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Review: Keys Finder 4Pack Gray – Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker – Simplistic, versatile with dual find mode

Explore this review to see how ‘Fine Thing’ can simplify locating everyday essentials... Read more

Review of Keys Finder 4Pack Gray - Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker

Table of Contents

Test of Keys Finder 4Pack Gray – Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker

3.9/5 - (221 votes)

Cena: $39.99


  • Easy to setup and use.
  • App is available on App Store.
  • Package includes Four versatile tags.
  • Tags equipped with chains for easy attachment.
  • Double tie tape for secure placement.
  • Diverse application – can locate various items.
  • Useful distance-marker and location history features.


  • Perceived fragility of the tag chains.
  • Tape attachment might not suit all surfaces.
  • Functionality dependent on proximity to network.

“After a comprehensive review and hands-on experience with ‘Fine Thing’, I appreciate its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. The dual find mode truly stands out, and the ability to easily attach it to various items helps in everyday situations. While I had reservations about the chain’s fragility, the overall convenience of the product’s features look promising. Ultimately, ‘Fine Thing’ can be a handy tool for anyone who frequently misplaces items. However, as always, I encourage potential users to consider their personal use cases before making a purchase decision.”

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Brand Nutale
Are Batteries Included Yes
Number of Batteries 4 CR2 batteries required. (included)
Compatible Devices Tablet
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

Introduction: Welcome Back to Another Exciting Review!

Hey there! I’m glad you’ve decided to join me on another journey – this time, it’s all about a unique product I’ve recently come across, the “Find Thing”. You might be wondering, “What’s so exciting about another tech product?” Well, I’m here to spill the details and let you in on my firsthand user experience with this use-in-all gadget.

A Fresh Approach: Unveiling the “Find Thing”

‘Find Thing’ – as interesting as the name is – it’s far more exciting with its concept. This isn’t your usual tracking device – instead, it’s a nifty little tool designed to help find things with the simplicity of an app and a tag. From your purse to your remote control and even your computer, ‘Find Thing’ claims to be your go-to locator. Quite a big deal, right? But does it live up to the hype?

An Unboxer’s Delight: The Package Content

The package arrived neatly packed and well-organized – a great start, I must say. Inside, I found four tags (two black and two white), a chain, a manual, and double-tie tapes. The chain, though looking a bit fragile, adds a nice touch to the overall aesthetic of the tags. However, I remain sceptical of its durability. With these pieces in hand, let’s gear up for an interesting dive into the world of ‘Find Thing’.

Remember, though, as much as first impressions matter, what’s ultimately important is how well the product performs in real-time, everyday use. So, let’s buckle up and see where this journey takes us.

Testing Keys Finder 4Pack Gray - Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker

A Deep Dive into “Find Thing’s” Key Features

  • Simplified user experience with downloadable app
  • ‘Fine Thing’ tags are aesthetically neat but fragile
  • Tags can be secured to various surfaces via adhesive tape

We’re about to explore the key elements that make up the ‘Find Thing’. Let’s delve into what makes it a product worthy of attention.

Simplified User Experience: The Downloadable App

One major highlight is the innovative mobile application that accompanies ‘Find Thing’. As soon as you unbox the item, the instructions guide you to download it from the App Store. The process is shipshape and straightforward, granting you access to an interactive platform to manage the device.

The ‘Fine Thing’ Tags: Insights and Initial Impressions

I was genuinely captivated by the well-thought-out packaging. Encased within, one discovers the four tags and an accessory chain. Now, let’s break that down.

Build and Aesthetics: A Critical Look at the ‘Fine Thing’ Tags

The tags themselves are alternatively black and white—two each. Aesthetically, they’re pretty neat and seem to blend well with most items I’d usually attach them to. However, durability might be an issue as they do appear a bit fragile, particularly the chain. It would have been great to see more sturdy chains to ensure longevity.

The Tag Lifeline: The Included Double Tie Tape

  • Computers: The product is packaged with double-sided adhesive tape. I found this convenient when it came to securing the tag to the back of a computer, and I am sure it will be handy in attaching it to other similar surfaces.
  • Handheld devices: You can also secure a tag to your mobile device using the tape. This feature hikes the device’s portability and expands its range of applications.

In a nutshell, the package contains all you need to get started on the journey of never losing your items. The careful thought that went into the design and packaging is commendable!

An Array of Attachment Opportunities with ‘Fine Thing’

‘Fine Thing’ is not just about aesthetics. It proves to be a highly versatile product, with a range of items you can attach the tags to, extending its usefulness beyond the usual key holder role and providing value for your money. You can practically ‘fine’ anything!

View of Keys Finder 4Pack Gray - Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker

Testing ‘Fine Thing’: A Hands-on User’s Experience

  • ‘Fine Thing’ offers uncomplicated, straightforward usage
  • Device provides accurate location history
  • Contains shared network for lost item recovery

Let me tell you, when it comes to the actual use of ‘Fine Thing’, it really is as straightforward as the manual suggests. As a user, you’ll appreciate how no-nonsense its whole operation is. Amid a myriad of gizmos that hassle us with overly complicated usage instructions, this right here, is a breath of fresh air.

Power-On: Activating the Tag on My computer

Once I fastened one of the tags to my computer, it was merely a matter of pressing a button and voila! The app lights up with key information. Specifically, two things struck me as noteworthy.

1 Looking into the Locator Feature: Distance-Marking and Location History

First, the locator feature I thought was pretty clever. It gives an approximate distance from the tag; according to the app, mine was 3 meters or less. But perhaps even more significantly, it provides a location history , mapping out where my computer had been. It pinpointed my place accurately to the Metro West area here in Orlando, giving me an extra layer of security if the device accidentally goes missing.

2 Updates and Settings: Keeping Up with ‘Fine Thing’

The prominence of the firmware update feature and the settings panel on the app’s interface is a positive sign. It implies that the product developers are invested in ensuring the application remains updated with continuous performance improvements and bug fixes. Clearly, they seem to be looking beyond just the point of sale.

The Sharing Network: Lost and Found Made Easy

Another interesting element I discovered about ‘Fine Thing’ is the potential to harness a communal network to recover your lost items. If you report your device as stolen, other users within this network might just be your knights in shining armor. They can help track down your device if they happen to come across it. This collective eagle-eye surveillance is quite an innovative idea if you ask me.

However, there is a critical point to take into account. The efficacy of this feature, I imagine, would directly depend on the number of ‘Fine Thing’ users in the vicinity. In places with fewer users, the likelihood of successfully tracking lost devices might be lower.

Stay tuned as I explore the dual mode of the ‘Fine Thing’ in the next section. It’s a bonus feature that emphasizes just how much user-oriented thought has gone into this product design.

Probe of Keys Finder 4Pack Gray - Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker

‘Fine Thing’s’ Secret Weapon: Dual Find Mode

  • Fine Thing features dual find mode for phone and tag
  • Tag locates phone by playing a tune
  • Phone locates tag via an app and beeping sound

One feature of the Fine Thing that really stands out is its dual find mode functionality. It essentially morphs from a simple tracking device into a secret superhero, delivering a two-fold solution whenever you misplace either your tag or phone.

How Your Tag Finds Your Phone: When Your Phone Plays Hide-And-Seek

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably experienced those panicky moments where you can’t quite remember where you left your phone. That’s where Fine Thing truly shines. The tag, once paired with your phone, has a neat little trick up its sleeve.

All it needs is a double press and voilà! Your phone, wherever it’s hidden, begins to sing a tune. This feature proves to be a real life-saver, especially in those hectic times when I’m rushing out the door and I can’t locate my phone quickly.


This feature is particularly handy if your phone often ends up buried under a pile of laundry or lost in the depths of a large bag. However, it’s crucial to remember, the tag’s range does come into play here. Whether this feature works effectively may depend on how far apart your tag and phone are.

How Your Phone Finds Your Tag: Never Lose A Tag Again

Flip the coin, and the versatility of the Fine Thing reveals itself further. The device asserts its value not only as a phone finder, but also a tag locator.

Within the user-friendly Fine Thing app, a simple press of a button and my phone starts emitting a beeping sound. This acoustic signal is incredibly valuable in visually cluttered environments or when items attached to the tag are not within immediate sight.

  • Pros:

    The dual find mode of Fine Thing provides two useful features in one package. The device ensures that both your phone and your tagged belongings are easily locatable. It definitely alleviates the stress and anxiety associated with lost or misplaced items.

  • Cons:

    The effectiveness of the find feature might be constrained by the device’s physical range. Users might experience limitations in larger homes or offices. Nevertheless, within an average-sized space, the device works as intended.

In conclusion, Fine Thing’s dual find mode is a practically useful feature, providing a complete package to keep track of your tag and phone which can be a genuine asset for the forgetful among us.

Estimate of Keys Finder 4Pack Gray - Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker

Conclusion: My Wrap-Up Thoughts on ‘Fine Thing’

As I step back and reflect on my experience with the ‘Fine Thing’ tags, I have some intriguing observations to share.

Value for Money and Convenience

I think ‘Fine Thing’ offers a good bang for your buck. Considering the number of uses you can get out of it, I’d say it’s a cost-effective solution for those who constantly misplace items.

Look and Feel of the Tags

From the aesthetics point of view, the tags, though appear a bit fragile, are pretty sleek and do not look out of place when tagged to objects. However, there is definitely room for improvement when it comes to making them more robust. A bit more durability and I can see these tags being attached to more high-wear items. So, yes ‘Fine Thing’, I’m looking for a more rugged version too!

Application and Connectivity

The accompanying app was user-friendly and intuitive. Getting along with the app was a breeze, and It did make organizing and tracking easier. Connectivity was immediate with no hiccups, implying a robust, reliable mechanism with no-fuss involved.

Features and Functionality

Feature-wise, the dual find mode is a lifesaver. Being able to find my phone through a tag, and vice versa seems incredibly useful. Also, the sharing network feature is innovative and something I didn’t expect. The concept of creating a community where everyone helps find lost items is commendable.

Final Thoughts

Though not without its flaws, the ‘Fine Thing’ brings a great deal to the table. It’s not only a device but a whole system to help you keep track of items. While some improvements can be made on the sturdiness front, its features, overall performance, and pricing makes ‘Fine Thing’ a worthy consideration for anyone frequently losing track of their belongings.

Should you buy the Keys Finder 4Pack Gray – Item Locator Bluetooth Tracker?

Buy it if…

You constantly misplace items

The ‘Fine Thing’ tag can be attached to everyday items such as remote controls, purses, phones, making it easier to locate them when misplaced.

You value convenience and simplicity

The ‘Fine Thing’ comes with an easily downloadable app and a user-friendly interface, enabling easy access and use of all features.

You want to add a layer of security

With the ‘Fine Thing’ sharing network, lost or stolen items can potentially be located by other users, increasing the chances of retrieval.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re looking for a robust design

The tag, although aesthetically pleasing, appears quite fragile and may not withstand rigorous usage.

You’re not a fan of phone attachments

The ‘Fine Thing’ tag is designed to be stuck or hooked onto items, which could be problematic for people who prefer their devices plain and free of additional items.

Your device isn’t nearby

The ‘Fine Thing’ seems to work optimally when the tagged object is within a short radius, it may not be as effective if you commonly misplace items at more remote locations.


Is the ‘Fine Thing’ difficult to set up or use?
No, it’s pretty simple to use. The device comes with a user manual. Plus, there’s an application ‘Fine Thing’ that you need to download from the App Store.
Does ‘Fine Thing’ only come in one color?
No, the package includes two black and two white tags.
Can I attach the ‘Fine Thing’ to my phone and computer?
Yes, ‘Fine Thing’ can be attached to anything like a purse, remote controls, phones, and even computers using the included double tie tape.
Can I track the location of my items using ‘Fine Thing’?
Yes, ‘Fine Thing’ has a distance-marker and a location history feature that shows where your tagged items are.
What if my ‘Fine Thing’ device was stolen?
If you report your device as stolen and any person in the same network is close to your device, they might able to track it.
Do I need to buy batteries for ‘Fine Thing’?
No, it comes with an integrated battery.
Can ‘Fine Thing’ only find tags?
No, it works in two ways; it can help you find your tags and help you find your phone as well.

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