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Review: iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue – Provides rapid relief from headaches

Experience instant headache relief with the ‘Eithera’ Wearable Cooling Hat, blending design functionality and soothing comfort... Read more

Review of iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

Test of iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

4.6/5 - (4061 votes)

Cena: $24.99


  • Effective for headache relief
  • Dual functionality: heating and cooling
  • Comfortable and user-friendly design
  • Material adds a soothing pressure
  • Versatile for different headache locations
  • Can be worn for long periods


  • Small manual hard to read
  • Usage instructions might be confusing
  • May get wrinkly with usage
  • Not suitable for outdoor wearing

“Having trialed the Eithera wearable cooling hat personally, I can confidently say that it delivered more than it promised. I was surprisingly impressed by its therapeutic ability to provide rapid relief from my headaches. However, the product’s efficacy may vary for everyone — what worked brilliantly in my case might not have the same magic for others. Despite this variable factor, my overall experience with Eithera has been nothing short of fantastic. If you frequently struggle with headaches, this could be a worthwhile investment.”

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Product Introduction

Unboxing the unexpected – ‘Eithera’ Wearable Cooling Hat

When my wife and I started having some severe headaches, we decided to give a shot to this peculiar thing, ‘Eithera’ – a wearable cooling hat. With a skeptical mind but an enthusiastic heart, I unlatched the blue box of this revolutionary product. What greeted my already throbbing head was a simple yet profound solution – a cooling ‘hat’. Now, I wouldn’t call it a hat, per se, as it doesn’t have a top, but it does share similarities.

Initial thoughts on the product – “Fantastic to the point”

Almost instinctively, I got the hang of this thing and found it surprisingly comfortable to wear. The feel of the product and the initial comfort it brought me were fantastic, to say the least. To my delight, it wasn’t just me; my wife unexpectedly found relief too – despite us not really expecting much at first. If anything, my initial thoughts could inherently suggest that this product had far more potential than we were prepared for.

But of course, as with anything new, we were ready to explore further, to genuinely dig into this cooling magic hat’s long-term effects. My hope is to provide an unbiased and comprehensive view of this product, by sharing our hands-on experience in a format that’s accessible to anyone.

Testing iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

Aesthetics and Design

  • Eithera cooling hat’s visual appeal is therapeutic
  • Offers adaptability as a cold and hot wrap
  • Features snugfit design for comfort and optimum cooling effect

For a product that comes in a rather unassuming packaging, you’d be forgiven for not expecting much. But as is often said, “the magic lies within.”

Visual Appeal: Unpacking the Blue Beauty

My first impression of the Eithera cooling hat was a definite thumbs up. I looked at the tastefully designed, baby blue cooling hat and found myself instantaneously drawn toward it. It had a vivid cooling blue color that almost made me feel more relaxed just looking at it — an almost therapeutic effect, perhaps? Despite being a cold compress, its color was anything but sterile or clinical.

Design Functionality: More than a hat!

Call it a hat, headband, or a wrap, Eithera delivers with its functionality. It doesn’t restrict itself with a top like traditional hats, giving you more freedom to use it concerning your comfort or the pain area. A key feature here is its adaptability: you can store it in the fridge or freezer and, surprisingly, even microwave it to double up as a heating wrap.

Upon first glance, the hat seems to carry more weight than it outwardly appears. However, when you actually put it on, it feels extremely light and doesn’t inconvenience you with any undue heaviness.

The Velcro adjustable strap is another feature I found to be quite practical. It ensures a snug fit and eliminates any fear of the hat slipping off. The contour for the nose is another nice touch, something other similar products often overlook. This feature ensures the hat stays in place comfortably, while also helping to maintain the cooling effect around the eyes.

One thing I noticed though – the product didn’t perfectly maintain its pristine condition after several uses. It started showing some wrinkle-like patterns. While it didn’t affect its functionality, it might be an aesthetic concern for some.

All said and done, my experience with this cooling ‘hat’ has certainly been interesting. If you’re someone like me, who often deals with headaches, the Eithera wearable cooling hat promises an intriguing aesthetic and functional appeal worth considering.

Thoughts on iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

The “Eithera” Experience

  • Eithera is a versatile, wearable Cooling Hat
  • Can be chilled in fridge or heated in microwave
  • Offers both cooling and heating functions

As first impressions go, my encounter with the Eithera Wearable Cooling Hat made quite an impression. Not just because of the unusual concept of a “cooling hat”, but the overall experience of using this innovative product. Let’s take a deep dive into that.

Exploring the cooling trick – Freezer, Fridge, and beyond

Out of sheer curiosity, guided by those gnawing headaches, I decided to take it for a test run. I slipped the hat into the fridge – no special arrangement or setup required. The premise was simple: to let it chill. Can’t deny, there was skepticism. How cool could it get, really? Yet, after about half an hour, pulling it out proved to be a pleasant surprise. It was definitely cooler, and not in a ‘just-been-in-the-fridge’ way, but a consistently cool sensation that was surprisingly comforting. Now, the instructions do mention about using it as a heating medium too; by sticking it in the microwave for a bit. While I haven’t felt the need to try that out yet, it’s assuring to know the versatility this product boasts.

Not just for cooling – a surprising heating function

I will admit that the mention of a heating function did raise my brows. What was essentially labelled as a cooling hat held the potential to pull double-duty as a heating mask. Now, I cannot attest to the heating application directly, but one thing’s for sure – it opens up possibilities. Be it a chilly winter evening or a soothing warm sleep aid, the Eithera promises to step up.

Whether it’s a chilling migraine or a desire for some warmth, you have something at your aid that can adapt to your needs. It broadens its usability beyond the marketed ‘cooling hat’, bringing to the table an element of pleasant flexibility with a hassle-free switch.

Through an unbiased lens, the effectiveness of the heating function remains untested. But on paper, it certainly adds an intriguing feature to the overall experience of the product.

Survey of iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

Convenience and Usage

  • Eithera hat incorporates a simple Velcro for adjustments
  • Designed with a special spot for nose comfort
  • Flexible usage, adaptable to various head points

As someone who’s encountered many a product that claims to be ‘convenient’, I’ve become somewhat skeptical. But, the Eithera wearable cooling hat surprised me in a pleasant way. This little blue wonder redefines ease of use, all while keeping the user experience at the forefront.

Fitting Experience

The hat makes use of a simple Velcro mechanism for adjustment. This caters to various head sizes, shapes and comfort levels. While this may sound like a tiny feature, it’s already a step in the right direction in terms of customization based on the user’s needs.

Talking about nose comfort, a noteworthy design feature is the little spot for the nose when you put the cooling hat on. It’s this attention to detail that highlights the thoughtfulness in the product’s design, aiming to deliver optimum comfort to its users.


The cooling hat is not only flexible in terms of its fit, but also in its range of usage . It can be adjusted to different points on your head, including the back and around your ears. This is a big plus for those whose headaches manifest in different parts of the head at different times. It adds to the overall usability of the product, making it more than just a ‘hat’.


One consideration I had was whether the wearable cooling hat would be easy to use during a severe headache. Thankfully, it is lightweight and easy to manage, even in the throes of an intense migraine. While it might have a bit more ‘weight’ to it than you’d expect based on appearance, it doesn’t burden or cause any discomfort while wearing.

In conclusion, the convenience and thoughtful design make the Eithera wearable cooling hat a standout. It’s not only the product’s functionality that impresses, but the ease of use that adds to its appeal. While improvements can be made, like the readability of the instruction manual, the overall experience is predominantly positive.

Examination of iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

Beyond Just a Product

  • Eithera’s material is similar to cooling bed mattresses
  • Provides soft, pleasant pressure for headache relief
  • Total expierience not just a basic utility tool

When I first picked up the Eithera wearable cooling hat, I had a moment of revelation. While it looks like a head-turning fashion accessory, its functionality mirrors the benefits of some other everyday objects, enhancing its appeal.

The marvel of the material

What struck me at first is the uncanny similarity of the Eithera’s material to the cooling bed mattresses or cooling pads we might use for a comfortable night’s rest. This similarity is more than just cosmetic – it’s about functionality. It’s this cooling material that sets it apart, offering instant relief.

The material is stretchy yet robust , easily adaptable to any head size, thanks to the Velcro adjustment. It comfortably wraps around the head contours providing adequate pressure while also imparting a soothing coolness. However, I did notice some slight ‘wrinkling’ on the surface after repetitive use; while it didn’t affect the functionality, it’s something the manufacturers may wish to improve in further iterations.

The soothing pressure factor

Underestimating the Eithera as just another ‘cooling device’ would be unfair. In my experience, the product does more than just cool. The design provides a soft, pleasant amount of pressure , especially in the critical areas around my eyes and forehead, where my headaches typically center.

Paired with its innate cooling property, this pressure seems to work wonders in dulling the severity of headaches. It’s remarkable how ‘weighty’ the wearable feels – and not in a bad way. The product does a great job in evenly distributing this heft to form a halo of comfort, providing relief exactly where you need it.

Simply put, the Eithera wearable cooling hat offers a total experience rather than acting as a basic utility tool. It’s much more than just a product; it’s a thoughtfully designed solution that combines form and function, catering to those of us who frequently grapple with headaches. But of course, as with any product, individual experiences may vary, and what works wonders for some might not yield identical results for all. Nevertheless, the Eithera wearable cooling hat scores high in my books for its innovative approach to a classic problem.

Weighing iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

The Verdict

  • ‘Eithera’ cooling hat is stylish and functional
  • Provides instant, long-lasting relief from headaches
  • Also offers heating option for muscle aches

Does it make the cut for a night out in town?

Keeping your eyes peeled for a versatile cooling accessory? Well, the ‘Eithera’ cooling hat might be it. With its stylish design and functional fit, it could be a conversation starter at your next weekend outing. Sure, you might stand out a bit, but just explain why you’ve got it on. Who knows, you might spark intrigue and influence a trend!

Instant Relief: A Daredevil-esque Coolant or simply magic for headaches

Let’s get real here. Whether it’s a stylish accessory is secondary. The real objective of this wearable cooling hat is to provide relief from those nagging headaches. And, my oh my, does it deliver! The relief sensation is almost instant and long-lasting.

Just a few minutes in, it feels like being whisked off to a chilly mountaintop. The pressure around your head seems to ease, and that throbbing pain starts to fade. If the headache is behind your eyes, the cooling sensation feels like a magic wand, relieving you of the pain. And if you were to throw this into the fridge or freezer before donning it, my gosh, it’s as if you’ve stepped into an arctic blast – but in a good way! The relief is amplified, and it’s like the headache was never there. Few things I’ve tried have worked this fast and effectively.

Let me be transparent. The results could vary across individuals and types of headaches. But, if you’re someone plagued by frequent headaches, this could be a game-changer . The magical blend of gentle pressure and cooling offers a unique solution to pain relief, and I am all for it!

Before wrapping up, it’s worth mentioning the heating option too. Though I didn’t get to try it, heating it up in the microwave offers another avenue for relief, especially for those muscle aches. It’s a versatile hat that keeps on giving.

Considering iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue

It’s a Wrap!

As we journeyed together through the experience of wearing and using the Eithera wearable cooling hat, some conclusions have permeated as sure as the hat’s soothing coolness seeped into my headache-prone cranium. Here’s the roundup on this unusual, yet intriguing product.

Breaking Down ‘Eithera’ – The Good, The Great, and The Fantastic

The Eithera wearable cooling hat brings quite a few positives to the table. Its cooling function offers instant relief; the effects are not just perceptible but soothingly palpable. This quality alone sets ‘Eithera’ apart from many other relief options for headaches. Hats off (or on, in this case!) to the clever design with adjustable Velcro and a considerate slot for your nose. Its flexible, stretchy material ensures an adaptable fit while offering a sense of snuggly comfort and applying just the right amount of pressure where it’s needed the most.

One aspect of the product that could be improved is the tiny user manual. Reading the fine print while nursing a headache isn’t ideal, and a redesign with larger fonts would surely enhance user experience. Another highlight of the hat is its surprising dual functionality. Both a cooling and heating apparatus, ‘Eithera’ gives users the flexibility to choose based on their needs.

Parting Thoughts – “One of My Favorite Little Headachy Things”

Now on to the million-dollar question: Would I recommend the ‘Eithera’ wearable cooling hat? Well, it’s refreshingly simple to use, effective in offering relief, and the tingling sensation that it leaves on your skin feels great. Pair that with its mindful design and the dual heating-cooling functionality, it’s not hard to understand why it has quickly become one of my preferred headache relief options. However, this review is purely personal. As with any product, the effectiveness and usage preferences vary from individual to individual.

So, if you are someone who regularly battles with migraines or stress-induced headaches, this product is worth considering. As always, it’s important to remember to consult with a health professional if your headaches are frequent or severe.

Should you buy the iTHERAU Migraine Ice Head Wrap-Headache Relief Hat, Migraine Relief Cap, Cold Therapy Headache Relief Cap for Migraine Eyes Mask Blue?

Buy it if…

You frequently experience headaches

If you often get headaches, this could offer instant relief and potentially shorter headaches. The Eithera wearable cooling hat provides a gentle cooling sensation on your forehead and the back of your head.

You appreciate simple to use products

With no complex instructions or technical procedures, Eithera is easy to use. Simply place it in the fridge or freezer and afterwards, put it on your head.

You need a multi-purpose solution

The Eithera hat offers both cooling and heating function, allowing it to be used as per different needs. Be it a sore muscle relaxation or a migraine relief, this hat has got you covered.

Don’t buy it if…

You struggle with reading small text

The user manual comes with tiny font, making it challenging to follow for some people.

You cherish a residue-free product

With frequent usage, the material gets wrinkly, which may not appeal to everyone.

You’re looking for a stylish wear

While Eithera is highly functional, it sports a very utilitarian or medicinal appearance. If you’re seeking a fashionable alternative, this may not be your cup of tea.


What is Eithera?
Eithera is a Wearable Cooling Hat. It’s designed to help with headaches by providing cooling or heating comfort when worn.
Can I heat the Eithera hat?
Yes, you can. While it is primarily marketed as a cooling hat, the instructions mention you can heat it in the microwave as well.
Does the Eithera hat come in different colours?
Yes, it does come in different colours. The one reviewed is a baby blue color.
How does the Eithera hat feel when worn?
The Eithera hat, according to the reviewer’s experience, has a cool, soft and pleasant touch. It feels like the cooling bed mattresses or pads you put on beds. It creates a nice amount of pressure on your head, which may be particularly relieving during a headache.
Can you adjust the Eithera hat?
Yes, you can adjust the hat to your comfort and fit using the attached velcro.
Does the Eithera hat cover the back of the head?
Yes. When worn properly, it is designed to come down fairly low to cool the back of your head as well.
What does the reviewer recommend for storing the Eithera hat?
The reviewer suggests that it might be a good idea to store the hat in its resealable bag, especially when putting it in the freezer. However, this isn’t definitively stated in the instructions.
How effective is the Eithera hat, according to the reviewer?
The reviewer found it to be highly effective for headaches. He mentioned it offered him instant relief, and helped him to fall asleep quickly even with a headache. His wife has also found it helpful for her headaches.

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