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Review: JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount – Remarkable Adjustability and Outstanding Compatibility

Experience the thrill with this versatile mount, your ultimate ride companion... Read more

Review of JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

Test of JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

4.5/5 - (6767 votes)

Cena: $19.99


  • Great adjustability for different devices
  • Easy installation process
  • Firm, sturdy design
  • Universal compatibility (scooter and bike)
  • Resilient to bumps and movement
  • Impressive accessory kit


  • May be too large for thin poles
  • Resistance encountered when unthreading

“Reflecting on my experience, I can’t deny the value this mount has added to my scooter rides. Its easy installation, remarkable adjustability, and outstanding compatibility with my bike and scooter truly stands out. Though it’s essential to remember these experiences are personal, and every user may not share the same sentiments. However, from my perspective, given its current performance, it undoubtedly claims the title of the best mount I’ve ever had.”

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Color Black
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Compatible Phone Models 4″-7″ phones, such as iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Plus/iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro Max/ iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max without case, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, 6S Plus, 6S, SE, 6, Galaxy S21, S21+, S20, S20Ultra, S20+, S10e, S10+, S10, S9+, S9, S8+, S8, S7 Edge, M20, J3 Pro, J3, E5, Core Max, C9 Pro, C8, C7 Pro, C7, C5 Pro, C5, A9s, A9 Star, A9, A8s, A8, A70, A7, A6s, A60, A50, A40S, A10, On7,LG G7 ThinQ, V50 ThinQ, V40 ThinQ, V30, V20, G6, G8s ThinQ, W10, V30s+, G4 One, V30s, Q60, W30, Stylo 4, X Power, Q6+, K40, Q7, X300, Stylo 3, K8, Q7 Plus, X2, Aristo, Q7α, Q8, G5, V30 Plus, G5 SE, Stylus 2 Plus, Q6, Q6α, X Venture, X400, K10, G6+, X Screen, Motorola Moto Z4, Z3 Play, Z2 Play, Z Play, Z Force, Z, X4, P30 Play, P30 Note, P30, M, G7 Power, G7 Plus, G7 Play, G7, G6 Plus, G6 Play, G5S+, G5 Plus, G5, G4 Plus, E5 Plus, E5 Play, E4 Plus, C Plus, C, Google Pixel, 3, 3 XL, 2, XL, 2 XL, 3a, 3a XL, 3 Lite, ZTE Axon 7 mini P9 P8 LG G5 G4 G3 G2 v10; HTC One M9, M8, M7, Max, Nexus 6, 6P, 5, 4, Sony Xperia Z3, Z2, Z8, Nokia Lumia BlackBerry
Mounting Type Handlebar

An Exciting Unboxing: Revealing the Best Mount I’ve Ever Had

Could you sense the burst of excitement when I opened the box? This wasn’t just another gadget – it was a multi-purpose mount that promised compatibility with motorcycles, regular bicycles, sports bikes, and even scooters.

Impressions Right Out of the Box: First Look and Features

As I picked it up, I was immediately impressed by the sturdy, high-quality design. Nicely compact, pleasantly weighty, and very sleek. With adjustable elements that can cater to many different sizes, this mount certainly sets a high bar when it comes to first impressions.

  • Well-designed locking mechanism: This mount is equipped with a unique locking system. Just press in the corners to extend it and accommodate your device. Once the device is placed, a firm press on the back button secures it in place.
  • Easy removal: The design allows for hassle-free removal of your device. Lift the back, press, and voila! You can pop out your device without any fuss.

Handling Everyday Tech: The Mount’s Remarkable Adjustability

The practicality of this mount is absolutely commendable. Thanks to the versatile design, accommodating my scooter, sports bike, and even regular bicycle is a breeze. The adjustability factor is a major plus point and it’s easy to imagine this being a near-universal fit for whatever regular devices you might use during your daily journeys.

Now, I ought to clarify – any mount can claim to be versatile. However, this one actually delivers on that promise. I’ve tried using other mounts with my rather thick scooter – four of them, in fact – and none really measured up. At this initial stage, this mount seems promising; it’s definitely an intriguing product right out of the box.

Report: JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

Diving Into the Unboxing: A Detailed Look at the Versatile Mount

  • Mount’s blend of versatility and simplicity stands out
  • Mounting bracket enhances user-friendly setup
  • Mount’s design allows compatibility with thicker poles

Once the unboxing was complete, what stood out was the extraordinary blend of versatility and simplicity of this mount. Now let’s delve deeper into the details of this extraordinary tech offering.

Unveiling the Accessories: All About The Mounting Bracket

The mount comes complete with an accompanying mounting bracket. This nifty addition was extremely user-friendly and straight forward in function. As a key component, the mounting bracket facilitates the mount’s attachment to the bike or scooter. I was particularly impressed by the mechanism of this bit of tech – you simply untwist a piece, push it in, pop it in, and retwist it back on. It couldn’t be any easier, yet it’s highly practical and reliable. However, while we’re amid praises, I must mention that the installation instruction was slightly lacking in clarity. My advice for a hassle-free setup process? Follow the instructions step by step, but also be patient and intuitive.

Installation Demystified: How to Set Up and Use This Mount

The ease with which I could install this versatile mount deserves applause as well.

  1. The first step is to thread out the mount. The mount’s design allows for a wide-open setup, which is quite an advantage, especially when dealing with thicker poles.
  2. You would then align it to the pole of your ride. Considering the width it can achieve, compatibility was hardly an issue. An important note though – there is a point of resistance. You need to stop unthreading just about there. Pushing it might lead to an unnecessary hassle.
  3. Once you’re satisfied with the alignment, just tighten the piece back on and Voilà! Your mount is ready for use.

Despite the easy setup, I found it rather surprising that there wasn’t any specific marker or guideline to identify the resistance point during wider openings. Not a dealbreaker, but something for the manufacturer to consider improving for future iterations.

Overall the unboxing was a smooth ride. The mount’s design is brilliant, incredibly user-friendly and practical which says a lot about the attention paid to the detailing and user convenience aspect during its creation. Even though there were minor hiccups, none of them were major hurdles, and the product emerged victorious in terms of its utilitarian appeal.

Rundown: JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

Once Tested, Always Loved: My Enthusiastic Experience With This Mount

  • Mount has sturdy construction and a sleek design
  • Fits perfectly on thick scooter handlebars
  • Features user-friendly rotate-and-lock mechanism

When I first got my hands on this mount, I could not help but marvel at its sturdy construction and sleek design. I was eager to test it out and see if it lived up to the initial impressions.

Test Run Success: The Mount Wins On My Thick Scooter

I’ve previously bought four different mounts that promised compatibility with my scooter. However, each time, I encountered issues with fit and stability. Hence, I approached this new contender with a fair bit of skepticism. The first test? Mounting it onto my notoriously thick scooter.

After correctly adjusting the bracket and securing it into place, I was positively surprised. This mount was a perfect fit! And not just that – it felt secure and solidly attached, despite the thickness of my scooter’s handlebars. The mount held on confidently, without any signs of wobbling or displacement. It was a refreshing change from my prior experiences.

A Handful of Adjustments: Making This Mount Work For You

Having cleared the scooter test, it was time to fit in the phone. I found the process intuitive and straightforward. Upon placing the phone between the adjustable corners, all I had to do was push a button at the back to lock it in place. The mount’s dynamic nature allowed me to make any necessary adjustments comfortably. So, whether it’s a quick unlocking or protecting the phone during a bumpy ride, this mount’s flexibility and ease of use is noteworthy.

What particularly impressed me was the innovative rotate-and-lock mechanism, a user-friendly feature that ensures the phone remains secure, even when subjected to motion. It’s these small, well-thought-out details that set this mount apart from many others on the market.

Overall, this mount is clearly designed with the user experience and variety of usage scenarios in mind. It’s adaptable, practical, and thoughtfully built — all while being quite a breeze to use.

Inspecting JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

Making A Bold Statement: This Is the Only Mount That Has Worked For Me

  • Mount delivers promised compatibility with scooter and bike.
  • Mount offers effortless fit and surprising stability.

Allow me to get straight to the point here – of all the mounts I’ve had the chance to lay my hands on, this, without a shadow of doubt, is the only one that has truly delivered on its promises.

Effortless Fit: Breaking Down Its Compatibility With My Scooter and Bike

As an enthusiastic user of both a scooter and a bike, I can’t stress enough the need for a sturdy and reliable mount that effortlessly fits and adjusts to different modes of transportation. Now, anyone who’s tried to fit a mount on a thick scooter will agree with my earlier despair. However, this mount changed the narrative. The ability to attach this device onto my hefty scooter frame was stunning. It just fit like a dream! No force needed, no shoving or grueling adjustments. Just simple, effortless compatibility.

Handling The Bumps: My Verdict On Its Stability

Another impressive point worth discussing is the ample stability of this tool under intense condition. Take an impromptu road test for instance .

  • It passed the bounce test with my scooter, staying firmly in place even when we were freewheeling over speed bumps.
  • It held on to the handlebars, refusing to budge when swayed around during an animated chat about its efficacy.

Seen and inspected all these remarkable features and, more importantly, having witnessed firsthand the ease of installation and dependable strength they provide, it’s impossible for me to lose the excitement or understate the value of this mount. But, it’s crucial to remember, this isn’t a sales pitch. It’s an unbiased user experience meant to provide key insights about this mount, based on genuine use and systematic testing.

I’ve found a product that’s a clear winner in the realm of bike and scooter mounts. And if you’ve ever been stuck like I have, trying to find a mount that works well with a bulky or unconventional scooter frame, you’ll understand why this mount has impressed me so much.

Lookover of JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount

In Conclusion: Why this is the Best Mount I’ve Had

Reflecting on my time spent with this multi-purpose mount, I am wholeheartedly impressed. It’s important for me as a reviewer to maintain a neutral outlook, critically looking at each facet of a product’s performance, but I must say – in this instance – I am somewhat compelled to be a fan because truly, this has been the best mount I’ve ever had.

Amazing Sturdiness: Enduring the Rigorous Movement Test

One remarkable feature of this mount is its unfaltering sturdiness. After fitting securely onto the thick pole of my scooter, this mount had phenomenally managed to stay robust and resilient, regardless of the movement or reshuffling it had to endure. From riding over minor bumps to forcefully moving the mount around, it showed no signs of instability or weakness – a testament to its superior build and design.

Final Thoughts: My Excitement Isn’t Misplaced!

From a critical perspective, the versatility of this mount cannot be overstated. It is a versatile piece of equipment that managed to offer a solution to what was previously a mounting predicament for my scooter and bicycle. Whether it was the adjustable bracket, the secure locking mechanism, or the simple ease of use, this mount successfully ticked all my boxes.

  • Versatility: The mount not only catered for a motorbike but also a traditional push-bike and my scooter which was a big win for me and is surely an asset for any potential buyer.
  • Functionality: Its features work seamlessly, from the high extendability to the convenient locking mechanism. All of these added greatly to the overall user experience.
  • Durability: After a repeated use, the mount has shown no wear or tear, further reinforcing its superb build quality.

Finally, the balance between its price and the value it provides is commendable. While there might be cheaper options on the market, none can match this mount’s combination of reliability, versatility and durability. This mount isn’t just something I was testing; it has become an integral part of my riding equipment I wouldn’t want to be without.

Should you buy the JOYROOM Motorcycle Phone Mount?

Buy it if…

You’re Looking for Versatility

This mount works great with both scooters and regular bicycles, increasing its usefulness. It even fits thick scooter handlebars.

You Need a Durable and Adjustable Mount

The product is meticulously crafted to withstand rough movement and can be adjusted for a snug fit for your device.

Value Your Device’s Security

Thanks to the lock-in place feature, your phone is always secure while being easily accessible.

Don’t buy it if…

You Prefer a Simpler Installation Process

While the mount is adjustable and secure, the setup might be a bit complicated for some.

You Have a Thin or Delicate Handlebar

As the mount fits snugly on thicker handlebars, it might not work as efficiently on thin ones.

You Don’t Require Frequent Device Access

If you don’t often need to access your phone while cycling or riding your scooter, this phone mount might be an unnecessary purchase.


What are the main features of this mount?
The mount features an adjustable system that extends to accommodate various devices. It includes a locking mechanism that holds the device securely in place. The mount also comes with a mounting bracket that fits on various sizes of poles, including thick scooters and bikes.
How do I install the mount?
First, unthread and open the mount till it fits your pole or handle. Fasten it securely using the bracket until it is tight and immovable. Then, adjust the angle of your mount as per your preference and tighten the piece on the back.
Can the mount adjust to fit any phone?
Yes, you press in its corners that allows it to extend out, where you can fit in the phone. Then, press down on a button at the back till it locks into place with your device.
How do I remove my phone from the mount?
To remove your phone from the mount, unlock it via the mechanism at the back, press the button and your phone should pop right out.
Is it stable on a motorcycle?
Yes, the mount performed exceptionally during testing, showing no movement or instability even when shaken vigorously.
What is the reviewer’s overall opinion of the product?
The reviewer is very impressed with the product, claiming it to be the best, most versatile, and only mount that has worked with their scooter and bike successfully.

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