand prestige

The packaging of the Curtin Bluetooth headphones is simple and unassuming. If you prefer a more flashy, branded product, these may not be the headphones for you.


Are the Curtin Wireless Bluetooth headphones lightweight?
Yes, they are designed to be super lightweight for easy and comfortable use.
Do these headphones come in different colors?
Yes, they are available in black, burgundy red, and blue among others.
Is there an option to change the earbud ends for a better fit?
Yes, the packaging includes additional rubber earbud ends for optimal fit and comfort.
What is the battery life of these headphones?
The headphones promise up to 32 hours of case time and six hours of use before requiring a recharge.
How is the sound quality of these headphones?
The sound quality is decent but not high-end.
Are these headphones waterproof?
Yes, they are waterproof, adding to their durability and usability in different conditions.
Do these headphones have any touch control features?
Yes, they have a touch control feature for ease of use.
Do these headphones come with a warranty?
The review does not provide information on warranty. It would be ideal to check this information on the manufacturer or seller’s website.
How do these headphones rank in terms of value for money?
While these are not considered high-quality headphones, they are recommended as solid earbuds for their category and price range.
Where can I buy these headphones?
These headphones can be purchased via the Amazon link provided in the review’s description.

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