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Review: JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones – Balanced sound quality with effective noise cancellation

Review of the JBL Tune 230: affordable headphones with excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, and call experience... Read more

Review of JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Test of JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

4.3/5 - (14955 votes)

Cena: $99.95


  • Affordable with high-quality sound
  • Comfortable despite larger bulb design
  • Impressive noise cancelling
  • Great for making phone calls
  • Excellent battery life
  • Clear microphone quality, even in noisy environments


  • Volume capacity lower than other models
  • Design may not appeal to everyone
  • Noise cancellation capability not at top-tier level

“After extensively testing the JBL Tune 230 noise-cancelling true wireless headphones, I must confess, I’m genuinely impressed. Balanced sound quality, effective noise cancellation, and superb call clarity, all packed into a comfort-driven design, are key highlights. While there’s a scope for improved volume output, the overall performance is beyond commendable for its price. At around 150 bucks, these headphones could undoubtedly be a game-changer in the affordable segment. I’d recommend them to anyone seeking good quality sound without breaking the bank.”

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Brand JBL
Model Name Tune 230NC TWS
Color Black
Form Factor In Ear
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth

Unboxing and First Impressions: The Affordable Revolution of JBL Tune 230

Right out of the box, what captures your attention with the JBL Tune 230 are the aesthetics. They fit right into the “affordable” yet significantly stylish category. The first thing that’s striking is the size – a tad bit larger in terms of bulb size compared to the JBL Live Pro Plus. This makes you wonder about the comfort level during extended usage.

A Hands-on Elucidation of JBL’s Leaps and Bounds in the Budget Category

The true wireless headphones market is booming, and JBL has always had its fair share of competitors. Yet, it’s clear they’re trying to knock it out of the park with the Tune 230. Remember the long-stalked, affordable JBL headphones that came out a few years ago when AirPods ruled the market? These were the pioneers, but they weren’t quite exemplary.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll notice a distinctive growth in the budget headphones segment, driven by the demand for quality at an affordable price. And the JBL Tune 230 seeks to meet these expectations.

Size and Design: Bigger Bulb, Longer Stalk, Yet Comfortable for Wear

Upon closer inspection, the design has some differences from the pricier Live Pro Plus. It boasts a bigger bulb and slightly longer stalk, perhaps the compromise for the eyebrow-raising price tag. However, a surprise awaits during the wear experience. Despite the bulb size, they nestle neatly inside the ear without causing discomfort – a testament to JBL’s thoughtful design process.

This pragmatism emphasizes the brand’s keen focus on ensuring that the Tune 230, though budget-friendly, doesn’t cut corners when it comes to delivering a comfortable listening experience. The design turns out to be more of a statement – sleek, comfortable, and doesn’t scream cheap.

View of JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Delving into the Sound Quality: The Under 150$ Surprise

  • JBL Tune 230s provide good sound quality
  • Remarkable clarity in different sound tracks
  • Volume capabilities are somewhat limited

Deciding to purchase these JBL Tune 230s, I have gone in with quite a bit of skepticism. It’s not often you’d find headphones in this modest price range really measuring up with the bigwigs in sound quality. In fact, that’s quite a feat to pull off. After having used these for a decent period, I can confidently state that they’ve surpassed my expectations. Let’s dive into it.

Testing Classic Tracks: The Clarity and Bass of Billy Joel

When it comes to truly gauging the sound quality in headphones, there’s nothing like a dose of Billy Joel to set the balance. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” was my song of choice. I must admit, the clarity was remarkable. The vocals stood out beautifully and the bass was in an intimate tryst with the drums, the effects of which were quite discernible. It felt like a live concert being replayed in my ears.

Sound Quality Under Test: Venturing into the 80’s Top Gun Soundtrack

Next in line was the Top Gun Soundtrack . A mix of percussions, bass, and guitar, this track lets you experience an array of sounds. The bass was again appreciable, and each strike of the percussion felt distinct and singular. The fact that I could hear every part of the track so crisply was a testament to the fine sound quality that these headphones exhibited.

Volume and Clarity: My One, Minor Criticism

However, not all roses were red. One minor critique I developed through these tests was regarding the volume capabilities of these earbuds. When compared to other models I’ve tested, these did not pump out as much volume as I would have liked. While this is by no means a deal-breaker, it is definitely something to consider if you like your music extremely loud. It’s worth mentioning this didn’t affect the clarity of the song, which stayed consistent even at the maximum volume level.

Despite this minor criticism, the sound quality that these JBL Tune 230s were able to produce was genuinely surprising for a sub 150$ pair. If you’re anything like me, demanding a superior sound performance without over-spending, then these might very well be your pick.

Scrutiny of JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise Cancelling Capabilities: A Detailed Overview

  • JBL Tune 230 provides satisfactory noise cancellation
  • Tune 230’s noise cancellation scores 6 to 7.5/10

If you’re like me, the noise cancelling aspect of headphones might just be the deal-breaker. Given the price tag of the JBL Tune 230s, I was keen to put them through the paces.

Flight-test: Tune 230 vs. Broad Roar of Engines

Let’s be straightforward about this. I took these earbuds on a couple of flights specifically to test the noise cancelling ability. Did they silence the surrounding completely? No. Did they do a satisfactory job of muting the incessant drone of plane engines and thus allowing me to focus on my music or podcast? Absolutely!

These earbuds aren’t top-tier noise-cancelling headphones, but they do an admirable job, especially considering they retail at the $150 mark. They successfully reduced the ambient noise and provided a much more immersive listening experience.

Comparison: Bose, Sony, and JBL Live Pro Plus

Setting aside brand partiality is essential when analyzing noise-cancelling features in various earbuds. With that in mind, let’s see where these JBL Tune 230 earbuds stand on a scale where a Bose or Sony product scores a solid 9.5 out of 10.

JBL Live Pro Plus , for instance, are firsthand witness to JBL’s noise cancelling abilities. They’ve climbed from a 7 to a 9 out of 10 ranking, which might be a tough act to follow for the Tune 230. However, the Tune 230 doesn’t disappoint, offering a decent score of around 6 to 7.5 out of 10.

Do they reach the lofty heights of higher-end models? Not exactly, but for the price tag, it’s impressive what they bring to the noise-cancelling table.

Expose on JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Making Calls with the JBL Tune 230: From Quiet Room to Noisy Cafe

  • JBL Tune 230 provides clear, audible call quality
  • Adapts well to changing noise environments

In my quest to test the JBL Tune 230’s performance across a variety of common, real-world scenarios, I made a few calls. The aim was to evaluate its handling of voice clarity and background noise. Now, let me tell you, these earbuds quickly became a staple in my daily routine.

Unmuting the Mute: How These Earbuds Handle Calls

First, I initiated a phone call in a quiet room. The audio switched to the other end of the phone call, which was running through the four microphones that the earbuds house. As someone on a zoom call, listening to music at your desk, or just having a standard phone conversation, you would sound pretty much as I did – clear and audible. I have to admit I was impressed.

After using them for a few days, making around five to ten phone calls in total, the quality remained consistent. Remember, this is a pair of earbuds retailing for under 150 bucks – not something you’d expect.

The Cafe Test: Tune 230’s Adaptation in Rapidly Changing Soundscapes

Next, I wanted to throw a curveball at the JBL Tune 230 and test its performance under more challenging conditions – a bustling, noisy cafe. How would they adapt when transitioning from a calm atmosphere to a chaotic one?

As the cafe noise started reaching its peak, the earbuds did an admirable job maintaining the conversation’s clarity. I could hear the person on the other side, and they could hear me too – despite the clatter of dishes and chatter in the background. The real surprise came when I stepped out from the noisy environment back into a quieter area. The earphones adapted swiftly, damping down the background noise in real time.

The Bottom Line: The JBL Tune 230s were put to the test and emerged victorious in the realm of call quality. They handled phone calls in both noisy and quiet environments quite well. However, there’s always room for improvement. The noise cancellation during calls wasn’t perfect in the cafe scenario, but it did a good job. And for its price, I’d say it punches above its weight.

Inspecting JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Wrapping up: A Thorough Review of JBL Tune 230 – Legit Recommended Pair

As we reach the end of our deep-dive journey into the JBL Tune 230, one thing is apparent – these are an exceptional pair of wireless headphones. But does this mean they are devoid of any flaws or areas for improvement? Not quite. In fact, the essence of a nuanced product review lies in its balanced representation, painting a picture that includes both the strengths and limitations.

Market Availability Information: Where to get these Phenomenal Headphones

The JBL Tune 230 is currently available with multiple big retailers – JBHifi, Catch, Bingley to name a few. Online availability seems consistent too, with a great deal likely if you’re a bargain hunter. Before buying, however, make sure to consider all aspects of these headphones that we’ve talked about today.

Final Verdict: Best bang for your buck for both Music and Calls from JBL

Keeping in mind our product examination, we find that the JBL Tune 230 strikes a commendable balance between affordability and quality. At $150, these earbuds deliver more than what they promise, providing solid sound quality, admirable noise-cancelling capabilities, and a pretty decent calling experience.

The lower volume output, vis-à-vis some other headphones we’ve tested, could come across as a restricting factor for some. However, the overall sound quality is exceptionally good for something in its price range. The bass, clarity, and tonal balance don’t leave much to be desired.

Having tested the noise cancellation during flights and the calling capabilities in differing acoustic environments, it can be stated confidently that these might become a go-to pair for many users. While noise cancellation doesn’t exactly match up to the higher-tier headphones, it works pleasantly well for the asking price.

In conclusion, the JBL Tune 230 comes across as a reliable, cost-effective, and overall, valuable pair of earbuds for the user. Their musical performance is great, call quality excellent, and aesthetics? Well, the slightly longer stalk and bigger bulb do not compromise wearability and come down to individual preference.

For anyone budget-bound looking for a robust pair of true wireless headphones, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than the JBL Tune 230. Sure there are areas for possible improvement, but then again, show me a product that doesn’t.

Should you buy the JBL Tune 230NC TWS True Wireless In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones?

Buy it if…

You want impressive sound quality

The JBL Tune 230 offers excellent sound clarity, bass and also lets you distinctly hear every element of a song.

You’re seeking affordable noise cancelling headphones

Priced under 150$, these headphones offer decent noise cancelling capabilities. Great choice if budget is a concern and you still want commendable noise cancelling.

You desire a good battery life

These earbuds boast of a 10-hour battery life, extending to 30 hours with the box. Even while using noise cancelling, the battery life stands at 8 hours, with additional 24 from the box.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer high volume headphones

The maximum volume on these headphones is relatively lower. If you like your music particularly loud, you might want to look at other options.

You are looking for premium noise cancelling

Although the JBL Tune 230’s noise cancelling is found adequate by many users, it’s not top-rated compared to more high-end models.

You prefer compact earbuds

The JBL Tune 230’s have slightly larger bulb and a longer stalk. If you prefer smaller, less noticeable earbuds, this might not be the model for you.


What is the price of JBL Tune 230?
The JBL Tune 230 is priced around 140 to 150 dollars.
How robust is the noise cancellation feature?
The noise cancellation feature of JBL Tune 230 is not as robust as high-end models like Bose or Sony but does a reasonable job at the price point.
How does the sound quality of JBL Tune 230 compare with other headphones?
The sound quality of JBL Tune 230 is excellent with great clarity and good bass for its price range. However, the volume could be slightly higher.
Does JBL Tune 230 handle phone calls well?
Yes, JBL Tune 230 handles phone calls very well, even in noisy environments, producing clear and quality sound.
What is the battery life of JBL Tune 230?
JBL Tune 230 boasts a 10-hour battery life in the ear and an additional 30 hours in the box. If using the noise-cancelling feature, the headphones can last for 8 hours with 24 more in the box.
Where can I buy JBL Tune 230?
You can buy JBL Tune 230 from many online retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Catch, as well as from JBL’s official website.

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