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Review: iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand – Versatile and convenient car mount

Explore this review of the IOT Dashboard Mount, transforming your driving experience and ensuring device safety... Read more

Review of iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

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Test of iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

4.4/5 - (129895 votes)

Cena: $11.96


  • Versatile with 260-degree pivot capacity
  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Enhanced cable management
  • Telescopic arm offers extended reach
  • Universal accommodation of various phone sizes
  • Easy installation and removal process
  • Can double as a food review camera


  • Installation requires cleaning procedure
  • May not stick well on curved dashboards
  • Aligning the mount correctly takes effort
  • Can obstruct some dashboard features
  • Rubber suction requires occasional washing

“As an experienced reviewer and user, the IOT Easy One Touch 5 dashboard mount truly impressed me with its robust design and practical features. It’s versatile, catering to different phone sizes and providing various mounting options. The new magnetic spring button and cable management addition increase convenience and underscore the brand’s attention to detail. While it’s not without its minor challenges in installation, its benefits massively outweigh the drawbacks. In my unbiased opinion, this product offers real value for money and enhances the overall car experience. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a reliable and functional car mount.”

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Brand iOttie
Color Black
Compatible Devices Smartphones
Compatible Phone Models iPhone 15/iPhone 15 Plus/ iPhone 15 Pro/iPhone 15 Pro Max/IPhone14/ 14 Plus/ 14 Pro/ 14 Pro Max/ IPhone 13/ 13 Mini/ 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max/ 12/ 12 Pro/ 12 Pro Max/ 12 Mini/ 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ Xs/ Xs Max/ Xr/ X/ 8 7 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 20/ A72/ A52 5G/ S21/ S21+/ S21 Ultra 5G/ S20/ S20+/ Note10/ Note10+/ S10/ S10+/ S10e/ S9/ S8, LG Google OnePlus and all smartphones even with thick caseIPhone 13/ 13 Mini/ 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max iPhone 12/ 12 mini/ 12 pro/ 12 pro max/ SE/ 9/ 11/ 11 Pro/ 11 Pro Max/ XS/ XR/ XS Max/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus/ 7/ 7 Plus/ SE/ 6s / 6 Plus/ 6/ 5s/ 5/ 4s/ 4Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G/ S21+ 5G/ S21 5G/ Note20 Ultra 5G/ Note20 Ultra/ Note20 5G/ Note20/ S20/ S20+/ S20+ 5G/ S20 Ultra/ S20 5G/ S20 Ultra 5G/ Note10/ Note10+/ S10/ S10+/ S10E/ S9/ S9+/ S8/ S8+/ Note 8/ S7/ S7 Edge/ S6/ S6 Edge/ S5/ S4/ A70s/ A20s/ M30s/ M10s/ A90 5G/ A30s/ A50sLG K92 5G/ K62/ Q52/ K52/ K42/ K71/ Stylo 6/ V50S ThinQ 5G/ G8X ThinQ/ Q70/ K30(2019)/ K20(2019)/ K40S/ K50S/ W30 Pro/ W30/ W10/ Stylo 5/ V50 ThinQ 5G/ G8S ThinQ/ G8 ThinQ/ Q60/ K50/ K40/ Q9/ V40 ThinQPixel 5/ 4a 5G/ 4a/ 4 XL/ 4/ 3a XL/ 3a/ 3 XL/ 3/ 2/ 2 XL/ XL/ PixelNexus OnePlus 3 / 2 / X; Blackberry Q10 / Z10; Sony; Nokia; XiaoMi; Huawei and all phones
Mounting Type Dashboard

Introduction to My Latest Gadget Discovery: The IOT Smartphone Car Mount

Hello there! Let me share with you my experience with a fantastic discovery – the IOT Smartphone Car Mount. Here’s the deal guys, we all strive to be as safe as we can while driving, contrary to the fact that managing our smartphone can be a difficult task sometimes. Whether we’re trying to navigate with Google Maps or control our favorite playlist, balancing a phone on our knee or, even worse, holding it in hand- definitely raises our “distracted driving” flag.

Recently, while cruising in my parents’ vehicle, I realized they don’t have a dashboard mount. How on earth could they safely use their phones while driving? This spurred me to gift them a gadget that I had been very impressed with – the IOT Smartphone Car Mount. Sounds intriguing? Here’s the full scoop.

First Look at the IOT Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard Mount

Like anyone else eager to solve a problem, I hopped on Amazon and found the IOT Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard Mount for a reasonable $24.95 (with a coupon to save you an extra 10%). As a person who often drives and uses my smartphone for navigation, this product really caught my eye. It promised a lasting solution to the phone handling issue, promoting safer driving. But the critical question is – does it live up to its promises? Let’s find out.

Comparing the IOT Dashboard Mount – Then and Now

Now, having used the IOT Dashboard Mount Version 4 previously, I was intrigued to see how this newer model would stack up. Version 4 served me faithfully and lived up to their promises, so I was eagerly looking forward to their upgraded model. Naturally, it presented a great opportunity to see just how much more superior the new version is and if it’s worth the upgrade.

However, as always, I went in with the mindset to be critical and unbiased during the review—no rose-tinted glasses here! Join me as we explore every nook and cranny of this new gadget…

Verdict: iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

Unboxing the IOT Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard Mount

  • IOT Easy One Touch 5 boasts rich, reliable quality
  • Includes key components: Dashboard pad, telescopic arm, phone mount
  • Suction cup allows for flexible installation, better cable management

Welcome to the second phase of our journey into the IOT Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard Mount. Picking up from our fun-filled shopping excursion, let’s delve into what met my eyes as I opened this intriguing package.

First Impressions

The packaging, starkly different from the predecessor models, caught my attention instantly. The brand, IOT, continues to exude richness, reliability, and a promise of superior quality, and it’s heartening to see such consistency in a world of ever-changing brands. The best-selling car mount brand bragging rights proudly feature on the box, sparking a sense of trust and confidence right off the bat. Given my previous favorable encounters with IOT, the new packaging made me eager to delve deeper into the box.

Unraveling the Layers

The contents of the box felt neatly organized and well-protected. Here’s a list of what I found inside:

  1. Instruction Guide
  2. Warranty Notice
  3. Dashboard Pad
  4. Cable Tag
  5. Telescopic Arm
  6. Phone Mount

The instruction manual had simple, clear diagrams that made it easy to grasp installation instructions. The warranty notice was a reassuring inclusion, providing a safety net for consumers. The dashboard pad seemed sturdy and the cable tag, a new feature in this model, promised an uncomplicated route to better cable management.

Introducing the Main Components

As for the heart of the kit, the telescopic arm and the phone mount came together to create a robust and sturdy piece. The arm and the mount were both very versatile. The arm was adjustable at varied angles to suit the driver or passenger’s preference and the mount was designed to hold a wide range of phone sizes, from the smallest iPhone to larger Android devices.

Reviewing the Suction Cup

Finally, the suction cup, another key fixture, promotes easy installation on either the dashboard or windshield, granting you maximum flexibility. However, cleanliness is key before you begin the installation, which is why a wash with rubbing alcohol is recommended prior to mounting it. The suction cup also comes with an additional attachment to manage cable placement, facilitating better cable management.

Overall, the unboxing experience reflected the best-selling brand’s reputation, providing a strong, yet easy to install car mount, accompanied by user-friendly instructions and a warranty for peace of mind.

Study of iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

How to Install the IOT Smartphone Car Mount

  • Installing IOT Smartphone Car Mount involves easy critical steps
  • Surface cleaning is essential before attaching the mount
  • Features include magnetic spring button for cable management

Installing the IOT Smartphone Car Mount is easier than you might expect, but there are a few critical steps you’ll need to follow to ensure the mount is secure and sturdy.

Step-by-Step Guide: Assembling the Mount, Telescopic Arm, and Phone Mount

Here’s how I installed it:

  1. The first step is to insert the car mount into the telescopic arm. For this, you just need to loosen the nut on the car mount and insert it into the slot in the arm. Once it’s in, you can tighten the nut to secure the mount in place. It’s an easy fit and the versatility it offers is commendable.
  2. After that, you get to clamp the mount shut. As simple as it sounds, it’s this feature that ensures your device stays still and safe throughout your journey.
  3. The next step is to ensure the phone mount fits your phone. The IOT’s mount is created to snugly fit any size of phone, be it your largest Android device or the smallest iPhone. And I must say, they stayed true to their claim – insert your phone into the mount and it holds firm perfectly.

Important Safety Precautions – Cleaning Procedures Before Installation

Now, before you go ahead and attach the mount to your dashboard or windshield, there’s another crucial step to follow. But don’t worry, it’s super easy!

It’s important to ensure the surface you’re attaching it to is clean. For this, I used rubbing alcohol, which cleaned off any dirt and oils that could potentially reduce the suction of the mount.

  1. Apply a dab of rubbing alcohol to a cloth and lightly scrub the area where you plan to fix the mount.
  2. Once the rubbing alcohol has dried and evaporated, remove the film from the suction cup and dashboard pad, and press it down onto your desired spot on the dashboard. The suction cup has a strong grip and, I found that it holds pretty tight to the surface,
  3. Finally, to secure the suction cup firmly, clamp down the locking mechanism.

Bonus Fixture: Magnetic Spring Button

Last but not least, don’t forget about the magnetic spring button. With this nifty little feature, you can keep your phone’s cable neatly bundled and out of the way. Simply fold it over your cable and attach it to the back. It’s a bonus feature many of us don’t realize we need until we have it.

So there you have it, your very own dashboard mount fully installed and ready to hold your device for a safer, more convenient ride. From my experience, the IOT Smartphone Car Mount not only met but exceeded my expectations in terms of both functionality and ease of installation.

Analyzing iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

In-Depth Look at the New and Improved Features

  • IOT car mount includes magnetic cable tag
  • Features versatile pivot knob and suction cup
  • Offers easy one touch trigger button

Alright, now let’s delve into what sets this IOT car mount apart. Here are some features worth shining a light on:

Cable Management – The Magnetic Cable Tag

Ever had those annoying moments when your cables wouldn’t stay in place, disrupting your driving experience? With the IOT Smartphone Car Mount , you can kiss those troubles goodbye. This one comes with a magnetic cable tag. Quite the upgrade from the older models that missed out on this feature.

Here’s the catch: it’s got a magnetic capability built into the assembly. What this means is you can manage your cables neatly without them flying all over the place as you navigate those turns. Simple but handy. Worth the praise?

The Versatility of the Pivot Knob and Suction Cup

The pivot knob and suction cup deserve a standing ovation when talking about versatility. You can rotate the mount to almost any angle. Want to switch the view from the driver to the passenger side? Easy peasy. The pivot knob makes it a breeze, while the suction cup ensures a strong, lasting mount wherever you prefer – dashboard or even windshield.

However, don’t forget that cleaning the dashboard thoroughly with rubbing alcohol is crucial before mounting. This helps avoid debris interference with the suction cup’s effectiveness.

Exploring the Easy One Touch Trigger Button: An Inbuilt Luxury

Dealing with a mount that’s difficult to adjust can be a real bummer. But with the easy one touch trigger button, the IOT Smartphone Car Mount allows easy adjustment to suit your comfort. And it caters to many sizes of phones, from the smallest iPhone to the biggest Android device. Curious to try out this feature? Sure made my testing experience smooth and fuss-free.

However, the lack of clear instructions for this feature could be a potential drawback for first-time users. The user guide could definitely benefit from added clarity on using this feature.

Kudos to IOT for these improvements. They sure did amplify the user experience with these new features. Remember, the devil is in the details.

Inspecting iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

The IOT Car Mount: In Action

  • IOT car mount installation straightforward and stable.
  • Compatible with various phone sizes, supports rotation.
  • Compatible with windshields, suitable for Uber drivers and YouTubers.

After setting up the IOT Easy One Touch 5, it’s time to put it to the test. Through a series of real-world applications, I have tried to evaluate the product’s utility and performance.

Installing in a Car: Centralized and Bottomline Views

Firstly, it’s important to note that the installation process was straightforward. The car used for the test was not optimized for mount installation, possessing a curved dashboard that can offer a challenge. However, the suction cup of the mount did not falter, holding up well against the curve.

Noteworthy Point:

Even when the dashboard compartment was accessed frequently, the mount did not budge, proving its stability. This is a significant testament to the product’s durability and performance.

Testing with Different Phone Sizes

The real test for a car mount lies in its compatibility with various phone sizes. And on this front, the IOT mount performs remarkably. Whether handling an average-sized phone (like the iPhone 7) or managing larger ones (like the Samsung Note 9), the mount delivered a sturdy, reliable hold. Even phones with additional weight from protective cases were comfortably held by the mount.

Key Styling Point:

To facilitate better viewing, the mount can be rotated 260 degrees. This, combined with an adjustable arm length, means the product supports both portrait and landscape modes. A major score for those who multitask while on the go!

For YouTubers and Uber Drivers: Windshield Mount

One interesting feature of this model is its compatibility with windshields. Especially for Uber drivers or YouTubers who often need to mount their phones at an elevated angle, this feature is a bonus. It allows for easy recording, acting as a dashcam, or viewing directional maps, providing assistance while driving.

Final Take:

In terms of performance, the IOT Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard Mount seems versatile, reliable, and strong. However, as with any product, it’s essential to consider its performance and appeal from a long-term perspective. The suction cup and lock mechanism’s durability, along with wear and tear over time, are aspects that need further assessment.

Check of iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand

Concluding Reflections: Upgrading the Car Experience with the IOT Dashboard Mount

By now, it’s clear that the IOT Easy One Touch 5 dashboard mount is a handy tool to have in your car. It is a product that has been thoughtfully designed with a robust structure and user-oriented features.

The Value of a Telescopic Arm: From a Car Accessory to a Food Review Camera

While the primary intention for the IOT Dashboard Mount is to cosily cradle your phone while driving, I can’t help but appreciate the versatility it displayed during this review. Its stretching feature, capable of reaching from five to eight inches is something I personally found endearing. That means an Uber driver can tune the phone closer for finer map details or an on-the-go-food-reviewer can position the phone at a distance to capture a wider shot of the dashboard diner. The telescopic extension is also very firm, which ruled out my initial fear of the phone nose-diving onto the floor mats during sudden brakes.

The Bottom Line: Why You Should Check Out The IOT Easy One Touch 5

  • The holder has a universal compatibility accepting phones of different sizes ranging from your smallest iPhone to the largest Android device. The convenience and smooth operation of the one-touch trigger adds a quick release character that many users will appreciate.

  • The installation is really straightforward. The steps presented in the instruction guide are easy to follow, and the inbuilt flexibility to install either on the dashboard or the windshield or even the air vents gives the product a universal fit for almost any car interior.

  • Last but not least, one undeniable selling point of the IOT Easy One Touch 5 is its durability. The sturdy build instills confidence that it will hold together even after years of constant usage. Personally, I have been using the previous version (the one touch 4) since 2019 with no issues. The newer version feels even more solid, which is certainly a bonus.

Despite all these, let’s remember it’s not all rainbows and sunshine; the device is not ideally suited for curvy dashboards. Installation in such situations may not be as firm and secure as on flat surfaces. Also, while the magnetic cable management is a neat idea on paper, it can turn out to be somewhat gimmicky in practice. Yet, these minor drawbacks seem trivial when compared to the enormous convenience this product offers.

A product like the IOT Easy One Touch 5 is not just an upgrade, it’s a necessity in today’s world marked by busy schedules and multi-tasking. There’s a good chance that this dashboard mount could enhance your driving experience by offering an uncompromised hands-free solution.

Should you buy the iOttie Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard & Windshield Universal Car Mount Phone Holder Desk Stand?

Buy it if…

You’re in need of a Reliable Car Mount

The IOT Easy One Touch 5 Dashboard Mount is designed to be long-lasting and solid, reducing concerns about a phone falling off while driving.

You appreciate Versatility

The Mount can be adjusted to almost any angle and its telescopic arm can be extended to desired length, making it tailored to meet different needs, even creating an in-car food review setting.

You’re after Improved Cable Management

The IOT Easy One Touch 5 comes with a new cable tag feature that helps manage your cables in the car, providing a cleaner, more organized space.

Don’t buy it if…

You prefer a CD slot/car vent mount

While IOT Dashboard mount does offer multiple mounting options, the CD slot or car vent options are not its focus. If you prefer these types of mounts, you may want to consider other brands.

You drive in High Heat Areas Frequently

The suction cup mount may struggle to maintain its grip if exposed to extreme heat regularly.

You have a Small/Compact Car

The Mount’s dimensions may not be suitable for all car types, especially those with smaller dashboards or windshields.


What is included in the IOT Dashboard Mount Kit?
The kit includes a dashboard pad, a cable tag, a telescopic arm, and the phone mount.
Is the IOT car mount compatible with all phone sizes?
Yes, the IOT car mount is highly versatile and can hold many sizes ranging from the biggest to smallest iPhone or Android devices.
How can I ensure maximum grip of the suction cup on the dashboard?
You should clean the area on the dashboard with rubbing alcohol before mounting, you would also need to rinse the suction cup for better adhesion.
Can the mount hold heavier phones?
Yes, the mount is designed to hold substantial weight and does not falter easily.
Can the mount be fixed on both the dashboard and the windshield?
Yes, the new model IOT Dashboard mount can be fixed on both the dashboard and the windshield.
What is the purpose of the telescopic arm?
The primary advantage of the telescopic arm is its reach, which ranges from five to eight inches, offering more available angles for the driver.
Does it come with a way to manage cables?
Yes, it comes with a cable tag for better cable management. The new model even includes a magnetic spring button for cable management.
Does the mount rotate fully for filming or using GPS?
Yes, the mount offers 260-degree pivot and can be adjusted to portrait or landscape orientation for your convenience.

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