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Review: JBL Flip 6 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Megen Hardshell Case – Features upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 and sound quality.

Explore JBL Flip 6’s design, features, sound quality, and comparison with JBL Flip 5... Read more

Review of JBL Flip 6 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Megen Hardshell Case

Test of JBL Flip 6 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Megen Hardshell Case

4.7/5 - (362 votes)

Cena: $129.94


  • Clear and crisp sound quality
  • Improved Bluetooth 5.1 for stable connection
  • IP67 rating, dust and water-resistant
  • Powerful Lithium Ion Polymer Battery
  • Versatile party boost feature
  • App control with a three-channel EQ


  • Lacks microphone for phone calls
  • At maximum volume, sound distorts
  • Bass lacks anticipated punchiness
  • Requires specific pairing order for stereo

“In my unbiased opinion, the JBL Flip 6 is definitely a worthy upgrade from its predecessor. With features like an upgraded Bluetooth 5.1, crisp sound quality, and enhanced durability courtesy of its new dust-proof rating, it stands out in its category. While the lack of a microphone for call functionality might be a slight disappointment for some, its added functionality via the JBL app and superior connectivity compensates for it. However, if bass is your absolute priority, you might have to tweak the equalizer to your liking. Overall, I find the JBL Flip 6 a solid and worthwhile investment for music enthusiasts who value sound clarity and adaptability.”

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Brand JBL
Speaker Type Outdoor
Connectivity Technology Bluetooth, USB
Special Feature water rain proof waterproof outdoor speaker, Stereo pairing


Hey there, fellow music enthusiasts! If you’re like me, always on the lookout for the latest in audio technology, then you’re in for a treat. Today, I’m going to share my first-hand experience with a product that’s been causing quite a stir in the audio world – the brand new JBL Flip 6.

Unboxing the Brand New JBL Flip 6: First Impressions

It all starts with the unboxing. Yes, the anticipation and excitement of tearing open that package to reveal the gadget within! The JBL Flip 6 came in a slick white box. Upon opening, I was greeted by neatly packed user manuals and the USB type-C charger. Now, let’s get to the main attraction – the speaker itself.

Comparing Available Colors for JBL Flip 6

The JBL Flip 6 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to variety, available in five eye-catching colors – gray, teal, red, black, and blue. The one I got came in a sophisticated gray. But regardless of the color you choose, one thing’s clear – JBL really upped their aesthetics game with this model.

Now that I had given it a good look, it was time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Is the JBL Flip 6 just all about good looks, or does it have the sound to match? Join me as I dive deeper into the design, key features, connectivity, and sound quality that the JBL Flip 6 brings to the table.

Testing JBL Flip 6 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Megen Hardshell Case

Design Elements of the JBL Flip 6

  • JBL Flip 6 retains Flip 5’s core design
  • Notable aesthetic enhancements in Flip 6
  • Flip 6 maintains durability, introduces convenient lanyard slider

Coming face to face with the brand new JBL flip 6, it’s easy to spot some significant design shifts. Let’s delve directly into these new design elements and how they add to the overall experience.

Comparing the Design of the JBL Flip 6 and JBL Flip 5

The JBL Flip 6 maintains its predecessor’s core structural design, almost identical in size and form factor. Interestingly, the Flip 6 does resemble a miniature version of the JBL Charge 5, barring the size difference. However, a closer look uncovers a range of aesthetic enhancements.

Aesthetic Upgrades

The most noticeable change is the JBL logo on the Flip 6, which is noticeably larger than the one on its predecessor. It provides a fresh visual appeal ensuring you won’t mistake it for the older model. Even while maintaining the same button layout as the Flip 5, there are notable changes in the material wrapping the dual passive radiators. The Flip 6 opts for a more sleek look with a slimmer plastic piece; a slight difference, but one that adds a touch of modern sophistication.

There’s also a slight design variation on the radiators themselves— the Flip 6 sports an exclamation point, whereas the Flip 5 exhibits a more traditional JBL logo. The change is minimal and doesn’t affect performance. However, it does add an element of personality to the newer model.

Functionality Analysis

Despite these aesthetic changes, the JBL Flip 6 still feels robust and well-built, maintaining the durable fabric mesh characteristic of JBL’s Flip series. Moreover, JBL continued the lanyard feature, but with a handy slider, offering you even more convenience and security when carrying your speaker around.

Overall, the new JBL Flip 6, even while retaining the overall look and feel of the Flip 5, adds some tasteful design tweaks to make it visually distinct. A subtle yet effectively executed design evolution that complements its enhanced functionality and robustness.

Key Features of the JBL Flip 6

  • Additional tweeter enhances JBL Flip 6’s audio clarity
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 provides robust, stable connection
  • JBL Flip 6 is now completely dustproof and water-resistant

The JBL Flip 6, while maintaining a similar exterior as its predecessor, brings a whole new game under the hood. Let’s dive into the key upgrades and test them out, shall we?

The Game Changing Tweeter Addition: Sound Quality Enhancement

One of the most significant enhancements is the additional tweeter. The Flip 5’s stereo sound was impressive, but the Flip 6’s tweeter really levels up the overall sound dynamics. The addition of the tweeter definitely strengthens the audio clarity, giving the music more depth and sharpness. The crisper, clearer sound is immediately noticeable.

Upgraded Bluetooth 5.1: A Stable Connection Like Never Before

When it comes to wireless audio, a robust and stable connection is everything. The Flip 5 came with Bluetooth 4.2. Decent, but the Flip 6 steps it up with Bluetooth 5.1. And trust me when I say, the difference is noticeable. Your music sessions are far less likely to suffer from annoying interruptions or drops, and the connection range is significantly wider.

The Improved IP Rating Explained: Flip 6 Dust and Water Resistance

Whether I’m taking my speaker to a beach picnic or a dusty campsite, durability against the elements is a must. The JBL Flip 6 sports an IP67 rating, as compared to the Flip 5’s IPX7. This means not only is the Flip 6 able to survive a good dunking in water, but it’s also now completely dustproof. This certainly enhances its flexibility and resilience outdoors.

Packed With Powerful Lithium Ion Polymer Battery: Examining Battery Life

Nothing disappoints like a speaker dying in the middle of a great track. With a 3.6V 4,800mAh lithium-ion polymer battery, the Flip 6 promises up to 12 hours of play time after a 2.5-hour charge. When I put the speaker to test at 50% volume, it managed to deliver roughly 7 hours playtime. Not exactly 12 hours, but still commendable.

Overall, the JBL Flip 6 comes with some undeniable yet meaningful upgrades over its predecessor. While it helps in creating an enhanced audio experience, some might argue whether the improvements are groundbreaking enough to warrant an upgrade. But, as we all know, the devil is in the details.

Connectivity Experience With JBL Flip 6

  • JBL Flip 6 lacks integrated phone call support
  • Features Party Boost for connecting multiple speakers
  • Connection process is user-friendly and efficient

In the journey of experiencing the JBL Flip 6, one aspect that deserves special attention is the connectivity. It’s a critical aspect shaping the user experience of any Bluetooth speaker and factoring into its convenience and reliability.

Understanding the Phone Calling Limitations

Interestingly, while exploring the JBL Flip 6, I found it fell short in one key area: phone calling. Despite the fact that one might expect a modern Bluetooth speaker to double as a hands-free calling device, the JBL Flip 6 surprisingly doesn’t support this feature. Just like JBL Flip 5, phone call integration is missing, which might be a little disappointing in a speaker at this price point. However, this limitation doesn’t seriously impede the overall music listening experience, unless hands-free calls are a key requirement for you.

Exploring the Party Boost Feature: The JBL App Insights

Moving onto more positive findings, I discovered a fantastic feature in the JBL Flip 6 – the Party Boost. It enables you to seamlessly connect up to 100 speakers via Bluetooth, which, honestly, is quite impressive. Simply go to the JBL app, look for the compatible speakers, and you can boost your party atmosphere to a whole new level.

The process to connect the speakers via Party Boost seemed quite streamlined, user-friendly, and quick, but there was one interesting quirk. If you want to pair the Flip 6 with the Flip 5 in stereo mode, you need to connect the Flip 6 first, and then the Flip 5 – not the other way around! A minor detail, but certainly notable.

In summary, the JBL Flip 6 offers a solid connectivity experience, despite the lack of integrated phone call support. With its massive party boost capability and user-friendly connection process, it does stand out from its predecessor and many rivals in the Bluetooth speaker market. But as always, sound requirements and preferences can be quite personal, so do consider what’s most important to you before choosing your speaker.

Sound Test Review: In-depth Analysis

  • JBL Flip 6 performed well at all volume levels.
  • Sound quality varied based on music genre.
  • Flip 6 performance justifies price point.

The sound test is the real tell-tale of any speaker and the JBL Flip 6 wasn’t spared from this analysis. It’s difficult to communicate sound through words, but I’ll do my best to explain my observations after taking the Flip 6 for a thorough spin.

Volume Level Tests

My volume level test involved playing varying ranges of music from 25%, 50%, 75% to 100% volume. The JBL Flip 6 handled all volumes remarkably well, though some distortions were observed when bumped up to 100%. It was apparent that the added tweeter did wonders, making the sound crisper and clearer at higher volumes. However, I must admit that the bass took a bit of a backseat, leaving me yearning for more.


Playing with the equalizer settings on the app provided a relatively better bass at higher volumes.

Song Type Performance

Testing various genres of music was also quite revealing. Classical, rock, and country tones struck out beautifully, revealing the strength of the JBL Flip 6 in handling the mids and highs.

When I shifted to hip-hop, I was slightly let down. The lack of a punchy bass was quite noticeable, and while it wasn’t terrible, it lacked the thrill that hip-hop enthusiasts might be seeking. Nonetheless, the bass performance is quite subjective and this minor setback is not enough to overshadow the sound improvements overall.


If you’re seeking a punchy bass sound, you might want to consider other models, perhaps the Charge series or Boombox.

Despite the slight skew in bass, the JBL Flip 6 still proved to be a robust and versatile speaker, offering clear, detailed sound across a broad spectrum of music genres. Its performance rightly justifies the price point and positions it as a worthy upgrade for any sound enthusiast.

Is the JBL Flip 6 Worth Upgrading To?

  • JBL Flip 6 offers upgraded Bluetooth 5.1, IP67 rating
  • Supports app control and delivers better sound quality
  • Cons include distorted sound at high volume, lack phone capability

Now comes the million-dollar question: should you upgrade to JBL Flip 6? Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this speaker and weigh our choices accordingly.

Breaking Down the Pros

Bluetooth 5.1 : The JBL Flip 6 boasts an upgraded Bluetooth 5.1 system, offering a more solid and stable connection. It’s a noticeable improvement over the Bluetooth 4.2 system offered by the JBL Flip 5 and promises a seamless music experience with fewer disconnections.

Improved IP Rating : Another point in the Flip 6’s favor is its IP67 rating, designating it as dustproof and able to withstand submersion in up to three feet of water. With this speaker, you get peace of mind when taking it to the beach or camping without worrying about dust or water damage.

App Control : The Flip 6 offers in-app control, allowing you to tweak the EQ settings for highs, mids, and lows to suit your preferences. It’s a handy feature that lets you customize your sound experience.

Sound Quality : Above all, the Flip 6 delivers slightly better sound quality than the Flip 5, attributed to its added tweeter. The mids and highs are clear, especially at higher volumes, which certainly can enhance your overall music experience.

Counter Arguments: The Cons

Like any product, the JBL Flip 6 has areas for improvement. Here are some potential deal-breakers:

Distorted Sound at High Volume : While the overall sound quality of the JBL Flip 6 is commendable, some distortion was noticed at maximum volume even with EQ changes. If listening at high volumes is your norm, this is something to consider.

Lack of Phone Calling Capability : Despite its advancements, the Flip 6 lacks a microphone for phone calls. If you prefer speakers that also offer handsfree phone functions, this might disappoint you.

Price : Given the price point, some may argue that the Flip 6 doesn’t offer substantial advantages over the Flip 5. As of now, both models carry the same price tag on the JBL website, though the Flip 5 is available at a lower price on other platforms. If you’re on a budget, reassess based on your needs.

Making the Final Choice

In summary, the JBL Flip 6 does offer improvements over its predecessor – Bluetooth 5.1, enhanced durability, app control, and better sound quality. However, these advantages need to be weighed against the cons and your individual needs. If you’re seeking the latest tech with better sound clarity and don’t mind the absence of phone calling features, the JBL Flip 6 can be a great match. On the other hand, the Flip 5 remains a strong competitor, especially when available at a discounted price.

Concluding Thoughts

After thoroughly exploring and comparing, it’s time to wrap up our thoughts about the JBL flip 6. Let’s dive into the key takeaway of this review.

Final Recommendations: JBL flip 6 vs JBL flip 5

It all comes down to the specific needs and preferences of the user. From my observation, the JBL Flip 6 holds a clear lead in terms of enhanced sound quality with its tweeter addition, superior Bluetooth stability (Bluetooth 5.1), and the improved IP rating, making it more dust and water-resistant than its predecessor.

Price-wise, if you’re purchasing directly from JBL, there’s no significant difference between the flip 6 and the flip 5, which strongly makes a case for choosing the newer model. However, if budget is a primary concern and the price drop in other online retailers for the flip 5 is enticing – remember, you’d be compromising on some of the advanced features that the flip 6 provides.

Closing remarks: The best choice for music lovers.

Despite some shortcomings, such as the lack of a microphone feature and the underwhelming bass performance, the JBL Flip 6, in my opinion, presents itself as a worthy, feature-packed choice that provides enhanced sound quality.

Moving forward, the app control and the 3-channel EQ customization are features I personally appreciate, which gives the user the ability to tailor their listening experience based on their liking.

I have given an objective and detailed review based on my personal experiences with the Flip 6, its comparison with Flip 5 and not favoring any particular brand or product. I hope this aids potential buyers in making an informed purchasing decision.

Should you buy the JBL Flip 6 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Megen Hardshell Case?

Buy it if…

You desire enhanced sound quality

The added tweeter produces clear sounds especially at higher volumes

You need a portable, weather resistant speaker

The JBL Flip 6 has an IP67 rating making it completely dust proof, further enhancing its durability and making it an ideal choice for outdoor environments

You thrive on fast, stable connectivity

The bluetooth 5.1 upgrade gives the JBL Flip 6 a more stable connection and extended reach compared to its predecessor

Don’t buy it if…

You eagerly want to take phone calls via the speaker

Just like the JBL Flip 5, this new model does not support phone calls natively through the speaker

You are a bass music fan

Although the Flip 6 delivers satisfactory bass for its size, it may not meet the expectations of the bass music aficionados seeking deep bass resounding from their speakers

You’re budget conscious

If you’re not bothered about having the latest technology and a speaker that sounds almost as good can save you some cash, consider choosing the JBL Flip 5 instead


What are some notable design changes in the JBL Flip 6?
The JBL Flip 6 sports a larger logo compared to the Flip 5, an improved button layout and design on the dual passive radiators. There’s also a revision in the lanyard design.
What are the color options available for the JBL Flip 6?
The JBL Flip 6 comes in five different colors – grey, teal, red, black, and blue.
Are there any improvements in the speakers of JBL Flip 6?
The main change in JBL Flip 6 is the addition of a tweeter to its race track shaped driver. This enhances the overall sound quality.
What’s the Bluetooth version of the JBL Flip 6?
The JBL Flip 6 includes an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.1, which provides a more stable connection than the earlier Bluetooth 4.2 in JBL Flip 5.
What’s the battery life of the JBL Flip 6?
The JBL Flip 6 contains a 3.6 volt 4800 milliamp hour lithium ion polymer battery that offers a maximum of 12 hours of playtime on a two and a half hour charge.
Can I take phone calls through the JBL Flip 6?
No, the JBL Flip 6 does not have the feature to take phone calls through the speaker. This is similar to the JBL Flip 5.
What is the party boost feature in the JBL Flip 6?
The party boost feature in the JBL Flip 6 allows easy connection to up to 100 speakers via the JBL App.
Should I upgrade to the JBL Flip 6 from the Flip 5?
Based on the review, it’s worth upgrading to the JBL Flip 6 from the Flip 5 mainly due to better sound clarity, Bluetooth 5.1, and improved dust proof rating.
What is the price of the JBL Flip 6 compared to the Flip 5?
As of the review’s publication, both JBL Flip 6 and JBL Flip 5 are priced at $130 on the JBL website. However, the Flip 5 is available for around $110 on other platforms like Amazon.

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