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Review: JBL Tune 510BT – Superior sound quality at an affordable price

Explore JBL Tune 510 BT headphones: budget-friendly, high performance, and impressive technical features... Read more

Review of JBL Tune 510BT

Test of JBL Tune 510BT

4.6/5 - (42734 votes)

Cena: $23.52


  • Affordable price
  • Exceptional bass and clarity
  • Portable with foldable feature
  • 40 hours of play time
  • Fast charge: 2 hrs playtime from 5 min charge
  • Lightweight at 5.6 ounces
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now


  • Not explicitly noise-cancelling
  • Requires USB-C for charging

“In my unbiased opinion, the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones offer a harmonious balance of superior sound quality, durable build, and accessible pricing. They are comfortably snug for my daily activities, especially fitness routines, with an underlying promise of performance that strikes just the right note. The immersive sound experience they provide at such an affordable price is truly an unexpected delight. Whether you are an audiophile or someone seeking reliability for your everyday music needs – this exceptional offering from JBL checks all the right boxes.”

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Brand JBL
Model Name Tune 510BT
Color Black
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth 5.0

A Warm Welcome and the Introduction of Today’s Review

A Pleasant Greeting to the Readers

Hey, hope you’re all having a great week! I’m here today to share my honest insights and unwrap my hands-on experience with a tech gadget that may catch your interest.

Highlighting the Star of Today’s Review: JBL Tune 510 BT Headphones

So, the item I’ll be talking about today is nothing other than the JBL Tune 510 BT. The ‘JBL Tune 510 BT’ is not just a random set of wireless headphones – it’s a device that seemingly delivers more than its price would suggest. With its extensive features and high-quality sound reproduction, the JBL Tune 510 BT undoubtedly demands some serious consideration.

Throughout this review, I’ll throw light on different aspects of these headphones – its design, performance, battery life, and everything in between that highlights its individuality.

This is not just a check-list review, this is a deep-dive based on my first-hand experience. Remember, the aim here is not to upsell but to equip you with unbiased and honest feedback that’ll help you make an informed decision.

Inspecting JBL Tune 510BT

An Overview of JBL Tune 510 BT headphones

  • JBL Tune 510 BT headphones are wireless and affordable
  • They offer high-quality, “bassy” sound
  • Features include foldability and swivel ear cups

Let’s dive right into what JBL Tune 510 BT headphones bring to the table. These aren’t your average pair of headphones, they’re wireless and they’re Bluetooth 5.0 – implying quick connection and decent range. But these aren’t the only features they offer, these headphones pack some serious power.

Distinctive Features

Step aside usual headphones, because the JBL Tune 510 BT is here with some quirky and convenience-oriented features. This particular model is foldable and the ear cups swivel which is a plus when it comes to portability. It’s a rarity to find wireless over-ear headphones that pack so much functionality while still being affordable.

Most Prominent Asset: Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, the JBL Tune 510 BT wins the race hands down. The word that comes to mind when describing the output? “Bassy” . It’s not just about the boom though, these headphones provide a rich sound quality with noticeable personality.

Price Affordability

One of the standout features of these headphones has to be the price tag. Securing a set of high-quality, over-ear wireless headphones that offer so much for under $30 is a bargain. Initially priced at $49.95, these headphones were found at a retail store for $29.95 – making them an affordable wireless headphone solution .

Critical Observation

  • Construction: While the foldable and swivel feature of the headphones is convenient, there could be concerns about durability over time. However, observing the build quality, it seems like these headphones are made to last.
  • Sound Delivery: The bass dominance, while enjoyable to some, might not make these headphones the ideal choice for users who favor an equalized music experience. For those who enjoy their sound profile bass-forward, these headphones will hit the sweet spot.

Critique of JBL Tune 510BT

My Personal Experience: Picking up the Headphone from a Target store

  • Acquired JBL Tune 510 BT at a discounted price.
  • Chose over-ear headphones for gym use convenience.
  • JBL headphones offer good specs and a foldable feature.

Written with a mix of excitement and anticipation, this section of the review encapsulates my personal journey in acquiring the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones.

Convenience and the Weekend Deal

During a routine visit to the local Target store, I unearthed an irresistible deal. The JBL 510 BT , originally retailing at $49.95 on the JBL official website, was on a markdown, ringing in just at $29.95. The discovery happened over a regular weekend, precisely on a marvelous Sunday.

The Reason behind the Preferred Choice

Prior to the purchase, I had been relying on in-ear headphones for my gym sessions. These headphones, however, had a propensity to fall out during intense activities such as running, or when I began to sweat. This often disrupted focus from my workouts. Realising this recurring issue, I decided to opt for over-ear headphones that would offer a more secure fit and ultimately draw my whole attention to the workout rather than fiddling with earbuds.

The choice of JBL Tune 510 BT proved ideal in catering to this need, considering not only the tentativeness to wear the same during workout sessions but also its impressive specs in a budget-friendly package. The foldable and swivel feature added on to the convenience and prompted the purchase decision.

Considering JBL Tune 510BT

The Technical Breakdown of the Headphone

  • The JBL Tune 510 BT has 40 hours playtime
  • Headphones weigh 5.6 ounces with 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Compatible with Siri and Google Now assistance

Roaming deeper into the specifications of these magnificent headphones, JBL Tune 510 BT, their true extravagant facets start to unearth. They are not just about great functionality; they have packed some serious tech behind it. But, we all know tech jargon can feel a bit overbearing sometimes. So I’ll bust it down for you in layman terms, sharing why I found these nitty-gritty details worth noting.

Unpacking the Battery & Charging Specifications

Firstly, what caught my attention the most regarding the JBL Tune 510 BT is its impressive long battery life. 40 hours of playtime , imagine that! No, really! Picture all that play time on a single charge that takes just about two hours . That’s the kind of smooth listen experience we all crave, isn’t it? But what if you forget to charge it entirely? No worries, because JBL claims these can give you two hours of play time from just five minutes of charge time! Now, that’s something.

The Lightweight Factor and Frequency Information

These headphones weigh a mere ounces or around 159 grams for us metric system users! Light enough to be your constant companion on any journey. In terms of the frequency, they operate on a gigahertz frequency—pretty fast considering it’s a Bluetooth 5.0 device. It simply means a seamless connection with your device, providing a lag-free sound experience.

Other Technical Specs and Compatibility Features

The JBL Tune 510 BT ticks off the USB-C box as well. It’s rocking a USB-C connection type , catering to the newer standards of device charging. Additionally, the compatibility factor is tamed as well by making these headphones compatible with the virtual assistants, Siri and Google Now . So, not just songs, but even your calls, messages, reminders are all just a command away.

While these do carry technical aspects, nothing felt overbearing or unnecessarily complex. It’s rather these small technical elements that make the headphone that much efficient. Of course, everyone’s use case is different. Those who would appreciate a solid battery life and seamless bluetooth connection more, JBL Tune 510 BT is a dream come true for them. And for the tech novices, the company has made sure that the ease of use isn’t compromised one bit.

Inspecting JBL Tune 510BT

The Sound Quality and Overall Performance

  • JBL Tune 510 BT has impressive bass and sound clarity
  • Passive noise isolation resembles active noise cancellation
  • Offers balanced sound at an affordable price

Now, I’d like to share my thoughts on a very important aspect – the sound quality and overall performance of the JBL Tune 510 BT Headphones.

Bassy & Clear: Personal Experience

Straight off the bat, let’s talk about the sound itself. For the price, one might not expect much. But let me tell you, the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones deliver sound that punches way above its weight class. The bass, in particular, stands out impressively. But what’s more impressive is that this does not compromise the clarity. Even when cranking up the volume, there is no noticeable distortion and the sound retains its richness.

However, while the sound output is satisfactory for casual listeners, avid audiophiles might find it lacking in balance between highs, mids, and lows. Remember, perfection in sound largely depends on individual preferences, but I believe JBL manages to strike a good chord with most listeners.

The Close to Noise-Cancelling Experience

Another thing that surprised me was the passive noise isolation. While these headphones do not offer active noise cancellation it certainly feels like they do. The design of the ear cups forms a solid seal around the ears, effectively blocking out most surrounding noises. It almost makes you feel like you’re in your private music hemisphere.

Note: Don’t expect 100% noise cancellation. External sounds, particularly high-pitched ones, may still creep in. But, in general, if you’re in a moderately noisy environment, the JBL Tune 510 BT will do a good job of letting you enjoy your music without major distractions.

In conclusion, when it comes to the sound quality and performance, the JBL Tune 510 BT is a real value for the price. These headphones combine a satisfyingly balanced sound with a noise isolating design for an elevated listening experience. Not perfect, but very impressive for the price range.

Review of JBL Tune 510BT

Who this is for: Recommended Audience for JBL Tune 510 BT Headphones

  • Great for workouts due to firm, comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and portable, ideal for students and travelers
  • Offers 40 hours of playtime on a 2-hour charge

If you’re looking for some guidance on whether this product is for you or not, let me help shed some light. The JBL Tune 510 BT headphones offer an interesting blend of features that makes them a versatile choice for many people.

Gym Junkies and Fitness Enthusiasts

First off, let me tell you about their performance during workouts. I got these specifically for gym use after having quite a frustrating time with in-ear headphones falling out during runs or weight lifting. Think about it: mid-sprint or while lifting a heavy weight, the last thing you want is your earbuds dropping out. The JBL Tune 510 BT headphones provided a solution to this. They stayed put over my ears and showed no signs of discomfort or slipping, even in sweaty conditions. If you’re someone who exercises frequently and prefers over-ear headphones, these could be a great fit for you too.

College Students & Those on The Go

Being lightweight (at just 5.6 ounces) and foldable, these headphones can be a real catch for college students and others who are constantly on the move. They’re compact enough to fit comfortably in a backpack without adding much weight. So whether you’re commuting on public transport or walking across campus, you can enjoy your favorite music without any bulk or discomfort.

Long-Distance Travelers

If you take regular flights or long-distance trips, these headphones might catch your attention. With up to 40 hours of playtime on a 2-hour charge, you won’t find yourself stuck on a flight without your favorite tunes or podcasts. And while they aren’t marketed as noise-canceling headphones, I found that they do a pretty decent job of isolating noise, something which is incredibly useful when you’re trying to catch a nap on a noisy flight.

Whether you fit into any of these categories or are simply in search for a reliable, affordable pair of quality headphones, the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones offer valuable features that are not easy to dismiss.

Analysis of JBL Tune 510BT

Sound Demo of the JBL Tune 510 BT Headphones

  • JBL Tune 510 BT has bass-heavy, clear sound
  • Maintains clear audio even at higher volumes
  • Targeted towards everyday listeners, not audiophiles

It’s one thing to talk about the sound quality of these JBL Tune 510 BT headphones, and it’s a whole other experience to actually hear them in action. So, for the sake of our comprehensive review, let’s put these headphones to the test with a quick live audio demo.

Starting the demo

I’ve picked a track that should effectively demonstrate the bass-heavy delivery of the headphones, as well as their clarity and overall sound performance. Placing the headphones close to the microphone to capture the audio, I start the music.

Evaluating the sound quality

The bass : True to my experience, the bass is deep and robust. It doesn’t overpower the treble, yet it’s prominent enough to provide a vibrant and rhythmically involved audio experience.

The clarity : There’s no muddiness in the delivery – each note is well-defined and well-articulated. The high-end frequencies are crisp and clear, too.

The wrap-up on the sound demo

Based on our little demo here, I would say that the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones live up to the claims they make about their sound quality. There’s a commendable balance between the bass and treble, and the audio remains clear, even at higher volumes.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these headphones are not designed for audiophiles seeking an overwhelmingly detailed audio output; rather, they are targeted towards everyday listeners who want good quality sound without breaking the bank.

In conclusion, for its affordable price range, the JBL Tune 510 BT offers an excellent audio experience that should satisfy most casual or frequent listeners.

Expose on JBL Tune 510BT

Closing Thoughts and Encouragement for Future Engagement

Once again, it’s been an enjoyable journey exploring the JBL Tune 510 BT Headphones together. These headphones, with their stellar performance and affordability, really stand out in the market and could be a great fit for numerous settings and users. From the sound quality, comfortable design, to easy-to-use features, it’s a product that offers value.

Recap of Features

Battery life is a huge deal for any wireless headphones. The 40 hours of play time that these headphones provide is rather impressive and a clear win for those with heavy usage.

The lightweight design and fitness-friendly build also gets a nod. Whether you are running on a treadmill or hopping onto a flight, the portability and comfort of the JBL Tune 510 BT make it a great companion.

When it comes to sound, these headphones also hold their ground well, offering clear and bass-heavy sound. They aren’t noise-cancelling headphones by classification, but their muffling effect creates a similar experience.

Areas of Improvement

However, no product is perfect. I felt the lack of active noise cancellation as a missing feature, although the built-in muffling effect is somewhat helpful. Also, I would have preferred the headphones to have a more rugged build, as the current design, while sleek and convenient, might not hold up to rough use over extended periods.

Final Verdict

Despite minor shortcomings, the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones pack a punch and make a compelling argument for an affordable, high-quality headphone choice. They definitely get my recommendation for those looking for a new, affordable pair of over-ear headphones.

Let’s continue exploring more products like this together and engage in more discussions. There’s always something new to discover, and I look forward to our shared journey in uncovering the best tech gadgets out there.

Stay Tuned!

Should you buy the JBL Tune 510BT?

Buy it if…

You Need Secure Headphones While Working Out

The over-ear design of the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones makes them a perfect fit for gym enthusiasts, providing a secure fit that won’t fall off during heavy activity or due to sweat.

You’re On a Budget But Need Quality

Priced at a very affordable rate of $29.95 (on sale from their regular price of $49.95), these headphones offer great sound quality and a number of premium features, making them excellent value for money.

You Want Long Battery Life

The JBL Tune 510 BT headphones claim to provide up to 40 hours of play time on just two hours of full charge. The fast charging feature is also impressive, claiming to give two hours of play time from a mere five minutes of charge.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Looking for Noise Cancelling Headphones

While the JBL Tune 510 BT do offer a decent level of sound isolation, they’re not specifically designed with noise cancellation. If blocking out surrounding noise is essential for you, this might not be your best bet.

You Prefer In-Ear Design

If you find in-ear headphones more comfortable or practical for your specific purposes, these over-ear headphones might not be your first choice.

You Want Headphones for Heavy Duty Use

While these headphones do offer excellent value and quality for their price, they might not meet the demands of heavy-duty, professional use.


What is the model of headphones reviewed?
The model of the headphones reviewed is the JBL Tune 510 BT.
What is the original and discounted price of JBL Tune 510 BT headphones?
The original price of the headphones is $49.95, but they were reduced to $29.95.
Where were the headphones purchased from?
The headphones were purchased from a Target store.
What are the key features of the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones?
The key features of the headphones are its 5.0 wireless over-ear Bluetooth, foldable and swiveling design, 40 hours of play time on just two hours of charge, a weight of 5.6 ounces, and compatibility with Siri and Google Now.
What is the Bluetooth frequency of the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones?
The Bluetooth frequency is 2.4 GHz.
What is the charging type of the headphones?
The headphones use USB-C for charging.
Who are the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones best suited for?
The headphones are recommended for cross-country flyers, gym enthusiasts, and students.
Does the JBL Tune 510 BT headphones offer noise canceling features?
No, the headphones do not have noise canceling features but the reviewer suggested that they work well to isolate noise when worn.

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