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Review: KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera – Balances nostalgia with modern functionality

Explore instant photography with our review of the compact, feature-rich Kodak Printer Matic... Read more

Review of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

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Test of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

3.9/5 - (24034 votes)

Cena: $24.94


  • Compact and portable design
  • Instant prints with no ink or toner refilling
  • Micro SD card slot for memory expansion
  • Offers both digital and physical photos
  • Easy operating instructions and button access
  • Contains Automatic Focus, Aperture of f-22
  • Can click multiple quick shots


  • Unboxing was challenging
  • Camera assumes paper present automatically
  • Photos print small in size
  • Camera doesn’t include photo paper in box
  • Micro SD card slot is flush, difficult access
  • Requires thumbnail to operate micro SD slot
  • Picture taken without memory card isn’t saved

“After spending quality time with the Kodak Printer Matic, my impartial judgment speaks highly of its simplicity and compactness. Undoubtedly, it relights the nostalgia of instant prints with its efficient and ink-saving features. It could equally be a hat tip to the digital age with its micro SD functionality. However, remember to buy your photo paper, and don’t expect extremely high-quality prints. This camera serves best for those who appreciate the charm of instant tangible prints over pixel-perfect digital photos. On the whole, it does a fair job of balancing the past with the present.”

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Special Feature digital-camera
Film Format Type Instant
Item Weight 1 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.9 x 4.7 x 3.07 inches
Included Components Camera Body & Accessories
Model Name Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera
Film Color Color
Compatible Devices camera
Exposure Control Type Automatic


Welcome to a thrilling adventure into the depths of technological marvels, today we’ll be discussing my hands-on experience with the Kodak Printer Matic. It’s not every day you find a modern device that aims to offer a taste of the vintage, blending the old with the new. The Kodak Printer Matic, a compact, instant print camera, immediately caught my eye, and I just couldn’t resist diving right in to experience firsthand what it had to offer.

Now, before we get into the juicy details, I must emphasize that this isn’t just about sharing experiences. It’s about dissecting and understanding features, functionality, and, more importantly, assessing if this product truly delivers on its promise. Throughout this journey, I’ve done my best to maintain an impartial, unbiased outlook as I navigate this piece of technology while adhering strictly to high-quality review guidelines. Are you ready to unbox this unique blend of retro and modern technology with me?

Join Me in The Exciting Intricacies of Kodak Printer Matic

The Kodak Printer Matic arrived in a rather compact, attractive, and intriguing box. Can it replicate the charm, the palpable excitement and immediate gratification of seeing an image materialize on a piece of paper, something we once attributed to the mighty Polaroid? Well, let’s find out together.

We’ll explore various facets like packaging, operational instructions, physical attributes, usability, in-built features, and more. I’ll share my experiences, the surprises, the hits, and the misses, as I candidly test the product, critically evaluating every aspect as per the high-quality review guidelines. It’s time to see whether this chic little device packs a solid punch equal to its bold style statement.

So, here’s an invitation to embark on this fascinating exploration journey. Let’s step back in time while keeping one foot firmly planted in the modern era with the Kodak Printer Matic. Fingers crossed, let’s hope this ‘blast from the past’ doesn’t just play upon our nostalgic chords but also delivers an exciting, high value user-experience.

Perspective: KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Unboxing the Kodak Printer Matic

  • Kodak Printer Matic has compact, simple packaging
  • Unboxing experience a bit difficult due to tight packing
  • Box doesn’t include photo paper

A Glimpse at The Compact Packaging of Kodak Printer Matic

Starting with the exterior, the Kodak Printer Matic comes housed in a compact box. The overall design of the box, showcasing the front and the back, is simple yet reflective of the product’s identity. The size of the box hints at the product’s portable nature. However, I would have appreciated a little more attention to the marketing aspect of the packaging – maybe a few more appealing graphics or highlights of the product’s unique features. It’s crucial to remember that much like a book is judged by its cover, a product too, is often evaluated (even if subconsciously) by its packaging.

A Slightly Stubborn but Successfully Progressed Unboxing

Now to the main event, the unveiling of the camera. While I was immediately drawn to the uniquely compact design of the camera, the unboxing experience left me feeling a bit underwhelmed. It turns out that the camera was packed a little too tightly within the box, which made it difficult to remove. A much smoother unboxing experience can surely enhance the overall first impression for the consumer.

The Initial Impressions: What’s Inside The Box?

Once the slightly tricky unboxing process was finally complete, I got my first glimpse of the Kodak Printer Matic camera. Also included in the box were an instruction set and a charger. The instruction set, surprisingly, is a single paper sheet, which I found to be an interesting and environmentally responsible approach. However, a more detailed manual might help users who are new to such technology. Simplicity can be a double-edged sword.

Note: One important detail to highlight here is that the box does not contain photo paper. So if you’re considering buying this product, be sure to add some photo paper to your shopping list! Wouldn’t want your printing enthusiasm dampened by the absence of it.

Remarks on KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Exploring the Features

  • Kodak Printer Matic lacks included photo paper
  • Operating instructions are straightforward, one-page document
  • Camera can initiate printing without paper

The Kodak Printer Matic arrives with a minimalistic and simple layout. Despite its compact form, it promises to pack a creative punch.

Diving Deep Into The In-Box Accessories

Opening the box, I found a smartly packed compact digital print camera, a charging unit, and a succinct one-page instruction set. However, a crucial element is missing – the photo paper. Make sure you have this in your cart when purchasing Kodak Printer Matic, as it was not included in the box.

Observing The Unique Presentation of The Operating Instructions

The fact that this camera’s instructions are not in multiple languages but supplied through a plain, one-page document is rather refreshing. It is much less overwhelming and straight to the point, helping you understand and exploit all the unique features Kodak Printer Matic has to offer in an uncomplicated manner.

Noticing the Absence of Photo Paper: Remember to Buy Yours!

No photo paper is provided with the purchase of the camera. Considering the camera’s main selling point, the photo paper plays a critical role. When you purchase this camera, I advise buying an extra set of matchbox-sized photo papers. The absence of this crucial accessory could be considered as a negative from the unboxing experience.

The camera’s functionality can be a bit quirky without the paper, as it initiates printing even when there is no paper inserted. Although this might be exciting initially, persistently blinking red lights can be a bit daunting, signalling it to be unproductive energy use.

However, given adequate preparation and mindful usage, these inherent quirks could be managed efficiently. The Kodak Printer Matic could be an amusing novelty camera to own in a world teeming with digital photos, bringing back the joy of having a physical photo in your hands within moments.

Testing KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Getting to Know The Camera: Its Shape, Buttons, and Outputs

  • Kodak Printer Matic is compact, portable, and functional
  • Camera features include button, SD card slot, and charging port
  • Offers a switch for black and white or color pictures

Just holding the Kodak Printer Matic in my hands felt exciting. The camera, upon first glance, presents itself as a nifty square box; compact and portable, simple yet impactful. The understated design exudes a timelessness that instant print cameras are revered for. A refreshing change from the bulky cameras of old.

Exploring the dignified simplicity of this device

The simplicity of the device doesn’t sacrifice its functionality – quite the opposite, actually. On the top of the camera lies the power button. With just a simple push, it springs to life, greeting me with a display of three different lights and a quaint little noise that almost seems to say ‘Let’s get printing!’

The one-of-a-kind design elements

A fascinating quirk of the design is the positioning of the micro SD card slot on the camera’s bottom. Planning to use a memory card? Keep in mind the sneakily hidden underbelly of the camera. This is also where your charging port resides, making it clear that the designers valued maintaining a sleek, uncluttered look.

A realm of paper and prints

The top of the Printer Matic is not just for show; it serves as the sneaky hiding spot for your sheets of print paper. At a glimpse, you might just miss it, but it’s a necessary player in the game of instant printing.

A button that “clicks”

It wouldn’t be a camera without the picture taking button. The button on this device is big and noticeable, perfectly designed to stir up the anticipation that precedes capturing an image. Without much ado, click it and stand by as your picture materializes right in front of you.

A switch to awaken your monochrome musings

Adding a bit of variety to the Printer Matic’s suite of features is a switch that allows you to toggle between black and white and color pictures. Just flip it, and you’re good to go. Your black and white images might just carry a certain classical elegance that regular pictures lack.

Getting to grips with the Kodak Printer Matic gives off an air of nostalgia intertwined with modernity. It proves a point: simple design can create significant experiences. It feels rather like carrying a bit of history in my pocket, except this small part of history is ready to capture the present at my command.

Interpretation of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Exploring The Camera’s Functionality

  • Kodak Printer Matic designed for instant printing.
  • Red light system lacks clear explanations.
  • Camera uses Micro SD Card, max capacity 32 GB.

While the Kodak Printer Matic comes across as a delightful piece of technology, I still had to scrutinize its functionality closely to understand if it really serves its purpose or not. Please join me on this exploratory dive.

What Happens When You Press The Camera Button

The moment of truth begins with a gentle press of the camera button. To my surprise, it immediately initiates a print action. An investigation reveals a pointer towards its design, which appears geared for instant printing – ready to print photos regardless of the presence or absence of a photo paper inside. Notably, with no memory card and print paper, you’d expect some checks and notifications, but no.

Note: This gives an impression that it lacks a paper sensor, which might be a small downside for users who might need a little warning before they impulsively click away.

The Red Light Symmetry – What Is It Trying to Communicate?

I observed a flurry of red lights blinking rapidly just after the printing process. These red lights came to a stop after the blink-frenzy, making me wonder if it’s throwing out some secret Morse code. On pressing the camera button, an audible camera click is present, but what’s notably missing is something to interpret the significance of these blinking red lights. A detail around this in the user guide would certainly have helped.

A Bit About The Camera’s Tech Specs

On digging deeper into the specs of the camera, I found that it doesn’t use a SD card, rather it takes a Micro SD Card, with a max capacity of 32 GB. These details add up to the camera’s user-friendly appeal as micro SDs are more compact and however, a little more tricky to handle especially if you have bigger fingers. The inbuilt Lithium-ion battery is a cause for celebration as well. The camera proudly boasts of an advanced optical viewfinder, automatic focus, and an aperture of F-22, something typical of standard digital cameras.

A Memory Card Perspective: An Overview of The Micro SD Card Functionality

I dug out a micro SD card and fit it in the dedicated slot. It’s worth mentioning that the card has to be pushed in deep, which can get a bit challenging for users with bigger fingers. Nevertheless, the addition of the memory card seemed to smooth out the blinking red light problem (now turned white), implying that things should work as intended henceforth. Despite this ease, the fact that the MicroSD card being seated so deep in the slot could make it trickier to remove.

Trying Out Multiple Quick Shots: A Playful Test

To test the limits of the printer, I decided to take quick, successive shots with my newfound gadget. As reassuring beeps followed each click, the camera seemed more than willing to keep up with my joyfully rapid picture taking. Hence, it provides a viable option for people wanting to capture multiple moments consecutively without having to wait for a reload.

Remarks on KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

A Dive Into The Printing Experience

  • Always load blue calibration sheet for smooth printing
  • Kodak Printer Matic offers user-friendly interface
  • Printing process simple but interesting

As a product reviewer, the moment I finally get to experience the functionalities of a product always excites me. That’s exactly the case with this Kodak Printer Matic as the time came to dive into the printing experience. With the zinc paper loaded and blue calibration sheet in hand, I couldn’t wait to see the print that this little machine would produce.

Loading the Zinc Paper and Blue Calibration Sheet

First things first, of course, was to load the zinc paper into the printer. “Open it up and put it in,” I said to myself, tapping into an almost instinctive understanding of these gadgets. The blue calibration sheet needs to be loaded downwards, one of the tricks I carefully noted to ensure the printing process itself goes smoothly. Note: Don’t forget the blue calibration sheet folks – it’s crucial!

An Unexpected Calibration Process

With the calibration process rolling, my anticipation rose as the LED print light lit up. And then, a little surprise – the blue calibration sheet was being ejected from the camera! “Is the color calibration sheet being used for calibration itself?” I thought, and my suspicion was confirmed just as the first print began its journey from the camera to the outside world. It was a delightful little twist on the journey of getting to know the device’s printing process better.

The Arrival of First Print – A Cause for Excitement

And then, there it was…the first print. Sliding out of the Printer Matic, it was a moment of honest excitement. Seeing the image come to life outside of the digital realm is something that truly is thrilling, despite my years of experience with similar products. It was satisfying to witness the physical manifestation of a moment captured, made all the more special by the fact that it was a print output of a device as compact as this one.

Ultimately, this dive into the printing process of the Kodak Printer Matic reinforced that this camera provides a user-friendly interface, while offering some unexpected surprises that add to its mystique. The process was simple yet interesting, with the blue calibration sheet making sure the colors were just right. It left me not just satisfied, but excited to explore more of what the Printer Matic had to offer!

Audit of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Printer Matic’s Ink Printing Technology: A Refreshing Flashpoint

  • Prints from Kodak Printer Matic require only photo paper
  • Produced prints are smudge, water, tear-resistant and adhesive

Switching gears, let’s delve into the technology that fuels the Kodak Printer Matic – Ink Printing. What’s refreshing here is how the camera manages to produce excellent prints without the hassle of constantly replacing ink or toner cartridges.

Ink Printing Technology and the Kodak Printer Matic Advantage

In the era of digital photography, there’s something almost nostalgic about print photography. And when that process becomes as easy and seamless as with the Kodak Printer Matic, things only get better. This device harnesses ink printing technology – a method I found to be efficient and fuss-free.

With this camera, all you essentially need is a pack of photo paper. The device uses this paper to churn out the desired prints with precision and aplomb. It’s worth mentioning that traditional inks and toners do not have a role to play here. The result – less mess, less fuss, and more focus on capturing those perfect moments.

The Photo Paper – More Than Meets The Eye

  1. Smudge Proof – As someone meddling with technology and devices on a regular basis, the last thing I need is getting smudge all over. Thankfully, the prints from the Kodak Printer Matic came out smudge-proof, minimizing worries about spoiling them with accidental finger traces.

  2. Water Resistant – Yup, you read that right! In my experience, the photo paper demonstrated commendable resilience against water, contributing to the durability of the prints.

  3. Tear Resistant – Handling prints becomes stress-free when you don’t have to be extremely cautious about accidentally tearing them. This, for me, was a significant practical advantage.

  4. Adhesive Back – Picture this, clicking a picture, printing it instantly, and then being able to stick it to your scrapbook, wall, or wherever you please. The adhesive back of these prints certainly lends a handy tweak to instant printing.

It’s these thoughtful details that make the Kodak Printer Matic stand out in my eyes. While the concept of instant prints is pretty straightforward – click, print, and have a physical copy of your memory, it’s the ease and simplicity with which this camera executes this process that makes it worth considering.

Analysis of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Testing The Camera Without A Micro SD Card: Pushing The Limits

  • Camera tested without memory card, still operated
  • Camera can print pictures without storing them

Testing a camera without a memory card, you ask? That’s exactly what I decided to do! As a dedicated copywriter, I wanted to check out what happened when I operated the Kodak Printer Matic without a Micro SD card inside. I set off on this somewhat unusual mission, allowing the excitement to guide me.

Taking and Printing Pictures Without Storing Them: A Possibility

It felt like taking a leap of faith when I ejected the Micro SD card. The camera responded with a red LED warning light to indicate the missing card. Regardless, I decided to soldier on, not allowing a minor stumbling block to hinder my exploration. The target of my impromptu photoshoot was my colorful fish oil bottle, an unsuspecting yet perfect subject in this mad scientist-like experiment.

My heart thrummed in my chest as I hit the camera button, half-expecting a system error or a refusal to operate. Yet, to my surprise, the Kodak Printer Matic began the familiar process of printing.

If I had to describe the moment, ‘exciting’ would be an oversimplification. I was pleasantly surprised by this discovery. The camera indeed could operate without an SD card. The idea seemed wild at first, but the Kodak Printer Matic managed it with ease. The ability to use this camera to create prints without needing a memory card adds yet another layer of convenience and adaptability to this device.

In some ways, this feature is akin to the camera’s own rebellious streak of creativity, carving out new possibilities where there seemed to be roadblocks. We can see the memory card not as a stringent requirement but rather an option to save pictures on demand.

Considering everything, my experiment with this camera was a thrilling roller coaster, filled with moments of suspense, excitement, and ultimately, success. It reiterated the fact that sometimes, pushing the limits can lead to surprisingly delightful results.

Probe of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera


  • Kodak Printer Matic combines nostalgic charm and modern design
  • Provides smudge-proof, water-resistant, tear-resistant instant prints
  • No need for ink toner, saving users money and time

After spending significant time with the Kodak Printer Matic, my experiences have been a notable mix of admiration and mild skepticism. Here’s my unbiased take on this camera.

My Final Thoughts on The Kodak Printer Matic

The Kodak Printer Matic camera stands apart with its nostalgic charm and modern, user-friendly design. The compact size makes it portable, and it’s fairly straightforward in its functionality with a single sheet of clear instructions.

However, the struggles with loading the camera and absence of provided photo paper slightly hampered the unboxing joy. It would be more convenient for users if the photo paper was included, even if only a small test pack. Nonetheless, once up and running, this camera truly left its mark. The simplicity of snapping a picture and then having a physical photo in hand is a reminder of the joy of instant photography, creating a somewhat beautiful blend of nostalgia and modern tech.

The Beauty of Instant Prints In The Digital Age: A Sentimental Reflect

Returning to instant prints in this digital age felt like a refreshing change of pace. In an age where every photo we take gets buried somewhere in our digital devices, it was nice to experience the tangible aspect of photography.

True, the print size of 2×3 inches might not be to everyone’s liking, and the uniqueness of this size could invite some criticism. Latter consideration though is a potentially pleasant detail for those looking for a more intimate and charming photo format. The prints themselves, being smudge-proof, water-resistant and tear-resistant, promise longevity, which I believe is a significant selling point.

The lack of need for an ink toner is one of the standout features of the Kodak Printer Matic, a factor that could become a considerable money and time saver for users. Additionally, the option to interchangeably use the device as a digital camera made the Kodak Printer Matic versatile in its appeal.

In the end, with its compact design, simple functionality, and the delightful prints it produces, the Kodak Printer Matic has managed to carve a unique niche for itself. It may not replace your everyday digital camera, but it certainly offers a unique, nostalgic experience that’s worth exploring.

A Hopeful Sign-Off and An Encouragement to Join The Kodak Printer Matic Journey Yourself

In conclusion, the Kodak Printer Matic is an interesting take on the blend of classic and contemporary. It invites you to reminisce about the old school magic of instant printing while embracing the convenience of today’s tech advances. If that proposition piques your interest at all, Kodak Printer Matic might just be the camera you never knew you needed.

Probe of KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera

Post Script: The Power Of Affiliates

Alright folks, it’s been a wild ride exploring and discussing the fresh perspective that the Kodak Printer Matic brings to the world of instant print cameras. We’re nearing the end of this insightful review but before we wrap it up, there’s one final important topic to address – the power of affiliates.

Now, if you’ve been following along and have found yourself thoroughly captivated by this retro, yet innovative little machine, you might be thinking about grabbing one yourself. But where to buy? From the world of ecommerce comes the amazing concept of affiliate links, a wonderful element to consider in our digital shopping age.

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Well, with affiliate links, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re also supporting the content creators that guide you in making these important decisions. By using affiliate links, a small portion of the proceeds goes back to the creator without costing you anything extra. Think of it as giving a little tip for the service. And who knows? Maybe it helps fuel more informative sessions like this one in the future!

Where can I find these Affiliate Links?

Without catering to a particular platform, you can generally find affiliate links in most product reviews. For this review, given we’re maintaining the veil of anonymity, we will not be providing direct links. However, these are easy to spot – simply look for a section, usually at the end of online reviews or in video descriptions, labeled “affiliate links”.

The Takeaway

When wrapping up, it’s important to remember that the right product for you depends on your own unique needs and preferences – the Kodak Printer Matic might just tick all those boxes. If it does and you decide to take the leap, consider using an affiliate link to do so. Not only do you get your product, but you also contribute positively to the content creators that led you there. Win-win, right?

And that, my dear friends, is the understated yet empowering aspect of affiliate links in our e-commerce landscape. As we conclude this ride, keep in mind, whether you’re just window shopping or actively looking for a purchase, reviews and affiliates matter in the digital marketplace. So, make the most out of them!

Should you buy the KODAK Printomatic Digital Instant Print Camera?

Buy it if…

You Enjoy the Fun of Immediate Prints

The Kodak Printer Matic offers instant printing, making it a fun gadget for parties or get-togethers where you want to capture and share moments on the spot.

You Want a Compact Instant Print Camera

The Kodak Printer Matic is extremely portable, making it a handy tool for travel or moving around frequently.

You Want to Save on Ink

The Printer Matic uses inkless printing technology – saving you the cost of replenishing ink or toner; you only need to purchase the photo paper packs.

Don’t buy it if…

High-Quality Photos are a Must for You

The prints are quite small (2 inches by 3 inches), which might not meet your needs if you’re looking for larger or professional-level prints.

Your Require Large Storage Capability

Printer Matic supports a MicroSD up to 32GB only, it might not suffice, if you want to store a large number of photos.

You Prefer Online Photo Storage

If you’re someone accustomed to storing pictures digitally or on the cloud, the instant print may feel unnecessary or costly due to the requirement of photo papers.


What comes in the box with the Kodak Printer Matic?
The box contains the Kodak Printer Matic camera, a charger and a one-page instruction set.
Is the photo paper included in the Kodak Printer Matic camera box?
No, the instruction sheet mentions that photo paper is not included. You must purchase it separately.
Does the camera have different modes for black, white, and color pictures?
Yes, there is a switch on Kodak Printer Matic which allows to choose between black & white and color prints.
Does the camera use a standard SD card or a micro SD card?
The Kodak Printer Matic camera uses a micro SD card.
What happens if I take a picture without a micro SD card or print paper in the camera?
The camera will still go through the printing process but without outputting any print.
Is the photo taken by the Printer Matic camera stored inside if it does not have a memory card?
No, the photo you’ve taken will be printed but not saved. An inserted micro SD card is necessary if you want to store photos.
How does the Kodak Printer Matic print photos?
The Kodak Printer Matic uses ink printing technology with the special zinc paper. You don’t need to buy ink separately.
What is the dimension of the prints from the Printer Matic camera?
The prints are 2 inches by 3 inches.
Is the Kodak Printer Matic Camera portable?
Yes, Compared to other instant printers, the Printer Matic camera is smaller and more portable.
Will Printer Matic camera save the picture without a Micro SD Card in it?
No, you can still take and print photos but in order to save them, you will need a Micro SD Card in the camera.

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