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Review: JADENS Wireless Portable Printer – Delivers clear, sharp, black and white prints

Explore the Perry Page mini printer, a versatile, smartphone-compatible device redefining convenience... Read more

Review of JADENS Wireless Portable Printer

Test of JADENS Wireless Portable Printer

4.1/5 - (1340 votes)

Cena: $139.99


  • Pre-loaded with continuous paper roll
  • Versatile with dual printing mode
  • Handy one-handed paper detachment design
  • Status indicators through bear face light
  • Easy connectivity with iPhone 13
  • Convenient email-to-print feature
  • Produces clear, sharp monochrome prints


  • Paper might curve after printing
  • Mono color prints only
  • Requires specific thermal paper for second print mode

“After extensively using the Perry Page printer, I must say I’m rather fond of this little gadget. Its ease of use, versatility, and quality of prints are quite impressive. From seamless connectivity to convenient features like the dual-printing mode and simple-status indicators, Perry Page has refreshed my overall printing experience. Just remember it’s a mono-color printer, so don’t expect colored prints. But for clear, sharp, black and white printing, it’s absolutely fantastic, a truly worthwhile purchase.”

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Connectivity Technology Bluetooth
Printing Technology Thermal
Special Feature Portable, Bluetooth
Color Grey
Model Name jadens
Printer Output Monochrome
Max Printspeed Monochrome 15.00
Operating System Android,Ios
Item Weight 1.05 Kilograms

Introduction to Perry Page: A Little Printer with Big Potential

Welcome folks, to the extraordinary world of compact printing! If you’ve ever wished for a printer that’s lightweight, portable, yet in no way compromises on the quality of prints, you’re in for a treat. Allow me to introduce you to my recently acquired Perry Page Printer, a little marvel that sets an impressive stage for hassle-free and efficient printing.

The Unboxing: Delightful Beginnings

Unwrapping this nugget of technology was a thrilling experience in itself. The packaging was neat and secure, and as I lifted the lid, the trendy exterior of the printer caught my eye. The size, though compact, seemed well-suited for the functionality it promised. Its outer casing is tastefully done in fabric, making the output feel premium.

1 Easy setup right out of the box

First off, the printer was impressively pre-loaded with a unique continuous roll of paper. In most scenarios, setting up the paper roll can be a game of luck and dexterity. But on the Perry Page, it was plain sailing right from the word go. No fiddling with rolls, no paper jams. Just a flawless, pre-loaded system awaiting to woo me with its printing prowess.

2 An innovative role of continuous paper: No installs necessary

The Continuous paper method was indeed an intriguing feature. It was seamless and initiated quite a fun spin on conventional printing methods. Moreover, the fact that the paper system came pre-installed significantly cut down the setup time, making it rather a plug-and-play kind of device. A noteworthy aspect that truly boosted my initial experiences with the Perry Page.

So much so, that it spurs a curiosity about the capabilities of this printer in the long run. Coming next, I’ll be diving deeper into the printer’s features and share my firsthand experiences with them. The versatility, design, and most importantly – the print quality.

Examination of JADENS Wireless Portable Printer

Features that Stand Out: Why Perry Page packs a Punch

  • Perry Page offers versatile and convenient printing options
  • Thoughtful design elements enhance user experience

As a copywriter, I’ve always been on the lookout for functional and convenient tools that make my job easier. My recent experience thrills me to talk about the Perry Page – a clever piece of technology that makes it stand out.

The Dual Printing Mode: A Look at Versatility

From my personal experience, the versatility in printing scores high for the Perry Page. There are two intriguing ways to print, and each offers a different convenience factor.

1 The Continuous Roll Paper method: Pre-loaded and ready to serve

Upon unboxing, you’ll notice that the Perry Page comes pre-loaded with a continuous roll of paper. No installation or feeding the paper. It auto pulls and employs a seamless feel to the whole process. Certainly, a thumb-up feature for those seeking hassle-free usage.

2 The Optional Thermal Paper: When straight paper is your ideal

Now, here comes a titbit for lovers of straight paper. Perry Page facilitates using thermal paper that feeds right through the printer. The paper comes out without a single fold. Just ensure you’ve got the right thermal paper at hand.

The Handy Design Elements: It’s More than Just Good Looks

The Perry Page is compact and delightfully cute, but beyond that lies some thoughtful design elements.

1 Dealing with curves: Simple solutions to straighten your prints

Should your paper come out curved (thanks to continuous roll paper), worry not! Just set a book on top or run it by the side. Voila – your prints straighten out.

2 The One-Handed Tear: Seamless paper detachment made simple

The Perry Page features a teeth-edge that aids a clean tear-off. Achieving it single-handedly was delightfully surprising! Surely, the makers have paid attention to improving user experience, even in the little things.

Summing Up

Overall, the Perry Page proves to be more than just a compact printer. Its smart features, user-friendly design, and thoughtful additions make it stand out significantly. Stay tuned for more on my Perry Page experience.

Examination of JADENS Wireless Portable Printer

My Printing Experience: First Impressions Matter

  • Perry Page printer has one-button simplicity.
  • Bear-face light indicator shows battery status.
  • Easy connectivity and printing with iPhone 13.

It’s fair to say that first impressions can often make or break our opinion of a product. So, let’s dive into my inaugural print experience with this compact piece of tech, the Perry Page.

Guided by the Light: Navigating the Printer’s Status

Operating the Perry Page was incredibly straightforward. With just one button to get started, I found myself marveling at this little printer’s simplicity, especially in an age where it feels like gadgets are becoming increasingly complex.

The Perry Page does come with a bear-face light indicator that doubles as both an accessibility feature and, let’s admit it, a delightful charm. If the bear face lights up green, you’re ready to go as it means the printer is fully charged. But if it turns red, it’s the printer’s way of gently nudging you to plug it in and recharge. .

Connecting and Printing with the iPhone 13: As Easy as 1,2,3!

  • Navigating the Perry Page App: This printer operates via an app you can easily download from the App Store or Google Play Store. As far as first experiences are concerned, mine was smooth sailing. Navigating the app was straightforward.
  • Connectivity: I connected the Perry Page to my iPhone 13 effortlessly. Just a heads up, though – make sure to enable Bluetooth on your phone, but don’t get perplexed if you can’t find the printer in your device’s Bluetooth settings. The app manages the connection automatically.
  • Email-to-Print Feature: This feature was notably handy. I could go into my email account, select the document I wanted to print, and then send it directly to the Perry Page app. The printer took over from there, serving up my document in seconds. It was quick, much quicker than I anticipated.

In an era where we often have to navigate thick manuals and complex tech specs to work a new gadget, my first experience with the Perry Page was a pleasant surprise. Here’s to a printer that’s not just efficient and easy to set up, but also a joy to use.

Highlight: JADENS Wireless Portable Printer

Quality of the Prints: No Colors, Just Sharp Imprints

  • Perry Page printer produces sharp, monochrome prints
  • Offers both roll and regular thermal paper printing methods

If you’re all about crisp and clear black and white prints, then you’re going to absolutely love the Perry Page printer. Let’s dive right in – this compact printer might surprise you.

Mono Color Printing: Clear, Sharp, and Black and White

Now, this isn’t your typical color printer, so don’t expect a rainbow of hues popping out. This little gadget is laser-focused on producing sharp, defined, monochrome imprints. Quite honestly, I was taken aback by the printer’s ability to produce such clear, sharp images and texts, despite being such a small device. It definitely gives you an impressive print quality for its size and price.

Just bear in mind, it’s a monochrome printer – so it’s all shades of black and white. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, it’s actually a plus for anyone needing quick, clear and concise prints.

Paper Quality: Straight and Sleek or Curvy and Cool – Take your Pick

The Perry Page offers two distinct ways of printing – through a roll or through regular thermal paper. Both options give you the same sharp black and white images. The only difference? The shape of the paper.

  1. Straight and Sleek: If you use the feed page method, your print comes out straight and flat. No need to worry about straightening or handling curves.
  2. Curvy and Cool: Opt for the roll method and your print has a bit of a curve to it. Not a deal-breaker by any means – just lay a book on it or rub out the curls for a quick fix. Truth be told, I find there’s an appealing ‘quirkiness’ to this one.

All in all, whether you prefer your print straight or curvy, this little printer doesn’t compromise on the quality of the final print. It’s about as versatile and accommodating as it gets, making the Perry Page a hard printer to overlook.

Estimate of JADENS Wireless Portable Printer

Wrapping it Up: Love at First Print

We’ve reached the final mark of our Perry Page printer experience, and I’m bursting to share my verdict. Please rest assured, I was as unbiased and critical as possible throughout this process. So, is it a love story? Well, let’s dive right in!

The Overall Experience

The Perry Page has exceeded expectations and brought about a delightful printing experience. I found it to be an efficient and user-friendly product that is worthy of a place on anyone’s desk or in their travel bag. While it’s clear that the printer is far from perfect, its strengths outweigh its limitations.

Its lightweight build, easy-to-use mechanism, and sleek design deserve praise. The unconventional yet effective option of printing on a roll of continuous paper or single thermal sheets adds more charm to its character that few portable printers can rival.

But what really sets this little gadget apart is its app and connectivity features. It’s rare to find such a smooth, seamless connection between a printer and a mobile phone. The app is intuitive and simple, offering a process as easy as sending an email.

  • However, a more direct Bluetooth connection, instead of mandatorily using the app, could have been a convenient addition.
  • The mono color printing suits my needs perfectly and the quality of prints is commendable. Yet, for those who rely heavily on color printouts, this might seem like a limitation.

My Final Verdict

Convenience, portability, and quality—are the three words that sum up this neat, compact printer. Despite a couple of reservations, I am in love with the Perry Page printer. Its efficient and straightforward operation along with its high-quality prints have swayed me. It’s a great purchase for those who’d appreciate convenience and quality in their prints, without the typical complexities of a full-size printer.

Should you buy the JADENS Wireless Portable Printer?

Buy it if…

You want ease of use

Perry Page printer offers an easy to use interface through Perry Page app and connects efficiently for easy document printing.

You want a portable printer

Due to its compact size, lightweight design, and fabric cover, it can be a great choice for those consistently on the move.

You need a hassle-free setup

This printer comes pre-loaded with a roll of continuous paper which eliminates the need for installments. Additionally, the Perry Page App offers step-by-step guidance during initial setup.

Don’t buy it if…

You want color prints

Despite the sharp imagery, the Perry Page only prints in black and white. This might not be the ideal option if you often need to print colored documents.

You don’t like curling paper

The continuous roll paper can curl after printing, meaning you might need to find a workaround to keep pages flat.

You don’t want to rely on a specific App

The printing process makes heavy use of Perry Page App. If you like to have multiple printing options, this might not fit your needs.


Does the Perry Page printer come with paper or do I need to purchase it separately?
The Perry Page printer comes pre-loaded with a roll of continuous paper, so you don’t have to purchase it separately.
Can I use regular paper with the Perry Page printer?
No, you need to use specific thermal paper if you choose not to use the continuous roll.
Do I need to install an app to print from my smartphone?
Yes, you need to download the Perry Page app from your Google Play store or App Store to print.
How to connect the Perry Page printer to my phone?
Ensure your Bluetooth setting is on, then go to the Perry Page app to pair your device there.
How can I print an email attachment using the Perry Page printer?
You can send the document to the Perry Page app directly from your email and then print.
The paper is curling. How can I fix it?
You can straighten the paper by either setting a book on top of it or rubbing it on the side
What do the different bear face colors mean on the Perry Page printer?
The bear face on the printer turns green when it is fully charged and red when it needs charging.
Can Perry Page printer produce colored prints?
No, the Perry Page printer only produces mono color prints in black and white.

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