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Review: Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology – Superior sound quality and noise cancellation.

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Review of Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

Table of Contents

Test of Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

3.6/5 - (116 votes)

Cena: $165.88


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Effective active noise cancellation
  • Comfortable ergonomic design
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Impressive 100 feet Bluetooth range
  • Compatible with popular video conferencing apps
  • Provided with a handy zippered case


  • On-ear design may cause discomfort
  • Mute button isn’t always reliable
  • Charging dock sold separately
  • Bluetooth dongle needed for pairing with PC
  • Confusing notification of active call
  • Physical pressure from extended use

“After spending quality time with the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset, I believe it’s genuinely a winner in terms of sound quality, active noise cancellation, and customization options. Its compatibility with major conferencing apps sets it on a higher pedestal. However, I wish there was more thought put into the design for it to be comfortable for longer wearing periods, and that the mute button functionality was more reliable. The unavailability of a charging dock in the box is also a downside. Still, for its price, I’d say it offers good value and I’d rate it at an impressive 7.5 out of 10 on the performance scale.”

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Brand Jabra
Model Name Evolve2 75
Color Black
Form Factor On Ear
Connectivity Technology USB


As a seasoned professional involved in countless Zoom meetings and webinars, headphone quality plays an integral part in the success of my collaborations. This personifies the eternal quest for the ideal headset combining superb audio quality with exceptional comfort. Thankfully, the Jabra Evolve 275 PC wireless headset invites itself into the conversation as a contender for the crown. While it pitches impressive features, a critical and unbiased exploration will determine if it truly lives up to its promises. Here’s a sneak peek on what to expect.

Don’t Be ‘That Guy’ in Your Zoom Calls: A First-Hand Review of Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset

The advent of the pandemic-led remote working trend highlights the need for quality audio devices, a niche the Jabra Evolve 275 aims to fill. The realization of the product’s potential dawned on me during a Zoom call, where its crystal-clear audio quality juxtaposed strikingly against a colleague’s bothersome echo-filled, inaudible contributions. It was then that I decided to take a good look at this gadget, filter the hype and critically assess its true worth.

A Peek into the Chock-full Box: What to Expect When You Unbox the Wireless Headset

Before immersing in the features of Jabra Evolve 275 PC wireless headset, what’s inside the box is worth mentioning. It is quite comprehensive, sporting the actual headset, a soft zippered case for portability, USB-C charging cable, and a Bluetooth Link 380 dongle for PC connectivity. The product packaging does a fantastic job enticing the users with neat and tidy assembling of the components. While the contents are surely impressive, they set immediate expectations. The key question: does this extend beyond the packaging to the performance? That’s something we’re set to find out.

Reflection on Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

The Real Deal: Breakdown of The Jabra Evolve 275 Pc Wireless Headset Features

  • Beam forming technology for clear voice pick-up
  • Double foam technology for improved comfort
  • Mute function and active noise cancellation

Now, let’s move deeper into the real magic behind this piece of technology. This wireless headset isn’t just about looks, it goes far beyond aesthetic appeal. From specs to individual features, here’s the inside scoop on what the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset offers.

The Powerhouse Behind the Sound: A look at the Jabra Evolve 275 Pc Wireless Headset Specs

The Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset is built with sound at its core. The headset boasts of robust 40mm speaker drivers that produce rich, crisp, and clear audio. But what really makes conversations on this headset stand out is the beam forming technology present in the adjustable boom mic. This sophisticated technology uses an array of eight microphones to isolate voice and provide crystal clear pick-up, regardless of your environment. While it’s notably good, I did have an instance or two where the voice isolation could have worked better.

Taking Your Comfort Seriously: The Double Foam Technology and Re-engineered Leatherette Ear Cushion

Staying true to delivering comfort, the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset fosters long hours of usage without discomfort. The headband, reinforced with steel and premium foam, ensures durability and comfort. The ear cups also feature a unique ergonomic design with double foam technology and re-engineered leatherette cushioning for improved ventilation.

Despite the innovation, it’s crucial to note that these are on-ear, not over-ear headsets. I found that after several hours of continued use, this did result in some constriction and discomfort. This is a small but noteworthy downside, so consider your specific needs and usage patterns before jumping on board.

The Power and Functionality Embedded in the Buttons: Mute Button and Noise Cancelling Function Button

The headset also packs quite a few buttons contributing to ease of use for different functions. One such button is the quick mute button on the mic. This mute function , although intuitive, didn’t always integrate well with my chosen conferencing app, and this led to some confusion during meetings. I also found a noise cancelling function button that enabled active noise cancellation with just a single tap – a great little feature for those unintentional background noises.

In all, the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset offers an impressive array of features that make it a strong contender among its peers. However, it’s essential to remember that no product is perfect, and making a final decision should always be based on how well a product aligns with your individual needs and expectations.

Interpretation of Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

Connectivity: Leverage On The Go

  • Jabra Evolve 275 compatible with major video conferencing tools.
  • USB Bluetooth Link 380 dongle provides around 100 feet coverage.
  • Jabra’s proprietary app offers customization and control.

If there’s a silver lining to engaging with your peers, clients, or team members remotely, it’s a reliable, high-quality wireless headset. One that doesn’t buckle under pressure. A prime example, the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset .

Keep Your Apps Close

Compatibility is a must-have for any decent headset, and the Jabra Evolve 275 doesn’t disappoint. Be it Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Google Hangouts , this headset rubs shoulders with any of the main video conferencing tools. No hiccups. No glitches. Just seamless, integrated performance ensuring that no matter the platform, the sound delivery remains top-notch.

Beyond the Usual: The USB Dongle

One distinctive feature that piqued my interest was the USB Bluetooth Link 380 dongle . It’s like a magic wand of connectivity! Small yet powerful, this dongle gives users a bewildering coverage of around 100 feet before your connection gives out. I wouldn’t base the efficiency of a headset solely on its range, but being able to move around freely during calls without worrying about losing connection? Definitely a big win for mobile multi-taskers.

Customization: The Jabra App

For the tinkerers out there, Jabra’s proprietary app is a haven of customization. It offers a range of features that let you play around with EQ settings, on-ear detection, and auto-pickup features. There’s a certain joy to be had from personalizing a product to meet your indvidual requirements, and this app definitely amplifies that joy.

Despite its immense versatility, the Jabra app isn’t without its quirks. One key thing – always disconnect the dongle first if you’re planning to pair your headset with your phone via Bluetooth. Else, you might find yourself wrestling with a stubborn app that refuses to cooperate.

Despite this minor glitch, the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset for its flexibility and wide-ranging compatibility. It’s not perfect, but in the land of wireless communication, it’s certainly among the cream of the crop.

Expose on Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

My Experience with the Jabra EvoIve 275 Pc Wireless Headset: The Highlights and Downbeats

  • Exceptional sound quality and active noise cancellation
  • Customizable settings through the Jabra App
  • Mute button often led to confusion

Using the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset has, indeed, been quite an adventure and now, I get to share it with you all. Always remember, every product has its highs and lows and this headset is no exception.

The Highlight: Sound Quality and Active Noise Cancellation

The Jabra Evolve 275 blew me away with its exceptional sound quality. The 40mm speaker drivers ensure crystal clear audibility and the active noise cancellation? Nothing short of brilliant! It made a noticeable difference while making or receiving calls in particularly noisy environments.This reliable noise cancellation feature helped me tune into my meetings while shutting out the external disruptions.

The Hidden Gem: Personalized Customization Through the Jabra App

The real game-changer was the ability to customize my headset’s settings through the Jabra App. It was incredibly easy to adjust the equalizer settings, set-up on-ear detection, and even configure the auto-pickup. The range of options offered an entirely new level of personalization I hadn’t previously experienced.

The Downbeat: A Bit Too Much Pressure

Now, moving on to areas that didn’t meet my expectations. The design of being an on-ear headset, as opposed to over-ear, caused more pressure on my ears than I would have liked. After a day of back-to-back calls, I noticed some discomfort. Looks like the headset’s staying power relies heavily on the pressure sustained by your ears, which may not be fitting for every user.

The Problematic Mute: Missing The Mark?

The physical mute button, despite being a handy feature in theory, often led to confusion in practice. Particularly during Zoom meetings, quite a few times, I ended up being the ‘muted guy’ unintentionally. Even though my physical mute was off, I was still muted on the Zoom interface, adding to a good amount of confusion and miscommunication.

Overall, my experience with the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset was a mixed bag. The headset shines with its superior sound quality, excellent noise cancellation, and customizable profiles. But some design decisions might feel a tad uncomfortable for some users, and the mute button can be a bit unreliable for specific video conferencing apps.

Scrutiny of Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

What You Need to Know: Essential Nuggets Before Buying the Headset

  • Charging dock for headset not included
  • On-ear design may cause discomfort over time
  • Mute button functionality inconsistent

So, you’re considering investing in a Jabra Evolve 275 Pc Wireless Headset? Before hitting that ‘Buy Now’ button, here are some crucial facts I discovered about this device from my personal experience.

The Charging Dock is Not Included

Heads up! The headset comes with a USBC charging cable out of the box, which is excellent for direct computer charging. But, if you are always on the go and switching between devices, or frequently leaving your desk, you’d probably prefer a dock that comes separately. While this might not be a deal breaker for some, I thought it important for full transparency.

The On-ear vs Over-ear Showdown

Having spent an entire day on work conference calls, I noticed that the on-ear headset design, which technically places direct pressure on your ears, could get uncomfortable after continuous usage compared to over-ear designs. Although the double foam technology and re-engineered leatherette ear cushion pattern do aid comfort, the design may still result in some discomfort during long use periods. So, if you’re in for long-hour conference calls, you may want to bear this in mind.

The Mute Button’s Partial Functionality

One thing which looked promising but left me slightly disappointed was the physical mute button on the boom mic. It sometimes doesn’t sync up with the video conferencing app, leading to confusion. For example, when using zoom, pressing the button to mute doesn’t necessarily reflect as ‘Muted’ on your call screen. I must admit, this seems like a missed opportunity for seamless mute functionality.

Watch out for Overall Headset Value

Coming at a relatively high-end price of $384, you’d expect to see a near-perfect suite of features with the headset. However, the small hiccups here and there somewhat affect the overall headset value, especially the building discomfort from prolonged use and the not-so-seamless mute functionality. Make sure to weigh these before making your purchase.

In Conclusion, the Jabra Evolve 275 Pc Wireless Headset does offer a range of impressive features and benefits, notably superb sound fidelity and active noise cancellation. But, as always, it’s crucial to consider all the aspects and decide whether it fits just right with your usage patterns and personal preferences. Happy Shopping!

Observation of Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology

How to: Get Your Hands-On the Jabra EvoIve 275 PC Wireless Headset

  • Can win Jabra EvoIve 275 PC Wireless Headset for free
  • Also purchasable via video description link for $384

Fancy getting your hands on this professional-grade wireless headset? Well, that’s a great idea, both considering its high-end features and mouth-watering specs. Let me guide you through a simple, fair, and most importantly, free way of possibly owning one.

Participate in the Drawing

Firstly, you have a fantastic opportunity to win the Jabra EvoIve 275 PC Wireless Headset without parting with a dime. Yes, you heard me right!

  1. Look out for the hashtag shown in one of the videos
  2. Drop a comment on the video including the identified hashtag

That’s all you need to do to stand a chance to win this wireless headset for free! How cool is that? But remember to do this within seven days from the date of video posting, as the winners are often announced a week after. So seize your chance when you have it.

Follow the Purchase Link

Of course, there’s another way, which would suit those who might not feel lucky enough or like to play it safe. You can follow the purchase link and pick up your very own Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset for just $384. The link is conveniently included in the video description .

As someone who cherishes clarity during voice calls and craves superior sound quality, I personally see this price as justified. There may be cheaper alternatives in the market, but their audio and noise-cancelling capabilities may not match up to the standards set by Jabra. If you’ve got the budget and the inclination, the Jabra Evolve 275 PC might be just the tool to elevate your remote working experience.

Now that you know two ways to get your hands on this headset, the ball is in your court. Like they say, the choice is yours!

Inspection of Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology


In wrapping up this review, it goes without saying that the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset packs a punch when it comes to features and functionality.

Punchy Performance

The sound quality is truly impressive and using it was akin to being in the same room with those I engaged with virtually. The active noise cancellation is a game-changer especially when making or receiving calls in noisy environments. And even though this headset is an ‘on-ear’ instead of ‘over-ear’, the audio quality didn’t disappoint.

Room for Improvement

However, this headset isn’t without its shortcomings. The physical mute button, though handy, tends to be counterintuitive at times, as it doesn’t always sync perfectly with video conferencing apps. This often led to communication glitches and misunderstandings during virtual meetings. Plus, after a long day on conference calls, the pressure exerted on my ears by the headset started to feel a bit uncomfortable, despite the ergonomic design and double foam technology.

Ratings and Recommendation

In light of the above, I’d rate this headset a solid 7.5 out of 10. While there’s room for a little improvement, particularly on user comfort and the sync issues between the mute button and some video conferencing apps, the headset’s positives far outweigh the negatives.

If you find yourself often engaging in virtual meetings and desire a high-quality audio experience without compromising on convenience, then the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset is certainly worth considering.

Remember, though, the charging dock is sold separately. You might want to consider getting it too, especially if you frequently switch between devices and are always on the move. Despite the extra cost, it can make your life simpler and more efficient.

Ultimately, a good pair of wireless headphones meet the demands of both work and relaxation. So, if you value sound quality, active noise cancellation and customization, then the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset could be a good fit for you.

Should you buy the Jabra Evolve2 75 PC Wireless Headset with 8-Microphone Technology?

Buy it if…

You Have a Busy Work Environment

The active noise cancellation feature on the Jabra Evolve 275 may prove beneficial especially when making or receiving calls in busy environments.

You Enjoy Customization

The product comes with an app that allows a wealth of customization options, and personalized hearing profiles that can be configured to your liking.

You’re Looking for Quality Sound & Wide Range

The device comes equipped with 40mm speaker drivers and an advanced microphone system – it also has a wide range of about a hundred feet before the connection drops out.

Don’t buy it if…

You’re Averse to Slight Discomfort After Long Period of Use

Since this is an on-ear headset and not an over-ear design, your ears themselves will be taking the pressure, potentially causing discomfort after a full day of conference calls.

You Rely Heavily on the Mute Button

The physical mute button on the boom mic may cause confusion in video conferencing apps like Zoom – physically muting your mic will still show you as unmuted on screen.

You’re Looking for Included Extras

Some items, like the charging dock, is sold separately. If you’re constantly switching between devices and looking for all-in-one purchase, this would be a downside.


What does the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset come with out of the box?
The box contains the headset, a soft zippered case, a USB-C charging cable, and a USB-C Bluetooth link 380 dongle for PC.
Is the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset compatible with video conferencing applications?
Yes, the headset is compatible with all major video conferencing applications including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.
What can be customized through the Jabra App?
You can customize EQ settings, ANR modes, on-ear detection, and auto pickup settings via the Jabra App.
What are some cons of the Jabra Evolve 275 PC Wireless Headset?
Some drawbacks include discomfort after prolonged use due to it being an on-ear headset and the physical mute button not always muting you on your video conferencing app.
How do you participate in the Review to You drawing?
To participate, ensure that you are subscribed to the channel, like the video, and leave a comment with the provided hashtag.
Does the headset come with a charging dock?
No. The charging dock is sold separately.

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